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**Sat 10 Jun 06**

NOTE: BBC1 Thu 15 Jun, 11:00 - 12:30 90 mins
A National Service of Thanksgiving - Live from St Paul's Cathedral.

Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal family attend a national service to celebrate the Queen's official birthday. The service, introduced by Huw Edwards, is led by the Dean of St Paul's, the Very Reverend Dr John Moses, and the sermon is preached by the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. [S]

DVD out next week, which includes Brian May - who famously played 'God Save The Queen' on the roof of Buckingham Palace.

Release date 12 June 2006
Classification: Exempt
Starring: Andrew Marr (Pres/Narr), et al.
• Region 2 encoding (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East including Egypt). Read more about DVD formats.
• Catalogue Number: BBCDVD2216

Available from amazon and other good outlets.

A detail from the recent portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Rolf Harris.
The Queen at 80
Sacha Molitorisz
June 11, 2006

Compulsory viewing for monarchists. And also for republicans, so they can better know their enemy.

Type: Documentary
Channel: ABC
Date: Sunday June 11
Time: 7:30 PM

For Aussie republicans, the Queen is as irrelevant as the White Australia Policy, but even detractors must concede the octogenarian has lived an extraordinary life, which is entertainingly summarised in this two-part BBC documentary, premiering tonight.

At first, you'll be struck by the odd roster of interviewees, among them more crusty rockers than you'd find at a Countdown Spectacular. One is Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon. "She is an amazing woman," Shazza says, before Cliff Richard and Brian May are equally effusive. Of course, May plays guitar in a band called Queen, so he has a vested interest.

An intriguing history lesson follows about the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936, the unexpected arrival of Lizzie's dad on the throne and her own call-up at the tender age of 25, when she was a fetching young mother of two and the wife of an impoverished, unpopular prince. Not long afterwards, she denounced divorce as a great evil, which shows how much the world turns: 50 years later, she was forced to accept the marriage of her divorced son to his divorced mistress. Meanwhile, never-before-seen home footage shows the Queen at play.

Compulsory viewing for monarchists. And also for republicans, so they can better know their enemy.

**Fri 09 Jun 06**

The presentation of the Mojo Les Paul Award 2006 by Jeff Beck, acceptance speech by Brian May, and backstage interview.


Full Podcast: www/

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very thrilled. I'm highly honoured because of Jeff. I'm highly honoured because of Mr Les Paul. I've had the pleasure of playing with Les. I'm not prepared. I'm just very very thrilled that the people from Mojo consider that I'm of this kind of class that they would honour me in this way, next to people like this - next to Clapton - next to all the people that I admire....

**Fri 09 Jun 06**

DigiTech are preparing to ship the new pedal mid June, but in the meantime, promotional materials are emerging. See information sheet. Look out for this ad in the Press soon... (graphics supplied by DigiTech)


The Brian May Red Special pedal lets you bring our own personal creations to life using one of rock's most distinctive guitar tones.

Keep Yourself Alive
Rich tape-flanged intro or
solo with flanging

Bohemian Rhapsody
Vocal-like tone with tons of sustain or
overdrive distorted & heavy rock rhythm
plus "Deacy" finale orchestral fanfare.

Tie Your Mother Down
Intro with moderate sustain & distortion or
solo close-miked with higher gain for
more sustain and distortion.

We Will Rock You / Champions
Creamy distortion with churning phaser effect.

Crazy Little Thing
Called Love

Acoustic guitar model with delay, or
clean rockabilly tele tone with reverb and delay

Brighton Rock
Solo with delay (3 amps) and tight chorus, or
with 3-part Orchestral Harmonizer effect.

Deacy Tone / Winter's Tale
Raw tone through Brian's "Deacy" amp or
delay and reverb added as a post effect.



Produced by the DigiTech
Production Modeling Team, Brian
May and Eddie Kramer, Senior
Production Modeling Consultant

DigiTech |

Digitech Artist Series


Seven signature sounds with fourteen unique variations, spanning over thirty years of tone. From the unmistakable solos of "We Will Rock You" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" to the one and only "Deacy" amp, the Brian May Red Special Pedal lets you walk in the footsteps of one of rocks most influential guitar masters and achieve one of guitarists' most sought-after tones.

Keep Yourself Alive
Rich tape-flanged intro or
solo with flanging

Bohemian Rhapsody
Vocal-like tone with tons of sustain or Heavy Rock Rhythm
and Finale Orchestral Fanfare with "Deacy" amp.

