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**Wed 14 Feb 18**
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We can confirm that Brian May's "Queen in 3-D" book  will be available at the New Zealand and Australian shows from the merchandise stalls with a signed bookplate, as per the tour programme advert below.

Queen in 3-D with book plate offer

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**Wed 14 Feb 18 **
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February's LIMITED EDITION has just arrived at BRIAN MAY GUITARS M HQ... ... the gorgeous BMG SPECIAL in Black 'N' Gold

Each month BRIAN MAY GUITARS are offering a different selection of colours, all featuring the same pro-grade specs as our classic Special design.


You can also check with the BMG Team what colours and finishes are available: CONTACT

BMG Black and Gold

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**Wed 14 Feb 18**
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Brian May talks Queen Christmas Eve 1975 with Bob Harris



For one of the absolute Whistle Test highlights you go to the Queen Christmas Special, broadcast live from the Hammersmith Odeon on Christmas Eve - the 24th of December 1975

[NOW I’M HERE - faded]

Just a little section from ‘Now I'm Here’. That was Queen on stage at Hammersmith Odeon. That was our Christmas special and Brian May is here to reminisce about that moment ‘cos the first time I saw you I think was at the Rainbow Theatre, a couple of years or so before that, Brian, and you were playing that night, supporting Mott the Hoople.

BRIAN MAY: Well the Rainbow concert was ours, but the previous time we were at Hammersmith was supporting Mott the Hoople. Yeah that's the time.

BOB: That's the one.

BRIAN: Yeah, yeah. That was our first visit to Hammersmith Odeon as it was called of course. I don't know what the hell they call it now. It's always going to be Hammersmith Odeon to me. But we supported Mott the Hoople there and then we did our own Rainbow show, but coming back to Hammersmith as headlining for that thing.

BOB: Yeah, but ‘Now I'm Here’ was a song written by you about the Mott the Hoople tour experience really, wasn’t it?

BRIAN: It was indeed and about rock and roll in general and the fact that it blew my mind and I didn't even take the drugs so there you go.

BOB: “Down in the city just Hoople and me”.

BRIAN: Exactly.

BOB: But that Christmas Special that we did together in December ’75, Brian. I mean the great atmosphere around the band at that time as well. because I was privy, wasn’t I, to some of the filming later of some of the videos that you did and everything else and a thing that really struck me, Brian, so forcibly was the extent to which the band you cared about your fans and you looked up to your fans.

BRIAN: Well that’s a very nice thing to say. Yes, we did and we felt very fortunate to have the kind of fan base that we had if you can even call it fan, because they were very intelligent and they didn't require us to fit into any mould, for which we were always grateful. ‘cos we continually evolved and had all different kinds of shapes really, didn't we, as a band but the fans were always. There’s the occasional grumble, you know, ‘What are they doing now?’, but basically they followed us and they enabled us to go on an amazing journey without any frontiers whatsoever. So we're always very, very happy with our fans, and of course they came a moment a little bit after that when the fans kind of took over, ‘cos when it got to… well I'm thinking Bingley Hall some years later when the audience were singing every song and a few others besides and we really clocked on to the fact that our audience were part of us and that a show was a two-way experience - not just a one-way experience. It's funny - now this reminds me, so we wrote ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ and that really purposely involved the audience in a participative kind of way.

But that brings me back to Hammersmith in a sense ‘cos I remember one of my first impressions is we'd got the idea of doing a show and it was very dramatic, you know, and I think we were sort of pacemakers in a sense, you know, sort of leaders in that field, because when Queen started it was very much ‘Let's all play with our backs to the audience and and groove with her with the vibe, man, and let's not…’,you know, doing a show was a bit uncool but we went out there and said, ’No, we will do a show. We'll have sound and lights and we will make absolute maximum - we will take absolute advantage of the situation ‘cos we're only there for two hours. Let's give them everything. Let’s deafen ‘em, and blind ‘em and leave them wanting more’, you know. So we were very much into a show.

