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JUNE 2012

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**Wed 20 Jun 12**

Check out Roger's interview:

Roger Taylor and Brian May

20 June 2012 by Jed Gottlieb

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has worked with some killer talent since the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991. Axl Rose, Elton John, George Michael and Paul Rodgers have all taken a turn fronting some version of the royal British rocker outfit. But no one person can do Mercury justice.

With this in mind, Taylor — with help from guitarist Brian May — put together the Queen Extravaganza with four lead singers. The first band-sanctioned tribute act was gathered from hundreds of web audition clips. The group is a wealth of talent, but – as Taylor well knows – there’s nothing like the real thing.

Why start your own Queen tribute band? After all, you and Brian May are still playing shows together as Queen +.
I was in my hometown, which is down in the sticks in England, for a visit, and saw a poster outside a local hall. It read, “Queen: Appearing Live on Tuesday night.” “Well,” I thought, “That’s putting it a little strong isn’t it?” I traveled down the road ten miles to another town and discovered another poster that promised, “Queen Appearing Live Tonight.” That’s when I got the idea to do something that was a little closer to our production values.

Yeah, these tribute bands are fun but they don’t really do you justice do they?
Exactly. They have somebody dress up like Freddie, it’s like a pantomime. I wanted to do something that was about the music and the show, and not about people pretending to be us.

But why do this when you’re still playing shows? This summer you’re performing with Adam Lambert.
Yes, it is slightly ironic. We are doing six shows this summer with Adam Lambert in Eastern Europe and London. But I’ve had so much fun with the Queen Extravaganza project that I’ve been indulging myself.

The Queen catalog is revered by fans. Were you worried that this would be a disaster, that fans would reject the idea?
The reaction we’ve received at the first few shows has smoothed my worries. To be honest, it’s been a fantastic response. It’s the talent we’ve found. You know, I really wonder if we’d have found this level of talent in Europe. I don’t think we would have.

When it came to picking the drummer did you take a little extra care?
(Laughs) Yes, the drummer was the trickiest. They didn’t have to play exactly like me but they had to play a bit like me, and they had to sing. The guy we found, Tyler Warren, sings with outrageously high voice, it’s great. Plus he’s a phenomenal drummer.

VISIT HERE for more - or check back at later date....

Everyone sings harmony in the group and there are four lead singers. Is this because you couldn’t find someone that could fill Freddie’s shoes on their own?
Freddie had this unbelievable power and stamina. He had range both in his voice and in style. It’s hard to find someone that can do everything he could do. But we also wanted different people to give the show a different look, to spread the vocals around a little. When we were touring we were only four guys so we couldn’t never do all those close, big harmonies. This band can do them.

In addition to the big vocals of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the band is doing all sorts of lesser-known Queen tunes.
I’ve been changing things a little every night trying to find the right set list. They played 32 songs at the last show. I chucked six out and brought different ones in looking for the right mix. I don’t want it to be a jukebox of hits so we’ve included little bits of songs and fan favorites like “Liar,” “March of the Black Queen,” some of “In the Lap of the Gods.” It makes for a much more interesting show.

Speaking of dusting off older Queen tracks, there have been reports that you and Brian are working on reviving old band demos and adding to them. Any truth to this?
I wouldn’t want to do that. Those songs are fixed in my head. I don’t want to change them or revive them. But Brian and I see each other all the time and I’m always working on the odd bit of music.

So you’re still writing but not for Queen?
I’m still writing. I’ve almost completed a new solo album, my first in ten or twelve years. (Editor’s note: It’s been 14 years). Once a musician, always a musician. Once that’s out I’m sure I’ll be flogging you for press (Laughs).

Does watching the Queen Extravaganza play clubs remind you of when you first hit the road?
Absolutely, except they’ve leaped several steps. (Laughs). We did the station wagon thing. They’ve got these big, beautiful buses to ride around in. But touring is still tough work and they’re hard at it.

Any desire to jump on stage when, kick Tyler Warren off the kit and start pounding away with this young group?
Not at all. He’s great. He’s actually worryingly great. When Brian and I get into rehearsal we’ll have to pull our socks a little bit. These kids raise the bar on talent.

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**Thu 21 Jun 12**

The Graham Norton Sho
Friday 22 June 2012 10.35 - 11.20pm

Adam Lambert at Dean Piper's partyAdam pictured out at Dean Piper's party in London last night. Photo: WENN

Adam Lambert gets his *sad face* on as he misses being goofy when out partying
21 June 2012 by Rebecca | the juice

It's no wonder Adam Lambert is looking so down in the dumps as he headed to a celebrity bash last night — he's missing an integral part of partying!

Adam Lambert looked glum as he went out in London last night.

The singer told omg! he was craving the opportunity to be goofy on a night out while he prepares for his special gigs with Queen.

Adam told us: "I love having a drink in a bar and getting goofy but at this point I have to keep focused."

Which means no drinking or silliness for the star. Aww. Last night he did his best to put on a brave face although the thought of drinking water the entire night would be enough to make anyone pout!


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**Wed 20 Jun 12**

Since Schools Will Rock You's inception in 2007 the initiative has been primarily focused on providing licences for schools that are only based in the UK.

