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**Sun 18 Oct 15**
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Live in SOMERSET ? Want a return to lots of field sports ?

(oh yes - that means BLOOD SPORTS) Here's your man !

Kenyon’s the man to back field sports in Somerset
7 October 20105



**Fri 16 Oct 15**
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Cliff Richard celebrated his 75th birthday with a show at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 14 October - Brian an Anita were in the audience....

Yes, we shared a box with Tim Rice and Paul O'Grady. Cliff was great - it was very emotional. The audience adored him from beginning to end - sang him Happy Birthday.

Bless 'im !

My tribute message on screen included a 'virtual' message from Freddie. Cliff was a hero to Freddie as a boy, and they became great friends later on. I had a brief chat with Cliff afterwards at his party - as well as with brilliant Shadows rhythm player and writer Bruce Welch, Bonnie Tyler, members of Cliff's band and others. It was a great atmosphere - and Cliff, as always, was markedly gracious to all who have supported him through thick and thin.

By the way the place was packed to the rafters - they even sold the choir seats. And Albert's Hall will be similarly packed with Cliff fans for SEVEN solid nights. Truly phenomenal.

And ....

Cliff is wearing well. Even close-up, he still doesn't look a day over 45 ! And you know what ?! The guy can sing !!!




**Thu 15 Oct 15**
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Great to be finding our feet in the studio again !

Brian and Kerry - finding feet

In studio today working on Kerry Ellis ANTHEMS II Album - wondrous bass playing from Neil Fairclough !

Brian and Neil Fairclough

Approved !!! By Kerry Ellis New tracks - hurrah !

Kerry approved



**Tue 13 Oct 15**
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[On seeing Matt Cardle and Rachel John in Memphis The Musical last night (12 Oct)...]

Can I just say "OMG" ? Congratulations Rachel - stunning and enchanting. More power to ya.

Matt - very cool.


Rachel John wrote:

What a brilliant birthday Matt Cardle. Thanks SO much Brian May & Anita for coming to see Memphis Musical.

Matt Cardle, Brian, Rachel John and Anita - Memphis Musical
Matt Cardle, Bri, Rachel John and Anita Dobson
Photo courtesy Rachel John


Sun 11 Oct 15**

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Tim Dombrova wrote on subject of Patrick's Legacy:

is there any chance you could lease/rent the property to a university or college and have them use it as a residence for post graduate students in the science field??

Thanks for writing, Tim. Yes, We DID look at this option. But it did not lead to any takers. And really it’s not so surprising, because, apart from nostalgia, truthfully, as an accommodation, Farthings could not offer anything special as regards facilities.

As one of Patrick’s closest friends wrote to me yesterday “As soon as Patrick himself was not present in Farthings, the place no longer had his magic - it is just a house”. It’s also a house that needs a huge amount of restoration and maintenance ! I’m just thankful we managed to keep it functional for as long as Patrick was living in it. It DOES have a splendid new thatch on it now, though !



**Sat 10 Oct 15**
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Well, set list was ...

I Who Have Nothing


Born Free (premiering the new Cecil’s Law video)

Crazy Little Thing called Love


Have seen not so many pics yet but here’s one from Sara...

Kerry and Brian at Wildlife Ball, The Dorchester 9 October 2015
Brian and Kerry at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Charity Ball

NEW PETITION for Cecil's Law. Please SIGN and share - HERE - and please show people the video.

CECIL LIVES ! New orchestral mix Cecil's Legacy Born Free video ... THANKS.

Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Born Free (Cecil's Version) -

Cecil’s Law will stop hunters importing their gruesome trophies back to Britain. We are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron and the government to introduce legislation that would make animal heads, skins, claws and teeth contraband. We are outraged by the illegal slaughter of Cecil, and find it despicable that Britain has allowed the importation of lion trophies with the correct paperwork.



**Sat 10 Oct 15**
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QUEEN Buenos Aires CONCERT Selfie Stick 3-D moment ! At last ! Enjoy !

Buenas Noches Buenos Aires ! Otra Vez ! Esta Vez en 3-D !!!! Aaaah ... Buenos recuerdos tambien !!!


Selfie Stick Video |3-D| Buenos Aires [September 25, 2015] - Brian May

Selfie 3-D Buenos Aires


** Fri 09 Oct 15**
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Hello, all who loved Sir Patrick Moore. Brian May here.