Tie Your Mother Down
Intro with moderate sustain and distortion or solo
close-miked with higher gain for more sustain and distortion.

We Will Rock You / Champions
Creamy distortion with churning phaser effect.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Acoustic guitar model with delay, or
clean rockabilly tele tone with reverb and delay

Brighton Rock Solo - Live
Solo with delay (3 amps) and tight chorus, or
with 3-part Orchestral Harmonizer effect.

Deacy Tone / Winter's Tale
Raw tone through treble booster and Brian's "Deacy" amp
or delay and reverb added as a post effect.

Gives you fast, Hands-Free access

to all Red Special Pedal models and modes






Working closely with Brian May and Eddie Kramer, Senior Production Modeling Consultant (and world-class recording engineer), our Production Modeling team delivers the tone that has inspired a generation of guitarists.

The meticulously crafted tones of the Red Special Pedal are modeled with the same gear used in the original recordings.

Design your own unique tones using the Red Special Pedal's models and modes. Tweak the GAIN, LEVEL, BASS, TREBLE and CONTROL knobs to create your own tone.

We've even included a proprietary GUITAR knob that re-voices your guitar to sound like Brian's legendary Red Special's Burns Tri-Sonic pickups.

The Red Special Pedal's cast metal treadle also offers Heel and Toe switches that let you select two distinctive tone variations of each model. The LED lights Green (Toe) or Red (heel) to show the selection.


Beginning at the 12 o'clock position, customise each one with GAIN, LEVEL, TREBLE, BASS, CONTROL and GUITAR.
GUITAR knob (outer ring) re-voices single coil and humbucker pickup-equipped guitars to sound like Brian's legendary Red Special guitar.
Flexible Output Mode lets you chose between mono amp or mixer, stereo mixer
or stereo amp output options in setup during power-up.

All tones are modeled from Brian's Red Special (Burns Tri-Sonic pickups) with a treble booster and Vox AC30 amp unless otherwise noted.

Keep Yourself Alive
Intro with modeled tape flange.
Solo with tape flange.

Bohemian Rhapsody
The timeless rock anthem truly comes to life
thanks to DigiTech Production Modeling.
1st Solo with vocal-like sustain achieved with out-
of-phase Red Special guitar neck and middle pickups.
Heavy Rock Rhythm and Finale Orchestral Fanfare
with "Deacy" amp.

Tie Your Mother Down
Intro with Brian's "main" tone with volume backed
off to 3/4 using bridge and middle pickups.
Solo tone using the bridge and middle pickups and
the volume full up. Just add a bottle slide for the
perfect finishing touch to this great tone.

We Will Rock You / Champions
The classic rally anthem for the people
"Take on the world someday...wavin' your
banner all over the place"
Fiery rhythm and lead tones using neck
and middle out-of-phase and in-phase into the
treble booster, Foxx Foot Phaser and AC30.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Stunning acoustic intro modeled
from an Ovation 6-string.
Solo - a rare instance where Brian used a Fender
Telecaster and a mid 60's guitar amp
for a more rockabilly sound.

Brighton Rock Solo - Live
Brian's main live solo tone with tight chorus and
delay. Bridge and middle pickups in phase, treble
booster and three Vox AC30 amps.
Alternative main live tone with Orchestral
Harmonizer in 3-part pitch-shifting.

Deacy Tone / A Winter's Tale
Clean Red Special Guitar tone,
treble booster, deacy.
Same clean tone with delay and reverb
added as a post effect

Gives you fast, Hands-Free access
to all Red Special Pedal models and modes.


Seven signature models
with 14 distinctive, highly-sought-after tones
Models Include: Red Special Guitar, Treble Booster,
Deacy Amp, Vox AC30, Foxx Foot Phaser,
Pickup Configurations, Delay, Reverb, Flanger,
Acoustic, Tele and more...

Integral hard-wired dynamic
analog treble booster

Guitar knob lets you optimize
Red Special Pedal's voicing to suit
your guitar's pickups

Flexible Output Mode - Mono amp or
Mixer and Stereo Mixer and Stereo Amp

Vintage wood grain finish unique to each
pedal inspired by Brian's own handcrafted
one-of-kind guitar, the Red Special

Includes embroidered bag, Brian's
plectrum of choice, a British Sixpence
and power supply

Optional FS3X footswitch available.

