19 Nov 2000



Rock superstar Brian May has married his long-term partner Anita Dobson in a secret ceremony. The Queen guitarist and former EastEnders' actress wed at Richmond Register Office, Surrey, yesterday morning in a ceremony planned with military precision.

Only the couple's closest friends and family knew about the wedding, and minders went to great lengths to keep it a secret from the moment a fleet of Mercedes left the couple's 2million Holland Park home in West London. And leaving the Register office under the protection of an umbrella, Anita made sure nothing - even the weather - would spoil her day.

Following the short ceremony guests, including Brian's bandmates Roger Taylor and John Deacon, enjoyed a lavish lunch at an exclusive Kensington restaurant. Anita, 51, who became famous for palying Queen Vic landlady Angie Watts in EastEnders, wore a simple red suit for the wedding. Multi-millionaire May, 52, who has three children from his first marriage, wore a white suit. The celebrity couple famed for their unique his 'n' hers hairstyles, have enjoyed a tempestuous on-off affair for the last 12 years. Many believed they would never get married, particularly after an acrimonious split in January 1999 when Anita discovered that Brian had been having an affair with his secretary Julie Glover. The pair were reunited in September that year but only after Brian had given in to Anita''s demands to sack Julie.

In April this year the Sunday Mirror revealed that Brian, who wrote the Queen hit Crazy Little Thing Called Love about Anita (sic), had undergone intensive therapy at an exclusive Arizona clinic for his "addiction"' to her. It was at the suggestion of his therapist that the couple flew off on a "new beginning"' sunshine holiday to the Seychelles and Mauritius where Brian is understood to have proposed.

"This is the third time Brian and Anita have tried to get married in the last month" a friend said. "They wanted it to be private and hoped the Zeta Jones wedding would take the heat of them".

The couple are now on their way to a secret-island Caribean honeymoon.

19 November 2000

Brian weds his queen

QUEEN guitarist Brian May and former EastEnder Anita Dobson finally tied the knot yesterday after 12 stormy years together.

Angie, 51, wore a scarlet suit for the ceremony attended by 20 close friends and family at Richmond Registry Office, West London.

Best man to Brian, 52, was Queen drummer, Roger Taylor.

The couple were protected by minders as they left for a reception in Kensington after agreeing a magazine deal.

The marriage comes a year after the couple split when Anita discovered Brian was having an affair with his secretary Julie Glover.


The biggest news is, of course, the fact that Brian and Anita got married on Saturday (18th)!! After 12 years together they finally tied the knot at Richmond Registry office. The bride wore a red outfit and Brian a grey linen suit with a red waistcoat and red buttonhole (and yes, he wore clogs!). Roger Taylor was best man, and Anita was given away by her brother in law Michael O'Niell. Brians children Jimmy, Louisa and Emily attended, along with Anitas Mum, her sister Gill and about 20 close friends (sadly John Deacon didn't attend).

The reception was held in a restaurant in Kensington High Street that Brian loves and has frequented for many years. It is not true that they signed a magazine deal, as quoted in one newspaper - and they're not honeymooning on some far flung Caribbean beach, they're in romantic Italy!

Brian and Anita have specifically requested that you don't buy them a wedding present! (and what on earth would you buy the couple who have everything?!) Brian has said that if you really would like to give them something, then you might make a donation on their behalf to either the British Bone Marrow Donor Appeal, or the Mercury Phoenix Trust - both of which you can do through us here (16a Barnes High Street, London SW13 9LW) by sending a cheque, postal order, money order (payable to the charity of your choice) or cash by registered letter. If you want to send congratulations cards then that would be fine - send them here and they can be passed on, as can emails (subject Brian please!).

I am just totally thrilled for them both - they're both lovely, kind and caring people. They have been through more than their fair share of bad times, but they've come through it and they have stuck by each other. They completely and utterly love and adore each other, and I for one wish them HUGE amounts of happiness, they deserve it!


Regrettably these Press Reports contain many inaccuracies
. Only the Fan Club can be deemed totally reliable.
Examples of the misreporting include:
* Mr Deacon apparently attended neither the wedding nor reception
* No deal had been struck with any magazine (it is not their style)
* The happy couple had headed off to Italy.
* Anita's comments in Radio Times set the record straight

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Sun 18 Nov 00


Queen guitarist Brian May and actress Anita Dobson were married on Saturday at Richmond Registry Office in Surrey, according to reports in Sunday's papers.

Dobson, 51, wore a scarlet suit to the secret ceremony, which was attended by 20 family members and close friends.

The pair who have signed an exclusive deal with a magazine then left for a reception at a Kensington restaurant.

The couple have been together for 12 often turbulent years.

