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**Fri 22 May 15**
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Queen's Brian May On How Young People Can Transform Politics -

Transcript Jen Tunney

BRIAN MAY: I think pursuit of the truth it vital. You know, you have to be very aware that what you see in the newspapers is probably not true. So where do you go for your truth? So you have to really sort out, you know, what is really going on rather than what you’re being told is going on. I think young people are rather good at that.

I was a little disappointed that the internet didn’t have more effect on the election. I think the next one it definitely will, because people will be able to circumvent all the propaganda.

I think it's vitally important for people to know that most of the information that's coming to them by the way of front pages of newspapers is manipulative - is basically lies.

And so once you get past that you start to know what's really happening in government and we all need to be aware of what's happening in government. It's not something up there and doesn’t affect us. It affects us every day of our lives.

Not somehting up there

Brian: "It's not something
up there and doesn’t affect us."

I wasn’t very good at it as a kid, so I’m saying, you know, I've done a lot of lecturing in recent weeks in universities and I feel that the young people are very much more aware than we were and we can look to the young people to change things for the better."

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**Fri 22 May 15**
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Brian and Anita - Ivors
Brian: 'A great riff helps as well. A great singer helps, but you need the song."

Transcript Jen Tunney

BRIAN: Yeah, the writer tends to get forgotten. It's only recently actually that iTunes had to put the writer on the track listing, you know, but the writing is where it all starts. If you don't have a decent song, you're wasting your time. What would you be singing if you don't have a decent tune? And for whatever goes on, it's still about tunes. It's a great tune. If you've got a great tune, then great! A great riff helps as well. A great singer helps, but you need the song.

. . . That's an interesting question. I think for us young people (laughs), you know, us rock stars, it's a kind of link to the past. It's a continuity thing. You have so much respect for songwriters of the old days who wrote loads of amazing songs - Bing Crosby songs and Frank Sinatra, you know, It gives you a connection with them 'cos you realise you're in the same business, even though you might be, "We're rock 'n' roll and they're not". It's about songs and it's a good feeling to be sort of ranked alongside these great musicians.

On Rock in Rio.

Thirty years after the original Rock In Rio, the very first one, which we opened, we'll be back there. Yeah, it's amazing. It's aleady sold out. Half a billion!! No. (laughs) It's a lot of people.

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**Thu 21 May 15**
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CHECK OUT AMAZING CLIPS and background to the series: HERE

Don't miss the incredible Mrs May as you've never seen her before.

Armada - 12 Days to Save England
Documentary about the sinking of the Spanish Armada

Anita Dobson as Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I (ANITA DOBSON) Regal role: Anita Dobson

Episode 1

In the first part of a major three-part drama documentary series, Anita Dobson stars as Elizabeth I, and Dan Snow takes to the sea to tell the story of how England came within a whisker of disaster in summer 1588. Newly discovered documents take us right inside the Spanish Armada for the very first time and reveal a missed opportunity that could have spelled the end of Tudor England.

Teleivising as follows:

Series 1 - 1. 12 Days to Save England
Sunday 24 May, 9pm

Series 1 - 1. 12 Days to Save England
Monday 25 May, 11:30pm
BBC Two (not Northern Ireland) Repeat

Series 1 - 1. 12 Days to Save England
Thu 28 May, 11:15pm
BBC Two Northern Ireland Repeat

Series 1 - 2. The Battle for England
Sun 31 May, 9pm
BBC Two (not Northern Ireland)

Series 1 - 2. The Battle for England
Sun 31 May, 9:30pm
BBC Two Northern Ireland

Series 1 - 2. The Battle for England
Mon 1 Jun, 11:20pm
BBC Two England Repeat

Series 1 - 2. The Battle for England
Mon 1 Jun, 11:50pm
BBC Two Scotland Repeat

Series 1 - 2. The Battle for England
Mon 1 Jun, 12:20am
BBC Two Wales Repeat

EastEnders Queen no longer reigns over Albert Square but she's got a regal new role
21 May 2015 by Keeley Bolger

Anita Dobson has swapped the Queen Vic for Good Queen Bess in the new BBC drama documentary, Armada: 12 Days to Save England

It is almost 30 years since Anita Dobson ended her reign over Albert Square in EastEnders. But now the actress is back in another regal role – swapping the good old Queen Vic for Good Queen Bess. The 66-year-old actress plays Elizabeth I in a new BBC drama documentary, Armada: 12 Days to Save England.