The Power to Create | | Scenic Sandy, UT, USA | 801.566.8800

**Fri 09 Jun 06**

As you’ve recently learned from us, Queen guitarist Brian May cannot (or will not) play guitar with a pick, but rather a coin. He’s not the only one with interesting guitar-playing habits. George Thorogood has one, and that’s why you don’t see him playing on late-night T-V shows much.

"I was an acoustic player first, played with a thumb pick and a finger pick, which we'll clear the air about this: that's why for years I couldn't do television because those P90s feedback on T-V when you turn up the volume they make a lotta noise, so I turned down T-V for years."

George Thorogood is currently using his guitar picks to please the crowds of Europe – he’s in Lichtenvoorde, Holland tonight.

**Fri 09 Jun 06**

Brian May, along with Roger Taylor, attended the first Guns N' Roses concert last night at the Hammersmith Apollo, but neither put in a guest appearance on stage. A couple of songs from the forthcoming "Chinese Democracy" album featured in the set list: Madagascar, Better and The Blues.


9 June 2006

GUNS ‘N ROSES SHOW GOES TOO LATE. The last Guns N’ Roses tour was plagued by lateness and no-shows – mostly on the part of Axl Rose – and if Wednesday night’s London show is any indication, there could be more of that this time around. According to the music news at, the Guns N’ Roses show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo started an hour late and their show ran ‘til after 1 AM. Fans reportedly began booing a half-hour before the band finally took the stage, and many had to leave early because the London subways stop running at midnight.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


"It's good to see you. It's good to be back at the legendary Hammersmith" said Axl Rose after the new incarnation of Guns N' Roses stormed to the stage performing Welcome to the Jungle and It's So Easy. "No sleep till Hammermith. Let's stay up all night" he added and he sure meant every word of it.

In true rock n' roll style the band turned up very late and by the time the set had finished at 12:58am, all London underground trains had stopped running. Inevitably, almost all of the 5,000 fans who packed the auditorium had to either sleep in Hammersmith, walk all the way home or wait for hours and commute using several night buses to get home. Special guest in the audience Queen guitarist Brian May had no such a problem as he arrived and left in his chauffer driven limo.

It was October 18th, 1987 when a relatively unknown hard rock band from America blew Londoners away during the Appetite For Destruction Tour in Hammersmith. In the 19 years that followed, they released 2 more classic albums, became the biggest band on the planet and then vanished from the face of this earth following the departure of most of the original members.

Few had great expectations on Wednesday, June 7, 2006, although the majority happily splashed 100 British pounds on eBay (about 180US or 180EUR) to get a ticket for what was a pre-Donnington warm-up gig. Slash was missing, Izzy was missing, Duff and Matt were missing; and so was good-old Steven Adler.

But when Guns N' Roses eventually showed up at 10:41pm local time, they were phenomenally good for three reasons. Firstly, because Axl's voice was as good - if not better - as it used to be 20 years ago. Secondly, they played a killer setlist that included most of the hits - exactly what fans wanted to listen to. And, thirdly, the musical interaction between the GNR members was very good. Shame about the uninspired guitar solos that served no purpose other than force fans to rush for more beer.

All in all the gig was very enjoyable. But make no mistake. GNR without Slash is like a World Cup football tournament without Brazil.

- The version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door which was masterfully executed and stood out from all the other songs.
- Dizzy Reed's exquisite piano solo
- Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame joining vocals with Axl for My Michelle
- The naked flames during Live And Let Die and the rocket pyrotechnics during Nightrain

Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr Brownstone
Live And Let Die
Sweet Child O' Mine
You Could Be Mine
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
The Blues
IRN .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... (Ed. This should be "IRS"!!! - and NME also have this incorrect.)
Outta Get Me
November Rain
My Michelle
Paradise City

**Thu 08 Jun 06**

As previously reported here 1 May, Carmine Appice's Ultimate Guitar Zeus will be out this month. Brian May features on the track entitled "Nobody Knew (Black White House)".

Carmine Appice - Ultimate Guitar Zeus
Audio CD (June 16, 2006)
Number of Discs:1
Country of Origin:
Label: Escapi
Catalogue Number: EMUS20055

Available amazon and other good outlets

Escapi Music proudly announces the official release of the long-awaited underground classic, Ultimate Guitar Zeus, put together by drummer Carmine Appice who co-wrote all 14 tracks. Featuring performances by Ted Nugent, Brian May (Queen), Stevie Salas, Slash (Velvet Revolver/Guns ‘n’ Roses), Steve Morse (Deep Purple/Kansas), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Yngwie Malmsteen, Ty Tabor (King’s X), Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard/DIO/Whitesnake), Mick Mars (Mötley Crue), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy/Black Label Society), Neal Schon (Journey), Pat Travers, Seymour Duncan, and guest vocalists Edgar Winter and Doug Pinnick (King’s X).