Since there has been a lot of speculation out there in the media about Sir Patrick Moore’s Will and estate, and, sadly, a lot of misleading information has appeared, I’d like to offer this as an update, addressed to all who are interested in the great man’s legacy.

Patrick waxwork
Patrick Moore Waxwork at Chichester Planetarium - photo: Bri

We’re now close to finalising the realisation of all the provisions of Patrick’s Will, but it’s been a long haul, since some of it was so complicated, and, two years later, we’re still addressing the remaining unsolved problems (thankfully all small ones now) in winding up dear Patrick’s affairs. We’re a small bunch of devotees, we whom Patrick appointed as his executors, and I can tell you that everything that we’ve put in place has been worked on with a great deal of love and care.

I’m not going to pretend that much of the credit is due to me. Patrick’s close friend and now retired solicitor David McCahearty has devoted immense amounts of time to sorting out all the various areas, and ‘devoted’ is the word. The truth is, without his work, we would all be in chaos at this point, and all the money might have disappeared ! (I’ll explain why, later.) I should point out that neither David nor I are beneficiaries of the will, so we don’t stand to profit in any way from it. Patrick did, however, name beneficiaries – a small group of chaps whom Patrick ‘adopted’ as his honorary Godsons. Patrick took care of them in life and in death.

The Science Museum

Our central achievement, I think, is the now finalised major arrangement with the Science Museum for the core of Patrick’s ‘professional’ effects (even though he insisted to the end he was an amateur !). The Science Museum’s intent is to mount a permanent ‘shrine’ to Patrick, and also to make the core of his observations and his collection permanently available to scholars. And so we will eventually see, if the Science Museum keep their promise, a permanent national monument to Patrick in the most important public science facility in Britain. I think it would make him smile.

As I’ll explain more fully later, we had to give up our initial idea of converting Farthings into some kind of study centre or memorial for Patrick. It was simply impractical for a number of reasons. But I think we achieved something much better.

The Science Museum spent months sifting through thousands of items in Patrick’s library and collection, to ascertain which of his belongings constituted the central core of his life and work. As Patrick’s executors, we finally handed this core collection over to the Science Museum earlier this year, in return for a sum of money which is dedicated to founding, as agreed by of all the trustees, the Patrick Moore Heritage Trust. The PMHT has now been fully incorporated by David as a charity, to act as a channel for inspirational work in Astronomy on Patrick’s behalf – a scheme which Patrick thoroughly approved personally while he was still in operational health. This is something Patrick himself was very excited about. We were able to set it in motion with him while he was still alive, with his full participation and approval, rather than wait for his demise to begin putting the project together.

Chichester Planetarium

Some special items relating to Patrick’s work we then earmarked as donations to Patrick’s favourite project in his latter years … the Chichester Planetarium. Patrick spent a lot of his own money helping this splendid institution to get started, under the leadership of eminent astronomer Dr. John Mason, and he also spent much of his spare time contributing to its development. If you visit (highly recommended), the first thing you see when you walk in will be the very convincing waxwork of Patrick, looking every inch the way he used to look when he was delivering a talk to a bunch of young astronomers. We believe this small but busy planetarium is one of the best possible living monuments to Patrick’s lifelong commitment to Astronomy. Every year it gives thousands of young students their first taste of the wonders of the Universe – and doubtless at this very moment is inspiring the next generation of Astronomers – as Patrick himself did for over half a century. As of today there are exciting new developments at the planetarium as it looks as if permission will be granted for it to expand to accommodate a study centre wing, plus the possibility of a unique astronomical garden and a small museum.

Moore Music, Cricket, and Herschel

Another special area to consider was Patrick’s music. Well, it’s been well taken care of. We have entrusted all the Patrick’s manuscripts of Patrick’s musical compositions to his favourite protégé, xylophonist Chris Beaumont, who has been keeping Patrick’s music alive in his live performances. We have safety copies of everything lodged in my archives. We also headed Patrick’s favourite Xylophone Chris’s way. I have also archived (alongside Queen treasures) all the recorded works that we have been able to find, and we are in the process of safety-copying all of them too.