Source: BBC2 Teletext

Daily Mail - Friday, November 24, 2000
The romantic honeymoon that turned into an undercover operation

For Brian and Anita, a
wedding then a wetting
















Love to keep them warm: May and Miss Dobson tour the city

IT has all the ingredients for romance . . . culture, cuisine, fine architecture. And rain clouds.
Unfortunately for Brian May and Anita Dobson, there wasn't a canopied gondola in sight as the heavens opened on their honeymoon in Venice.
The newlyweds had to resort to a shared umbrella on the obligatory trip round the city's waterways.
Even their hotel offered little refuge. Storms had left the lobby of the £400-a-night Gritti Palace flooded in 1 ft of water.
The guitarist married Miss Dobson last week at Richmond Register

Office, South-West London, to finally put the seal on a tempestuous 12-year relationship.
Many believed they would never tie the knot, particularly after they split in January 1999 when she discovered he had been having an affair with his secretary.
May embarked on a mission to win her back, which included flying to Canada where she was starring in a show. She insisted he sack the secretary and the pair were reunited.
May is understood to have proposed during a holiday in the Seychelles.
Sharing shelter: The newlyweds put on a brave face
Pictures: Jason Fraser
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Queen guitarist Brian May, 53, and former EastEnders actress Anita Dobson, who played Albert Square's landlady Angie Watts, married at a Richmond register office following a 12-year on-off relationship. Anita, 51, wore an elegant red suit as she made her vows in front of 20 close friends and family. The union comes one turbulent year after Anita found out that Brian had been cheating on her with his secretary, Julie Glover. The reception was held at a west London restaurant.


December 1 2000

STOP PRESS!! Tue 28 Nov 00 (Click to read letter)

Regarding the Venice pictures of Brian and Anita taken by the Daily Mail, it WAS an invasion of their privacy to get that shot and the couple were angry and upset by it. Brian has written to the Daily Mail and told them so in no uncertain terms. It remains to be seen if they will publish his letter.

December 2, 2000

What was supposed to be a dream honeymoon turned into a bit of a washout for newlyweds Anita Dobson and Brian May. The Queen guitarist and the actress, best known for her role as landlady Angie Watts in EastEnders, finally wed after a 12-year romance in a low-key ceremony at Richmond Register Office in south-west London. Although there have been one or two blips in their relationship, the two have remained together, surprising many who thought their love would never last.

Brian and Anita decided to celebrate in Venice, like countless love birds before them, but the water-logged city was a litle wetter than they would have liked.

A torrential downpour had most people scurrying into one of Venice's many bars and restaurants for shelter, but years of braving the cold in Walford meant Anita was used to bad weather, and the couple refused to let a bit of rain spoil their romantic ride on a gondola, where they kept dry under an umbrella.

The couple even got their feet wet at their hotel. Storms had left the 400-a-night Gritti Palace flooded in a foot of water.

Taking a walk around St Mark's Square, they wore resigned looks on their faces tht brought to mind the expression: if it doesn't rain, it pours.

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DECEMBER 5, 2000
After 12 tempestuous years together, former EastEnders actress Anita Dobson and Queen guitarist Brian May have finally tied the knot in a civil ceremony at Richmond Register Office in front of 20 close friends and family, including Brian's bandmates Roger Taylor and John Deacon. The couple split up for several months last year when Anita discovered that Brian had been having an affair with his secretary, Julie Glover. Brian was also said to have undergone therapy earlier this year for his "addition" to Anita.



NAMES: Brian May and Anita Dobson
OCCUPATIONS: Him: Long-haried guitarist with rock band Queen. Her: Actress of the one-character-wonder variety (that being Angie, landlady extraordinarie of EastEnders' Queen Vic).
APPEARANCE: Him: Hair hair hair! Oscillates between a kind of King Charles II wig effect to an extra in The Lion King musical. Still, not a bad old bonce for a man embarking on his sixth decade. Her: Formerly also of the Lion King/Poodle hair persuasion, now slightly tamed, although still leaning towards the miracle hair-grow school of styling.
MARITAL STATUS: Newly-weds (and not before time).
NATURE OF PROBLEM: Inclement weather.
REPORT: It was not long ago that May and Dobson were trying to tear their respective his'n'hers hair out (see Background, below). Now after a register office wedding last week, those perms are forever destined to be styled as one. But thank goodness for modern hair products, for the weather, readers, has not been kind. Not only did it belt it down on their wedding day, but on honeymoon in Venice, where they've got quite enough water, it has been raining so hard that you've got to wear your wellies in St Mark's Square. Their hotel

Brian May and Anita Dobson

26 November 2000

has been flooded, and even the mandatory gondola trip had to take place under the cover of a giant umbrella. On these occasions, you cannot help wondering if some terrible kind of pathetic fallacy is at work.
BACKGROUND: After embarking on a passionate affair in 1988, at the height of Anita's reign at the Queen Vic,
Like being addicated to having hair bigger than the average house, for starters.
SUMMARY: Hair-raising.
RECOMMENDED STRATEGIES: With careful use of the right products, Mr and Mrs May need never worry about life's split ends, even in the most thundery of climates.
'Those perms are forever destined to be styled as one.'

the pair became known as the Velcro couple, such was their mutual devotion. Indeed they even managed to get through the seen month itch customary in showbusiness circles, reaching the dizzy heights of a whole decade without a hitch, until it emerged that Brian had been playing rather more than his guitar away from home. He had, instead, been making sweet music with his married secretary Julie Glover. Storm clouds gathered in the previously blue sky over the May/Dobson mansion in London's Holland Park, and we looked set for an acrimonious divvying up of the styling products. But earlier this year the pair were seen frolicking in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and shampoo manufacturers breathed a sigh of relief - especially when a marriage proposal soon followed, meaning there'd be no shortages of demand till tresses do them part. The secretary, by the way, has left her job.
OTHER RELEVANT FACTORS: Earlier this year, May went to a clinic in Arizona to deal with his "addiction" to Anita, which is a bit strange, as there's worse things than being addicated to your wife.