JULY 2009

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**Fri 31 Jul 09**

Paola Riccucci wrote:

Please, do not take this the wrong way round, but in my opinion the pictures of you holding Sebastian should come with a "DANGER: Excessive Sweetness!" warning, especially the second one. I just can't understand how so many people can regard such a beauty as a pest. I remember a few years ago in London, taking a taxi from Shepherd's Bush Green to Kensal Green, in the middle of the night.

We were passing that large park after the flyover junction, when the car's lights suddenly revealed the lean shape and bright eyes of a fox, crossing the darkness just before us. The driver swerved - trying to run it over. I shouted at him. The fox darted to safety into a hedge. "Fu**in' vermin...!", he muttered, then said to me, "Sorry, ma'am, but we must kill 'em all - they're dangerous, spread disease."

In a country that doesn't even have the excuse of rabies. From a taxi driver, not a farmer finding his poultry shed raided. I am afraid my language wasn't too ladylike, in the brief discussion that followed.

Luckily, London also has people like you.

Love from Rome,
Paola ---

Brian May wrote:

My God ... yes the ignorance out there about animals is so depressing. All the best, Paula, and thanks. Bri (Can we print the part of your letter about the fox and the driver ? )

B x

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**Fri 31 Jul 09**

Christine Rains wrote:

Hi Bri,

Thank you for speaking out on the subject of animal abuse again and again. Maybe a little personal story, so you know that I understand where you are coming from (it doesn't take much to understand, one would think...).

My mother has cancer (lymphome, advanced stage), and recently she was admitted into a chemo therapy program that is based on chimaera (mice) and animal testing. I've always been very concerned about the subject of animals (been a vegetarian since I was 14 - gelatine sucks!), and in all honesty, I felt very disheartened when I heard that my mother is going to get that type of chemo therapy.

And it's always been my being a vegetarian and my way of thinking that has made me a sort of "black sheep" within my family since very young because they never understood my "sillyness". Instead of people asking "how come you think or feel that way?" it was always me who had to defend the idea of not wanting to kill a fellow feeling being (is it so hard to understand?). But I'm strong because I feel it's right...

Now, I've for the past weeks spoken with friends about the fact that I wish that my mother would have opted out of that particular treatment. People at parts react with "how can you??". Well, I'm very aware of that if one is facing an illness head on onself one may think differently. But since I was a teenager I've been trying to stick with my conviction that I don't want to put my life over that of an animal, so I can stay alive and they will have to die for me. It's wrong, and I know it deeply within my heart. Still, I get to feeling that I'm the bad person in this whole thing... which is really strange and feels very twisted.
Overally there is a lot of emotional blackmailing involved, people try to make one look bad as a vegetarian. I've even been told in my lifetime that it's "against God's will" not to eat meat. Probably the worst kind of blackmailing I've come across in my lifetime...

Well, I'll come to an end here with my little essay, but I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for voicing thoughts that I can once again say I feel supported with. Stand strong and do what you do, you're a good person with a lot of influence. Never underestimate that (I think you don't).

Much Love


Brian replied:

See SOAPBOX for reply

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**Tue 28 Jul 09**

Thais Rosana Gilio Ramos wrote:

Dear Brian...

Sorry, my English is really bad ... However, I think it necessary to send this email. I'm Brazilian and a Queen maniac.

I was watching videos on YouTube, where I found a video of "Pânico na TV" program, and in my opinion is great lack of respect with Freddie and his memory. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIxLgD0T22c.

There is not only this video, the program Pânico has a character named "Freddie Mercury Silver" which is always stain the Freddie's memory, dancing a dance with their arms behind, which he calls "Dance of Cricket" and sometimes quote Freddie's sexuality with a little bias.

I think this is a lack lot of respect, and furthermore, there are people who do not know the Freddie's life and work and just knowing in a way not very nice, with this character.

Sorry to bother. Thank you!

I love you!


Brian replied:

Yes, thanks, Thais - thanks for showing us this. My feeling is ... yes, it's pretty crap. It makes me feel slightly sick. But it's probably not worth bothering about. Freddie will be remembered and loved centuries after these cheap clowns are dead and buried and long forgotten.

Cheers ! Rock !!


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**Fri 24 Jul 09**

Frank wrote:

A carefully crafted response that actually avoids any real and meaningful comment. The only real concern that Mr O'Brien appears to have is that the 'letter of the law is followed' to ensure that 'captured animals do not endure prolonged suffering'! Nuff said

Copy of e-mail reply from local MP

From: "O'BRIEN, Stephen"
Date: 24 July 2009

Thank you for contacting me about the League Against Cruel Sports War on Wildlife report and Early Day Motion 1473.