So normally we were lit very, very well - not huge lights in those days, but we had some lights and the audience was always in blackness, and I remember coming onto the stage for the Hammersmith thing and, of course, ALL the house lights were on and all the TV lights and whatever, and we stood there waiting for you to do your announcement just seeing all our audience which was a really strange experience Also we couldn't speak, you know, we were waiting for you to do the announcement so we just came on there and stood there and there was a moment of eyes meeting - this contact between us and the audience in a completely different way from what we'd been used to. Normally we’d come on in a cloud of smoke and Big Bang , whatever, and, you know, as I say ‘deafen ‘em and blind ‘em’, but this was a very different experience and it was a strangely sort of liberating experience, because we felt as soon as the lights went down after you'd made your announcement, we were back to our normal sort of world, but we'd already made that eye contact with the audience so it was a very intimate kind of feeling for that show.

BOB: And at that moment you were the wave now that you've begun to surf on. At the time of that concert ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ had just gone to number one and there the song… that massive. “A Night at the Opera” was released I think either on the day or a couple of days later and that went straight to number one, so in a way that concert, that moment, represented the transition, wasn't it, into the absolute sort of top of the premiership really?

BRIAN: Yeah I think it did. I think we were a bit shocked that we've been chosen to do that at that point, you know, I t was a sort of privilege to be the sort of TV attraction for that Christmas and you know we didn't take it for granted. It was a big deal for us and, of course, it got you out of Christmas, which is the wonderful thing, ‘cos you you always wonder what to do at Christmas, don’t you? .Where do I go to? Oh God, I’m gonna upset someone.’ We were just there. We had to work on that show, which was a joy. We had a place to be.

BOB: You did, didn't you, because actually you put Christmas on hold for a few days.

BRIAN: That’s right.

BOB: ‘Cos it didn't naturally follow on as the date tagged on to the end of the tour. There was a little gap wasn't there between…

BRIAN: That’s right.

BOB: … the tour dates you’d been doing and then that show - the Hammersmith Odeon.

BRIAN: That’s right.

BOB: So, you know, you’d had a lot of time to think about it.

BRIAN: Yeah, we set it up as a separate thing and then we rehearsed, as became the habit for us. I mean we’re actually a rather rather keen on the idea of rehearsal. We like to improvise. We like to step out and be dangerous, but there's nothing like rehearsal to set you on on the right rails, you know. You have to know what you're doing to be dangerous.

BOB: Yeah.

BRIAN: You've missed out the very first time we met, of course, which I am gonna have to remind you of. No, we didn't meet but the first contact was you playing ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ on the Old Grey Whistle Test and we didn't know you. You were some star that we thought we'd never be able to meet and you played ‘diddle-iddle-ing, diddle-iddle-lum’, and there’s a little train running along and all those wonderful old movie images and that was the first time we EVER got exposed on TV.

BOB: Do you know the story of that?

BRIAN: Tell me.

BOB: Well because Mike Appleton, you know, the program producer, somebody had left a white label on his desk but it wasn't labeled in any way. There weren’t, you know, nobody had written on the labels so we didn't know what it was and he put it on the record player and of course [imitates opening sound] and we loved it. He passed it over to Phillip Jenkinson who matched that cartoon and isn't it amazing, Brian, the extent to which indelibly printed in one's mind are some of those combinations of music and film.

BRIAN: Absolutely.

BOB: And that was one of them, ‘cos that cartoon was like the runaway train.

BRIAN: It was yeah. Never to be forgotten by any of us. But you gave us that first contact so, you know’. we’re always incredibly grateful. That's why I'm here today because there is a long-standing loyalty here.

BOB: Just one final thought because you know that the work that we were doing together - documentary filming, interviews, the … [?] filming - lots of stuff that we were compiling between us, Brian, at that time hadn't seen the light of day had it until just recently found the Queen documentaries that have caused such a massive impact.

BRIAN: It’s incredible. They really have, yes, and a lot of the footage of you interviewing us was brought out and it was all covered in dust and scratches and the boys did rather a good job of restoring it to something that could be viewed but, of course, the moment is very precious, you know. We're there, we're talking about things which I think all of us had forgotten about, so that was a very important ingredient to the documentary. We're very controlling people as you probably know, but we for once we didn't put our big hands all over that we gave… Rhys and Simon put that documentary together really without us messing with them and I think they did a wonderful job they did. It was a labour of love for them ‘cos they've they've been fans as well as professionals but what a great job they did on the Queen documentaries.

