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Brian MAY answers letters here - it depends on his commitments at the time! No promises, but very often your patience will be appreciated and rewarded! - Sorry we're unable to help with autographs, demos or passes.

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Cheers ! Bri -

**Fri 27 Nov 15**

Alex Kolesov wrote:

Hello, dear Mr May.

I’m sorry if I’m taking your time and I’m endlessly happy if you reading this. I feel myself now like a 6 years old boy writing to Santa. Only difference is that I’m 30 and you are not Santa, as far as i know :) And I’m not asking for presents because you gave a lot of them to the world and to myself. And I cannot describe how happy I’m receiving them day by day listening your wonderful music.

I’m sorry for my poor English - I’m doing my best! Many times I was going to write this and I couldn't find proper words - it is very hard for me to describe how huge is impact of your music to my life. My first steps in English started ~25 years ago, when I heard Bohemian Rhapsody on my dad’s tape. This song was so beautiful and I kept listen it again and again. I wanted to understand it so much, so I took a vocabulary and started to translate it. It took many days for me to do it, but i did most of it. I cannot express my feelings after i understood words. Then i started to listen other songs of Queen. I think your music made my life and still i cannot imagine my life without it.

Your music is something incredible, is it impossible even to think, that there were times in this World, when your songs were not written. It strikes in heart and it makes us more alive i think.

Mr May, I will stop here my attempts of describing the most wonderful music in the world. I want to thank you for what you did and still doing. I’m very happy that I saw you in my city (Saint-Petersburg) in 1998, i was only 13 years old but i still remember each moment of that show. So sad that i never been at Queen’s concert, but anyway, your music is in my heart for ever.

Thank you very much for all that emotions you gave.

Alex K. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Brian replied:

Hey Alex !

That’s a fantastic letter ! And a fantastic story. Thanks. Very much appreciated by an old Rock Star !

Give my love to St Petersburg … I hope we get back there some day.

God bless ya !



Alex replied:

Oh, Mr May, Mr Brian, i couldn't even imagine that you will reply, that would be too brave from me to wait for an answer, especially for the next day, but you did, this is fantastic! You, and Queen always were and are something from other space or planet or world for me. You make such a wonderful music, that.. it is impossible to think that it is made by human, from this planet! :) And now you just emailed me - i cannot believe! Don't even remember how i got home. Damn, I'm grown man, sitting and crying and laughing. I'm so happy! This is a hurricane, the storm in my heart and head!
Thank you so much. Of course i told this fantastic news to my wife and mother - they are happy as well! They are also your huge fans - they are sending best wishes for you!

We would be enormously happy to see you in Saint-Petersburg (this is a truly wonderful city!) some day or in any other city, if our roads will cross!

Of course, you can share my email - it was written by heart. That would be a huge honor for me!

Will never stop thanking you for what you did and doing. Big fan. Alex K. and family (Dasha and Elena).

Best Regards
Alex Kolesov


**Wed 18 Nov 15**

Sandra wrote:

Hello Dr B

I believe some time ago you mentioned an app/device for iphones and would be willing to share that info. My husband has a great interest in photography and would love to use a device like that.

Thank you for any info you can pass this way and thank you for a heart full of love for animals.



Brian replied:



**Wed 18 Nov 15**

Adrian wrote:

Dear Brian,

I have followed your basement campaign with great interest. Neighbours on both sides of my mothers house are commencing digging in January next year. My step father died earlier this year so my my mother is grieving heavily. My mother also has motor neurone disease.

There is no way she can remain in her own home whilst the digging happens. I am currently looking for a flat for us both to rent so she doesn't has to endure the noise from both neighbours.

As I'm sure you'd agree no one should have to leave their home because of building works. Particularly when they are grieving and have a terminal disease. Both neighbours seem to not care about these issues.

Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront.

Best wishes



Brian May replied:

How appalling.

when are local governments going to realise that, morally, a crime is being committed here ?

And that they have a responsibility to PROTECT their constituents against the destruction of their way of life ?



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