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JULY 2011

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**Wed 27 Jul 11**

House Music is proud to announce the latest – and lowest – addition to the world renowned Brian May Guitars product line.

The Brian May Bass is a ‘medium’ scale instrument, made in the same spirit as Brian’s ‘Old Lady’ 6 string guitar.

It features a compact, bound mahogany body and 31.5” scale neck, topped with a 20 fret ebony fingerboard.

Tone is supplied by vintage-styled chrome-covered humbucking neck and rear-position single coil pickups hooked up to a classic, passive volume/volume/tone circuit.

Hardware comprises chrome high-mass roller-bridge, ‘Retro’ control knobs and state-of-the-art Hipshot tuners.

The ‘Bri Bass’ is strung with Bass Centre Elites Flatwound strings for super-smooth fundamentals and in-keeping with the classic Brian May styling it’s finished in a deep Cherry Red with a one-piece black scratchplate.

The Brian May Bass has an RRP of £715 inc VAT, complete with high-quality padded gig bag w’stitched logo.

Available through all good music stores and exclusively worldwide via:-
House Music, London
Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 7357 7703

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**Wed 27 Jul 11**

Brian MayBrian has been named as a Patron of the Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT), the UK's leading non-animal medical research charity.

Brian May announced as our newest Patron
27 July 2011

Renowned musician and astrophysicist Brian May CBE, has been named as a Patron of the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (DHT), the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity.

Brian is a keen advocate of both scientific progress and animal welfare and welcomed the opportunity to join the charity’s existing high profile patrons, Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley OBE and David Shepherd CBE.

Through its work, the DHT funds ground breaking projects to find practical human-relevant solutions to devastating human health problems using modern methods that will benefit both people and animals.

As Brian marks Queen’s 40th anniversary this year, the DHT has also been celebrating its work over the past 40 years, funding and promoting innovative research into a range of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Recent research projects funded by the charity include brain cell imaging, epilepsy, abdominal pain studies, bone disease and nanotoxicity testing.

Brian May said: “I am proud to support the Dr Hadwen Trust, working to secure a future in which no animal will be abused in the name of science. The charity demonstrates that medical progress can actually be enhanced by the elimination of inapposite research using animals. By pledging your support, you could help the DHT fund even more projects into human health-related research which will benefit all of us, as well as replacing the use of animals in experiments.”

Kailah Eglington, Chief Executive of the Dr Hadwen Trust, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Brian May as a Patron of the charity. We believe Brian will be an excellent ambassador for our work.”

The DHT funds cutting-edge research at universities and hospitals across the UK. The projects carried out by its grant holders aim to replace the use of animals in medical research which will lead to more relevant, high quality research.

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**Tue 26 Jul 11**

26 July 2011

RT caught up with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May, who also happens to be an astrophysicist, after a symposium of astronomers in the Canary Islands to talk about links between music and science, God, the universe and the mystery of death.

May says being both a musician and a scientist gives him an interesting observation point to view both.

“I love pure science and I love pure music. They are not the same for sure, but certainly throughout the centuries there have been people, who were immersed in both of them, from Leonardo da Vinci to Patrick Moore. Maybe it’s an abstraction thing, maybe people who like those things, don’t like the clutter of the world we live in. They just like to find the essence of life,” he told RT.

As a man of art, May has insights into life, which he has to put under question as a man of science, he says.

“If you say ‘there is no God,’ where is evidence there is no God? You can say ‘I don’t know.’ Being an agnostic to me is a scientific point of view, which is supportable. In my experience, I felt at times that there is a God of some kind. I don’t subscribe to any organized religion – that’s a different matter. But if there is a God, we have very little idea of what that God may be. That’s inherent in what we are,” he said.

Such limits of perception actually give hope at certain points of life, for instance, when you think of what come after it is over, May said.

“I’m inclined to think that our view of the universe is very simplified. A beetle crawling over a piece of paper has a very limited view of the universe. I think we also have a limited view. So this existence that we know may be just a very small part of the whole picture. I’m not counting on it, because maybe at the end of your life – that’s it. I don’t know. One thing is certain: you can’t use it as an excuse. You can’t say: ‘this life is very bad, but the next one will be OK.’ You have to make the best of what you are,” he said.

May, who contemplated suicide at one point in his life, says taking your life is very self-centered and thinking of people who love you and count on you helps in beating such thoughts.

“In a sense it’s a very selfish thing to kill yourself, because you make so much mess. You do terrible things to the people around you. I did check myself into a depression clinic, which was actually the best thing I ever did, because it was a new start. It was like re-starting your car. I had to ditch my preconceptions, and that work certainly gave me new energy. I realized that if I did not deal with the depression, I was of no use to anybody. It’s the same kind of logic as not killing yourself,” he said.

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**Mon 25 Jul 11**


Brian May on badger cull: talkSPORT with George Galloway 22 July 2011

Brian May was a guest of George Galloway on talkSPORT, discussing the current urgent situation of the UK government being 'strongly minded' to slaughter our protected native badgers - a futile cull attempting to eradicate bTB. Contrary to DEFRA Minister, Caroline Spelman's claims, this goes against all the science. Brian urges listeners to sign the new petition put up by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), to be found at http://tinyurl.com/3c4rvsg


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**Fri 22 Jul 11**

Digitalspy.co.uk and other sources report that the next (4th) single to be released by Lady Gaga from her multi-million-selling album, 'Born This Way', is to be 'You And I' - the track for which Brian May provided such his stupendous electric guitar sounds, along with sampling of Queen's 'We Will Rock You'. AC/DC collaborator, Robert John Lange, produced the track, which Lady Gaga also featured in the closing shows of her 'Monster Ball' tour, Spring 2011. A promo video is being filmed in Springfield, Nebraska, reportedly, with Lady G playing piano in a cornfield!!

Checkout Lady GaGa's new single 'You and I' on Youtube.

Born This Way album available:
Born This Way
Brian May on track
'You and I'

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**Thu 21 Jul 11**


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