BOB: Absolutely brilliant. So one final word about that Hammersmith Odeon concert, Brian.


BOB: The performance that night of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, because one of the aspects of ‘Bo Rhap’ that I thought was just fascinating was the piano. The different texture that the piano playing brought into that song, and it’s, you know I always thought this, think this about Paul McCartney, for example, who plays you know bass but then can walk across to the piano and by sitting down at the piano bring an entirely different feel and sound and of course that's what Freddie did, wasn’t it - and it was the most idiosyncratic way that he played the piano as well, hitting the top notes with his left hand while leaving his right where it was. They sort of crossed over from his left to…

BRIAN: He had a very individual style and he had certain keys that he loved to play in which were not the keys which are easy for guitar players, so that really was a big influence on me. So I learned to play an E flat and A flat and F and whatever, you know, which most guitarists really hate doing but because that happened it made me find different ways of doing things. So the way that the piano and my guitar blended together was an amazingly - how am I gonna put this? - it was amazingly recognizable ingredient at the centre of a lot of the work we did, and Freddie was a great piano player. I would say that without hesitation. He didn't think he was and as time went on he played piano less and less, as you probably saw, and he would get other people in to play for him but we loved the way he played piano. And if you listen to those old backing tracks stripped away to things like ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy’, ‘Killer Queen’, whatever… ‘Play The Game’, the way he played with Roger and John on those backing tracks is monumental. He's so percussive, so rhythmic as a piano player and he's very exceptional, Freddie, in that department.

BOB: So lovely to see you. It always is Brian.

BRIAN: Thank you, Bob.

BOB: Thank you so much for being here and we're just gonna close with the final moments from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

[Music faded]

it was the truly wonderful way to heralding Christmas. Queen at the Hammersmith Odeon Christmas Eve December 1975.

Bob Harris - Brian May

The Old Grey Whistle Test writes:

We’re getting so excited about the big Old Grey Whistle Test evening on BBCFOUR on 23rd, meanwhile tonight at 11PM on BBC Radio2 we have an incredible line up as we remember series 5 of the show.

Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris play live and Brian May calls in and there’s incredible archive...


Episode 5 Old Grey Whistle Test 40, Series 1 Episode 5 of 16

Bob Harris continues to celebrate the classic music TV show. Each programme looks at one complete series of the original Old Grey Whistle Test and includes archive recordings alongside new interviews and recorded sessions with guests from the featured series.

Programme five covers the show's run from September 1975 to May 1976. One of the highlights of this series was Queen's Christmas concert broadcast live from the Hammersmith Odeon on 24 December 1975. Brian May joins Bob Harris in the studio with his memories of that event and of the band's first exposure on the programme.

There is live music from Emmylou Harris and Jackson Browne, and music from the Whistle Test archives comes courtesy of blues guitarist Freddie King and Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose live performance of Free Bird became one of the most requested in the history of the TV series.

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**Wed 14 Feb 18**
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There will be a GOOGLE HANGOUT tomorrow 15 FEB at 4PM UK time to announce Asteroid Day this year.

LUXEMBOURG (February 13, 2018) -- Asteroid Day, the UN-sanctioned day for global awareness and education about asteroids, has announced global events slated for Asteroid Day 2018, including the first in a series of expert presentations, scheduled for February 15, the fifth anniversary of Chelyabinsk.

Asteroid Day is held annually on June 30, the anniversary of Tunguska, the largest asteroid impact in recorded history. Now in its fourth year, Asteroid Day has thousands of partners worldwide who have inspired millions more to learn about asteroids, their role in the formation of our solar system, threats posed by asteroid impacts, and opportunities presented by mapping our solar system.