Fans who remember her as EastEnders’ pub landlady Angie Watts in the 1980s will be shocked by her transformation into the ageing Virgin Queen. But not half as shocked as Anita, who spent four hours a day in make-up.

She revealed: “They put this substance on my face and skin and dried it gently with a hairdryer so the skin would stick into wrinkles. Then the make-up artist painted on leather spots and pockmarks. There’s a shot of me in a dressing gown and I look about 111.”

Despite this, Anita is thrilled to be following stars, including Glenda Jackson, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren, in portraying one of Britain’s greatest monarchs.

The two-part programme, starting on BBC2 at 9pm on Sunday (24 May), tells of the 1588 defeat of the Spanish Armada – with historian Dan Snow explaining the battle and Anita re-enacting key scenes.

Anita, married to Queen guitarist Brian May, said: “Elizabeth ruled for half a century. What an amazing achievement.” She added: “It’s a good thing that women now, like Elizabeth I, have a strong feeling of self-worth.”

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**Thu 21 May 15**
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Attending the 60th Olivier Awards - Brian May said admitted he was "very angry and upset" over UK election result...

DIGITAL SPY reported Brian's comments
21 May 2015

Brian May

Brian May at the Ivor Novello Awards 2015 © Getty Images / David M. Benett

"I was very close to suicide," May said of the election result at today's Ivor Novello Awards in London. "I've just about got over it actually. I was very angry and upset because we were hoping for something different. I was hoping this election would be the last one in which the two-party system was seen to be representative of what we want. I think the public does actually want something very different. But unfortunately there was a massive propaganda machine which swamped everyone with fear of Scotsmen with kilts running this country, and that's what won the election. I think even the people that voted in that direction are even thinking, 'Oh my God, what happened? What did I do?' We're back in a dictatorship situation for the next five years. We don't have a parliament which can actually discuss things and make decisions."

On concerns of government selling off state-owned assets such as the NHS:

"We're no distance away from selling off the NHS because they've started already. All of this, 'We're going to put loads of money into the NHS' is a complete smokescreen. Yes, there are already parts of the National Health Service that are privatised, and are making money for private individuals. I think that's a scandal beyond belief. Somehow the wool was pulled over our eyes. The biggest problem we have at the moment is truth. There's is nowhere to go to find the truth - it's very hard. We're swamped with all this propaganda, and most of it is untrue - in the press. I think finding the truth is something we should very seriously engage in."


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**Thu 21 May 15**
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21 May 2015

Brian May has confessed that although Queen "probably" won't be taking to the stage at Glastonbury this year they would be interested in headlining the world famous music festival in the future.

Brian May and Anita Dobson(Opposite) Brian May and Anita Dobson

The 67-year-old rocker has confessed that while the band "probably" won't be taking to the stage at the world famous music festival this year, they wouldn't turn down the opportunity to take to the stage at Worthy Farm in the future if Adam Lambert - who has been acting as the band's front man in place of the late Freddie Mercury - is available.

When asked if Queen were set to perform at the festival later this year, Brian told BANG Showbiz: "No probably not. Look these things get put on the table, it would be interesting to do Glastonbury if we were an operational unit at the time. You see this year Adam's off doing his solo work at the moment so it wouldn't have worked. You only look at things that are possible logistically at the time."

