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MAY 2015

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**Sun 31 May 15**
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Brian and Kerry travelled to Verona today, ahead of their Monday concert....

Kerry Ellis tweeted

Kerry Ellis ‏@kerryjaneellis1 10:54 AM - 31 May 2015
Off to Verona on a jet !! ... Perks of travelling with a rockstar !



Kerry Ellis @kerryjaneellis1 4:00 PM - 31 May 2015
Arrived in Verona with @DrBrianMay very excited for the performance, first off a little rehearsal


And here are some great soundcheck photos ...

Brian Soundcheck

Brian Soundcheck

Brian Soundcheck

With thanks to Claudio Tassone and Elisabetta Trio.

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**Thu 28 May 15**
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There will be many events around the world on June 30th and we hope you can attend a local event near you or perhaps organise one yourself. Our event map is getting busier every day and you are now able to edit and add events yourself.

Asteroid Day Event Map


If you haven't listed yours yet or haven't begun planning it then please visit this page to get started! The goal as a global movement is to gather signatures on the 100x Asteroid Declaration. Please make sure that you encourage your friends, your colleagues and your event participants to sign the 100x Declaration on June 30th.

Since many event organisers have reached out to us and requested graphics or any other promotional materials, we setup a dedicated page which should provide you with all the necessary tools nd materials. You will also have access to several videos which you can show at your event. You can find everything here:


London and San Francisco line-ups announced:

Asteroid Day London

LONDON EVENT (Science Museum): Join Dr. Brian May and Lord Martin Rees on June 30th for an unforgettable evening of art, science and entertainment. A science panel, followed by the world premiere of 51º NORTH.

Full Details of the London event info HERE - and Ticket link.


California Academy of Sciences

SAN FRANCISCO EVENT (California Academy of Sciences): The day's events will include presentations by scientists, astronauts and other people passionate about asteroids, many who have devoted their careers to topics involving space exploration, planetary and asteroid research, and planetary defense.

Other events announced:
You will be able to find some of our official events on our world map, here

Live stream and official Asteroid Day film:
If you are not able to make it to a local event then you can watch our live streams on June 30th at You can also pre-order the official Asteroid Day movie 51º NORTH and watch it on June 30th online or if you live in the UK, you will be able to catch it in limited theatres.

Get your Asteroid Day shirts before June 30th:
We just launched our online store - Order before June 10th, to get your t-shirt in time for Asteroid Day.

Asteroid Day t-shirts

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**Thu 28 May 15**
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Brian is at the Houses of Parliament, speaking to MPs about badgers, foxes, wildlife.

Brian on way to the Commons
Brian on the way to the Commons to meet some amazing MPs.

Check out...

What didn't the Queen's Speech tell us? Six bills she forgot to mention
(Alternative Queen's Speech
27 May 2019

Alternative Queen's Speech

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**Tue 26 May 15**
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Arena Di Verona
Kerry and Brian will play Verona 12,000 seat arena on 1st June

Kerry Ellis tweeted today

Kerry Ellis

So ..back in the UK and off for a rehearsal with the @DrBrianMay for our Verona performance !

Brian and Kerry are guests this event next week:

Tickets and info HERE

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** Mon 25 May 15**
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Brian May black and white

A vintage programme coming to BBC Radio 6.

Sunday 31 May 04:00 - 5:00AM

Brian May - Guitar Greats
Alexis Korner continues his series on influential guitarists with a profile of Queen's Brian May. First broadcast in 1983.

Soon to be on BBC iPlayer:

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**Mon 25 May 15**
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Brian May on one of the main Russian TV channels! Russia is pleased to see you doc!!!
From: ZuykovaJane

Brian May and Stephen Hawking were special guests at the London Science Museum where Russian Cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov, was launching "Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age Exhibition", 21 May 2015. Includes interview with Brian May. Extract from Russian "Today" News (at 19:00 22 May 2015).

