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JULY 2011

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**Wed 20 Jul 11**

Anita Donson - isle of WightVENTNOR BLOG
19 Jul 2011 - by Simon Perry
ShortURL: http://wig.ht/28IH

Actress Anita Dobson accompanied her husband, Brian May, to the Isle of Wight on Monday. VentnorBlog caught up with her to find out what she’s up to at the moment.

“I love the Isle of Wight,” were some of the first words she uttered.

She went on to say that she’s just finished a play at the Arts Theatre in London, about the fractious relationship between Bette Davies and Joan Crawford during the filming of ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?‘

Oedipus in Edinburgh

Next on the cards for her is Oedipus with Steven Berkoff up at the Edinburgh Festival. She’s clearly a big fan of Berkoff and finds it rewarding to work with him.

It was interesting to hear her early ambitions, “I wanted to be an actress that people think of when they pick up a play. I want to be established.”

Sketch - Anita interviewDuring the time we were chatting with Anita, and unbeknownst to us, Barry Ecuyer was creating an amazing sketch of the interview. Quite a talent.

Listen HERE

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**Wed 20 Jul 11**

Brian May and Anita Dobson, Isle of WightISLE OF WIGHT BEACON
20 July 2011

Anita Dobson & Brian May.
Photo credit - Suzanne Whitewood

Renowned rock guitarist Brian May made a guest appearance at Dimbola Lodge the day before his 64th birthday. His visit was to promote the current exhibition entitled ‘A Village Lost and Found.’

Brian addressed a large gathering giving the background to how the exhibition and accompanying book was produced with the help of Elena Vidal, a photographic historian. Brian’s father was a photographer hence Brian’s own fanaticism with the art.

Centred on the Oxfordshire village of Hinton Waldrist the exhibition features a selection of facsimile stereo-photographs. These evocative images represent some of the 59 original views captured by Thomas Richard Williams around 1850.

Dr. Brian May CBE. PhD. FRAS. developed special OWL stereoscopes (viewers) which turn pairs of prints into 3D images. He described the rediscovered collection as a unique treasure, which comments on the life and philosophy of that time and he was on hand to sign copies of the book containing these images.

On his visit to Dimbola Lodge the legendary Queen guitarist was accompanied by his wife, actress Anita Dobson. Brian revealed he had yet to visit the IW Festival but did admit he was photographed by his father on Sandown Beach, aged three. Anita said she loved the Island and had been here on school trips. She had made a guest appearance at Newport Football Club in February 1988 when she signed a Southern Vectis double decker bus!

Amongst those attending the event was ‘Dozy’ aka Trevor Davies from pop group Dave Dee, Dozy. Beaky, Mick and Titch. He has made his home on the Island.

‘A Village Lost and Found’ can be viewed at Dimbola Lodge until 25th September. Copies of the book are also available there.

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**Tue 19 Jul 11**

64 TODAY - The Doc still Rocks !!


Brian May

Brian spent his birthday on the Isle of Wight.

Today (7/19) is Queen guitarist Brian May’s 64th birthday. He’s been making music for over 45 years, so does he ever think about hanging up his guitar strap and retiring? The rocker filled us in.

“I don’t know what retirement would be for me. I love what I do and I know that I’m very fortunate. I’m one of the few people I know who loves their job as much as I do. I don’t know what retirement would be. I couldn’t really stop thinking about it and feeling it and doing something. I guess I could see the time when I wouldn’t be physically strong enough to but as long as long as I have fingers that move at all I’ll be playing the guitar.”

Keep up to date with all of Brian’s guitar playing at BrianMay.com.
• TIDBIT: Rolling Stone ranked Brian at number 39 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.
• TALKING POINT: Where does Brian rank on your list of best guitarists of all time?

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**Tue 19 Jul 11**

Brian has been working hard in support of The Badger Trust, aiming to prevent the futile slaughter of badgers in a vain attempt to control TB in cattle in England and Wales. On the last day of UK Parliament before the summer recess, DEFRA Secretary of State at last delivered the coalition government's statement. Disppointing. Video here.

And video on Channel 4:

19 July 2011

The Government has green-lit a cull of badgers to tackle rising TB rates in cattle. Channel 4 News has spoken to a farmer and a conservationist about whether culling is the best approach. Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, acknowledged there was "great strength of feeling" about the issue but told the Commons: "I believe this is the right way forward."

