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APRIL 2013

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1 Apr - Easter Monday - Brian on Jo Whiley Show Radio 2 - short interview contribution sometime between 2pm and 5pm.
2 Apl - Brian on Chris Evans Breakfast Show 8.37am
8 Apr - Brian interviewed for Record Store Day website
2,3,9,19 April - BBC Radio4 'The Archers' - Anita Dobson
18 Apr - MJF programme to be published
20 Apr - Record Store Day - rel 7" Red Vinyl "The Kissing Me Song"
14 May - WWRY 11th Anniversary, Dominion Theatre
May TBC - Brian steps down as LJMU Chancellor, Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool
19 Jul - Brian's Birthday
21 Jul - B & K Guitare en Scene Festival, St Julien En Genevois, France

**Wed 10 Apr 13**
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10 April 2013

The freakish spring weather, following an exceptionally hard winter and last year’s record rainfall has been disrupting foraging by wildlife.

Hard ground – either frozen or dried out – particularly affects badgers. Earthworms, their preferred food, become very difficult to find and the cold weather scarcity has been heightened by last year’s prolonged period of floods and waterlogged ground which killed off huge numbers of worms in pastures, their normal feeding ground.

Forced to range more widely in their search for food adult badgers have been visiting gardens more frequently, feasting especially on leatherjackets—the larvae of crane fly (daddy longlegs)—which have proliferated this year, thanks to the wet summer and autumn when the eggs were laid.

The result, says the Badger Trust, is that more lawns than usual—and especially those with a covering of moss-- have suffered extensive surface damage as hungry badgers have foraged for the grubs.

The problem should ease as other natural food becomes more readily available with the warmer weather.
Secure, good quality fencing, preferably with strong wire mesh fencing trenched in to prevent badgers digging underneath, is one way of countering the problem, says the Trust. Electric fencing is also effective. But where these are not practical, or too expensive, deterrents that can be tried include noisemakers such as radios (left playing quietly overnight in gardens) and electronically-triggered alarms.
Treatment with lawn sand –used to control moss—may help.

There is a systemic insecticide obtainable, which is described as being for the control of chafer grubs and leatherjackets in domestic gardens. The manufacturer states it is safe for use with children and pets.

Badger Trust says that the combination of floods, waterlogged fields, frosts, snow and sub-zero temperatures have made over-winter survival much more difficult especially for last year’s cubs and cub survival this year is also likely to be adversely affected.

Further advice on badgers in gardens can be found on the Badger Trust's website:

Jack Reedy


**Wed 10 Apr 13**
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Badger TrustThis information is being forwarded by The Badger Trust on behalf of Somerset Badger Group

The next Badger Night Walkers event will be centred on Taunton, our county town. We need to make this a significiant event so as many walkers as possible are needed to attract media attention. The local Liberal Democrat MP Jeremy Browne is believed to be a supporter of the badger cull.

This will be a daytime walk as it is crucial we continue to engage with and encourage the public around the town centre to sign the Government e-petition, and write to, telephone or go to see Jeremy Browne and ask him why he supports a badger killing policy. We are concerned that many members of the public don't realise the cull is planned to go ahead in a couple of months, unless we can stop it.

Leaflets will be prepared for those supporters who wish to speak with and pass them to members of the public, but being there in large numbers to show you care and are united with a common goal of stopping the cull is most important.

Will still have a minimum target of 250,000 signatures on the e-petition by the end of the month. Our activity does see an increase in signatures so we must keep going. Let's go for it, we can do it. Let’s turn public support into overwhelming public support.

It is intended to start late morning and cover the lunch time period when we can expect the town centre to be busy. Please wear your high visibility clothing. Your support is always greatly appreciated as it is vital that we all continue to work together and fight to save our badgers.

Nightime walks will follow in the cull area. We will also visit other town centres to gain more support over the coming weeks.

The details of the daytime event are:-

Date Saturday, 20th April 2013.
Time 11.00am to 3.00pm
Meeting Place Northern end of High Street, Taunton, Somerset TA1 3PG. National Grid Reference ST 2270 2448.