Tickets for exhibition now on sale:
Opens 18 September 2015
Exhibition will be open until 22.00 every Friday

Alexei Leonov launches "Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age Exhibiton"
London Science Museum (from Russian "Today" 19:00 (22.05.2015)

Clip from Russian newsreel:
Today, at 19:00 (22:05.2015) NTV NTV News - it's the most interesting thing in Russia and abroad: events from the world of politics, economics, culture and sport, events and gossip column. The quality of news programme "Today" has repeatedly been honoured with domestic and international television awards, inclding TEFI and ENEX Picture Award.


Alexei Leonov in London
Date: 21 May 2015
Start Time: 7 pm (Doors Open 6.30 pm)
Finish Time: 8 pm; Book Signing 8 – 9 pm
Venue: IMAX Theatre, The Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD.
Alexei Leonov and special guests: Brian May and Stephen Hawking Alexei Leonov.

Alexi LeonovNYC TIMES
23 May 2015 by Gloria Bradley

Retired Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first human to walk in the space, announced the launch of an exhibition at Science Museum at London, and shared the emergencies that he and other crew members had to face during their space mission. The exhibition has been named 'Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age'. According to reports, the exhibition is going to open on 18th September this year. It is supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, BP and ART RUSSE. While confirming the opening date of the exhibition, the Science Museum announced that tickets are currently on sale.

The 80-year-old cosmonaut, who announced the launch of exhibition, walked in the space for about twelve minutes on March 18, 1965. Scientists on earth, who controlled that mission, called the event a remarkable achievement. According to Leonov, he and other crew members had faced a number of emergencies during their mission. After spacewalking for more than 10 minutes, according to Leonov, he battled to get back into the spacecraft. They landed off course in the Ural Mountains and were forced to spend the night in temperatures below minus 25 degree Celsius.

While talking at the Science Museum, Mr. Leonov said that there are so many problems during his first flight. Many of the problems were not possible to test on surface of Earth. "But I had to do it. What I want to say is that even if it's only a small thing you want to achieve, you still need to make every possible effort and do it thoroughly", Leonov added.

According to the reports, the exhibition in September at the Science Museum will feature the largest and most significant collection of Russian spacecraft that were ever shown in the UK. The exhibition will tell the implausible story of technological and scientific ingenuity.

More information on the event:

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**Mon 25 May 15**
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Episode 1 beautifully enacted. Riveting. More history programmes should be like this. Available on BBC iPlayer

Episode 2 next Sunday, 31 May.

The Battle for England
Armada: 12 Days to Save England Episode 2 of 3

In the second part of a major three-part drama-documentary series, Anita Dobson stars as Elizabeth I, and Dan Snow takes to the sea to tell the story of how England came within a whisker of disaster in summer 1588. Using newly discovered documents, Dan relives the fierce battles at sea and we go behind the scenes in the royal court of Elizabeth as the Spanish fleet prepares for full-on invasion.

Anita as Elizabeth I
Anita Dobson as Elizabeth I - in Armada - Episode 1

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**Sun 24 May 15**
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Brian May 1993 the exclusive Greek TV Interview -



read on for Transcript

Related article: ROCK OVERDOSE, GREECE
- Brian May in Greece 20 years ago! [article 24 May 2013]

EXTRACT: ... So it happened. Apart therefore from various exclusively with Guns N Roses (and a unique documentary of rigging the 'Use your Illusion' stage, resulting), the most important for me was meeting and the exclusive interview with Brian May, (one of the best interviews my life) at noon on the day of holding the concert, May 24, 1993...

So enjoy one interview without hesitation would describe as one of the best television interviews that I get, and why not: one of the best interviews with Brian May I've seen in general. In the finale of the raw footage witty, animate, charismatic Brian hitting friendly knee and says: 'It was a good interview. Really good '.

Transcript Jen Tunney

QUESTION: What kind of music you want to give to the people today?

BRIAN: I just wanna play music the way I feel it, I suppose, and I wanna tell the truth as I see it, and that’s it.