The go-ahead comes after a key Government adviser on badgers and TB last week said he believed culling the wild animals could be a mistake. Lord Krebs, who conducted a review on the issue in the 1990s, said he did not think culling was an "effective policy".

The decision is subject to further discussions on exactly how it can be carried out, with ministers expected to consult with farmers, wildlife groups, vets and animal welfare charities on revising the guidance to Government agency Natural England to set down the conditions under which it can give out licences for a cull.

The cull would need to be carried out over four years, over a six-week period each year, and with a "closed season" during the winter and spring to prevent orphaned badger cubs being left to starve in setts, or caged badgers suffering from the cold before they are shot.

Divisive issue

The mass slaughter of badgers, which carry TB, is a divisive issue which has split farmers, animal welfare campaigners, scientists and the wider public for years. Farmers say the badgers must be culled to stop them spreading the disease to livestock. But welfare groups believe the cull is both cruel and an ineffective way of dealing with TB in dairy and beef cows.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman will address the House of Commons later in response to a consultation on badger control.

'An emotional and financial burden'

Jan Rowe is a farmer from Whittington, near Cheltenham, whose 180 cattle have TB. He told Channel 4 News that the disease had been a huge financial and emotional burden over the past 25 years: "We've had to adjust our whole farming enterprise to live with TB but it still causes us enormous problems. One of the biggest is the sheer uncertainty. You never know from one test to the next whether you can trade animals, how many you're going to lose. It's a very, very wasteful disease."

Jan reluctantly supports the cull. "We don’t want to kill badgers at all. It's just a question of needing to control TB - and the biggest reservoir of TB in certain parts of the country is in the badger population."

His views are shared by the current Chief Scientist and Chief Vet in the UK, who have concluded that co-ordinated and sustained culling of badgers will reduce TB rates in cattle. They say data shows that new TB infections in cattle herds fell by 16 per cent after a badger cull.

'The science is not clear'

Wildlife campaigners say a badger cull is not the most effective way to deal with TB in cattle.

Gordon McGlone is chief executive of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and says badgers should be vaccinated rather than killed. "What we're doing is using is a proven technique. The badger is unharmed, and what we hope is that after five years all the badgers on our nature reserves will be immune to bovine TB."

Gordon says the fact that, at best, TB infections in cattle are only likely to fall by 15 per cent shows a cull is not the best way forward. "It will involve the killing of very large numbers of animals, it will have to happen over a long period and be done incredibly effectively, there will be no benefits for the first two years - and even then it will not deal with the bulk of the problem."

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**Mon 18 Jul 11**
(PODCAST - Audio no longer available)

18 July, 2011, Isle of Wight
ShortURL: http://wig.ht/28Iq
By Simon Perry

VENTNOR BOG writes: As we’d highlighted, Brian May, guitarist from Queen, was at Dimbola today, signing copies of his book, A Village Lost and Found. The place was packed! A huge queue waiting to meet Brian and Anita Dobson, his wife.

VB had a chance to interview Brian (and Anita – hers is coming tomorrow), chatting through his book, passions for stereoscopic photography; animal rights; and the Isle of Wight.

A life-long passion
He’s been interested in stereoscopic photography for about 30 years and in particular TR Williams, the photographer who was the focus of the book. The photos depict 1850s life in a village called Hinton Waldrist, compete with a poem on the back of each of them.
To go along with the book, Brian designed and patented his own stereoscopic view, he called the OWL – the Outstandingly Wide Viewer.

Brian Man and Anita Dobson, Isle of WightBadger cull law: “There will be War”
Another of Brian’s passions are animals, his view: “Human beings do not have the right to assume that we are the only important species on the planet.”

He launched the Save Me campaign before the last election, encouraging people to vote for the parties that didn’t not want to legalise blood sports. He brought up that tomorrow an announcement is expected from the Government about the culling of Badgers across the UK, concluding, “If they decide to go with this farmers’ Do It Yourself cull, there will be War.”

Birthday on the Isle of Wight
When VB asked him about the plans for his birthday, tomorrow, he said he would be spending it on the Island, where he plans to “Enjoy being alive. Enjoy the Nature around us.” Despite not having being here since he was a very young child he told VB, “I’m really going to enjoy seeing some of it again,” calling the Isle of Wight, “a fabulous Island.”