Recorded in the mid 90s and therefore only available on Appice’s website for fan club members, the release of Ultimate Guitar Zeus showcases 14 different stylized electric guitar solos in songs spanning the rock gamut from “Gonna Rain” (Beatlesque) and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” (hard rock style) to “This Time Around” (imagine Yngwie shredding a solo for King’s X).

Between the blues, the psychedelica, and the rave-ups, The Carmine Appice Project. Appice, drums/vocals; Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder/Whitesnake), bass; Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge/MSG/Blue Murder), lead vocals, with these particular lead guitarists, has never before sounded so varied, accomplished and downright mean.

Ending years of speculation, yes, it’s true: Actor Steven Seagal and tennis player John McEnroe are on the album. See HERE for participants.

The album is released on June 15th. The USA and Japan release date has been put back to August.

**Wed 07 Jun 06**

At the Mojo Awards on Monday night, held at the Shoreditch Town Hall London, many artists attending the awards signed a Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top guitar, destined to be auctioned for charity.

Those signing the guitar included Brian May, Sir Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, Jeff Beck, Roseanne Cash, Nick Cave, Mick Jones (The Clash), The Buzzcocks, Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) and David Gilmour.

The guitar will be auctioned by Mojo Magazine with all proceeds going to the War Child Charity.

Gibson Guitars were the sponsors of the Mojo Awards, which are not televised, but a full report is expected in the next issue of Mojo Magazine.

**Tue 06 Jun 06**

Bat Out Of Hell 3 0 The Monster Is Loose

Bat Out of Hell Vol.3: the Monster Is Loose
Meat Loaf
Audio CD (October 23, 2006)
Label: Mercury

Available to preorder at amazon

Click image for larger version

Produced by:
Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi)
Jim Steinman, Desmond Child and Todd Rundgren have come together to bring you
BAT OUT OF HELL III - The Monster Is Loose

Check out the brand new Meat Loaf E-card! Click here:

**Tue 06 Jun 06**

Brian at Monday's MOJO Awards

Brian spoke to ITN News at the MOJO Awards Monday night: LISTEN

BRIAN MAY: "Yes, and I'm very proud because Jeff Beck got this award, my award, last year, and he's the greatest act to be in the same boat with. Fantastic. . . .

Well, the internet's changed everything and it makes the bonds much more multi-facetted. You know, you can make bonds with your audience without the big record companies, and so I think it's a healthy thing. It's not a very healthy thing for record companies and in some ways, that, you know, that's not all good, you know, 'cos the record company used to be something that could get behind you and develop your career. Career development is something which is a little bit hard to imagine at the moment, you know, because it's all very much 'of the moment'. What happens after you've had this sort of internet hit? Where is the mechanism?"

6 Jun 2006
Source: ITN

Queen guitarist Brian May was honoured at last night's Mojo awards, receiving the Les Paul gong. It is given to guitarists who match the pioneering spirit of the man who lent his name to the award.

And Brian seemed pleased to add another trophy to his collection.

He said: "I'm very proud because Jeff Beck got this award last year and he's the greatest act to be in the same boat with."

And he wasn't the only long-established performer being honoured - Elton John made it into the Mojo Hall of Fame. And Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour accepted a Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award.

**Tue 06 Jun 06**

Brian has recently laid down a guitar track for Bat of Hell III, as reported last week.

6 June 2006

Rock star Meat Loaf is suing the man who wrote his most famous song in a row about who "owns" the title. The musician claims he - and not Jim Steinman - should hold the rights to the phrase Bat Out of Hell. Two multi-platinum albums were released under that name and another is due in October. But Mr Steinman maintains Meat Loaf has no right to use it again. Mr Steinman wrote and produced the second album and was due to work on the third before the pair fell out.

Meat Loaf - whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday - is claiming more than $50m (£26.7m) in damages and has also named his manager David Sonenberg in the case. He claims both are trying to disrupt the release of Bat Out of Hell III. "This contention is blackmail and a hold-up," his complaint alleges. The first Bat Out of Hell was released in 1977, with a sequel coming 16 years later. The two albums sold a total of 48 million copies worldwide, according to the legal action.