Central to the organization’s work is advocacy for safeguarding Earth from asteroid impacts. The 100x Declaration, calls for the employment of available technologies to detect and track Near-Earth Asteroids that threaten human populations, and a rapid 100-fold acceleration of the discovery and tracking of near-Earth asteroids. Signatories include more than 75 astronauts and cosmonauts; nobel laureates; representatives of the American, Indian, Japanese, Canadian, European and Russian Space Agencies; entertainers and film producers; authors, futurists, esteemed astrophysicists; and leaders in finance. Recent 100X Signatories include: Actors Jack Black and Whoopi Goldberg; Film Producer Ron Howard, Soprano Superstar Sarah Brightman; Creator, Big Bang Theory Bill Prady, and Actor Mayim Bialik; Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke; José Mariano López-Urdiales, Zero 2 Infinity; and Andreas Morgensen, ESA astronaut, among many others. The 100X Declaration is available for signature online for all world citizens concerned about advancing asteroid research and technologies.

February 15 Google Hangout Kicks off Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day 2018 will kick off on February 15 with a high-level Google Hangout hosted on the Asteroid Day website. Host Scott Manley, Astronogamer and asteroid expert, will be joined by Dr. Ed Lu, Director of the B612 Asteroid Institute; Planetary Scientist and Astronaut Dr. Tom Jones; Physicist Dr. Mark Boslough; Debbie Lewis, a specialist in risk, crisis and disaster management; Ian Carnelli, an asteroid mission expert at the European Space Agency (ESA); Dr. Rüdiger Jehn, from ESA’s near-Earth object survey team, and Danica Remy, Asteroid Day co-founder. The expert panel will provide updates on asteroid-related research, public policy and detection and deflection missions, as well as additional information on Asteroid Day 2018 programs and participants.

The Hangout begins at 8:00 AM (Pacific Time/1700 CET) and can be viewed via the Asteroid Day website at: You can ask questions during the Hangout using the Hashtag #AsteroidDay2018 on Twitter or send them to

The country of Luxembourg plays an important role in enabling important asteroid research and education, and is the official home of the Asteroid Foundation which operates Asteroid Day. Thanks to support from the Luxembourg Government and industry partners, including SES satellites, Broadcasting Centre Europe, and others, Asteroid Day will once again present a global broadcast from Luxembourg via its own dedicated TV channel, with expanded coverage on air and online for the entire month of June 2018. British physicist, author and BBC commentator Dr. Brian Cox, is returning as host of ASTEROID DAY LIVE, the 24-hour live broadcast, beginning June 29, engaging world leaders, scientists, technologists, government, business leaders and astronauts in discussions of all things asteroids. Representatives from most national space agencies will participate in discussions ranging from the composition of asteroids, to their role in the origin of our solar system to future exploration and importance of creating the a dynamic map tracking the asteroids in our solar system.

Asteroid Day was co-founded in 2014, by Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for the rock band Queen; Danica Remy, president, B612; Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart; and German filmmaker Grig Richters. Asteroid Day is held on 30 June each year to mark Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event, which devastated over 2,000 km2 of forest, an area the size of any major metropolitan city today. In 2016, Asteroid Day was declared by the United Nations to be a global day of education to raise awareness about asteroids. Founding partners include: The Association of Space Explorers, B612 and Discovery Channel and global sponsors include SES, BCE and the Luxembourg Government’s initiative.

Asteroid Day Resources
In addition to its signature June 30 events, Asteroid Day hosts expert panels and provides valuable information about asteroids on its website. This includes, scientific papers, news, and various films available for viewing by the general public, including Scientists Rock, a seven-part series showcasing the people working on the frontlines of planetary defense. Narrated by famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the series interviews, among others, UK Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees; Dr. Brian May, Peter Gabriel, scores of astronauts and asteroid experts.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Join us in the Asteroid Day conversation:
TWITTER: @asteroidday #AsteroidDay, #AsteroidDayLive;
FACEBOOK: #AsteroidDay, #AsteroidDayLive

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**Thu 08 Feb 18**
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8 February 2018 by Oliver Smith 8 February 2018

Brian May
Image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic


The lead guitarist of Queen has a warning.

You may know him as the lead guitarist of Queen, but Brian May CBE is also an avid 3D photographer, an outspoken animal welfare activist and a qualified astrophysicist. Encouraged by his father to be an aeronautical scientist and engineer, May – now 70 – pursued his passion for science and space, earning a PhD in astrophysics from Imperial College in 2007. But as well as being an avid fan of science, today he’s also a fierce critic of the cult of science.