Image: ©Chris Weston

Have a listen … HERE

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**Mon 18 Jul 11**

Rock legend speaks out after animal rights protest
By Ruth Warrander
Published: 18/07/2011


A ROCK legend today added his voice to a protest against a North-east golf club. Queen guitarist Brian May has called for Donald Forbes, who attacked a fox at an Aberdeen club, to be banned for life.

He spoke after determined members of group Fox Watch staged a demonstration at the Peterculter course.

Brian said: "It's evident that the vast majority of the British public are disgusted by cruelty to animals, as shown by the public outcry against this particularly senseless piece of brutality. The members of this Aberdeen club have the opportunity to show their disapproval in an appropriate way - by banning thus unsavoury character for life. But they seem to be unready. Shame on them. Well, perhaps the public have good reason to show their disapproval of the club."

Forbes, 55, carried out an attack with a driver after the fox tried to take a biscuit from his bag. The animal later had to be put down.

Forbes' membership at the club was suspended but later reinstated.

Two of the group of 14 protesters dressed up as foxes and took a packet of chocolate biscuits to hand over to club bosses on Saturday.

Organiser Paul McDonald, 27, travelled from Liverpool to show his support. "The fact that a fox has been attacked so horrifically for no reason at all other than stealing a biscuit is disgusting," he said. "The club is sending out the wrong message by allowing him to continue playing."

In response to the protest, club representative Harvey Aberdein said: "Peterculter Golf Club, after considering all of he relevant factors of this unfortunate case, agreed to lift Mr Forbes's suspension after a period of nine months. This decision in no way condones Mr Forbes' actions, the club has a robust wildlife policy where wildlife is positively encourage[d] on the course provided there is no risk of harm to members."

Mr Forbes was unavailable for comment.


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**Sun 17 Jul 11**




I'm Not That Girl
I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over)
Somebody to Love (Queen cover)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen cover)
Last Horizon
Love of My Life (Queen cover) (Acoustic)
Butterfly (Acoustic)
Save Me (Queen cover)
You Have To Be There
Love It When You Call (The Feeling cover)
Defying Gravity (From the musical "Wicked")
We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
We Are the Champions (Queen cover)

Encore performed with the Band of the RAF College
Land of Hope and Glory



Love Of My Life
- http://youtu.be/v_HN0GED3ng
- http://youtu.be/N8dp6aX_mMk

Kerry Ellis - Brian May
- http://youtu.be/Q1T5huNWpJI

Happy Birthday Brian May
- http://youtu.be/xzhoyknrOnw

- http://youtu.be/8T986D8WmbE

Defying Gravity
- http://youtu.be/oUtpTjbVYnA

Somebody To Love
- http://youtu.be/1kFQRCDQOME

- http://youtu.be/FrrWWM9RCL8

Brian May Solo
1 of 2
2 of 2

We Will Rock You

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**Thu 14 Jul 11**

Brian's address to LJMU Graduation Ceremony, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Thursay 14 July 2011, 10.40AM
- School of Humanities and Social Science Education

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**Thu 14 Jul 11**

Red Special Meetup 23rd July....

Red Special Meet Up

In conjunction with the Red Special Forum [www.red-special.com/forum]
SATURDAY JULY 23RD, 12:00 TO 17:00
South Hill Park, Ringmead, Bracknell, Berks. RG12 7PA
Admission £4.00

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**Thu 14 Jul 11**

2:29pm Thursday 14th July 2011

Neil Scales, Brian May and Mark DowdQUEEN guitar hero Brian May has been given a guided tour of Wirral's Spaceport. The legendary axeman visited the Seacombe Ferry centre in his more sedate role as Chancellor of John Moores University.

Enjoying global recognition alongside his sadly-deceased singer Freddie Mercury will mean he's used to mixing with the stars.

Neil Scales explains the Spaceport to Brian May,
accompanied by Merseytravel chairman Mark Dowd

But with a PhD in astrophysics, Dr May also knows a lot more than most about the celestial variety and his educational Spaceport tour showed him how the facility combines learning with entertaiment.

His visit was led by the university’s newly appointed Honorary Fellow Neil Scales, chief executive of Merseytravel - which owns Spaceport - and Cllr Mark Dowd, the public transport group's chairman.