The Badger Night Walkers thank you for your continued support. We must not waver or be distracted. The vast majority of the public are on our side, let's make sure we win hearts and minds and turn good wishes to signatures. Please direct any questions to the Badger Trust office, who will forward them to us.

Adrian Coward,
Somerset Badger Group.


**Wed 10 Apr 13**
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Sunday 21 July 2013
Stade de Burgondes, Saint Julien En Genevois, France



brian may 2    may ellis


It is no longer BRIAN MAY ... In the late 60s, he is part of Smile with Roger Taylor. When Tim Staffell, bassist, left the band and Mercury Records terminated their contract, May and Taylor do not want to stop there and recruit him to become Freddie Mercury. They also change the group name: QUEEN legend can begin ...

Within the group, BRIAN MAY has composed many songs, including mega hits We Will Rock YouHammer To FallI Want It All  or The Show Must Go On. His fiery chorus returned to the anthology of rock guitar. True pillar of the group, it imposes its claw with magical riffs and unique chorus.  He played 40 years with the same guitar, very legendary Red Special, which he built himself with his father at the age of 16 years. Since the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991, Brian May recorded several solo albums, including Back to the Light (1992), Live at Brixton Academy (live album in 1994), Another World  (1998).

In August 2007, he obtained his doctorate in astrophysics thesis on the interstellar dust that had started at Imperial College London in 1974 and abandoned because of Rock n 'Roll. He was appointed Chancellor of the University of Liverpool John Moore at the end of the same year. Recently BRIAN MAY participated in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.  

In a first acoustic set, he will be accompanied on stage by KERRY ELLIS, English singer and actress.  

KERRY ELLIS is known for her roles in various musicals. In 2002 she met BRIAN MAY. She landed the role of Meat in the musical We Will Rock You. Subsequently, she played the role on Broadway of Elphaba in Wicked, and also triumphed in London OliverLes Miserables and Miss Saigon. She extended her solo singing career in 2008 with the release of his first EP Wicked in Rock  and her first album Anthems iin 2010, produced by BRIAN MAY. Having performed together including The Night of 1000 Voices in 2010 and more recently The Remembrance Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall, BRIAN MAY and KERRY ELLIS we delight in an all-acoustic concert on stage at the Magic Mirror.  

In a second set all-electric, with a background bass-drums-guitar, BRAIN MAY resume the QUEEN greatest hits. Exclusive Guitar Scene!

Magic Mirror the scene has a limited capacity, only 900 lucky will have the opportunity to attend this unique event! - Olympic Closing Ceremony with Jessie J - Kerry Ellis & Brian May -Save Me-Live on BBC Radio 2 (15.08.2010)


**Tue 09 Apr 13**
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09 April 2013

A few weeks ago, a message was received in the Badger Trust Enquiries mail box as follows:

“I am a second year Geography Undergraduate at the University of Hertfordshire. On the 11th April 2013, myself and seven other Geography students will be climbing Mount Snowdon in an attempt to raise awareness and money towards your charity. The target is to ascend and descend the mountain within a time limit of five hours with one member at all times wearing our badger costume. The other members of the team will wear badger masks.”

These undergraduates are so nice that they actually asked Badger Trust if we would accept their fundraising project! Our response was a very quick “Yes please” and they were sent a parcel of promotional material to publicise their efforts – including the masks! Team GECKO will leave at 7.00 a.m. and the climb will begin around Noon to 1.00 p.m.

They are attempting to raise £250 for Badger Trust and more details can be seen on their Just Giving page here. They have already achieved forty-six per cent of their target but it will be great if some of you feel able to make a donation to help them achieve or even surpass the amount they are aiming for. Perhaps others will be inspired to follow suit, maybe not to climb a mountain but how about organising a coffee morning or doing a car boot? Declutter and raise much needed funds for us!

We are really grateful to Rachel and her colleagues and wish them a safe and successful climb. We hope to have a photograph of Team GECKO for the next edition of Badger News.