Yet another special area ? Cricket. Patrick was a real enthusiast, and had a reputation for being a spectacularly bad batsman but a mean bowler of that odd delivery Known as a Googly. We donated his beloved cricket bat to his favourite institution - the Selsey Cricket Club.

And one more ! Patrick had a special regard for the eminent Victorian astronomer William Herschel. He devoted much time to helping the small but fascinating Herschel Museum in Bath, and became their patron. After Patrick passed on, the Herschel Museum asked me to take over as their Patron. Among Patrick’s treasures were a number of items which related directly to Herschel. We all agreed that these should be donated to the Museum, to be enjoyed by its visitors.


After all this, there still remained another large part of the collection which constituted the most saleable of Patrick’s other collected effects; some of this material is what we consigned to be sold at Christies (totally incorrectly referred to in the media as “Patrick’s Worldly Goods"), and the remainder is to be auctioned in Chichester. These are mostly personal things; we felt Patrick would be happy if his many thousands of his fans had a chance to acquire something small as a keepsake.

This in turn left us with one more task: to sensibly dispose of the remaining largely unsaleable stuff, from random books not associated with his work and not otherwise special, down to stacks of photocopies of journals, and old newspapers, etc. Anyone who has dealt with executing a relative’s Will knows that you eventually get down to things like tissue dispensers and old picture frames, which are not easy to find homes for, and in the end are best dealt with in small bundles, sent to charity shops and the like.

There has always been a risk that the total receipts from Patrick’s chattels would not even cover the costs of the administration in disposing of them, and of course we still cannot be sure what the monies from Christies, etc, will amount to. But I believe that we will have sufficient to cover it, and also some money left over to enable the Heritage Trust to begin its work.

Far Things

As many people close to Patrick know, he was a very generous man, sometimes to the point of folly ! Although he made a significant income during his life from his books and other projects, towards the end of his life he found himself in a position where he could no longer sustain his outgoings. All of us who were close to Patrick blanched at the thought of this great man spending his last days in an old people’s home, rather than staying in his home and workplace, affectionately named ‘Farthings’, with the thinly disguised alternative meaning “Far Things” – this being typical of Patrick’s gentle humour. He was above all, productive – that’s what he lived for. You might have thought that being a Knight of the Realm, and one of the most celebrated figures in Britain, people in high places would have stepped in and made sure his welfare was taken care of. But not so. At this point, realising the tragedy that was imminent, I secretly offered to bail him out. I bought first a strip of his garden to give him some ready cash, but then things continued to get worse, so I then bought the house and remaining land from Patrick and leased it back to him for a peppercorn rent, so he never had to worry about money again. To safeguard the money (so Patrick couldn’t give it all away !), the cash was put in his accountant’s care to be paid in yearly instalments to Patrick for his day to day upkeep and other calls. We had no idea how long his life was to be at that point, but in fact the instalments were to enable him to live comfortably in his beloved Farthings to the very end of his days. The arrangement was secret for some years, but was eventually ‘exposed’ by some busybody newspaper reporter. The relatively small amount of cash left in Patrick’s accounts when he died goes directly to the four beneficiaries (only two of whom are also executors), split equally. His possessions, on the other hand, he directed to be disposed of by his executors as they saw fit. Patrick was not survived by any close relatives.

Just to fill in the gaps, we have all (David, John Mason and myself) spent the last 2 years trying to find a way for Farthings to be part of a monument of some kind to Patrick. All the proposals we have considered have come to a dead end, including the originally enthusiastic approaches of the local council. I am now convinced it is never going to happen. In the location of Farthings, there is simply no way to make the house sustainable as a study centre, museum or monument. It sits in a residential area, and so cannot be converted into commercial premises, it has no possibility of dedicated parking, and all our advice was that it would simply lose money consistently on upkeep and staffing, until it fell into disuse, obliterating the Heritage Trust’s funds, and becoming an embarrassment for Patrick’s memory. There have been a few armchair philosophers out there saying ‘it was Patrick’s dying wish that the house become a study centre’ … but of course all of us close to him know that this is simply not true. Patrick’s prime concerns, in order of priority, were Ptolemy - his beloved pussycat - and his library. These were absolutely OUR priorities, and we believe his hopes are admirably fulfilled.

