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MARCH 2017

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Queen In 3-D
Golden Days28 Mar - Bovine TB Symposium, Imperial College, London. Tickets
Wed 13 Apr - Sun 12 Mar 2017: V&A exhibition
"Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear".
7 April - "Golden Days" album release - PRE-ORDER
25 May '17: "Queen in 3-D" stereo book - PRE-ORDER
TBA May 2017: Talks/Book-signings Hay Festival, Waterstones Piccadilly
18-23 Jun 2017: Starmus IV, Tromso, Norway. Tickets
NOTE: Brian NOT able to attend this year.

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**Fri 31 Mar 17**
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Queen not only touring the States in June - but expect Europe October and UK December... probably!


"So we’ll be seeing you out on tour pretty soon. We'll be touring the States in June, probably Europe in October, probably the UK in December - but shh...

Teaser - shh

But that’s kind of the plan, and hopefully we’ll have “Queen in 3-D” books with us.

... Bri


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**Thu 20 Mar 17**
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Brian May to publish Queen In 3D in May

29 March 2017 by Scott Munro

Brian May will launch Queen In 3D later this year - watch teaser video

Queen in 3-D rotating slipcase and sound -



It’s the first book ever to be published about Queen by one of the band members and features “a unique collection of original, highly personal snapshots of Queen in three dimensions – from its inception in the early 70s right up to the present day, accompanied by the exclusive recollections of founding member and lead guitarist, Brian May.”

The book includes more than 300 photographs, the majority of which were taken by May. Most of them are in 3D and will be able to be viewed with May’s OWL viewer which comes bundled with the book.

May says: “There is no ghost writer for this book. It's just me. And we have deliberately kept the text in my voice, rather than translate it into literary prose.

“In these pages I'm speaking directly to you across time, as I recall those days, and sometimes actually in the words I wrote down at the time – but also through a collection of 3D images which will take you back there, to see it with your own eyes.”

May previously published 3D images in Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster – written in conjunction with Denis Pellerin and the London Stereoscopic Company.

Queen In 3D is out on May 25 and is currently available for pre-order.

May and Kerry Ellis will release their new album Golden Days on April 7 via Sony Music. It features new compositions and cover versions, including a take on Gary Moore classic Parisienne Walkways.

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**Tue 28 Mar 17**
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PLEASE check out new website just launched (28 March 2017) for Brian May's amazing new book "Queen in 3-D"

The book website will follow news, promotions, happenings and more... surrounding the book over the coming months. Please visit regularly for latest word... and don't forget to order your copy.

Queen in 3-D front page header

Queen in 3-D

In Brian May’s own words, and over 300 previously unseen 3-D photographs, this book is a series of glimpses of life with the rock band Queen, seen from the inside for the first time. The pictures and self-penned text tell the story of Brian’s discovery of the world of stereoscopy as a boy, and chronicle Queen from the early 1970s all the way to the present day. ... READ MORE

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** Tue 28 Mar 17**
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capturing THE HISTORY OF QUEEN through

BRIAN MAY’s own 3-D camera lenses.

QUEEN in 3-D, published in hardback, features over 300 personal stereo views, the book housed in a slipcase with lenticular 3-D front cover, together with an exclusive Brian May patent OWL 3-D viewer.
Published by the London Stereoscopic Company London Stereoscopic Company, 25th May 2017, £50


“The closest thing to an autobiography May has written.”
The Bookseller

“The whole process of writing this new kind of book was almost subconscious. As I looked at the 3-D photos, memories were triggered and the stories poured out. It’s the 3-D element that makes it so evocative. I believe each image will draw readers in deeper, like me, inviting them to immerse themselves in a scene, to share a previously unseen Queen moment.”
Brian May

Many books have been written about Queen, but this is a first – an intimate view from the inside by a founder band member; it’s also the first history of any rock group ever to be created in 3-D. Not only has Brian May written the book (no ‘ghost writer’ here), but the 3-D illustrations were all captured with Brian’s stereoscopic cameras, mostly by the man himself. From an early age Brian would travel with a stereo (3-D) camera in hand, so on Queen tours and during recordings he was able to capture rare behind-the-scenes moments of one of the world’s greatest rock bands. Decades later these are now being shared for the very first time. Some of the photographs had not even been fully processed until the book was in the making. Initially thought by Brian to be a quick job, this project turned into a labour of love for May and his team which spanned three years. Each time the book seemed to be close to completion, more 3-D photos were found in forgotten hiding places, prompting further memories and filling in the gaps in the narrative. The book eventually became a compelling set of snapshots of Brian’s life and the life of Queen, over more than 50 years.