The 'We Are The Champions' hitmaker has been performing with Adam, 32, and the band's drummer Roger Taylor since 2011, and is looking forward to him returning as Queen's frontman when they tour South America in September.

Speaking at this year's Ivor Novello Awards, which took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London today (21.05.15), Brian said: "He's doing very well, 'Ghost Town' is his single, which is doing great. He's off doing his own thing and then he'll be back with us in September for some South American dates, including Rock & Rio."

The star added he has been happy to offer his words of wisdom to Adam, who was the runner-up on the eighth season of 'American Idol' in 2009.

He said: "I've given him plenty of advice, he's just a young boy really."

Brian was joined at the prestigious award ceremony by his wife, Anita Dobson, as well as Ed Sheeran, who took home the Songwriter of the Year prize, Hozier, who won Best Song Musically and Lyrically for 'Take Me To Church', and Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, who were presented with The Ivors Special Anniversary Award.


Ada Lambert releases "The Original High", his third studio album, 16 June on the Warner Brothers lable. The album was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles, with Max Martin and Shellback,executive producers. Expect a fresh sound from Adam and collaborations with Tove Lo and Brian May.

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**Thu 21 May 15**
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Brian and Anita
Happy couple: Queen legend Brian May arriving with actress wife Anita Dobson at 60th Ivor Novello Awards

Brian May - Ivors


Brian May has opened up to GIGWISE about the potential of a new album from Queen, and the likelihood of them recording with touring singer and American Idol, Adam Lambert

[Brian May on the new Queen album and Adam Lambert - The Ivor Novello Awards 2015


GIGWISE: The question we all want to know is there was talk a while ago of new material with Adam Lambert. How's that coming along?

BRIAN MAY: It's not coming along. No we're not doing that, not at the moment anyway. We might do but the moment we're watching with interest while Adam pursues his solo career, and it seems to be going very well. I think he's an amazing, amazing artist. There's no getting away from that. It's very interesting to watch him develop. And we're, I think we're conscious that he doesn't want to be with us all the time, you know. That would be so wrong for us to just sort of envelop him and never let him go off and do anything else, so it's very important that his own career's progressing now. We're looking forward to being back together in September to do Rock In Rio and some dates in Argentina and Venezuela, I believe.

GW: Obviously you're an incredibly prolific artist. Do you, you much do you write....?

BM: Ah, well, I haven't been writing a lot. No, I've been very busy doing other things, so you know, from 1AM to 5AM, in the old days, I would be writing songs, but now I tend to be looking at what the Government's doing and how I can stop them!

Black Sabbath - Ivors

Brian May presented Black Sabbath with their career award, to which drummer Bill Ward commented: "It's been a good 40 years. At least, I think it has."

Iommi earlier told the BBC that the band would hit the road one last time in 2016, following his being diagnosed with cancer.
"We've tried to cut down because of my treatments," he said. "We can't just keep going round like we used to."

May wanted Beatles in Eurovision
21 May 2015

Queen's Brian May has said his younger self used to wonder why The Beatles didn't enter Eurovision.

Talking at the 60th anniversary of the Ivor Novello Awards, he said: "It's been very patchy, the Eurovision Song Contest. I remember when I was younger thinking, 'why don't The Beatles just put all their songs in there and win all the prizes? I suppose there's a very trite formula to win but there's been some great songs. Abba notably scored a success with a song that is immortal. A lot of people say, 'Abba, it's not rock and roll'. But if you write a great song, it's a great song forever."

May spoke about working with singer Adam Lambert, and the likelihood of writing a new Queen album with him.

He said: "We're not looking at that at the moment. We're looking at going to Rio in September which is great. We're playing Rocking Rio 30 years after we first opened the festival and they're going to love Adam. So we'll take it from there. Adam is promoting his album at the moment, and doing very well."

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**Thu 21 May 15**
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The 60th Ivor Novello Awards on Thursday 21 May 2015 at the Grosvenor House, London.
11:00 am - 6:00 pm ..

