**Wed 21 Jul 04**

[Ed: In response to "Was 'You Don't Fool Me' written in the late 80's or during the Hot Space sessions...?"]

As I remember, the bare bones of this song [You Don't Fool Me] (and they were VERY bare!) were put down in the last sessions we did with Freddie in Montreux. When it came to piecing together "Made in Heaven", the album, David Richards was keen to make the fragments into a finished song. I wasn't sure there was enough to work on! He got a long way with weaving textures around the vocal sections we had, stretching things out a little. I think both Roger, and John who had had a lot to do with those original fragments in the beginning, went in and added some ideas. There came a point where finally I got enthusistic, and I spent a day or so, with Dave, putting down a lot of different riffy ideas that came to me while listening to the rough so far. Dave then moved a lot of things around, and worked his magic (mixing is his speciality - he 'rescued' a lot of stuff in the past, including Duran Duran tracks, for instance) - and then we all sat around and said, "Didn't we just play that perfectly!" ha ha! Well, that's probably an over-simplification.... but ... there you have it!

I really like the track now - but not as much as I LOVE the title track, MADE IN HEAVEN, which I think is possibly the best sounding Queen track ever, and MOTHER LOVE, which is to me the most significant collaboration I ever had with Freddie ..... alongside the one afternon I spent with him on an embryonic verse of "The Show Must Go On". I think I wrote about these things earlier .... But I digress... right ? !