JUNE 2016

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**Wed 08 Jun 16**

Michael wrote:


I live in Scotland, we have many badgers and many cattle and as far as I’m aware no TB

This has always puzzled me. We had a senior vet staying with us and I raised the issue with him.

His view was its very little to do with the badgers. Its to do with the intensity of the farming in England.

As with people if animals are kept in close proximity and are stressed (people by poverty and animals bred and farmed to give ever milk of more beef per animal). In both case their natural resistance to disease if weakened making the susceptible to any disease they come in contact with.

In Scotland the cattle are farmed less intensively, spend more time outdoors if not all the time outdoors. They must be on the same land as the badgers roam but no TB.

I believe many of the farmers know this but do not want any pressure from the government to farm less intensively so throw the attention to the badgers.

One last thing. Thank you for taking up the badgers plight.

Kind regards



Brian May replied:

Thanks Michael.

Yes, this is definitely a significant factor in the whole Cattle TB equation. And one which is part of the now huge volume of evidence that now exists that badgers have very little to do with the current spread of TB. Sadly, this has beome a political issue, and the truth is being ignored by this Government.

It’s incredibly frustrating to know that the whole issue could be solved cheaply and humanely, but we cannot make this happen under the present regime.

Many thanks for your comments and support.

We will get there in the end. But probably not under this government.

All the best


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**Wed 08 Jun 16**


LOIS wrote:

Dear Brian

In America, as I'm sure you know, the campaign is ongoing for the next president of this country. If you have been following
any of this, you might, at this point, have some opinions, if not favorite. In any case, this has been a very difficult week
for the Trump campaign because of the racial overtones coming to the forefront once again about a Mexican judge Trump wants recused from duty (probably because Trump is not going to win the case). Anyway, it's been an uproar among Republicans, not to mention the American public in general.

So tonight, in a speech broadcast on TV, Trump for the first time, used a teleprompter so he would not 'say anything' that would be out-of-line as he does normally. The reason I am writing you is because I was shocked (to say the least) that Trump
has taken on "We Are The Champions" as his theme song - his entrance onto the stage and off it, as well as casting himself as the "Champion" of the American people. The CNN announcer then spoke about Freddie and said he was dead. Like that.

I find it hard to believe that Trump and his organization have been given permission to use this song for his 'identity'. This man has done everything he can to insult or dismiss Muslims, Mexicans, women, war heroes, opponents, news media and a long list of specific individuals in our society. His approach has basically been as a bully. I cannot see any correlation between the music Queen produced supporting a man who has turned our country upside down. I wouldn't mind if he were concerned about the American people, or those of the world, but his "Championship' is about himself. Period.

I am also given to say the following and you may discern this however it is for you.

Yes, I'd say he'd like to know about this and will pursue it. This is not the kind of thing we want to see our music supporting or defending. I would like to make the following statement and perhaps it will help. The time has come to acknolwedge that there are many songs needing to be released that haven't been and several we recorded together, both he and I. I have hopes that Brian will spend some time or allocate some time to make this happen. There is more on the agenda up ahead. That's my message for him and he can do what he likes with it. I would say that what Donald Trump has done is very superficial to use the music for himself and I do not approve. If I were there I would go after him for it does not measure up to the standards we set. I hope Brian will feel the same way. That is enough. Brian may have questions later.

Wishing you highest and best,


Brian May replied:

Thanks Lois.

We certainly have not approved this use of WATC - I will make sure we take what steps we can to dissociate ourselves from Donald Trump's unsavoury campaign.





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Steve wrote:
Subject: Donald Trump
Date: 8 June 2016

Dear Brian,

We just sadly watched as Donald Trump exited his speech to the strains of 'We Are the Champions'. We sincerely hope you and the Queen organization request that he IMMEDIATELY cease and desist this use of your music! Awful to see such beautiful sounds being used to promote such ugly, hateful ideas.

All the best!



Joyce wrote:
Subject: Use of Queen's music by Donald Trump
Date: 8 June 2016

Hi Brian,

I sent you a note via your face book but that was perhaps the wrong place. I know this is not anything to do with your political views re the ongoing government in the UK.

I was listening to the evening news on CBS and they were carrying Trump’s speech. I noticed that he is using Queen’s “We are the Champions” to open his speeches now the he is the frontrunner. I am wondering whether this is with your approval. I note that Bono of U2 as well as the Rolling Stones told him not to use their music.

Given your posts about the government in the UK (my daughter that lives in Newcastle is pretty much feeling the same as you) I am not so sure your are a supporter of him. If you are not comfortable with his using Queen’s music I do hope you protest it. The man is a racist and many of his comments in that vein the past few days has caused some of his high profile supporters start backing off.

Thanks for all the many things your support and try to help change.



From: Jasmine
Subject: We Are The Champions... After a Trump speech?
Date: 8 June 2016

Hi there! You must get this question a lot in various forms. I was listening to a speech from Donald Trump tonight and the song that accompanied his exit was We Are The Champions. "A bit presumptuous" was my first thought. My second was "I wonder if they know that that song is being used by Donald Trump."

What are your thoughts?



Misty wrote:
Subject: Please tell me you didnt approve of Trump to use "We Are the Champions"
Date: 8 June 2016

"His Campaign In Crisis, Donald Trump Turns To The Teleprompter" - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/06/07/donald-trump-judge-teleprompter_n_10346824.html


Dobromir Dobrev wroteL
Donald Trump Campaign and WATC
8 June 2016

Dear Brian,

In the evening Bulgarian News on National Television there were news highlights from US presidential campaign (08.06.2016).
I heard from Donald Trump event that they are using We are the champions as a musical background. My personal view is that Freddie didn't wrote that song for that kind of events and if you think that it is inappropriate this guy to use your music you should claim your voice (Rolling Stones already did it).
Here you can see the commentary from news (you can hear WATC from 1:25) - http://news.bnt.bg/bg/a/khilri-klintn-specheli-prvichnite-izbori-za-prezident-na-sashch



Lisa Jones wrote:
Subject: Thx for standing up to Trump
9 June 2016

Dear Brian,

As a lifelong lover of Queen's music and a professional musician, I want to express my admiration and gratitude for the stand you took against Donald Trump's misuse of your song. It was tremendously disturbing to hear him appropriate your art for his purposes.

I am heartbroken that my country is caught up in the ravings of a quasi-fascist, xenophobic megalomaniac who lacks the knowledge, experience or moral character to lead anybody.

Thanks for standing up for yourself and for inspiring others to do the same.

With the utmost admiration,


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