Greg brought a number of tracks to play - this was all he had time for and he answered questions from the floor in-between.

Tracks Listing and Comments - by JenX

1 Nevermore - alternative version with Freddie on vocal, a little heavier at the end - paired with
2 White Queen (As It Began) - alternative version, probably demo, with Freddie on vocal - both tracks from BBC 4th session Apr 74

3 Too Much Love Will Kill You - Mountain Studios 1988. Freddie vocal, piano/synth strings - extended guitar solo plus still more new guitar at end.

4 Kashoggi's Ship/Party - Mountain Studios Nov 1988 - 3 or 4 different vocals on the mix to give a flavour of different versions available. Some lyrics different.

5 Ride The Wild Wind Instrumental - Very heavy drums with quite a different beat to original. This is Roger ONLY singing as original guide vocal. Great version.

6 Headlong 1990 alternative version. This was Brian's guide vocal (with bass and drums) during Innuendo sessions.

7 Invisible Man - Roger sang vocal as a guide.

8 Kashoggi's Ship/Party - Freddie's guide vocal Olympic Studios.

9 Manmade Paradise - 50 second Queen version!!!!

10 Face It Alone - Miracle sessions - 10 minutes long, unfinished and in 3 bits. Previously unheard. Freddie's vocal is breathtaking - not a dry eye in the house!!!!! Heartfelt wailing guitar.

11 Breakthu - alt version 1988

12 Feel Like - rough early demo by Queen with Freddie on ad hoc vocals (became Under Pressure) with David Bowie on piano. Very different piano and music.

Answers to Questions from fans to GREG - by Freddie van ter Beek

ALL 15 BCC tracks will be in the Queen box
- 1st Queen box expected at end of NEXT year, format yet unknown
- Man Made Paradise, there is a Queen version, will be in the box, the demo's for Freddie solo album are not very different though, that's why the track did not appear in the Freddie box.
- DVD's or CD-ROM *will* be used in the box, format unknown yet, some interactive thing it will be.
- Greg is almost sure that after the Queen boxes, a LIVE box will be released
- Michael Jackson tracks: Greg is positive that the tracks will eventually appear on a CD in some form, there is 1 track in the Queen archives: VICTORY, but they aren't allowed yet to release it! the track has all the queen boys singing backing vocals!
- Greg's idea about the box format: 3 boxes, each having 3-6 CD's. THIS IS GREG'S OPINION, NO DESCISION HAS BEEN MADE YET!!!! with 2 DVD's included, the amount could be up to 8 CD's per box.
- a selection of tracks will be released in the box as instrumentals, like with the Freddie box
- The Queen archive has 4000 tapes!!! 3/4 is safety copies or work-copies though
- MOTHER LOVE, numerous versions with Roger and Brian singing exist
- alternate versions of "These are the Days of Our Lives" exist, but all slightly diff though
- Fast WWRY, no other version than the BBC version exists
- After the Queen boxes, Greg will almost surely be asked to log the archived tapes of Roger and Brian, if any boxes of these guys will be made is still unsure...
- The QUEEN LIVE book took 5 years to make, it was not intended as a book first, only research, 80% is accurate, if Greg would release the book now, it would be much more accurate!

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