Brian and Anita attend the 60th Anniversary of the Ivor Novello Awards today. Brian spoke about the Eurovision Song Contest....

DAILY ECHO writes: Queen’s Brian May stepped out with wife Anita Dobson, and was happy to talk about the latest hot topic – the Eurovision Song Contest – saying there had been some “great songs” over the years, and some not so great.

He said: “It’s been very patchy the Eurovision Song Contest. I remember when I was younger thinking why don’t the Beatles just put all their songs in there and win all the prizes. I suppose there’s a very trite formula to win but there’s been some great songs.”

Brian went on to say: “Abba notably scored a success with a song that is immortal. A lot of people say Abba, it’s not rock and roll. But if you write a great song it’s a great song forever.

Here is a 'Red Carpet' photo.

Brian May and Anita Dobson - Ivors
Photo (Ian West/PA)

M MAGAZINE 'as it happened' account:

Brian also presented an award to Black Sabbath:


Now Brian May is on the stage – this is for the Lifetime Achievement Award.


This goes to Black Sabbath and all band members are on stage apart from Ozzy.


Brian May on Sabbath: ‘They really rewrote the way that songs were written.’

‘Black Sabbath are THE originators (of metal).’


Bill Ward from Sabbath with some advice for new bands: ‘Have courage, take risks, then fall on your ass and get up again.’

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**Thu 21 May 15**
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Check out this auction in aid of Nepal victims at:


Brian May Signature Guitar Autographed by Brian May Himself

CLOSES: Wed, 27 May 2015 3:16:00 PM EDT
CURRENT BID at time of posting here: $2,550 (8 Bids)

The listing states:

You will receive a Brian May Signature Guitar in Gold that was signed by Queen's lead guitarist and legendary musician Brian May!

The Brian May Signature Guitar ... inspired by Brian May's legendary 'Red Special', an instrument that has achieved iconic status a unique place in rock history, and designed in conjunction with Brian May himself. The result ... a stunning guitar, blessed with superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones.

Donated by: Brian May
Additional lot details
Guitar is new.
In condition as donated.
Cannot be returned or exchanged.
Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner.
Certificate of authenticity is not included.

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**Mon 18 May 15**
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51 Degrees North Screening

Check out this event to commemorate 107th anniversary of an asteroid or cometary nucleus obliterating huge areas of a Siberian forest (the Tunguska event).

Asteroid Day: Science Panel Discussion and Private Film Screening of 51º North
Asteroid Day
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 from 19:00 to 23:00 (BST)
London, United Kingdom (Science Museum) - South of Hyde Park

Tickets: £50.00 (+£3.65 fee) - limited number.
include: entry into the IMAX for the Asteroid Day Science Panel and Private Film Screening of '51º North and access to the post screening after party in the Exploring Space in the Science Museum.

Science Penel will include:

Lord Martin Rees - Astronomer Royal of England
English diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell - English diplomat
Lewis Dartnell - Astrobiologist
Alan Fitzsimmons - Astrophysicist
Debbie Lewis - Risk crisis specialist
Richard Crowther - U.K. Space Agency Chief Engineer
Stuart Clark - Science journalist

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**Sun 17 May 15**
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We can confirm that Brian May and Kerry Ellis will making an appearance in Verona on 1st June. The release put out in Italy is in part incorrect and misleading. We await Official 'correct' Press Release shortly.

Arena di Verona

ARENA DI VERONA 2015 -1 GIUGNO ARENA DI VERONA 2015 01 GIUGNO 2015 ORE 21.00 - Tickets: HERE

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**Sun 17 May 15**
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Hampshire Teddy Bear Fair

17 May 2015

Brewins' Bruins wrote a Class for Artists to produce a stylized fox especially on behalf of Brian May's Save Me Trust in the 2015 International Teddy Bear Artists' Awards.