**Mon 05 Jun 06**


LONDON - JUNE 5: Brian May (L)
poses with The Mojo Les Paul
Award with Jeff Beck at The MOJO
Honours List awards. Click for larger

LONDON - JUNE 5: Brian May poses with The Mojo Les Paul Award at The MOJO Honours List awards. Click for larger.

Photos by Jo Hale/Getty Images)
More images: Getty, FilmMagic

"The MOJO Les Paul Award
Presented to a visionary performer on the guitar.
Only innovators, genii and true legends of the
string-driven thing need apply.
Presented by Jeff Beck
Winner: Brian May

Brian picked up a well-deserved award this evening, recognising his career-long contribution to popular music, in the form of the Les Paul Award for Guitar Playing at the MOJO Honours List Awards.The awards ceremony was held at Shoreditch Town Hall (June 5, 2006) tonight in London.MOJO Honours List winners announced! 5 June 2006

The MOJO Honours List 2006 - the UK's annual awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating only the greatest names in modern music - was held today at Shoreditch Town Hall. Brought to you by MOJO Magazine (Britain's monthly music bible), the event featured a number of key award categories which were voted for by the magazine's readers and the users of Here's the first announcement of who won what...

The MOJO Best New Act
Supported by BBC 6 Music. Chosen by MOJO Magazine readers & users. Presented to an act who have made a significant impact over the last 18 months.
Presented by Tom Robinson
Winner: Corinne Bailey Rae

MOJO Classic Album

Sponsored by Rhino. Presented by MOJO to an artist responsible for a landmark release in the history of rock’n’roll, presented by Jason Pierce
Winner: Can - Tago Mago
The MOJO Roots Award
Chosen by MOJO Magazine, presented by Richard Hawley
Winner: Dann Penn And Spooner Oldham

The MOJO Inspiration Award
Sponsored by EMI Catalogue. Chosen by MOJO Magazine readers & users. Presented to an act that has been the catalyst for music fans and fellow musicians alike.
Presented by James Dean Bradfield
Winner: Buzzcocks
he MOJO Les Paul Award
Presented to a visionary performer on the guitar. Only innovators, genii and true legends of the string-driven thing need apply. Sponsored by Gibson.
Presented by Jeff Beck
Winner: Brian May
The MOJO Catalogue Release Of The Year
Sponsored by HMV and presented by MOJO to the reissue that is both definitive and beautifully packaged, presented by Nick Cave
Winner: Johnny Cash - Legend (Sony BMG), collected by Roseanne Cash
The MOJO Vision Award
Sponsored by HMV and presented by MOJO to the best music DVD package of the year in recognition of visual innovation and impact.
Winner: The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks: The Life And Times Of An American Invention? (High Coin)

The MOJO Merit Award
Chosen by MOJO Magazine, presented by Beth Orton & Roy Harper
Winner: Bert Jansch

The MOJO Maverick Award

Chosen by MOJO Magazine, presented by Bobby Gillespie
Winner: Jesus And Mary Chain

The MOJO Medal sponsored by Ford Transit

Chosen by MOJO Magazine, presented by Vic Reeves
Winner: Jools Holland
The MOJO Hero
Chosen by MOJO Magazine, presented by Don Letts
Winner: Prince Buster

The MOJO Songwriter Award

Voted for by MOJO readers and supported by MOJO Radio. Presented to an artist whose career has been defined by their ability to consistently pen classic material., presented by Mick Jones
Winner: Chrissie Hynde

The MOJO Icon Award

Voted for by MOJO readers and Mojo4music users, the recipient of this award has enjoyed a spectacular career on a global scale, presented by Phil Alexander
Winner: Scott Walker

The MOJO Hall Of Fame

Presented by MOJO to an act or solo star who is best described as “an artists’ artist”.
Winner: Elton John
The MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented by Phil Manzanera
Winner: David Gilmour

MOJO Award Winners 2006 Announced

Elton John, Johnny Cash, David Gilmour and Corinne Bailey Rae were amongst the winners at this year’s MOJO Awards ceremony. Held at Shoreditch Town Hall, those present included Brian May, The Buzzcocks, Prince Buster and Beth Orton. Sir Elton John picked up the MOJO Hall Of Fame Award, while Corinne Bailey Rae fought off tough competition from the likes of Guillemots and The Raconteurs to win Best New Act.

