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JUNE 2007

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**Thu 28 Jun 07**

The Daily Star reported today that Brian May would be joining Joss Stone on 'Under Pressure' at The Diana Concert this weekend.

Please see Brian's note on his SOAPBOX for up to date situation.

(Ed: Sorry, he won't be appearing.)


Thu 28 June 2007

It's Prince Charming
Wills picks Joss tunes

JOSS Stone asked Wills to choose which tracks she'd sing at Sunday's Concert For Diana. The Devon songbird was thrilled when the Prince, 25, rang to invite her to take part in the show to remember his late mother.

A source told me: "Joss is very excited about the concert. She wanted to do something special and knew there was no-one better to do the choosing than the Prince himself. Wills told her You Had Me was his favourite of her own numbers, so that's in her set. He also explained that Diana was a big fan of Tina Turner, so Joss has decided to incorporate a version of What's Love Got To Do With It.'

Big voiced Joss, 20, will take to the stage at Wembley Stadium for two collaborations I can reveal.


My source added: William asked Joss if she'd sing Queen's Under Pressure so she decided to get in touch with Brian May and ask him to do it with her. They finalised the plans at the weekend.

"Joss was busy at Glastonbury but the Diana concert is something she's got a lot of thought into for months. She'll also be joining Tom Jones on stage during his set and doing a tune with him, which will be another classic everyone is familiar with."

The gig, which goes out live on BBC1 from 3.30pm, also sees Take That, The Feeling, Lily Allen, 22, Nelly Furtado, 29, and Kayne West perform.

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**Tue 26 Jun 07**

Knucklebonz announce the latest in their series of "Rock Iconz™ serie, a limited edition Brian May sculpture....

Brian May has earned himself a place in rock history as one of the most accomplished and talented contemporary guitarists. With a musical career spanning almost three decades, May is also known as an influential and highly successful songwriter.

All figures in the Rock Iconz™ series are limited editions and the Brian May figure is very exclusive with only 3000 pieces slated for production. This is an officially licensed product from Brian May. The limited edition figure will be cast in a poly-resin and hand-paint in fine detail. Each sculpture in the Rock Iconz series is hand-numbered and displayed on an
attractive wooden base.

Pricing and Availability:
The Brian May Rock Iconz limited edition sculpture is now available for pre-order.
Ship date is scheduled for late summer/early fall 2007.
Price $99.00

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**Wed 20 Jun 07**

A truly heart-warming story of a very brave 15-year old, undergoing chemotherapy, who Brian was able to have visit to his Surrey home, and offer encouragment to through the work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Liverpool Echo carried this story today....

Jun 20 2007

They are the people who make dreams comes true. As the Make-A-Wish Foundation celebrates its 21st year, Susan Lee speaks to two families who have benefited from the charity.

IT was the opportunity of a lifetime for a music mad teenager – the chance to meet and play with one of the biggest rock guitarists of all time. Now the memory of jamming with Brian May at his London home is providing 15-year-old Jack with inspiration, focus – and more importantly hope.

“He never stops talking about it,” says mum Veronica who lives with her family in Liverpool. “Brian May also presented him with his heart’s desire – a Gibson Les Paul guitar. He’s too poorly to play it at the moment but he has it with him in hospital and looks and touches it all the time. “The whole thing has been like a dose of the best ever medicine; it’s sustaining him through everything he’s going through. I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to all of us.”

Jack’s journey, which culminated in last months’ once in a lifetime trip, began almost a year ago. A talented guitarist, he was in a band, was studying music at GCSE, and looking forward to the school summer break.

“We had just come back from holiday when Jack discovered a lump in his neck,” remembers his mum who is married to David and who also has a second, younger, son and a teenage daughter.

Within days stage 4 lymphatic cancer had been diagnosed and Jack was placed on heavy-duty chemotherapy.

“No-one can imagine what it’s like to be told one of your kids has cancer but we got through it; we had to because we had no choice. And at the end of the day he is still our little boy.”

However Jack’s health deteriorated after he contracted a fungal infection, aspergillus, which attacked his lungs and thyroid.