Brian judged the Class a couple of weeks' ago and the Fox entries, as well as all the other competition entries can be seen on stage, at the forthcoming Spring Hampshire Teddy Bear Festival. Visitors can even expect to see some Elton John Bears playing piano on stage! There will be a wealth of Artist Bears, Steiff and Vintage Bears to admire and purchase.

Brian has also kindly donated a signed polo shirt which will be auctioned following the 2015 ITBAA presentation by Anne Brummer, CEO, of the Save Me Trust around 12.30

Homemade lunches are available in the Festival's cafe.

Plenty of parking available at the front of the Lyndhurst Community Centre

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**Sat 16 May 15**
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Question Time recap: Nigel Farage, Jeremy Hunt, Tristram Hunt and Brian May face questions from the public Read on


Excellent article.

15 May 2015
I totally take back everything I’ve ever said about Queen’s Brian May .... Read on HERE
or below:

Brian May on Question Time

Just a quick one: was anyone else as surprised and delighted as I was by Brian May’s performance on BBC Question Time last night?

I’ve been quite rude about him in the past. Yes, that distinctively shimmery, echoey, almost Venusian guitar of his did provide part of the soundtrack to my youth – I seem to remember getting to third base for the first time to the accompaniment of Night At The Opera – but what I’ve never quite forgiven are his politics.

As a countryman and nature lover, for example, I feel every bit as passionately about wildlife as he does. Which is one of the reasons I’m so much in very favour of the badger cull, as I argue in more detail here.

Apart from the Ford Mondeo the badger has no natural predator, so since in the early 1980s legislation made it illegal to kill badgers, their population has rocketed to unsustainable levels. The consequences have been disastrous: TB in both badgers and cattle has soared; hedgehog and ground-nesting bird populations have been devastated; farmers’ livelihoods have been destroyed; vast sums of taxpayers’ money — the figure last year was £100 million — have been squandered; and Britain is now at risk of having an EU ban on all its beef and dairy exports, at a cost to the economy of more than £2 billion a year.

May, on the other hand, has positioned himself at the forefront of the shrill and self-righteous anti-badger cull movement, which unfortunately has attracted the very worst elements of the animal rights movement, and appears to be motivated more by sentiment and cherry-picked data than it does by hard evidence.

But while I haven’t changed my views on badgers, I’ve definitely shifted my stance on May.

Last night, as the panel’s licensed jester – the token celebrity who can ride whatever hobby horses he wishes – he could all too easily have spouted the sub-Russell-Brand drivel we’ve come to expect on Question Time. Instead, he was a model of decency and sweet reasonableness.

This was especially noticeable in his behaviour towards fellow panelist Nigel Farage.

It really ought to have been a very tough evening for Farage. And it certainly began that way. Every question he had from the audience was hostile, starting of course with one about him being “snarling, thin-skinned, aggressive”. Even if you’re not a fan – which I still am – I think it would be hard to deny how well Farage acquitted himself – never showing signs of umbrage taken, cheerfully getting his political points in a way that, ever so slowly, began to win the audience round and earn him some actual claps.

None of this would have been possible, though, without the unlikely support he got from his fellow panelists. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – most definitely not rhyming slang, on last night’s showing – led the way with some generous remarks. But what really clinched it was Brian May, who absolutely refused to pick on an easy target and instead took the opportunity to deplore the nastiness of politics in general and, by implication, the treatment of Farage in particular.

This, in turn, gave the audience the permission they needed to stop poking the chained up bear with their sticks.

If you haven’t watched it, you should. Question Time at its best. Almost restores your faith in human decency.


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**Fri 15 May 15**
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Report in The Telegraph:

Sketch: 'Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in' - Farage summons the spirit of Michael Corleone
15 May 2015


“Ukip ran the most positive campaign of the election,” said Nige [Farage]l, which is a matter of perspective (immigrants might disagree).