Good luck everybody!!


**Tue 09 Apr 13**
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We have been asked to display the following flyer for:

Red Special Meetup - Saturday 27 July 2013
at Community Centre, Gange Road, Hugglescote, Leics. LE67 2BR
More info

Red Special Meeting


**Mon 08 Apr 13**
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08 April 2013

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) issued a poster repeating a list of disgraceful half-truths supporting the killing of badgers which it sees as essential in the eradication of bovine tuberculosis. It also omits reference to the cattle industry’s own shameful shortcomings over the last 40 years which have played – and continue to play – a major role in bTB spread.

It has only reluctantly adopted recommended biosecurity measures, resisted better testing, itself spread disease from the south west to the north after the foot and mouth epidemic by trading diseased cattle and continued to take animals to county shows. Some farmers have also ignored movement restrictions and swapped ear tags.

The poster proclaims (in bold italics):

We take action on TB in cows

The Badger Trust responds -- The cattle industry does not take action, except when forced to. The Coalition, faced with the loss of European financial support, is belatedly enforcing long-overdue controls on cattle movements and insisting on more frequent cattle testing in England. The NFU’s real attitude was revealed by the former NFU deputy president, Meurig Raymond as reported in Farmers’ Guardian on October 8th 2009:

“Our core concern is that without action on wildlife we cannot make progress towards eradication . . . The current policy measures are incomplete, and the NFU will never be able to give its full support to a plan which does not deal with all aspects of the disease.”

5.8 million cattle were tested in 2012 in England.

So they should have been. Annual testing, one of the elements of the previously successful Area Eradication Scheme, was rashly abandoned decades ago and is not yet universal as it should be.

133,850 cattle have been culled in England due to TB since the beginning of 2008.

There have been a fifth more herd tests (19.8 per cent) in England over these five years, clearly disclosing the devastating reservoir of disease in cattle themselves, in part the by-product of an ineffective skin test [1].

3,941 new outbreaks in England during 2012.

Four per cent rise over five years but 19.8 per cent more herd tests [1].

Badgers have TB, The Independent Scientific Group in 2007 reported that up to 1 in 3 badgers in disease hotspots have TB. TB has to be controlled in wildlife.

“Up to” is meaningless. The proportion of killed badgers was half that - one in seven killed in the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT) – 1,455 out of 9,919 or 15.8 per cent – and then in areas specially chosen because they had a high level of infection [2]. Only 166 badgers were severely infected, and so potentially infectious. Also, killing badgers tends to increase the prevalence of the disease among surviving animals in UK conditions [3].

The report on the trial said: “. . . while badgers are clearly a source of cattle TB, careful evaluation of our own and others’ data indicates that badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain. Indeed, some policies under consideration are likely to make matters worse rather than better. Second, weaknesses in cattle testing regimes mean that cattle themselves contribute significantly to the persistence and spread of disease in all areas where TB occurs, and in some parts of Britain are likely to be the main source of infection” [4].

£500 million - the amount it has cost the taxpayer to control the disease in England in the past 10 years. £1 billion estimated cost of TB control in England over the next decade without taking further action.

This is the cost of carelessness, lax attitudes to controls and even fraud. A substantial amount of the expenditure is in compensation to the cattle industry for lost stock. Action is now being taken thanks to EU pressure. The phrasing of the NFU’s assertion implies that the only “further action” lacking is killing badgers, which is nonsense.

£662 per badger - what it cost the Welsh Government to vaccinate each badger in 2012.

In England, the industry, not the taxpayer, will have to foot the bills. Cage trapping and killing badgers instead of injecting them is likely to cost as much as vaccination. The current cost-saving proposal of shooting in the open without trapping is seriously flawed, dangerous and possibly inhumane. Most badgers killed will be uninfected.

Badger vaccination has a role to play in the long-term control of the disease but it will not cure a badger that is already infected.