I am aware of the issues the report raises and share your concerns about the alleged illegal practices taking place on some game parks and estates through the use of snares. I was especially disturbed to read about domestic pets becoming caught and inappropriately set traps leading to the avoidable suffering of trapped wildlife.

It is imperative that, if snares are used, they are used to the letter of the law and in line with the Code of Practice set by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). In terms of the law, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, introduced by a Conservative Government, states which types of snares may be used (‘self-locking’ snares are illegal) and how they should be set to prevent harm to other protected species.

I believe it is especially important that when snares are set, they are regularly and frequently inspected, in accordance with the law and the recommendations in the Code of Practice, to ensure that captured animals do not endure prolonged suffering. By following the rules, farmers and game keepers can avoid causing unnecessary harm to wildlife. Any deviation from the law has to be appropriately punished.

Fortunately, for the most part, farmers and game keepers use snares in accordance with the law and BASC regulations and I believe that these are sufficient to ensure that wild animals are not unnecessarily harmed. Snaring, when conducted in accordance with the law and best practice, is discriminate and carried out with respect for the quarry species. For these reasons I will not be signing EDM 1473.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write to me.

Yours sincerely

Stephen O’Brien MP
Shadow Health Minister
Website: www.stephenobrien.org.uk



Brian replied:

Oh God .... these people will never change ... This makes no sense whatsoever, and yet the man will probably be part of our governing body soon.


Good for Frank.

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**Wed 22 Jul 09**

Zoe wrote:

Hi Brian,

I think you must have heard the news of the eclipse.As a girl in China ,I got a perfect chance to observe it.Here is some pics of it.
I'm not really good at the astronomy terminologies. But I guess a good pic say thousand words by itself.

I'm not really good at the astronomy terminologies. But I guess a good pic say thousand words by itself.
It's about your birthday time, and I think you'd like to have seen the eclipse if you were here in China. Since you were not, I send the pics along, as a kind of birthday gift.
And here are some photos taken by us, some students of a middle school who are interested in this event, so they are all amateur shootings. However, I think while you can get all the professional stuff from the Internet nowadays, these pictures are actually special in their own way.
And when I took these pics, at that moment, what occur ed to me is your song '39 ,whose melody and lyrics came to my mind.....



Brian replied:

See SOAPBOX for reply and Zoe's eclipse photos.

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**Sat 18 Jul 09**

Mairi wrote:


I saw your post yesterday and the fox pictures and am really hoping you will help here. I received this email ... (below) from Wildlife Aid and although they only mention the plight of badgers and not that of foxes in their preamble about the BBC Countryfile Poll, the current response online right now is 57% in support of hunting and only 42% in opposition. If you could get this message and the link below out on your site for people to vote, it would help enormously! We need to send a clear message to those in the Conservative party who are threatening to overturn the ban.

Best regards,
Mairi Hayworth


The link shown below will take you to a BBC Countryside website/questionnaire. There are two questions in which we are particularly interested:

- Was the government right to rule out a badger cull in England?
- Five years after the hunting ban, do you support or oppose hunting?

Please help us by immediately voting and forward this e-mail to all your contacts, asking them to do likewise. The fate of Britain's badgers is hanging in the balance and we must ensure that the opinion of those who abhor the slaughter of badgers is taken into account. Every vote will count, so don't delay, do it now.



Brian replied:

I'm with you, Mairi.

We will put this up. It's a hard one really, because for the poll to really mean something, the people would need to be educated ... which they are mostly not ... it's a depressing world.


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**Wed 15 Jul 09**

Ernst Harald Larsen wrote:

Hi Dr. May

I have collected Queen for 30 years. I have wrote on my web page www.queenonstage.com, about the possible filmed 2nd. encore. Normaly when they filmed at that time, they use a camera in the background which was not so mobile.

I thougt this might was the last one they packed up, and therfor still filmed. But, this has NEVER been confirmed. I have NEVER ever heard of, orr been told that anyone have such film part of the 2nd encor. I have contacted a lot of collectors true the years, withiut to get ANY possitive feedback that anyone have, or know someone who have this.

Only BBC is the people to answer this, if they answer at all. You might know this better than me.

But again, I have NEVER ever heard of anyone who have this 2nd encore on film. It's just a 'hope' we have had true the years.

Another thing I have found out. Some of the speak's between some of the track, included some 'christmas' talking from Freddie. This has been edited out on ALL the BBC broadcastings I have. This 'original' speak's from Freddie would have been nice to have included in the DVD.