24 hours earlier it was Neil Scales who was special guest as the university handed him its highest award, as an Honorary Fellowship was bestowed “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the regeneration of Liverpool."

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**Wed 13 Jul 11**

14 July 2011

Brian May playing Red Special
Brian May, to perform with Kerry Ellis at Anthems in the Park
in front of College Hall at RAF Cranwell.

WITH less than a week to go before Queen guitarist Brian May and West End and Broadway star Kerry Ellis top the bill at RAF Cranwell, tickets are selling fast for this prestigious outdoor concert.

Following their successful Anthems tour Kerry and Brian are performing outside the historic College Hall on Saturday July 16 in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund. The programme promises to impress and entertain with its fusion of rock and musical theatre anthems from such shows such as Wicked, Chess and We Will Rock You. Kerry will also perform with the Band of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell under the baton of their Director of Music, Flight Lieutenant Matt Little.

“To date we have around 5,000 people coming which is absolutely fantastic,” said Group Captain Dave Waddington, Cranwell’s Station Commander. “People should look to book in advance to avoid disappointment. As well as great music from Brian and Kerry we have laid on a flying display to get the evening underway.”

The world famous aerobatic team The Blades will perform over College Hall and there will also be displays by a Hurricane, Spitfire, King Air and aerobatic champion in a One-Design before drawing to a close with a stunning fireworks display.

Tickets for Anthems in the Park will be on sale at the Brunei Community Centre, RAF Cranwell until Friday July 15 between 10am-2pm and on Saturday July 16 from 10am-6pm. Tickets will also be on sale at the Spar, Cranwell Avenue until Saturday July 16 during opening hours. Adult - £25, child 5-17 - £15, under 5 – free, family ticket (2 adult, 2 children) – £65. or go to www.rafbf.org/cranwell (Tel: 0844 888 9991).

In the run up to the event RAF Cranwell is hosting a Schools’ Prom Concert tomorrow (Thursday) for over 1,400 schoolchildren. This year’s event will be an open air picnic and concert outside College Hall. Among the highlights will be performances by the Band of the RAF College and the marching band of the Air Cadet Organisation playing music to appeal to the children. There will be climbing walls and field kitchen cooking, activity stalls and life-size facsimile aircraft.

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**Wed 13 Jul 11**

by Aaron Sharp. Published Wed 13 Jul 2011 15:10

Everton manager David Moyes is today receiving an Honorary Fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University for his outstanding contribution to football and sportsmanship.The Everton manager, who began his playing career at Celtic, was presented his award in front of Cherie Blair and legendary Queen legend guitarist Brian May who is Chancellor at LJMU.

Moyes, who is now the third longest serving manager in the Premier League behind only Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, said he was "very proud" to be receiving his fellowship.

Moyes said: "I am very proud to receive this Honorary Fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University. Everton Football Club has a great relationship with the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, which provides sport science support for our elite performance testing and also helps us show how football can be an agent for social change by supporting our community projects.

Moyes became Everton Manager in 2002 following a successful spell at Preston North End. Since then, he has been named League Managers Association Manager of the Year three times and Premier League Manager of the Month on no less than seven occasions. Moyes is also on the Committee for the League Managers Association in an executive capacity.

Professor Michael Brown, Vice Chancellor at LJMU said: "We are delighted to welcome David as an Honorary Fellow. His ambition and drive is combined with a great community spirit, which has proved inspirational for all football fans, and beyond the pitch as an excellent example of sportsmanship."

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**Wed 13 Jul 11**

Brian's address to LJMU Graduation Ceremony, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Wednesday 13 July 2011, 2.30PM
- Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure

For more ceremonies and archive see HERE

Brian is at Liverpool John Moores University this afternoon and tomorrow morning for the 2011 Graduation Ceremonies:

Wednesday 13 July 2011
Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure (undergraduate)
Sir Richard Lambert
David Moyes

Thursday 14 July 2011
School of Humanities and Social Science
Tim Johnston

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**Tue 12 Jul 11**

We posted last month [5 June 2011] that there would be a 3-D interactive exhibition of the Brian May and Elena Vidal book, 'A Village Lost And Found', held at The Dimbola Lodge Museum. The exhibition opened on 1 July - finishing 25 September 2011.

Brian May now plans to visit the Exhiition next Monday, 18 July, and we are delighted to say, he will be holding a book-signing at the Museum from 4 - 5pm that day.

