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"Bristol Evening Post Review"
Brian May
Colston Hall

QUEEN guitarist Brian May returned to the British Live circuit last night with a rock show to beat all rock shows.

Such was the reaction from the sold-out crowd when May emerged that he could have gone home after the first song and they would have still been shouting for an encore.

Dedicating the show to the late Cozy Powell, May cruised through a set of Queen favourites and material from his solo career, including tracks from his new album, Another World.

A malestrom of spotlights and strobes blinded the audience as they clapped; sang, and in some cases played air guitar along with hits like Fat Bottomed Girls, The Show Must Go On and Tie Your Mother Down.

Backed by a six-piece band, which included two backing singers and former Black Sabbath drummer Eric Singer, May played for more than 90 minutes, but left the best to last - a rousing version of We Will Rock You.

But this was a show for Queen diehards still clinging to the Freddie memory, as well as musicians who see May as some sort of guitar god.

May is certainly a great guitarist, but the drawn-out guitar solos can get tedious for those who don't belong to the flock.

Judging by last night, Brian May will always be preaching to the converted and will continue to get away with it for many years to come.

Article By Mark Taylor

(Contributed by Nick Hill)


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MayBe? meet Brian and his band!!

(Is This a Stake Out?)
(Jennifer Tunney)
That renowned Tenessee balladeer, T E (Twitty) Conway, visited Birmingham last night - Nathan of MayBe? met him at the sound check and the MayBe? Babes - Thomas, Ben, Dan, Katie and Haley met Neil, Spike, Jamie and Eric at their hotel - before these guys went off to a night club. Brian's band were very interested in MayBe? and apart from signing Ben's tour programme the band showed their counterparts their own tour flyers. Jamie asked: "Can I have one?" And Neil said "Can I have one too?" and then, they all wanted one. Jamie looked at his photo on the flyer and said (with much delight!) "That's me" - "I'm you" said Ben, "I'm you", said Dan to Neil, "and I'm you", said Thomas to Eric. You see there are the pairs of pictures of both bands side by side on the flyer. Spike made a sort of grunt when he saw he was a Sony MiniDisc Player. They said the would like to see MayBe? in action and were genuinely surprised and flattered to know they had a cover band!!!! Eric ran off with one of Thomas's drum sticks but asked "Did I kick it to you or throw it to you?" and as he had thrown it to Thomas in the audience - he said "Well that's alright!" and gave it back.

Our little crew remained encamped in Birmingham, having been told by Jamie that if they came back in the morning they might be able to meet their other counterparts - Zoe, Suzie and Brian. However, at about 2 am Mr May arrived back at the hotel in a black Mercedes with blacked out windows (it was very cold and he had his hands deep in his pockets and Thomas (our drummer) thought he was a little reluctant to take his hands from his pockets to shake hands (but he did). Thomas politely asked if they could talk to him and the girls in the morning - but Brian said it wasn't really a very good idea as he would have his family with him. So this beaming bunch all arrived back at my house in Cheshire at about 4.30 am!!!!! - on a real high.

Now let's flashback to the gig itself.

What a great, great night!! Mr Cloggy was far happier with the venue - "this great aircraft hangar of a place" and it must have seemed like he was back in the stadium!!! "No swearing tonight!!" - although he did make comments about the debacle at Bristol and inferred that he wasn't happy with The Royal Albert Hall - "Glad this is one of those nights that isn't going on tape." As a result he was more natural and spontaneous. His whole performance was immaculate and over the past few nights we have seen his rapport with the audience grow and flourish - and last night the audience knew all the set pieces, and the 'usual responses' in the right places - lovely friendly banter. He is beginning to feel very 'at home' in front of his devotees - spoke about "Down here in the lion's den" - (we had referred to the front clustered round his little rostrum as 'the bear pit').

He is getting very adept at singing whilst sucking a throat lozenge in his mouth - there is that tell-tale lump in the cheek - rather endearing - and occasionally discards one and really gets stuck into the song. His voice was definitely much stronger.

The second number was almost a surprise (Nathan had seen them go through their paces in the sound check with it) - "Sail Away Sweet Sister" - and it was a real treat, perfectly done and a huge surprise to Amanda (one of MayBe?s stalwart fans, for this was her only gig of the tour).

Brighton Rock was played, mainly, in the dark with white lights spinning like a fan and him walking about the stage and disappearing into dark corners - but these incredible sounds just kept coming at you.

"No One But You" gets more and more emotional each time. Before he started it, the audience were screaming for him to do 'Slow Down'. We didn't think he was going to do the hand shake bit but he did (and some of us were lucky again) at the end of NOBY.

The audience were just going nuts and wouldn't let them off - so he caved in and made our nigh t with "Slow Down" - for the first time in the UK. I think the audience and the venue must have got through to his inner reserve - and he was up for it.

As a result they didn't come off stage till almost 11 pm. Brian said "Will that do for part one - I'll be back to complete" (does this mean he may come round to Birmingham again at the end of the tour). He could have surely sold this tour out twice - so hope he won't regret having such a short UK leg (we certainly regret it.)

Trophies included a set of Eric's sticks, a pick and again (as in Nottingham) Brian's personal Set List!!!!

Well time to hit the hay before the sun is up.

Sweet Dreams Dear Friends.

"You can believe I'll meet you here in Another World" - yes we do, Brian.