So the only other major problem to be solved is how to dispose decently of the empty house, Farthings. Unfortunately, it’s my problem ! I have now decided to bite the bullet and put it on the market, but with certain constraints. I’m considering putting covenants on the property, to try to prevent the land being sold on and split up for more dense, moneymaking housebuilding, which would have bothered Patrick, I’m sure, and would make life horrible for his neighbours. I’m sad to have to sell it at all, but I can’t live in it, and I believe we have now exhausted the exploration of all other possible futures for the house. Of course if someone came up with a workable plan to buy the house, keep it intact, and make it useable by the scientific community, I’d be all ears. But I don’t believe it will happen. I would be happy, and I believe so would Patrick, if it makes a home for a growing family – the kind of family Patrick once dreamed of raising.

His last gruff words to me about the house were “I don’t want the house to be a rope around your neck, Brian. You should sell it for a profit. I would never have allowed you buy it from me unless that were the case”. I told him I really wouldn’t feel comfortable making a profit out if it; the whole point had been to preserve his quality of life, precious to us all. So that’s how we left it. He once again after that asked me to try to ensure his collection of ‘special’ books was preserved intact and accessible - his library. But he was astute, and realised that this might not mean that it remained physically in the house. I believe his library is headed to the place where it will be most appreciated and most useful to future generations of astronomers - The Science Museum. Supposing the sale of Farthings does show a profit, I have it in mind to donate that to the Chichester Planetarium for their expansion plans. I think that would be fitting.

Patrick’s legacy

So I believe we have, by due attentions, done our very best for Patrick’s legacy, and by the time we’re finished, we will have done him proud. His legacy will be immortality in the Science Museum, his work preserved for the Nation, a thriving, teaching Chichester Planetarium, probably with at least a new wing added in his name, The Patrick Moore Heritage Trust, the continuation of the performance of his musical compositions, together with the protection of his recorded works, with a view to a reissue at some point, and his myriad archived appearances on The Sky At Night and other TV and Radio shows. But most of all, we all know that his greatest legacy is the current generation of top British astronomers, amateur and professional, who credit Patrick as their original inspiration to do what they do now.

All Hail Sir Patrick !

Very best



See also in Telegraph:

Brian May: the truth about Sir Patrick Moore's estate
9 October 2015


**Fri 09 Oct 15**
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Tonight at the Dorchester, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - we will premiere the Cecil's Law video. See you there.



Cecil's Law

Brian and Kerry


**Tue 06 Oct 15**

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VICTORIAN GEMS launched today !

A Victorian Christmas Box !!!!

Very happy to announce that our new Victorian Gems boxes have finally arrived, ready to ship out !

This is something unprecedented in our London Stereoscopic Company activities. For someone who is unfamiliar with the idea of Stereoscopy, it’s the most complete introductory package ever offered - everything your Dad or Mum or best friend needs to get hooked on the truly immersive 3-D experience. For collectors and those who are already hooked - our best customers - everything in this high-quality Victorian Gems box is new.

It contains :

Victoian Gems open set

1) 1 pack of 12 Scenes in Our Village cards - numbers 1 to 12 in T.R. Williams’ unique and beautiful stereoscopic portrait of a Berkshire village and its inhabitants in the 1850s. Ever since I started collecting this extremely rare set of stereo cards, about 40 years ago, I’ve dreamed of sharing them as a high-quality reproduction issue. It’s now five years since we published our book A Village Lost and Found, co-authored by photohistorian Elena Vidal, in which we presented, for the first time ever, every card in the Scenes in Our Village series, and told the stories behind them. For this book, we did some restoration on the scans of the original cards, but kept them ‘real’, with their original imperfections as printed material. For this series of reproduction cards, we went a stage further, and digitally ‘remastered’ them, so they can be viewed in the 21st century in a close-to-perfect state, as we’re sure T.R. Williams would have wished.

To me, this is the most exciting ‘remastered’ set we’ve ever produced, faithfully restoring the original beauty of each photographic scene, with an exact facsimile of the verse on the back of each card, adding another layer of meaning to the view. I’m hoping that we’ll eventually be able reproduce the entire series (about 60 cards) - a tribute to the genius of Thomas Richard Williams, and a captivating glimpse into the lives, hopes and dreams of a tiny simple farming community in another age.