1.) After Ogre Battle Freddie said "Right now Queen would like to drink a special Christmas toast to everybody here, all the viewers. So cheers! ". The version I have compiled has only "Right now Queen would like to drink a special toast to everybody here, cheers! ".

2.) Before Liar Freddie said "And now a special Christmas edition of a little number called Liar. ". My version has only
"And now, special edition , a little number called Liar! ".

Not a major thing, but...you know...blood fan is a blood fan....

I highly recommended you to release a cd with, or seperat with the DVD release, which has been done on all the latest live DVD's. But you know this...I just must tell... don't want more boot cd's of this....

I really look forward to the DVD and CD.

Ernst Harald Larsen, Norway


Brian replied:

Many thanks Ernst.

Good information, and very helpful.

See SOAPBOX for remainder of reply.

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**Mon 13 Jul 09**

Dean Haycock wrote:


I Have noticed on the Queen Online store loads of Queen LP’s that have been Digitally Remastered. Sorry for sounding a bit thick but what exactly does this mean and has the music been tweaked/added to?

Dean Haycock


Brian May replied:

Legitimate question !!

I will ask the experts !


See Brian and Justin Shirley-Smith's later reply on SOAPBOX.

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*Mon 13 Jul 09**

Andy Dolphim wrote:

Subject: WWRY - Birmingham

Hi Brian,

I have to write after attending WWRY at Birmingham Hippodrome Sat 11th July. What a spectacular show. The cast were excellent; in fact I have to say probably the best I have seen in a show. I saw the show in London at its ‘birth’ which was also a great show, but this did have something extra. Congratulations to all involved. It is usually the British nature to knock things down (well, the press anyway!) so credit where it is due, it was fabulous. I even got to sit near one of the speakers; something I would have been more thrilled about 20 something years ago no doubt. The songs are so wonderfully crafted, a touch of genius in all of you it has to be said. Together with a witty script (with an undercurrent of truth!) it makes for a great night out. Thanks for bringing the show on tour

Keep on rockin’

Andy Dolphin


Brian replied:

Many thanks Andy ... this is what we like to hear ! I have to say I love this company too ... amazing !!

All the very best ...


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**Mon 06 Jul 09**

Ian Jackson wrote:

Hi Bri,

Wow, what great news today to hear on your web site the Hammersmith Christmas Eve concert is coming out on DVD, I was there that magical night, so it has fond memoires for me travelling down that day with my three mates in my old Mini Cooper from not so sunny Suffolk, getting lost along the way across London!

I was just 20 years young back then (am 54 tomorrow 6th July), we'd all been at the concert their back in October as part of the Night At The Opera tour, as I remember it during the concert we were told that tickets were available for the Christmas Eve concert after the show for I think it was about £4 each??, so we snapped them up on the way out, by the time we'd got back on Christmas Eve of course Bo Rap was at number one in the charts for the first time! I still have the enamel badge and posters purchased that night!

I've been a loyal fan since 1974, can't wait to hear fantastic tracks like White Queen played live again along with all the other older stuff - will you be showing whispering Bob in the white top and tails at the start??

Many thanks for making my day yet again - there's been many many other days over the years you guys have made for me!

Keep up as ever all the good work!

Kind Regards,

Ian (from Lowestoft)

P.S. Please please say they'll be a Blue Ray version?


Brian replied:

Thanks Ian ... great to know you are still with us, all these years later. I hope it will make you smile some more!

See SOAPBOX for rest of reply.

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**Mon 06 Jul 09**

Paul wrote:

Dear Brian

Last night I went to see we will rock you in Birmingham, and having seen QUEEN at Manchester 86 I thought the show would have a lot of living up to do, would I be disappointed??? Absolutely not! the whole show was just mind blowing. The cast were spot with everything, singing, dancing and the very many funny one liners. The costumes were simply stunning,,and the glorious surround sound the shook the foundations.

The band were fantastic, and the drummer was awesome, he must of had a good teacher HAHA!

The hippodrome was sold out to people of all ages and every one of us gave the cast a good ten minute standing ovation. I bought my WWRY tour T-shirt and i requested a carrier bag, and the girl behind the counter said the bags are free but if you would like to make a donation to the Mercury Phoenix trust we would be greatful,which i did without hesitation.

For the people who haven't seen the show,,you must buy tickets and go. Its the best show I've seen (after queen of course). Brian, heart felt thanks for writing all the music over the years it will forever be in my heart and I for one will be going to see We Will Rock You again.

cheers Paul


Brian replied:

What a great letter, Paul .... thank so much ... we need to know this!

I'll make sure our Company in Birmingham see this too!


Can we publish ?!

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