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**Fri 30 Sep 16**
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Brian May congratulates Rosetta Mission on completion 30/09/2016

Hi Rosetta folks. This is Brian May speaking to you from Bangkok.

Just wanted to congratulate you on the most amazing cometary encounter of all time and congratulations especially on the climax which happens tonight.

I’ll be on stage in Bangkok, but you will be in my thoughts.

God bless ya’. God less ya' Rosetta.



**Fri 30 Sep 16**
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My thanks to my teacher ! #7minworkout has been the only way to wake my body up on this tour.

Exercise teacher


Bangkok ! The river is nuts and the air is hot ! We rock tonight.

Bangkok and the river

Last sound check of this tour.

Last sound check of tour - Bangkok
Click for large panorama image

Thank you Bangkok !!! A fitting climax to our Asian tour !!! Bless ya !

Thanks Roof !!! Great tour ! Great work !

Bangkok by Rufus Taylor

The final load out of the tour - thanks to our great crew and all who made it happen.


**Thu 29 Sep 16**
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Well, I didn't FEEL I was incredible last night. But it was great to feel big love from the Hong Kongians ! Thanks.

Hong Kong by Dan Simpson

Hong Kong by Hector Ilerena

Just visiting ... to lend support ... Yes.

Don't imagine that nobody cares in China.


Hong Kong WWF Visitor Centre


**Thu 29 Sep 16**
Direct link

[In this smartphone format video tutorial, Brian shows us how to take stereo photos with a smartphone and view them with the Lite Owl or the Owl VR Kit.]

Brian May Tutorial

Hi Folks

I'm assuming that you're watching this in 3-D, so hopefully you have your OWL VR Kit or else you have your Lite OWL. But I'm just going to do a little tutorial to show you how you can take 3-D pictures very simply of your friends, or anything around you that you fancy, and then you can keep doing this, if you like, to demonstrate how fabulous 3-D really is. 3-D is such a real medium, is incredible. So much more evocative than just a flat picture.

Okay - here's my mobile phone. Here's a little app called 3-D Camera, distinctive red and green signs that's saying 3-D. If you've got an Android there's something very similar which is called 3-D Steroid. Anyway, get one of these little apps. It doesn't cost very much. In you go and it's gonna prompt me. It's gonna help me. Help you and help me make a stereo pair and it's gonna be really easy. See - it says left image here - that's gonna start us off. You take a left image. Move a few inches and take a right image, and then immediately you can pop them into a stereo pair. I'll show you how it works.

Brian Takes Stereo Photos with a Smartphone - If VIEWING ON TABLET OR PHONE - DOUBLE CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE

I will aim at Denis Pellerin, who is filming me. Here we go. Here's my left image. Click. And move a little bit to the right. Two and a half inches is good, but you can vary it. Click. There's the right image. Now the app has put these pictures together on top of each other, so you can move them around and check that they're in the right place. You wanna have them roughly lined up like that and I usually put the right image slightly to the right, so they end up behind the stereo window - but that's a detail. You're ready. All you do is press this little thing down here, which says "side-by-side". It's got two little windows next to each other and immediately you have your stereo picture.

All you need to view it is a Lite OWL. I hope you have your Lite OWL in your pocket always, and I can view that immediately and very beautiful it is, I have to say. Denis Pellerin is very beautiful subject.

I'm sure your lady friend or your man friend, or your children or your Mum or your Dad will make wonderful subjects, and you can take landscapes. You can take all kinds of pictures anywhere you like and immediately view them with a Lite OWL. If you're at home, you have the luxury of sitting down with something more luxurious, then this is the Lite OWL - this, sorry this is the OWL VR Kit, which comes in a beautiful packet like this and we have another video showing you how to put that together - but your phone will fit in here anytime you like and you have a lovely focusing stereoscope to enjoy your pictures, and this really is the deluxe way to do it.

Enjoy. Enjoy your 3-D app and your OWL and your Lite OWL. Let's get into stereoscopy.



**Thu 29 Sep 16**
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SELFIE moment Vid Clip now available !

First Night:


Selfie Stick Video |3D| Tokyo, Japan [September 21, 2016] -

Tokyo Night 1 stereo


Selfie Stick Video - Tokyo, Japan [September 21, 2016] -

Tokyo Night 1 selfie mono

Tokyo Night 1 mono



**Wed 28 Sep 16**
Direct link

No More Trinkets

An elephant dies every 15 minutes to to make trinkets and to make money for despicable poachers and traders.

We must stop the trade in ivory now. Nothing but a complete ban will do.

Stop the killing of these magnificent creatures.

The World expects you to act now. END Ivory Trading FOREVER. No more elephant killing. Nothing less than a complete ban, worldwide.


Dr Brian May: Stop the Ivory Trade Now -

Save Me Trust Statement - Ivory

Elephants are being murdered for their tusks every day. These sentient beings and their multi-generation family groups are being driven to extinction because of human greed and a desire for ‘trinkets’ This has to stop. How could we begin to explain that we let elephants become extinct on our watch We do not believe that allowing the sale of ivory on a free market will help save wild Elephants.
The recent experience of CITES allowing the sale of stockpiled ivory in 1998 and again in 2009 has seen the price of ivory triple in China and across Asia with whole industries being set up to carve ivory again. This now fuels more demand that drives the black market price higher and sends criminal gangs rushing to African to murder wild Elephants. We have created a never ending cycle of destruction.
We call upon CITES and all member Countries, including the UK to bring about an immediate end to the export of live animals and further, to end the export of their body parts.

Read more here:/


**Wed 28 Sep 16**
Direct link

Woke up in amazing Hong Kong ! Good Morning !

Waking up - Hong Kong

Waking up - Hong Kong - mono

A triumph of Nature and Technology ?! The coconut is real coconut. The ring pull is not ! Clever these Chinese !

Ring pull coconut

Thanks Crazy Hong Kong Folks !!

Hong Kong - Bri on B stage



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