2) 1 pack of 12 Diableries cards - ‘A’ Series, numbers 1 to 12. This new set includes many of the earliest diabolical creations of master sculptors Hennetier and Habert. We published numbers 13-24 first, because, like the Scenes in Our Village cards, our reproduction Diableries cards are optimised for OWL viewing, and this was a more demanding job in the case of these rare and often deteriorating early issues, numbered 1-12. There are 72 scenes in all in the ‘A’ series, and full details can be found in our book Diableries - Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell - co-authored with photohistorian Denis Pellerin, whose pioneering research uncovered a wealth of hidden meanings in these amazing tableaux. These reproduction cards, unlike the illustrations in the book, feature our special ‘Foil Eyes’, which glisten provocatively, giving a sinister 4th dimension to these scenes in Hell, in a similar way to the original French Tissue stereo views, in which the eyes were pierced and covered with red gelatine so they shone like fire when lit from behind.

3) 1 pack of 12 Poor Man’s Picture Gallery cards. These cards are highlights from our book The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery which revealed the many previously unseen connections between Victorian narrative paintings and the popular stereo cards of the day. Each card in this series has a link to the page on the Tate Britain website where the corresponding painting can be viewed. Or you can pay a real visit to the Tate Gallery until November 2015, where, for a limited time only, the classic stereo cards can be viewed alongside the famous original paintings. The cards feature scenes from Shakespeare, historical tableaux and current events such as Derby Day, all specially staged in photographic studios to be captured as stereoscopic views. They were very popular in Queen Victoria’s time.

4) Booklet ! This booklet gives information on the sets of cards, plus a short history of stereo photography, complete with hints on how to take your own 3-D photos, to be viewed in the OWL. It also, importantly, supplies an ISBN number which makes this package eligible to be sold in book shops, where we hope to generate a new awareness of stereoscopy.

5) A dedicated high-quality stereo viewer (our patent ‘OWL’ viewer) is, of course, part of the set, fitting snugly into the OWL’s ‘Nest’, and suitable for viewing ALL stereo cards in the side-by-side ‘Brewster' format – as well as glass slides and stereo daguerreotypes from the 1850s onwards.

6) A title card to fit in the slot in the front of the OWL’s Nest ! And some spare cards for titling the Nests containing your personal stereo card collections.

Victorian Gems is the perfect Christmas gift for your favourite family member or friend - or maybe just for yourself !

Enjoy !


More info HERE

Victorian Gems


**Tue 06 Oct 15**
Direct link

This is such a misleading report.

Only the residue of Patrick's effects is here. Science Museum has his legacy.


Sir Patrick Moore auction

The astronomer Sir Patrick Moore's worldly goods are being put up for auction in West Sussex. The popular BBC Sky at Night presenter died in December 2012. Sean Killick reports

Posted by BBC South Today on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wednesday 7th October 2015: The Sir Patrick Moore Auction to include Selected Antiques & Fine Art
Henry Adams Auctioneers Baffins Hall Baffins Lane Chichester West Sussex PO19 1UA


**Tue 06 Oct 15**
Direct link

For anyone interested in solving the bovine TB problem, this is a great collection of arguments and history.

- A History of Bovine TB c.1965–c.2000


Hi Folks. Brian here.

It’s been a while since I did a “Brian Talks” - a while since I’ve been on Youtube rabbiting on, but I’ve been on tour as you may know down in South America, which was amazing. I have to send grateful thanks to all the amazing audiences who gave us such a wonderful welcome.

Now I’m back in Britain and in some ways it’s very nice and I still love my country, but at the moment there are some very grim things going on and we continue to fight.

On the eve of National Badger Day I sit here wondering what I ought to say to you... [Read on]

Brian May

(Click for video)

What I will say is this. There’s a number of things. It’s about awareness. Please do raise awareness by tweeting and facebooking and whatever blogging, and for those of you who go out onto the streets to march and to protest and to make a noise, everybody’s with you, including me, absolutely.

Perhaps the most important thing of all though, is to direct our minds to the zones where the killing is going on as we speak. We tend to forget the enormity of the crime that’s being committed against badgers by the Government and the NFU and I believe it is a crime. Yes it can be legal, but it can be completely immoral because it’s unjustified. In terms of morals it’s unjustified in terms of the scientific evidence and of course it creates this huge rift between farmers and the public, rightly so in a sense, because this is something which cannot be justified.