I suppose what interests me in life is, is life and the way people feel about it. So I don’t tend to write about mythology, no, but the original trigger can come from anywhere, you know. And sometimes it’s nice if somebody gives you a thought and you work on it, but the way that I develop a thought, usually is very personal, and I think either how I feel about this, or how maybe somebody else would feel about it, and I suppose what fascinates me is the growth of a human being and his or her need to couple with another human being and his search to find the meaning in his life. So most of my stuff is kind of loosely about that, I suppose.

I still get excited about rock ’n’ roll, so, you know, I get excited about an Aerosmith album coming out… Coverdale Page and stuff. Putting it [in] and thinking “Ah, what are they doing? What have they found” - I enjoy all that, you know, and I enjoy the adrenaline of the sort of high energy music. I also like other things, but I kinda think what I do - I like people who think about their music, people who put their own thoughts and don’t stick to the formulas. So someone like Peter Gabriel I know if I put on an album of his, that he wants to get away from everything that’s gone before. He’s speaking how he feels and he’s also kinda parallel with me. He’s a person who lived the life that I led. W wanna know what he thinks.

Q. About the young rockers - the rockers of today. You have a message for them, for their choices for their life?

BRIAN: Yeah, I would say to anybody starting out, you look at me and you look at Guns ’n’ Roses or whatever, and you think it’s very glamorous - you think rock ’n’ roll is a way out. I would bear in mind that it’s not necessarily so. You do all this and some of it is very good fun and some of it is a very good outlet, but it doesn’t stop you having the normal problems of life. You never get to this point where you’re okay. So with rock ’n’ roll, as with everything else in life you have to realise that you don’t get to a perfect point. It’s always a struggle - even for me. You probably think I’m okay, but I’m not okay. I did this for many years and I love it, but the business takes something out of you. It unbalances your life and it makes it hard for you to get perspectives in your life, so it’s a choice that you make. Perhaps some of it is glamorous and some of it is not.

Q. Tell us about your future plans?

BRIAN: Well, I’m thinking about this a lot at the moment. What I would like to do now, seeing as we now have a great band - I’m very proud of the band that I have - I would like to go on and do some more touring and learn a little bit more about what I’m doing, ‘cos I still regard myself as kind of an apprentice in this new kind of area which I’m in. You know I spent many years being a guitarist, but not so many singing, so I’d like to do that for a while and then when the time comes to make another album, to make another statement, if you like. I guess I just wanna make more music - to make better music and also, in terms of life, to find a balance making making music and living, which sometimes is very hard.

Italian translation here:
Claudio Tassone

Brian Greek interview 24 May 1993
Brian Greek interview 24 May 1993

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**Sat 23 May 15**
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22 May 2015 by Keeley Bolger

Anita as herself - and as Elizabeth I

Anita Dobson talks about her career in showbiz and her biggest role yet - Queen Elizabeth I.

Anita Dobson's breathtaking new look for BBC Two's part-dramatised documentary Armada: 12 Days To Save England, was as much of a shock to the actress as it will surely be for her fans, who, of course, know her best as EastEnders' troubled landlady Angie Watts.

Temporarily laying her nipped-in waists and trademark curly do to rest ("I still like big hair," she says with a laugh), the actress spent hours in the make-up chair being made-under to play the ageing and pockmarked Queen Elizabeth I.

Set in 1588, the three-part series tells the story of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, with historian Dan Snow explaining the battle and Dobson re-enacting key scenes.

"I had false teeth!" says the 66-year-old, who starred in EastEnders from 1985-1988. In fact, transforming her into the Virgin Queen was a four-hour process.

"They put this substance on my face and skin, dried it gently with a hairdryer so the skin would stick into wrinkles, and then the make-up artist painted leather spots and pockmarks. There's a shot of me sitting in a dressing gown with the script in my hand, and I look about 111!"

Ageing so dramatically may not be everyone's cup of tea, but Dobson relished the chance to learn more about the Tudor monarch, who she says she came to admire greatly.

"As a woman, and a single woman, she managed to stay on the throne for 50 years," explains the actress.

Brian and Anita at Olivier Awards

Anita Dobson and her husband Brian May

"For half a century, she ruled England, and England thrived under her. What an amazing achievement. She gave up having children, a marriage, because to her, the most important thing was ruling her country. She didn't want to lose the power, share it and fight over decisions with another person - i.e. a husband, a man - and so she made that decision to stay the Virgin Queen, and I think that's fantastic."