Jeremy Hunt and Brian May added that they thought it a pity that we can’t all just be nice and focus on policy. Read More

Question Time Panel

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**Thu 14 May 15*
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Brian May made a debut appearance on BBC Question Time debate programme tonight, televised from Uxbridge.

Question Time 14 May 2015 - Brian May on Panel
- and

10.24: BRIAN MAY (to Nigel Farage)

"I don’t have a problem with you changing your mind about resigning. I think it happens a lot. People resign, you know, and it’s the gentlemanly thing to do in a sense ,and people don’t want to reject who believe in you. I didn’t think I’d be supporting Nigel Farage, but I’ll support that.

What I don’t like, in common with Jeremy here, is this kind of insults approach in politics and I think that’s what we need to get rid of. It’s a real shame that people in your party adopted, you know, 'snarling, aggressive', whatever. Let’s look at the positive side. This kind of negative campaigning is really damaging British politics, and that’s part of the reason people don’t believe in politicians anymore. So, I’m with you."


Also Question Time featured on BBC One late night rolling news:

BBC One News (15 May 2015) -

Jeremy Hunt and Brian May - Question Time
Fellow panelists: Jeremy Hunt and Brian May

BRIAN: [If Cameron's not scared of backbenchers] why is he so keen to have a referendum on EU, and not on, say, fox-hunting?

Brian May on Question Time
Brian May

Question Time panel

Brian May

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**Thu 14 May 15**
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14 May 2015 by Mikey Smith

Brian May
Dr May says the only reason for fox hunting is to get 'sadistic pleasure'
from the suffering of animals

The Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner gave the Prime Minister both barrels, calling him 'the worst kind of Tory' and saying he has no compassion for animals. Dr May says the only reason for fox hunting is to get 'sadistic pleasure' from the suffering of animals. Brian May has launched a passionate attack on David Cameron, who he says has "no compassion for animals whatsoever."

The Queen guitar legend and animal rights campaigner condemned the Prime Minister's support for the badger cull and the legalisation of fox hunting.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, he said: "It looks like nothing can stand in Cameron's way. Now he's got a majority he can plough through with the things he was hesitating on, like fox hunting. I think Cameron is a special kind of Tory. The worst kind of Tory. The kind that has no compassion for animals whatsoever." He said: "The most appalling thing is that they fought this election on the economy, and now the first thing that comes up is fox hunting."

Dr May has been vocal on animal rights issues since 2005. He runs animal rights organisation Save Me, with whom he's campaigned against blood sports and the badger cull.


Reuters Fox hunt -
Dr May says enjoying the suffering of another creature is "psychopathic"

He says that of the dozen or so reasons people give for why fox hunting is necessary, all but one fall down on close inspection.

"The only thing you can honestly say about fox hunting is that people enjoy it," he said. "People have a sadistic pleasure in seeing an animal ripped apart. It's sadism. To be honest, it's psychopathic behaviour to enjoy the suffering of another creature. People who have no compassion for animals tend not to have compassion for humans either."

The Mirror contacted Downing Street for a response to Dr May's comments, but they had not responded at the time of publication.

He said the one glimmer of hope was that when the bill to repeal the Hunting Act is introduced to the Commons, it will be a free vote.

"I think all votes should be free votes," he said. "It's by no means certain he'll have the full support of his party." He said a new petition would be set up in the coming days on the government's website against the repeal.

Should Britain bring back fox hunting? (VOTE HERE)

YES - 24%
NO - 76%

Dr May was a key campaigner against the badger cull, which was piloted by former environment secretary Owen Paterson, and looks set to continue under his successor Liz Truss.

The 2013 pilot badger culls in Gloucester and Somerset were described as "ineffective" at stemming the spread of bovine TB and failed the test for humaneness, according to an independent panel of experts put together by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). And yesterday it was revealed that at a time when the government is planning £12bn in cuts to welfare, they are content to spend more than £5,000 per badger killed in the heavily criticised plan.