That is a statement of the obvious. The TB vaccine is intended to protect uninfected animals, not cure them. The vaccine can only slow the progress of the infection and reduce its severity.

Around 50% estimated proportion of TB cattle breakdowns due to Badgers in hotspot areas.

Meaningless unless the NFU says who made this estimate and when, which areas were involved, whether the figure is for herd breakdowns or individual infections and whether the estimate had been scientifically validated.

New Zealand has seen a 94% reduction in TB since it started culling possums in the early 1990s.

New Zealand has a vastly different landscape and many millions of introduced possums against about 350,000 UK badgers at the last estimate. Control of possums has switched from widespread, draconian blitzkrieg-type operations including spraying poison from helicopters to targeted localised culling on forest/pasture margins in TB hotspots. This is more cost effective but the long-term solution for controlling TB in possums as well as badgers and cattle is clearly vaccination. Otherwise, the comparison with badgers, a native species with an important place in the British ecosystem, is baffling.

Note [1] Regional statistics

Note [2] RBCT report, page 75, table 4.9

Note [3] Ibid. Page 77 para 4.25

Note [4] Ibid. Page 5

Jack Reedy


**Mon 08 Apr 13**
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PS: Brian and Kerry enjoyed a great studio day today, which started with a little filming for Record Store Day then chose the final tracks for their live album.

DON'T FORGET to upload your kisses for the official video to:

The Kissing Me Song

Brian May and Kerry Ellis are being interiewed today for Record Store Day Website - to appear at a later date.

Record Store Day this year occurs on Saturday 20 April. Be sure to locate your nearest stockist and secure a copy of The Kissing Song on limited RED 7" viny edition

Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and 2013 will see the sixth celebration of the UK's unique independent sector. This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ's, in store quizzes and many other events.

More info at:

Record Store Day Kissing Me Song


**Mon 08 Apr 13**
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8 April 2013 by Paul CAshmere

Friends of producer, engineer Andy Johns have been tweeting their respects for Andy who passed away today at age 61.

Peter Frampton
Andy Johns engineer/producer has left us way too soon. RIP

Brian May
[Here on SOAPBOX]

Kevin Shirley
Very sad to learn of the passing of Andy Johns today – too young to go – Andy is a bona fide legend. I met him in New York with Pat and Zoe Thrall when he was very condescending to me at Ruby Foo’s over some cold sake, but after listening to some work became somewhat of a fan (according to my friend Pat Thrall, who witnessed him listening to one of my Aerosmith mixes for hours). Andy’s legacy is huge – The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin Official to name a couple. R.I.P. Andy – where ever it is you go to – I know you’ll keep ‘em rocking!
Love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in boat loads…

Chad Smith
RIP Andy Johns..made some of my favorite all time records.

RIP Andy Johns. 1 of the great engineer/producers of our time; Free, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, the list goes on. He will be sorely missed.

Andy Johns worked with the Rolling Stones from 1968-1973 and engineered ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Exile On Main Street’. He worked with The Who, Free and Led Zeppelin. Johns was 61. Details of his death are yet to be released.


**Mon 08 Apr 13**
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Jean Pierre Daniel and Brian May

French guitarist Jean Pierre Danel has launched a charity to the benefit of animal rights, through France's major association for protection of animals, the SPA.

The acclaimed musician's action is shared with fellow guitar legends Brian May and Hank Marvin. Danel duetted several times in the past with Marvin on record, and May expressed his great appreciation for Danel's work in his last album booklet. Now, the three are reunited for a good cause.Well aware of Brian May's involvement for animal rights, and his association Save Me, it was a natural move for Danel to ask for his participation. May accepted with enthusiasm and joined the project.

No doubt the guitarist's action will be noticed by guitar aficionados : Danel's idea is to put on an auction a unique life size art photo of the pride of his private guitar collection, one of the rarest electric guitar in the world : Miss Daisy, a 1954 preproduction Fender Stratocaster, estimated more than 200, 000 US $. The one of a kind art photo has been signed by Danel, May and Marvin. You can now experience the feel of this iconic guitar on your wall... ! Fender also offered two current Stratocaster models, both signed by the three artists.

