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**Fri 31 Mar 17**
Direct link

Hi Folks

Brian here. Just wanted to say a few words about the forthcoming "Queen in 3-D" book. This has been completely a labour of love for me and it’s taken about three years, and I was only able to do it because I’ve been obsessed with stereo photography most of my life. So all through those classic, golden days of Queen, I had a stereo camera with me, so this is a collection of all the pictures that I amassed over the years, most of which I took, well, a lot of which I took, and some of which were taken of taken of us by people to whom I entrusted the stereo camera for a little while.

Brian May's Queen in 3-D Teaser -

Bri with Freddie lenticular

Front of the book has a lenticular of Freddie, on, which announces the 3-D nature of the book, and you don’t need a viewer to see this in 3-D. This is one way of processing 3-D, but the real stuff is inside the book, which is side by side 3-D in the classic Victorian style, and for that you need a viewer. Luckily in the package is a free OWL, my patent, London Stereoscopic Company OWL, which is made in Sunbury-on-Thames, and is about to be made in China as well.

For the first time we’ve made it in unforgettable "1986 Freddie Mercury Jacket Yellow “, in honour of Freddie and it’s very very much a Queen colour. It's the first time you’ve seen OWLS in this country, so there's... this colour, sorry, in this country, and so this is a special for the “Queen in 3-D” book.

Once you get your book, I only have a dummy here, and it’s just bound up with these rings as you can see. Once you have your book, a lot of the pictures will be just full page like that, so you don’t need a viewer to look at them, but the real meat of the book is the 3-D pages, and for each one of these pages you will need the OWL.

Just so you know, those of you who are not familiar with the OWL, you have to position it squarely over the picture like this and hold it by the back as I’m doing here - hope you can see this - and then the focus, as always with the OWL, is done with the thumbs. There's two little thumb holes here and you focus it like this, so once it’s on the page, focus it like this, with your eyes looking through.

What I should mention is that the crucial thing with all these pieces of apparatus is to get enough light on it, so position yourself near a window or a bright light and then you’ll get the full majesty of the 3-D. So once you’re on there, squared up like that, look through and suddenly you’re there.

This book has particularly high quality printing, much higher than even a normal art book, so under the magnification of these lenses, it still looks pretty decent. That’s very important.

So I’m looking at Freddie here and Freddie’s looking at me, taking a picture of me with his beloved Polaroid camera and I’ve captured the moment in 3-D and I think if you look through this viewer you’ll feel like you’re there with me. It's an amazingly powerful medium - traditional Victorian stereoscopy, and I believe that this is the first time it’s ever been done and I don’t think there’s every been a book before which chronicled the life of a rock band in 3-D over the years, so this goes back all the way to 1970 when we started, and the book actually goes back a little further than that to my childhood, when I first discovered the principles of 3-D and stereoscopy.

So its been a great journey for me and I hope it is for you when you get your “Queen in 3-D” book. I hope you have many many happy hours going through it and tracing our history. It's only glimpses, you know. It’s not really a biography, but some very telling glimpses, I think, and all the way up to the present day. You’ll notice we have a couple of pages on Paul Rodgers and a few pages on the wonderful Adam Lambert, and I think Adam Lambert fans will enjoy that, as will Queen fans, because Adam is really a member of the family now.

So we’ll be seeing you out on tour pretty soon. We'll be touring the States in June, probably Europe in October, probably the UK in December - but shh...

Qin3D Teaser - shh


But that’s kind of the plan, and hopefully we’ll have “Queen in 3-D” books with us.

God bless you all. Thank you for your support.


SEE MORE on New Website:


**Wed 29 Mar 17**
Direct link

Sorry, Mrs May, but ... this made me smile.

Time will tell, eh ?


Mrs May signs Brexit letter


**Wed 29 Mar 17**
Direct link

Getting excited about this. Like many good things, it was a long time comin' !


Brian May's stereo masterpiece "Queen in 3-D" is less than 2 months away All the details and the website is live!

Queen in 3-D press release
Full Press Release in Brian News
see also


Well excited about this ! Release is April 7th ... my Dad's birthday.

But we'll have a single track out there on the 4th ! Hurrah !

This album is a true collaboration between Kerry and myself,


Golden Days


**Wed 29 Mar 17**
Direct link

We had an amazing day. My head hurts, but I feel we took a step forward. Great talks, good people, and so much to learn.

It was good to share a room with good honest folks from all points of the compass. This goes down in my book as a good day.


Brian May introduces the day
Rosie Woodroffe: "Here's Brian May kicking off today's symposium on the
science of controlling bovine TB."

Brian and Marc Abraham
Marc: Incredibly proud of my buddy Brian May and Save-Me/Team Badger for
bringing experts together for Bovine TB Symposium

Ian McGrath, Bri, Phil Latham, Anne Brummer

Symposium speakers by Linda Lamont
Symposium speakers - by Linda Lamont



**Sat 25 Mar 17**
Direct link

Look ! This boy is great !!! Pretty good song too !

Rafi "Love of My Life" I The Blind Auditions I The Voice Kids Indonesia GlobalTV 2016



**Thu 23 Mar 17**
Direct link

Irresistible ! Today is National Puppy Day.

Today is #NationalPuppyDay

Click here for movie

National Puppy Day


At last ! Support for my theory that cold showers are very good for me !

5 reasons why cold showers are beneficial


THIS TUESDAY Probably the finest collection of Bovine TB experts ever assembled in one room. We have great hopes for a new spirit of cooperation in the fight against this tiny but deadly pathogen.

If you care about Bovine TB, join us next Tuesday 28th at Imperial College to hear the latest updates on strategies to beat it.

Bovine TB Symposium

Tee hee ! Fabulous ! But sadly they're not joking.


God picked Trump


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