In February, Liz Truss told the annual conference of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) she would press on with the cull in spite of the criticism. She said: "We will not let up, whatever complaints we get from protesters groups. We are in it for the long haul and we will not walk away."

Dr May said: "She speaks from the same hymn book as Paterson - which is the same hymn book as Cameron, who it seems has some kind of behind closed doors agreement with the NFU to continue the cull regardless of the evidence."

NFU Director General Andy Robertson said: “The NFU has always been clear about the need for a badger cull as part of a comprehensive strategy to address the scourge of TB. However, we have not met the Prime Minister and Brian May's claim of a behind the scenes deal therefore makes him look ridiculous.”

Badger thugs

PA A wild badger
'Obscene waste of tax payers’ money': The badger cull was resurrected last year

In the run up to the election, Dr May launched Common Decency, a project intended to encourage people to vote for people who would act with decency in the House of Commons. He admits he's disappointed in the outcome of the election. He says he has no plans to abandon the project, but will be changing his methods.

"A lot of the old methods don't work," he said. "Even getting a vote in the House of Commons and winning that vote is no guarantee you'll influence the Government."

But the Queen guitarist played down reports of a rift between him and Prince Charles.

In one of the Prince's recently revealed "black spider" letters, the Prince describes the anti-badger cull lobby as "intellectually dishonest". But the letter was sent a decade ago, before Dr May was vocal on animal rights issues - and crucially, before the independent report declared the badger cull pilot ineffective.

Dr May said: "I imagine Prince Charles' views could have changed. Somebody should ask him."

Brian May is a panelist on tonight's Question Time tonight on BBC One at 10.45pm.

Also on the panel are Ukip leader Nigel Farage, and Jeremy Hunt, who confirmed last week that a bill to repeal the Hunting Act would be on the Government's agenda for this Parliament.

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**Thu 14 May 15**
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The name says it all… For the month of May only, Brian May Guitars presents a great selection of fantastic deals on exclusive guitars, signed instruments, ex-demo models, one-offs ad prototypes. All items will be available strictly while stocks last.

The lineup of instruments will be updated throughout the month… so keep an eye on the site HERE over the coming weeks for some more unmissable BMG deals.

ANATO BM guitar

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**Wed 13 May 15**
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David Dimbleby

This week, on BBC Question Time, David Dimbleby chairs the debate from Uxbridge, as a panel of guests faces topical questions from the audience, focusing on the outcome of last week's general election.

Brian May will join David Dimbleby and the panel.

Nigel Farage
- Member of the European Parliament / Leader of UKIP
Jeremy Hunt
- Secretary of State for Health, and the Member of Parliament for South West Surrey. He was previously Culture Secretary
Tristram Hunt
- Labour Politician - historian and broadcast journalist, Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Centra, Staffordshire.
Brian May
- British musician, singer, songwriter, astrophysicist, lead guitarist of rock band Queen, animal welfare and Common Decency campaigner.
Zanny Minton Beddoes
- Editor-in-Chief for The Economist.

Question Time
David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Uxbridge.

How you can take part in the discussion by text message or tweet:

Text message. The number is 83981.

Twitter: Twitterers exchange messages live during the programme by inserting the hashtag #bbcqt in their messages. Unlike the texting platform, the Twitter debate is neither run nor moderated by the BBC. You can also follow messages from the programme on its Twitter account: @bbcquestiontime.



Thursday 14 May 2015 - 22:45 (1 hour)

Thu 14 May 2015

Thu 14 May 2015

Presenter David Dimbleby
Series Editor Nicolai Gentchev
Executive Producer Hayley Valentine

Also you can tune into:

"QUESTION TIME EXTRA TIME" Radio 5 Live, Thursday 14 May at 22:00.

Stephen Nolan and John Pienaar introduce coverage of Question Time, with the chance to continue the debate after the simulcast.
Text 85058 or tweet @bbc5live.

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