Published as a lavish, high quality bedside table book by Brian’s own ‘London Stereoscopic Company’, Queen in 3-D reveals the band through May’s eyes throughout the band’s history. The book is illustrated with around 360 photographs, mostly viewable in stereoscopic splendour (stereoscopy being the legitimate parent of ‘Virtual Reality’) using the OWL viewer supplied. In addition to capturing scenes himself, on occasions Brian would loan his camera to friends or local photographers, so that he too could be framed on his journey. Brian narrates the stories behind each of his photographs through a lively, engaging prose. Often he is light and conversational in tone, but at other times he can be intensely reflective and philosophical, drawing the reader deeper into the image, the time and the space. Most of these recollections about himself and fellow band members Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, Brian shares here for the first time. Some of the pictures were taken on stage; others behind the scenes, including informal shots taken on the road and during leisure time, giving close-up glimpses of the band as never seen before. Freddie, an enigmatic character, fiercely protective of his privacy, usually shied away from being photographed off stage. But he interacted playfully and unselfconsciously with Brian’s camera, and here we catch rare glimpses of this consummate showman as viewed by his band mate and close friend. Current fans of the band will also enjoy the modern sections, including on and off stage moments with Adam Lambert.

This is an important book, not only capturing the very essence of one of the world’s all-time greatest bands, but also exploring the culture, politics and atmosphere of the many territories where Queen performed. Brian has created a text that chronicles changes in the music industry alongside major changes in the history of the world.


In order to share the magic of original Victorian style 3-D with a 21st century audience, Brian designed his own unique stereoscope, the OWL, which has become a standard in the world of stereoscopy.

Each copy of the book comes with a special edition Freddie-Mercury-Wembley-Stadium-Jacket Yellow OWL, packed neatly into the book’s slipcase in its own protective envelope. Your OWL is all you need to take you into the stunningly real three-dimensional world of Queen encapsulated in this book.

BRIAN MAY’S OWL: Brian has created the definitive high-quality modern-day stereoscope; reminiscent of an Owl, he named it just that. Every book the LSC publishes comes with an Owl, and the illustrations in the book, reproduced by the highest resolution printing technology available will, through this device, delight you all just as they did in Victorian times.

MORE INFO visit the book website:

Yellow OWL   LSC logo

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**Sat 25 Mar 17**
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Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry

Stars lend their voices to band’s debut
25 March 2017

When they record their new band’s first single most musicians ask their friends for some help. So when Angus piper Craig Weir decided to start his new band Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry he did too.

Except the friends who helped him - by each reading a line from a poem he co-wrote to start and end the track - are an impressive list of music and TV stars from Brian May of Queen and Les McKeown of The Bay City Rollers to Kyle Falconer of The View, Peter Doherty, Lorraine Kelly and Alan Cumming

! ‘The Highland Road’, released tomorrow (Sunday, March 26), is the first track from the band, which Craig (23) has started as a side project from his celtic rock band Gleadhraich. It begins and ends with a poem written by him and Canadian friend Chris Brown inspired by a road trip they took along the road of the same name in Canada last year.

“The poem inspired me to start this project. It’s based on a highway in Maxville, Ontario called Highland Road,” Craig explains. “Driving along it blew my mind and gave me this vision of Scotland being the centre of the creative universe. That led to my decision to get a variety of musicians I’ve performed with around the world to contribute their voices to the track to express their love for Scotland.”

The list of 21 guest voices on the anthemic track is full of major stars because Craig has become a renowned bagpiper since taking up the instrument at the age of eight and has played with Queen, Bay City Rollers, The Libertines, performed for VIPs from The Dalai Lama to Arnold Schwarzenegger and been involved in major events from New York Tartan Week to the MOBO Awards. The single opens with Craig’s voice before going on to the guests reading a line each including Brian May of Queen, Les McKeown of Bay City Rollers, Kyle Falconer from The View, Lorraine Kelly, Alan Cumming, comedian Fred MacAulay, Mark Evans (AC/DC), 2011Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall and 2013 X Factor semi-finalist Nicky McDonald. Peter Doherty of Libertines and Babyshambles is the final reader at the end of the track.

Talking about his part in the single, Brian May said: “I was happy to pour a little of my Scottish blood into this epic.”

Lorraine Kelly said: “I was delighted to take part in this project and hearing it all together gave me goose bumps. It’s very atmospheric and embodies the spirit of Scotland.”

Alan Cumming added: “It’s beautiful - really moving and I love all the different voices.”

The line-up for the new band, which has more of a folk sound than the rock of Gleadhraich, is broadly similar to that of the latter – with Craig on bagpipes, guitar and vocals, his brother Paul on percussion, Ross White on lead guitar and vocals but with occasional Gleadhraich sax player Josh Landsburgh on bass, guitar, fiddle, keyboards and vocals.

Speaking about the band and the move to a more folk-based sound, Craig said: “It felt like the right time to launch a new project as some of the music I’ve written recently lends itself to it. I found myself writing more songs which don’t fit so neatly into Gleadhraich because I’m mainly playing the pipes in that.” Explaining the band’s name, he said: “The ‘Cabal’ is to represent the mysteriousness of the project made of people with a common goal, while ’Cavalry’ reflects the fact that there will be an army of people involved in the project overall because it’s basically centred on me but includes a backing band of whichever musicians I feel meet the needs and purpose of the track.”

‘Highland Road’, is available from tomorrow on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The band will launch their live shows playing with The Libertines’ John Hassall (who is one of the readers on the track) and his own new band, John Hassall & The April Rainers, at their upcoming shows in May - at The Green Room, Perth (May 12) and The Record Factory, Glasgow (May 13). Headline shows are also being booked for September. For more info about Craig Weir & The Cabalistic Cavalry, go to their Facebook page at

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