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On 30 Oct 2011, Stanislav Chomjak wrote:

What kind of strings are you using on your 12 strings acoustic guitar?


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Pete Malandrone replied:

D'addario EJ 40 or 41 sets on the 12 string

Pete Malandrone
Queen Productions


On 27 June 2011 Chris Smith wrote:

On 9 Aug 2011, António Viana wrote:

Hello Brian,

After reading the press release of Queen Live At Wembley Stadium 25th Anniversary Edition, i was a little confused by the paragraph that says: "The DVD footage has been restored for the Anniversary edition and the sound has also been remastered with a brand new stereo mix and 5.1 sound."

I've searched and found a post on your soapboax where Justin Shirley-Smith explains what's the meaning of "Digitally Remastered"
http://brianmay.com/brian/brianssb/brianssbjul09a.html#note (on **Tue 14 Jul 09**):

"The word "Remastered" means that the audio quality, the dynamics (the difference between loud and quiet parts), the volume and the EQ (treble and bass etc) have all been re-assessed and re-adjusted as desired by a Mastering Engineer."

Remastered is one thing, mixed it's other thing. The press release says both. So, does the new Wembley DVD really has a new mix or it's just remastered? Are we going to have a proper 5.1 sound remixed from the mastertapes (at least the second night) just like Rock Montreal and Live at The Bowl and not the stereo to 5.1 upmix from the 2003 release?

with best regards,

António Viana

PS: Please, bring Greatest Video Hits 3 to DVD. I (and many Queen fans) want the Innuendo and Made In Heaven videos with 5.1 surround sound.

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Justin Shirley Smith replied:

Hi António

Good point - I agree - the press release is a little ambiguous in this regard so I am glad of the opportunity to attempt to make it clear. 

Josh and I have made a new stereo mix of the Friday concert.

For the Saturday concert we have used the familiar stereo mix, done in 1991 by Brian Malouf.  This mix was intended for CD use only at the time so there was no sync.  For the 2003 DVD edition of this show we only had access to the 1991 CD master so Kris synchronised it with the picture.  Since that time we have found the original 1991 analogue half-inch stereo mix tapes in LA, so we've had those transferred at high resolution, speed-stabilised and synchronised by Plangent Processes for this edition.

Both night's stereo audio have been digitally restored (cleaned up) by Kris, and then mastered and up-mixed by Tim Young.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes




Martin Pitcher wrote
10 January 2011

Hi Brian,

I wonder if you would solve a mystery for me? The day after the Prince's trust concert, I looked for any audience videos on YouTube. There were only a couple and strangely when you played "It's a Hard Life", it appeared that you were playing in "A" when the sound was in "B flat", just as the original recording. I dismissed it and put it down to being an amateur video. However, having watched the Ski HD footage of the concert, it appears that not only was the sound in B flat but Midge was also playing in B flat, and yet you were playing in A. I assume that Pete used a patch on your effects rack to tune your "A" performance up a semi tone to "B flat coming out of the amps, as I can't see any other way this could happen without retuning the guitar, which didn't appear to happen.

If this was the case, what was the reason for doing so? My guess it that the heavily worn frets on the Red Special might choke out the large bends needed on the solo if played in B flat, but would not do so when played in A. But only you know the true answer.

Many thanks


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Pete Malandrone replied:

Well spotted Martin.
Brian found the song easier to play with 'A' shapes, and it made the solo more comfortable to play.

Pete Malandrone
Queen Productions

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