A Village Lost and Found Exhibition Dimola Lodge Museum

The Dimbola Galleries and Photographis Museum will play host to an annotated tour of the 1850s series of stereo of photographs by Thomas Riochard Williams from the book A Village Lost and Found by Brian May and Elena Vidas. The Exhibition runs from 1 July to 25 September 2011.

The Julia Margaret Cameron Trust,
Dimbola Lodge Museum,
Terrace Lane,
Freshwater Bay,
Isle of Wight
England PO40 9QE

Telephone +44 (0) 1983 756814

Opening Hours
The Museum, Galleries & Gift Shop
Tuesday - Sunday
1st March to 31st October
10 am - 5 pm Last entry 4.30 pm
1st November to 29th February
10 am - 4 pm Last entry 3.30 pm

Open Bank Holiday Mondays and every day during the six week school summer holidays.

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**Mon 11 Jul 11**

FAN CLUB PRESALE from 12 July 2011
September 30th
Buy tickets
October 1st
Buy tickets

General Sale from 19 July 2011

Kerry Ellis will be appearing on two nights at The Shaw Theatre, London. This is a very small evening at the 'Shaw Theatre called 'An audience with....' It will be Kerry alone, being asked questions by critic. Mark Shenton

"An Audience With Kerry Ellis"
Friday 30 Sept and Saturday 1 October 2011, 20:00
Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road, London NW1 2AJ

(NOTE: This is not an Anthems concert.)

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**Sun 10 Jul 11**

Brian attended the Prince's Trust 35th Anniversary Reception given by Prince Charles on 8 July at Clarence House in London.

10 July 2011
Amber Cornelio, Atlanta Fashion Examiner
- writes:

Prince Charles hosted his Prince's Trust 35th Anniversary Reception which was held at Clarence House on 8 July 2011 in London.

Among his many famous guests, Charles mixed and mingled with the likes of singer Rod Stewart and his wife, model and photographer Penny Lancaster, who he joked with and shared a few fun and laughter-filled moments, a scotch in hand. Penny and Rod were both dressed in white, with brown and blue shirts, respectively. I love Rod Stewart’s taste in multi-colored striped ties – he has quite a collection of them! His tan leather and linen spectator shoes were a great choice with the white suit.

The Prince of Wales also met with American actor Kevin Spacey who looked very handsome in his dark suit. But for me, it was Spacey’s lovely goatee that stole the show. Doesn’t he look great with whiskers? Actress Gemma Arterton was dressed casually but in olive pants and cream blouse and a petit point purse shoulderbag, which all looked very vintage. Also attending were magician Dynamo, musicians Brian May and Jools Holland and actors David Oyelowo and Dominic West.

Afterwards, the entire group of staff and visitors were photographed outside in one group shot as a memento of the event. Slideshow HERE

Prince's Trust 35th Anniversary Reception
Brian May, David Oyelowo, Dominic West and Gemma Arterton at Prince's Trust
35th Reception at Clarence House. Credit: Getty Images

Prince's Trust 25th Anniversary Reception
Celebs and staffers join Charles for group shot at Prince's Trust 35th Reception at
Clarence House. Credit: Getty Images

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**Sun 10 Jul 11**

Brian has donated a "Jungle Book" Tie to the Prince's Trust Action - and included a personal note.

A new online auction site is launching where Prince's Trust ambassadors are donating personal items in aid of The Trust. SELLEBRITY™ auction is a new way to help others through online auctions of celebrity-donated items. They will sell the items donated by celebrities, and the money raised goes to The Trust.

How it works:
Keep an eye on an auction you are interested in, sign-up and get notifications when auctions are going to start, and be ready to grab that special celebrity item before the auction ends. Fans and collectors will be able to buy things with confidence, with all items backed by a certificate of provenance. The certificate will document the auction item as won through SELLEBRITY™ auction and the item was owned/donated by the person/s referenced. Many items are accompanied by personal notes from the donors.

See: www.princes-trust.org.uk/support_us/partnerships/sellebrity_auctions.aspx - Brian's item is HERE.

Jungle Book Tie

Brian's written note

"I wore this tie many times while I was trying to impress my kids when they were young.
It's now time for us all to grow up.
Cheers, Brian"

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New York Metropolitan Museum New York Times Arts 23 July 2010 page 1 New York Times Arts 23 July 2010 page 2