The brilliant Buzzcocks deservedly picked up the MOJO Inspiration Award, beating Paul Weller, Johnny Cash and The Fall to the honour. The late Johnny Cash did not miss out however - Cash’s contribution to music was recognised when ‘Legend’, (a collection of his music released late last year) was crowned MOJO Catalogue Release of the Year. Jesus And Mary Chain received the MOJO Maverick Award for their involvement in music, while Chrissie Hynde fought off competition from the late Joe Strummer, Nick Cave and Kate Bush to win the MOJO Songwriter Award. The awards ceremony was an opportunity to honour the greats (David Gilmour received the Lifetime Achievement Award) and the not so greats (Jools Holland collected the MOJO Medal Award) and the great haircuts (Brian May took home the Les Paul Award)


Never mind the also-rans: Buzzcocks win at Mojos
By Louise Jury, Arts Correspondent
Published: 06 June 2006
It is 30 years ago next month that the Buzzcocks made their debut, supporting the Sex Pistols at a gig in Manchester, and last night they were honoured at the Mojo awards for surviving, thriving, and influencing acts from Nirvana to Green Day and Ash. The Manchester punk band, famed for songs such as "Ever Fallen in Love" , topped a shortlist which included the late Johnny Cash, Paul Weller and the all, to take the Inspiration award in a ceremony at Shoreditch Town Hall, east London.

Pete Shelley, the band's lead singer, said he was shocked to receive the award, 30 years after creating the band. "You always have to fight back the idea that 'it's about time' as being a response, because for the people that voted for us the time is right now. There was nothing false about what we were doing back then, what motivates us even now is still to keep it fresh and new.''Phil Alexander, Mojo's editor-in-chief, said: "They are one of those bands that over a period of time have been consistently overlooked. Thirty years after their first EP Spiral Scratch they are still doing what they do with gusto and enthusiasm. This is well-deserved.

"Other winners at the Mojo awards included rock and pop grandees Sir Elton John, David Gilmour, Scott Walker and Chrissie Hynde. Corinne Bailey Rae, the former choir girl from Leeds, fought off competition from Jack White's celebrity band the Raconteurs and world music veterans Amadou and Mariam to take the award for best new act.Many of the winners have been profiled on BBC2's Later With Jools Holland, and Holland was honoured with the Mojo Medal for both his music and his importance as a broadcaster. Singer Rosanne Cash collected the catalogue release of the year award on behalf of her late father, Johnny Cash, for his album Legend. David Gilmour took the lifetime achievement award for proving that "away from the confines of Pink Floyd, he can do stuff on his own terms"

And Sir Elton was inaugurated into the Mojo Hall of Fame, amid growing word-of-mouth approval for his new album, due out in September. Collecting his award, Sir Elton paid homage to the sound of the Buzzcocks: "I have done a version of the Buzzcock's 'Ever Fallen In Love' you would not expect me to sing like the Buzzcocks I had a ball,'' he said.

A documentary about the Flaming Lips took the Vision award, while the Jesus and Mary Chain were honoured with the Mavericks award. Prince Buster, the Jamaican ska singer and producer, was named Mojo Hero, and Queen guitarist Brian May took the Les Paul award for guitarists. Other winners included Chrissie Hynde (songwriter) and Scott Walker, who was this year's Mojo Icon.


Bailey Rae scoops top Mojo award
|Tuesday, 6 June 2006, 00:25 GMT 01:25

Singer Corinne Bailey Rae has won one of music magazine Mojo's top music awards in their annual readers' poll. The Leeds-born artist, who won the BBC News website's Sound of 2006 survey, took the award for best new act at the London ceremony. Sir Elton John collected the Hall Of Fame award, while US legend Scott Walker won the magazine's Icon award. The Mojo Honours List aims to reward artists have been responsible for "enhancing" music culture.

