MARCH 2016


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**Fri 26 Mar 16**

Marta Lombardi wrote:

Friday, 26 February 2016

Dear Brian,

Hoping I'm not disturbing you, I'd like to thank you so much for such a great time yesterday night! I attended your wonderful concert in Milano, and it has been the most splendid experience of my life! My father booked tickets more than six months ago and I can say I have lived all these days before the concert looking forward to see you and Kerry. It had become my only aim, my only thought which allowed me to carry on with everything: each time I felt sad, or anxious, I started thinking about this concert, maybe trying to imagine it, to find happiness again: and it worked!

Now, I'm happy to say that I will live with all this beautiful memories of you and of your music. I'll remember how I've been moved by "No One But You", I'll remember the feeling of being so near to you, when you and Kerry played "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", while I was trying to take a photograph among all these waving arms; I'll remember the joy of singing with all the audience "Love Of My Life", I'll remember how I got excited when you played and sang "'39"... And I also remember the brief moment in which I caught a glimpse of you, Kerry and Pete too, going out from the theater after the show.

You made me feel happy and complete; you made me cry tears of joy, you made me have so deep feelings and you made me dream...

Thank you for being the wonderful person you are!

With all my best wishes,

Your fan



Brian May replied:

That’s an interesting question, Marta.

My short answer is … there is no reason … it’s pure coincidence, and probably born of the inventors’ desire to capture reality as fully as possible.

I imagine you are thinking of Friese-Green’s little 3-D movie (1889) ? And also perhaps (as discovered by my colleague Denis Pellerin) Jules Duboscq in 1852 with his 3-D movement wheel ?

Well, in both cases we see stereoscopy AND movement capture, but I don’t think the two are related at all.

I will copy this to my colleague Denis Pellerin to see if he agrees or has anything to add … but I think this is the case.

Thanks so much for your thoughts on my music … that means a lot.

And if you want to discuss any of this further please do get back to me.

Best wishes



From Denis Pellerin

Right, but for some reason they tended to use small format cameras for stereos and larger ones for pictures that could be framed or put in albums.


Brian repled:

ah !! OK. Very good. So it is kind of an accident … but there is a kind of reason for it !!



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