The auction will take place in Paris, at the classy Drouot international auction house, sometime before Christmas (exact date to be revealed soon). International guitar lovers won't miss the opportunity to bid on this one of a kind collector's piece - and help a good cause.

The SPA announcement for the charity :
Jean Pierre Danel's web site :

Jean Pierre Danel - Biography

Jean-Pierre Danel is a French self-taught guitarist, record producer and composer. He is the instrumental guitarist with the biggest record sales in France. His album Guitar Connection hit the #1 spot in 2006,receiving a platinum disc, and he hit the charts with more than 20 album and 20 singles since the 80's. In 2010, he released a charity duet album with various French and international guitarists, such as Hank Marvin, Albert Lee, Scott Henderson, Andy Powell, etc. The Top 3 hit got a gold disc.
As a producer, since 1989, his numerous releases sold 22.4 million copies, receiving 183 gold and platinum discs in various countries.
Also a Stratocaster fan, Danel wrote a book about his collection, that includes Miss Daisy, a scare 1954 preproduction model.

Jean Pierre Daniel  and Brian May

Jeaan Pierre Daniel and Hank Marvin


**Tue 02 Apr 13**
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**Tue 02 Apr 13**
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Brian May with Jo Whiley BBC R2 Top 100 - 01-04-2013 -



**Tue 02 Apr 13**
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02 April 2013

The world has an unlikely source to thank for the initial inspiration behind Radiohead, it seems... Queen's Brian May!

Speaking in a radio interview with actor Alec Baldwin, Thom Yorke admitted it was the guitarist who first got him into music. "I started playing guitar when I was seven. I sat down and said I was going to be Brian May," he explained, adding that he event tried to emulate May by building his own instrument.

However how long the Queen indebted band will continue is not certain. The singer said he "frequently" thinks Radiohead might be finished, although admitted that he feels this more than the rest of the band, hinting they're keen to keep going. Listen to the interview in full.


**Tue 02 Apr 13**
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We love this....

Brian MayTHE TAB
1 April 2013 - by Matt Allinson
He's a rocket ship on his way to mars

In a joint press statement by the Queen guitarist and the College that is guaranteed to rock you, it has been announced that a statue of Brian May will be placed at the foot of Queen’s tower. The monolith of arguably one of Imperial’s biggest champions will be stood facing the JCR, with the older lion statues forming a guard of honour.

Designed by famous Polish sculptor, Prima Aprilis, and made out of the recycled steel from the thousands of guitar strings that he has gotten through in his career, the statue will stand at 7 metres tall. It is designed, in the words of the sculptor, to inspire “a sense of hope and worth amongst all the students of Imperial, who are all just looking for somebody to love”

Opposite: Good Old fashioned lover boy

Construction started in earnest this weekend, and the groundbreaking was attended by several notaries including Dr May himself. While we were all stood around waiting for the Hammer to Fall, The Tab had a quick chat with him.

“Sure, with it approaching summer term, I appreciate that a lot of Imperial students are Under Pressure, Might be going slightly mad and just want to break free, but I really hoped that this statue might bring a kind of magic to their lives”.

Brian May Statue
The work by famous Polish sculptorPprima Aprilis

The rector was quick to agree, “Brian was just a poor boy, from a poor family, and Imperial really spared him this life from this monstrosity, and we were happy to help with this token of his appreciation. Galileo Figaro Magnifico-ooooh-oooooooh”.


**Tue 02 APr 13**
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Chris EvansBrian appeared on BBC Radio 2 this morning (2 April) as the 'Mystery Guest' from 8.37am until 8.50am with Chris Evans. Chris and he chatted about guitar chords and guitar playing in general. Brian very nicely folded into the conversation that 'The Kissing Me Song' begins with a 'D Chord' :)

The track was played in full and now appears in the 'what was played today list' on the Radio 2 list online.


**Tue 02 Apr 13**
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