The cult of science

“I think there’s a terrible danger that science is regarded as a religion by some people,” May tells The Memo speaking at the launch of Starmus V, Europe’s festival of science and art.

Starmus launch
Caption: Brian May spoke at the launch of Starmus V,
Europe’s festival of science and art.

He points to a growing doctrine that says science mustn’t be questioned, and are always forces for good, regardless. His comments echo the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk who have called for scientific research into artificial intelligence to be reined in – lest we trigger a robot uprising.

Even technology entrepreneurs are guilty of believing their own cult of technology, like Uber’s Travis Kalanick who believed that breaking locals laws was justified by the ends, and Mark Zuckerberg who refused to accept his social network caused any harm on humanity.

“Science does not give you answers,” the softly-spoken May says.

“Science is a journey of discovery and asking even more questions, it never ends.”

Under pressure

The rise of robotics might be one area where you’d expect the rock star to be critical – given fears that robots could one day steal our jobs – but here he’s staunchly confident in humanity’s ability to adapt.

“You can’t be a luddite, people will find different jobs, and perhaps they’ll be better jobs,” says May. “But it will be a painful adjustment, and we need to be conscious of this and take care of people as this transition takes place.”

However, he’s less confident in our ability to travel to other worlds, despite Elon Musk’s insistence that SpaceX will take humans to Mars by 2022.

“I don’t think we’ll put another man on the moon in the next five years, and we won’t get to Mars, that’s my opinion of the risks… but I could be wrong.”

Back down to earth

For now, the 70-year-old is more focused on putting his energies towards more earthly challenges.

“I’m more excited about making our world a better place,” May explains. “I’ve spend a lot of my time campaigning to get animals recognised as sentient creatures and worthy of our respect, not just as populations but as individuals.”

Not a bad lesson for all of humanity to learn before we set off for the stars.

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**Wed 07 Feb 18**
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Brian May fronts new animal protection pledge

BRIAN MAY is calling for hedgehogs to be given urgent Government protection to save them from vanishing from both town and countryside

7 February 2017 by Stuart Winter

Brian May and Michael Gove - Hedgehogs
Queen guitarist Brian May's Save Me wildlife charity has become a strong ally of the hedgehog

The Queen guitarist, whose Save Me wildlife charity has become a strong ally of Britain’s favourite wild creature, wants greater efforts made to stop harmful activities putting them at risk.

A petition launched by the chief executive of his charity has gone live in the wake of news that hedgehog numbers have halved in the UK since 2000. From the 1950s, numbers have crashed from 30 million to fewer than one million.

The e-petition calls for ministers to make hedgehogs an “officially protected species” and to limit activities which may “disturb, degrade or destroy their habitats”.

Calling on animal lovers to support the move, Dr May said today: “These cute little creatures are such an intrinsic part of our landscape and heritage for millennia - we have to take action to help save them. Please sign the petition today to make them a protected species and follow our guide to make your own garden ‘hedgehog friendly.”

These cute little creatures are such an intrinsic part of our landscape and heritage for millennia - we have to take action to help save them
Brian May

Environment Secretary Michael Grove’s Sussex Heath constituency is already home to the first “hedgehog friendly village” at Windlesham and recently the minister came face to face with one of the creatures voted Britain’s favourite wild mammal when he visited the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue’s headquarters at Windlesham, which is in his constituency.

Chief executive at Save Me and founder of the rescue centre Anne Brummer said: “Many of us can remember hedgehogs being a common sight but very few of us see them today. We have made the village of Windlesham Hedgehog Friendly and will continue through the constituency. With the support of Micheal Gove, we are now working to make Surrey Heath the first Hedgehog Friendly Borough.”

With hedgehog numbers plunging in the countryside, the groups behind the new report, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) and the People's Trust for Endangered Species, plan to engage with farming communities to halt declines.

Householders are also being urged to sign up as "hedgehog champions" and help them through simple measures such as putting out wet cat and dog food, leaving wild areas for them to nest and making holes in the fence for them to move from garden to garden.

Data from three surveys, including one measuring hedgehog casualties on roads, suggest numbers of the species - immortalised by Beatrix Potter in the Tale Of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle - have declined in rural areas by half since 2000.