Although Dobson has been happily married to Queen guitarist Brian May since 2000, women putting their career first is something she can relate to.

Professionally, she is known as Miss Dobson, but "as soon as we go on holiday or anywhere else, I'm Mrs May", she says. "I like it. We're moving into times now in women's lives, where we can keep our identity much more," adds the actress, who competed in the 2011 series of Strictly Come Dancing. "So I think it's a good thing that women now, like Elizabeth I, have a strong feeling of self-worth, [that we're] just as important as a single entity [as we are married]."

Born and brought up in London's East End, Dobson had a strong sense of self as a young woman, and despite going to a "very academic school" where opportunities to act were scarce, she followed her own path to amateur dramatics aged 16.

And while many in the biz are divided on the issue of a lack of opportunity for working-class actors, Dobson - who also stars alongside Olivia Colman and Tom Hardy in the upcoming musical film version of London Road (based on the National Theatre production), about the community left behind after five prostitutes were killed in Ipswich in 2006 - is philosophical.

Anita as Elizabeth I

Anita Dobson in make-up

"When I was at drama school, everybody said, 'It's a really tough year', but it's always been tough," she says. "Each year brings different problems, different economies, different requirements. I think you've just got to make the best of what you've got. It's no good thinking, 'This is worse, I'm a victim of a time where it's more difficult'. Life is difficult, whatever career you choose is going to be difficult - I don't think I know anyone who has had a really easy time. There are always times where you question yourself; 'I'm not getting anywhere, the work's drying up', and then somewhere out of the blue, something comes in and off you go again."

Understandably, working in a notoriously unstable profession, where rejection is plenty and breakthroughs can take a lifetime, Dobson did wonder whether she should jack it in.

"Before EastEnders, and before that catapulted me into a different place, I do remember my mum saying, 'You've not got married and you've not had any children and you're still pounding the pavements, are you sure you want to do this?' So I said, 'All right, I'll come home, I'll take three months off, and I'll have a good think and see what's what'."

Anita as  Elizabeth I

Anita Dobson as Queen Elizabeth I

But within a week, an offer came through and Dobson, who trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and worked on stage for many years before landing her iconic soap role, was "out the door".

"My mum said to me, 'I thought you were going to take some time out?' And I said, 'Well that answers the question doesn't it? Whether I win or whether I lose, this is what I'm going to do'. As soon as I had made that decision, I got EastEnders."

Looking back, she is grateful that it took until she was in her 30s to find fame, and says her age meant she "knew how to bring some colour to Angie because I had been around a bit". I had been knocking around in the business for 15 years after drama school," Dobson explains. "I had done a lot, so although I went from nobody to 'Who's that girl' overnight, for me, it wasn't overnight - it was a long trek through Stepney Green to drama school."

Armada: 12 Days To Save England starts on BBC Two on Sunday, May 24

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**Sat 23 May 15**
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Brian May ITV 'Good Morning Britain' following General Election 8 May 2015 -

Transcript Jen Tunney

BEN SHEPHARD - Presenter (to Brian): This end of the table, we're a little bit grumpy. Brian, frustrated by the results?

BRIAN MAY: I’m very sad, but the part of me that’s Scottish is rejoicing because I think the Scots have taken a giant step further towards escaping the tyranny of Westminster.

What makes me sad as the part of me that’s English is that we’re going back into that tyranny and it’s a disaster for wildlife. There’s no question of that. I think it’s a disaster for the poor, the National Health Service, and I’m finding it hard to be positive.

BEN: Now that is only water, isn't it?...


BEN: I know, Brian, you’re commiserating as well, ‘cos it wouldn’t go your way, but appreciate your coming along and sharing your thoughts.

BRIAN: It didn’t go the animals’ way, that’s for sure…. We have a government who will bring back fox hunting and will continue slaughtering badgers, so that’s what you voted for.

Brian May - Good Morning Britain

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