“He had no immune system so it just took over his body and they had to suspend the chemotherapy. He has been very, very poorly and we have had some dark times. At one stage his doctors were running out of options to treat him. But if Jack can cope then so can we. He’s a naturally happy kid and he’s never once said: ‘I give up’.”

It was while he was in hospital that Jack was visited by Eddie Hincks to talk to him about the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“I knew immediatley what he’d want – a Gibson Les Paul guitar. It’s all he’s ever wanted, but it costs thousands, so there was just no way. He felt cheeky asking for it but the thought that it might, just might, happen kept him smiling for days.”

Then came the news that the entire family had been invited down to Brian May’s home so that he could personally present the instrument.

“Jack was speechless. Brian May is his absolute hero but right up until the night before he was very ill and in hospital and we thought we wouldn’t be able to go. But he begged his consultant and said he didn’t care if he never did anything else in his life.”

The following day saw them all travelling to London first class and staying in a 5-star hotel. The next day they arrived, via limousine, at the rock star’s house where they spent the afternoon.

“I thought it would be a quick ‘hello’, a few photos and we’d be away but Brian opened his house up to us. He and Jack played together in his studio and swopped guitars while we looked around the house and fed his fish in the garden. He made tea for us and chatted and even let my daughter play Freddie Mercury’s piano which was in one room. It was absolutely surreal but absolutely fantastic.”

Then, as a final gift, he organised for the family to go and see We Will Rock You in the West End.

“We’d tried for tickets but they were all sold out. A phone call from Brian and it was sorted. It was the perfect end to a fantastic day.”

Two days later Jack was back in hospital facing chemotherapy where he remains today. But the meeting has given the teenager a renewed drive to face the challenges which every day brings.

“He said: ‘When I’m famous like Brian May I’m going to come back to Alder Hey and play for the kids.’ That’s what meeting him did for my son. It gave him focus and direction and a new belief for the future. That’s priceless.”

How the Make-A-Wish Foundation is helping other youngsters

THE Make-A-Wish Foundation has been helping children with life threatening illnesses – and their families – for the last 21 years by organising once-in-a-lifetime experiences. From swimming with dolphins, to meeting Westlife, to watching the Harlem Globetrotters there is nothing, it seems, the organisation can’t do. Now, to mark its 21st birthday, the foundation is organising a record 21 wishes in one week beginning on June 25.


Someone who knows all too well the difference having a wish granted makes is Eddie Hincks from Walton. His son Colin was 12 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 1992. He came through his illness and is now working as an advanced nurse practitioner for the Blood Transfusion Service.His family look back on the wish he had granted with great happiness.

“Colin had always wanted to go to Florida to do the usual package of Disney World, theme parks and all the rest of it,” says Eddie. “It was the first time since diagnosis that we’d relaxed. When you’re told your child has cancer, you don’t want to think about anything. Because of the way the trip was set up, the only choice I had to make was what I wanted to eat – all we had to do was enjoy ourselves and be together as a family.”

Following his son’s illness, Eddie is now the support officer for a parents’ group at Alder Hey, CHICS, and refers other people like his son to Make-A-Wish.

“I tell new parents about the charity and the trip, but the hardest part is trying to put into words just how much it meant to Colin and his sister. Families are all affected by illness like this, siblings especially. We all had the time of our lives, and Colin was a different boy for that week we were away. Colin was only the third person they’d seen with that type of cancer at Alder Hey, and sadly the other two had died. From day one, we knew the worst could happen and it was always at the back of my mind that days like we had in Florida might never happen. It was the most magical experience anyone could have.

To be considered, the child needs to be between three and 17, and suffering from a life-threatening illness. We don’t turn away any child who meets those criteria,” says chief executive Neil Jones. Our aim is to grant every ill child a Make-A-Wish wish.”