They face problems from intensive farming, including a loss of hedgerows and bigger fields which reduce available habitat, and use of pesticides and tillage which reduces prey such as grubs and earthworms.

While badgers are known to be predators of hedgehogs, Emily Wilson, hedgehog officer for Hedgehog Street, a public action campaign run by the two groups, said there was no evidence they were a major cause of declines.

"There are many reasons hedgehogs are in trouble," she said.

"The intensification of agriculture through the loss of hedgerows and permanent grasslands, increased field sizes, and the use of pesticides which reduce the amount of prey available, are all associated with the plunge in numbers of hedgehogs in rural areas."

Measures which could arrest the declines include providing more field margins, hedgerows and scrubby areas which create more habitat for the animals to live, nest and feed in.

With the UK leaving the European Union, ministers have indicated a redesign of the subsidy system could see a shift away from payments for land owned to rewarding public goods such as protecting wildlife, which could help hedgehogs.

Ms Wilson added: “Urban and suburban areas are becoming increasingly important for hedgehogs, so we need more people in those locations to sign up as hedgehog champions.

“Hedgehogs are a generalist species, so the more people can do to help them in their own back garden, the more they will also benefit other wildlife.”

To see details of the hedgehog petition, visit

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**Wed 07 Feb 18**
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BMG Australia promotion


2018 will see the mighty Queen + Adam Lambert show soaring down under to rock arena stages across New Zealand and Australia and, to celebrate, Brian May Guitars and the good Doctor have teamed up to offer Antipodean gig goers a unique opportunity to get their hands on their very own exclusive BMG collector's item.

Anybody with a ticket stub or purchase receipt for any of the Queen + Adam Lambert shows this February/March is eligible to register NOW and purchase an exclusive BMG SPECIAL GUITAR hand signed by Dr. May himself.

Signed BMG Special and Gig Bag

The BMG SPECIAL in Antique Cherry finish - personally signed by Brian May and complete with luxury BMG padded gig bag - is available to ALL Queen + AL 2018 NZ + AU Tour ticket holders to purchase at the regular discount price of £579.17 (Excl. UK VAT *) + £125 UPS shipping to New Zealand and + £100 to Australia **.

VAT / UK Sales Tax is not charged on international exports but will apply to orders shipped to UK / EU. 
** See 
HERE for delivery charges to other destinations.

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**Tue 06 Feb 18**
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Brian said this was a nice one to feature, so here we go.... [with apologies to Ultimate Guitar].

6 February 2018

Brian May and Metallica

Metallica frontman James Hetfield sang praises of Queen guitar champion Brian May, telling So What (transcribed by UG): "Queen has been a huge inspiration in the early days for me, especially Brian May. Just watching Brian May... There was a moment in the show [James is referring to a Queen concert he recently went to], 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' it was like this rock 'n' roll dream I was looking at.

"I was right at the sound desk, looking out at him, long ramp. He popped out of the middle just before his solo. There's smoke, there's light behind him, and his white hair, this big white aura around him and he rises up out of the stage and he's doing the solo. And he's in this giant silver cape with like the '70s look.

"Kirk [Hammett] and I just looked at each other like, 'Holy shit! This is awesome!' Total fanboys at that point. And then after the show... [Laughs] Brian May says, 'I'm wondering if Kirk likes what I'm playing.' And Kirk and I look at each other again like, 'Huh? Yeah, Brian May just said that.'

"We met his roadie and we were all hanging out and he had a guitar on his back and he's saying, 'Hey I know some of your crew guys,' and this and that. And I'm thinking, 'What's that on your back? Is that The Guitar?' He says 'Oh, yeah.' 'Okay, is there any way possible that I can just take a look at it?' He said 'Oh, yeah. Hey, Bri, is that okay?' And Brian says 'Oh, sure, yeah.'

"So he takes it out, opens it up and I'm jamming on Brian May's Old Girl original guitar that him and his dad made when he was 18 years old. And he still has it on tour and he still plays it every night. It was spectacular.