Yes, Owen Paterson’s been going around as have some people from the NFU saying, “My God, the cull’s already amazing success”.

Well, it’s not true folks, and there’s plenty of evidence to show that they’re not telling the truth. The truth is that there is no evidence whatsoever to say that this cull is working. That’s why we protest. That’s why we believe that the badgers should not suffer in terms of physical and emotional and family destruction. That’s why we fight.

Do we have sympathy for the farmers? Yes we do. That’s why a lot of my own money’s gone into research and projects in Cornwall to see if vaccination will solve the problem. I believe it will, along with a lot of other measures, which need to be taken. These other measures that need to be taken are perhaps technical, but really blaming the badgers is a great excuse for the NFU to allow their members to, or in fact encourage their members to go on doing what they’ve always done and expect a different result.

This is not good news. This is not good policy, and anyone who is selling it as a solution to the bovine TB problem is being dishonest.

Yes, do we care about the cows? Yes we do, very much so, because the cows are being abused. Cows are going down. Cows are getting a horrible disease because of a lot of facts in history which had led to this. We are the only country in Europe which has this problem. It’s because we haven’t followed the rules properly. We haven’t done what we should have done in the past and we’ve done some very inadvisable things.

Doing nothing is not a solution, so often that’s put at us. No, doing nothing but doing something which probably makes the problem worse is absolutely unforgivable. It’s been shown by the RBCT experiment, which is really the only decent science that’s been done, the only proper science. It’s been shown that culling badgers randomly can actually increase the incidence of TB in cattle nationally, but that’s exactly what the Government had been doing.

It’s actually worse than that, because farmers for years and years have been taking it upon themselves to victimise badgers and kill them sporadically with disastrous results, with the results that we have at the moment, which is that TB is rife.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you wanna to do something really great and save badgers, join the wounded badger patrols just for one night, perhaps. It doesn’t take a great commitments, not your whole life, but for a night or two you can go down there and just walk with these people, these kind, compassionate people who care enough to walk the line which says we will not allow badgers to be abused. We will not allow them to suffer.

There’s plenty of documentation of careless shooting and callous behaviour. Just the fact that you’re there makes people toe the line of decency. It makes the shooters behave decently and you can save a badger’s life. It’s not a question of extinction of a species. It’s not a question of ecology. It’s a question of decency to an individual badger and the badger’s family.

We don’t need to be doing this. The badgers have been in this country longer than we have. They deserve a decent life and a decent death. This is not it.

Please, at the end of this message, have a look at the numbers. Call somebody and join a wounded badger patrol in the few days that are left of this disgraceful cull in Gloucestershire, in Somerset, and perhaps most of all, in Dorset, which is some kind of half-baked roll out.

We have reason to be happy. Yes, we haven’t won this war yet, but if we hadn’t been fighting, the likes of you and me, this horrific and ineffective and cruel badger cull probably would have been rolled out throughout the whole country by now.

We will win this. It’s indecent. It’s immoral. It’s ineffective, and it’s costing the taxpayer millions unnecessarily. It’s not solving the problem.

Let’s go. Let’s do this. Let’s hang in for just a little bit longer and if you wanna see us down in the wounded badger patrols, you’ll probably see me there later on as well.

God bless you all. Let's keep up the fight for decency.




**Mon 05 Oct 15**

Direct link

Huge thanks to everyone in Brazil, Argentina and Chile who gave us such a magnificent welcome this last month.

Brian, Adam and Roger


Buenas Noches BUENOS AIRES ! Finalmente ! Nuestro Selfie-Stick moment ! THANKS !

Selfie Stick Video - Buenos Aires [September 25, 2015] - Brian May -

Selfie Buenos Airies 1

Selfie Buenos Aires - 2

Selfie Buenos Aires 3


**Sun 04 Oct 15**
Direct link

Lunar Eclipse by Jamie Cooper

FABULOUS ! Best rendition of that lovely Lunar Eclipse last week I've seen. From Jamie Cooper.

We ran straight off stage and climbed on to the arena roof to see the totality at 11.47 local time. Amazing !!



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