To get involved or donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit www.make-a-wish.org.uk

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**Tue 19 Jun 07**

What is 'Light Pollution'?
website: www.lightpollution.org.uk

Light pollution is simply light that is having a bad effect on the environment. major effects are:

1. Wasted light means wasted energy that means unnecessary carbon emissions

2. Nocturnal insects are affected. Animals which depend on these insects for food are then affected.

3. A comprehensive guide can be found in " Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting" by Catherine Rich and Travis Longcore. ISBN 1-55963-128-7 ISLAND PRESS 2006 £20.78. A brief review of this book can be seen Here

4. The beauty of the night sky is lost - when is the last time you REALLY saw the stars in all their glory?

Light Pollution is stamping its "footprint" across our night sky and blotting out our views of the stars and the Milky Way. Should we be concerned with our Skyprints which waste energy and pollute the night sky with unwanted light and wasted energy? Why do we tolerate this? Ask your city fathers.

5. The image here is taken from the title slide of Dr. John Mason's lecture at the CfDS Dark Sky Symposium last year (2006) in Portsmouth, England. This 50MB PDF will take about 3-4 minutes to download on broadband connections. I am currently editing (June 2007) the video of his lecture. It is now completed and is a 41MB WMV file which is now downloadable from this page.

Click Here to access this Video

It lasts 1/2 hour but is good enough quality AND CONTENT to justify watching. (Download times for broadband are 3-4 minutes. Dial-up will be too long.) It is informative and even humourous! You will enjoy it and find that it even educates. (Please know that your WMV codecs will need to be correct for this version of WMV - I will advise correction procedures when I know what problems will occur). ENJOY.

If you are a member of an astronomical society then download John's video and show it at your meetings. Please pass this idea on to others in other astro socs.

Please spread the word.

[Ed: Thanks to Graham Cliff making us aware of this article.]

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**Tue 19 Jun 07**

Please consider contributing to this charity auction, orgaqnised by Peter Noone, which is set to begin 20 June, or as soon as more auction items are received, which will benefit Mike Smith, former lead singer with the 60s pop group, The Dave Clarke Five.

Some will remember reading in the Press, that Mike was critically injured in 2003 when he fell off a wall and since then has spent 4 years in hospital and is still paralysed form the neck down. He will soon be out of hospital and this auction is to help raise funds so that he can have a specially designed vehicle in order to get around - cost approx £40,000.

Brian is among those who have contributed items towards the auction. Many celebritites and musicians donated items - Ringo Starr has donated a signed drum skin, and Pete Townshen, his guitar from the recent Who tour. Organisers also hope fans will donate memorabilia to be sold off at auction. To do this, you can contact mightyquinnmgt@btinternet.com.

An eBay auction will be starting once more prizes are gathered, hoped to be 20 June, but if you would simply like to donate money to 'Van fund', you can send a cheque to:

c/o P.O. Box 4584,
19807 USA

Or a Paypal account can be accessed using the address MikeSmithDC5Drive@msn.com. Donations in currencies other than US Dollars are welcome in this account.

The appeal has been set up by Peter Noone, with support from the Noonatics, his personal fan club!
For more details on them, click here.

and we have been asked to post on

Article from Saturdays Daily Mail to remind us why we are doing this for singer Mike Smith...

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**Fri 15 Jun 07**


Since hedgehogs on the Uists came out of hibernation this spring, the Uist Hedgehog Rescue (UHR) 1 coalition has translocated 241 animals to mainland Scotland. UHR is working with the Uist Wader Project (UWP)2, which is handing over all the hedgehogs it catches so that they can be taken to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust on the mainland and then released into suitable sites. This Spring’s catching period began on 19 March and has now ended.

Since 2003, UHR has now rescued and relocated 967 hedgehogs. The hedgehogs are being removed from the islands in an attempt to protect the eggs of internationally important populations of ground nesting wading birds on the islands.

UHR Spokesperson, Ross Minett, says: “We are delighted to have successfully removed hundreds more hedgehogs from the Uists this Spring to be released on mainland Scotland. We have been pleased to be working with the Uist Wader Project, which handed over to us all the hedgehogs it has caught. All hedgehogs have been carefully monitored and health-checked before being released into appropriate sites. We hope to continue with our productive working relationship next year to continue removing hedgehogs which should benefit the important breeding populations of wading birds on the Uists.“

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