"And then Brian leans over me and he's taking selfies. Like, oh my god! Couldn't wipe my smile off my face. It was extremely cool. And then Kirk's like *immitates Kirk's voice* 'My turn, my turn!' 'Okay, here you go.' So we all got to play Brian's guitar. Just a super, super memorable and redundantly unforgettable moment.

"Hopefully, if I'm alive at 70, I hope I'll be that cool and down to earth and just loving life. He's so serene. A big inspiration as far as all that goes."


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**Thu 01 Feb 18**
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Brian May today took part on the panel for the Starmus V Press Conference, 12pm at the Royal Society, London, which was live streamed

Starmus V Press Conference 01 February 2018 - edit


Starmus V announces a star-studded 2019 line-up, featuring four
original members of the Apollo Mission crew

Starmus V poster


Brian Cox, May-Britt Moser and Arthur McDonald will join Tim Peake, Gennady Padalka and Nicole Stott at the fifth world-famous festival of science and art in Bern, Switzerland.

Starmus has announced a stellar line-up of Nobel Prize Winners and prominent figures from science and art for its fifth festival, next year. Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, Starmus V will take place in Bern, Switzerland from June 24-29, 2019, and is set to be the biggest yet, featuring Brian May, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Richard Dawkins, Elizabeth Blackburn, Chris Hadfield, Sir Martin Rees and Helen Sharman.

Founder Garik Israelian said the fifth festival will also welcome Bill Anders, Charlie Duke, Rusty Schweickart and Walt Cunningham, four of the original Apollo Mission crew, and is designed to provoke tough questions about our place in the universe. “Next year marks the 50th anniversary of one of science’s most important milestones,” said Israelian. “It’s the right time to question the value of space discovery and how a growing understanding of the cosmos helps humanity to progress.”

Starmus V will welcome 11 Nobel laureates to the stage, as well as luminaries from the worlds of art and music, for discussion, debate and engagement across a broad body of science, from microbiology and biochemistry to astrophysics and neuroscience. The Starmus board (Stephen Hawking, Brian May, Peter Gabriel, Richard Dawkins, Alexei Leonov, Jill Tarter, Robert Williams, David Eicher, Jack Szostak and founder, Garik Israelian) has devised a 2019 programme that brings together the most intelligent, creative and artistic people on the planet.

Starmus is a celebration of scientific collaboration and retains a strong sense of purpose, added Israelian. “Humanity’s biggest and best achievements are a result of scientific collaboration. In the same year in which we celebrate the milestone achievement of the Apollo crew we should remember that the trend towards isolationism takes us further away – not only from further scientific discovery – but also from the essence of what makes us human.

“At Starmus we hope to inspire a new generation of scientists who can help to answer society’s most difficult and pressing questions, from how to reverse the environmental decay of our planet, to finding new planets to colonise”.

The Starmus board will announce a further line-up of speakers from art and music later this year. Tickets will go on sale from 15 June 2018 and can be purchased at For more information visit

Starmus V Press Conference Panel
Panel (l to r)l: Martin Bachofner, CEO Bern Welcome | Helen Sharman, Astronaut | Garik Israelian,
Starmus Founder | Brian May, CBE | Prof Christian Leumann, Rector of the University of Bern

About Starmus

Since the very first Homo Sapiens looked up at a star-filled sky we have been awestruck by the vastness of the cosmos. Even today we remain humbled by the sheer immensity of space, especially as through our progress in physics and astronomy, we are now aware of the tremendous distances involved – even to our closest neighbouring stars.

Created by Garik Israelian, researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC), the Starmus Festival is a combination of science, art and music that has featured presentations from Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Nobel Prize Winners and prominent figures from science, culture, the arts and music.

The Starmus conferences join Nobel laureates, eminent researchers, thinkers, men and women of science, culture, arts and music to share their knowledge and experiences in the common search for answers to the great questions of today.

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Starmus V Press Conference Panel

Brian May - Starmus V Press Conference

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**Thu 01 Feb 18**
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European Astrofest takes place this year on 9 and 10 February. Whilst Brian May unavailable to attend due to the start of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour of Australia and New Zealand.

However, Robin Rees will have a stall for the London Stereoscopic Company, selling Brian's LSC books and merchandise, including some books that include Brian May's signature.

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