New album

Bailey Rae, 27, has sold close to 500,000 copies of her self-titled debut album, and her single Put Your Records On has been a hit across Europe.Sir Elton collected the Mojo Hall Of Fame award ahead of his release of his new album The Captain And The Kid. Mojo's editor-in-chief Phil Alexander said it "reaffirms his importance as a musician first and foremost".Walker, who released his latest album The Drift earlier this year, beat the late Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Neil Young and Van Morrison to the Icon title. It was Bowie's third consecutive nomination in the category.Lifetime achievementCountry star Cash - who had been nominated for a total of three awards - won the best catalogue release prize for his five-CD collection, Johnny Cash - The Legend. The singer's popular appeal has been boosted by the release of the film biopic Walk the Line last year. Cash, who died two years ago, was also nominated for the Mojo inspiration award, but lost out to the Buzzcocks. The other nominees in the category were Sparks, Paul Weller and The Fall. Alexander said: "Buzzcocks have avoided becoming a nostalgia act, keeping their work fresh and vital... Their impact on the likes of Nirvana, Green Day and Ash is evident".Other winners included rock star Chrissie Hynde, who won the best songwriter award, and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who took the lifetime achievement award. Guitarist Brian May won the Mojo Les Paul award, the Hero award went to Prince Buster, and Jools Holland collected the Mojo Medal award.

The ceremony was held at Shoreditch Town Hall in London on Monday.

**Sun 04 Jun 06**

Interview with Ken Bethea of the Old 97s from June 2004, re-posted at this weekend.The band is about to take their killer live show on the road for a summer/fall tour in support of "Drag It Up". I was lucky to catch up with guitarist Ken Bethea before the band hits the road:


JD: Any influences for you personally as a guitarist?
KB: My favorite guitar player of all time is Brian May of Queen. You can hear me steal from him directly in the middle break on "Streets of Where I'm From."

"Street of Where I'm From" is on their 1997 album, "Too Far to Care" (Elektra)

**Sun 04 Jun 06**

Brian May: coming soon to a pedalboard near you
Photo: Arthur Edwards

June 2006
Although we [Guitarist mag] exclusively revealed it within these very pages way back in issue 266, DigiTech has now officially announced the impending introduction of the Brian May Artist Series Pedal. The US company has enlisted the help of legendary knob-twiddler Eddie Kramer to recreate seven of Mays most classic tones.

"Working closely with Brian, legendary producer Eddie Kramer and the Entire DigiTech R&D department, we have employed our Production Modelling Technology ensuring absolute accuracy in duplicating Brian's tone," DigiTech's David Rohrer assured us. "It is a very powerful and flexible pedal that will rock the world."

Other details are sketchy as we type, but we can safely assume that in there will be the Bohemian Rhapsody solo tone, the massive rhythm sound and the nasal Deacy amp tone that is the cornerstone of May's guitar orchestrations. As well as closely mimicking the sound of a bank of AC30s on fire, the modelling process also takes into account EQ and mic placement. We'll give it the full treatment as soon as we get one. For further details, call Sound Technology on 01462 4480000 or see

**Sun 04 Jun 06**

Anyone planning to visit the Rock Festival music exhibition in Tokyo 23 and 24 June, may like to know that the Tokyo distributor for Brian's 2006 Red Special copy, Kurosawa-Instruments, will have a presence.

Simon Croft, guitarist with We Will Rock You, Australia, will be doing a half hour demonstration workshop of the guitar* (probably 23 June) and appear with the Japanese cover band Kween the following day.This not a "launch" as such, as the guitar has already been on the market for 5 years under the Burns banner.

However the "Pure BM" new model already has a dramatically improved spec .... including a greatly improved Tremolo and - finally - white switches ! They get a great review from Frank Rohles in Cologne [WWRY], who uses the new model nightly to great effect !! For details about:
The exhibition:
Kween cover band:

The new model has modifications such as improved tuning, tremolo, semi-circular plate behind the bridge to closer emulate Brian's original guitar, one or two cosmetic touches, and white switches.... (sorry, no spares available).

We have been asked about replacement tremolo, but unfortunately the fixings aren't compatible with the Burns model.

The new issue is manufactured in Korea, in a brand new factory considered to be at the 'high-end' technically, to make for the best possible product, while catering for the budget to middle market buyer (affordably around the £500 mark) and be available for years to come.

Advertisements will start appearing next month, and Guitarist magazine's review can now be expected probably in September, as UK shipment still awaited.

For stockists, contact the helpful people at:
House Music, Brune Street, London.
A full list of distributors and stockists will be available in due course.

* Footnote: The Japanese supplier has received their shipment direct from the factory, and thus the guitars available to demonstrate at the Rock Festival.

**Sun 04 Jun 06**

In case anyone missed this in our Letters section a few days ago: Reader Gareth John filmed his pal Andrew Clayton, playing the Pachelbel Canon on his Red Special, 30 May 2006. Pretty special.....

- Streaming Video
- Google Video

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