Following huge demand from the USA, SWRY is looking to potentially branch out into the territory and is looking for ONE school that will fulfil the same criteria that is set out for the UK. Any US based schools interested in helping us undertaking this test enterprise:

Schools Will Rock You- must be a school
- must only include performers under the age of 18
- must guarantee each performance will only be in front of an audience of 350 maximum
- must agree that production only takes place on the schools premises

The application window for registering your interest in a SWRY US licence is Monday 25th June 2012 to Monday 2nd July 2012. Any applications received before or after these days will not be considered.

The cost of the licence will be $200 (approx. £150)

We will initially only be looking to grant ONE Schools Will Rock You licence in the USA for 2013. The school will be selected by the SWRY management team and there decision will be final.

For more information please check the FAQ section of the current site at www.schoolswillrockyou.com

Please note: These applications must only come from the USA, we are currently not looking to expand SWRY outside of the UK or the USA at this time.

The Schools Will Rock You Team

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**Wed 20 Jun 12**

QE DallasThis review from the Dallas QE show- captures the atmosphere of last night's show (19 June at the Dallas, TX Grand Prairie show )....

20 June 2012 by Talia Richman


Maybe it was the strobe lights, the spectacular songs or the talented musicians, but half the audience didn’t seem to mind that these performers weren’t actually Queen.

People still flooded to the stage, reaching their hands up to try and touch the performers who made such great music happen.

- - -

QE Dallas. . . Marc Martel – who bears a striking resemblance to Mercury in his prime – said that, other than the great music, Queen’s legacy was about four very different guys laying aside their differences to make music. He said that is what the Queen Extravaganza was all about.

Overall, Queen Extravaganza captured the essence of Queen, performing their songs in such an authentic and fun way that they put those many, many “Glee” covers to shame.

Read more from this article HERE.


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**Wed 20 Jun 12**

Great article from the Queen Extravaganza Sound Engineer, James McCullagh:

James McCullaghSVEONLINE
20 iune 2012 by Diane Gershuny


Launched at the end of May, the [Queen Extravaganza] tour travels to theatres in cities coast to coast across the United States and Canada through early July. At FOH is engineer James McCullagh, who manages the entire audio production from the helm of a DiGiCo SD10. Going into the tour, McCullagh was adamant about his console choice, having worked with DiGiCo SD desks on previous excursions with artists from Lucinda Williams to Journey.

“I knew that I wanted to use a DiGiCo,” McCullagh recalls. “I said right up front it was non-negotiable. I’m a big fan of DiGiCo and I like the sound of the consoles. I’m familiar with the layout and it works well for me. There are a few things that I have in my arsenal that I knew would be beneficial in working with this band and the DiGiCo console is one of them. DiGiCo’s layout and functionality proves to be so much easier for me to run a show, and on this one, we’ve got nine singers onstage, 12 different effects channels running at one particular time, maybe seven to eight functional cues per song… There’s a lot going on and I needed a console that could deal with the intricacies of making that happen. For me it was a no-brainer to use a DiGiCo to ensure I would be able to get that huge drum sound and layered mass of vocals that Queen are known for.


I sat down with Roger and we’ve very carefully gone over what they did in the studio and how he wanted to recreate it live. One thing I want to mention adamantly is that I’m not using any tricks or any doublers or harmonizers on any vocals to provide layering. All the layering is strictly from the singers. The massive sound is all them; there’s no artificial recreation or any of that. That’s important to say because we don’t want people to think that it’s all technology that’s making them sound like they do. These guys are sounding that way because they’re that good!”

Read the rest of this extensive article HERE.

Queen Extravaganza

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**Tue 19 Jun 12**

Queen + Adam Lambert
Photo: QOL

Queen will be joined by Zemfira - a highly regarded artist in Russia,
will be performing with Queen as a special guest at their show at the Olympic Arena
in Moscow on Tuesday, July 3, 2012.

Tickets are on sale now through
www.1900.ru / www.concert.ru / www.ticketland.ru / www.show.ru / +7 (495) 641 19 00

19 June, 2012

Some say musicians aren’t always reliable. But when these legends warn We Will Rock You, trust them, they will. This time around Queen will be joined onstage by Adam Lambert for a blockbuster show set to premiere in the Russian capital in early July.

But it won't be an all-boy show awash with Hollywood-caliber special effects and starring American Idol star Lambert. Russian indie rock musician Zemfira, sometimes referred to as "Kurt Cobain in a dress", will share the stage with Queen for the second time.

Known for her strong vocals and lyrics, the songstress met the musicians in 2004, at the MTV Russia Music Awards. Back then Zemfira got the chance to perform We Are the Champions with Roger Taylor and Brian May.

"Queen is one of the few bands I'm bound to stay forever with,” Zemfira was quoted as saying. “Mercury is the best artist that ever existed, an artist with a capital A. Queen… a unique union of outstanding musicians,” she added.

The gig, one of the year's most highly-anticipated live events, is scheduled to take place at the Olympic Stadium on July 3.

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**Tue 19 Jun 12**

We Will Rock YouYesterday, 18 June, the "Vlaamse Musicalprijzen" (Flemish Musical Awards) were awarded. We Will Rock You was nominated in 3 categories:

- Best Male Performance : Tim Driesen as "Galileo"
- Best Female Performance : Marjolein Teepen as "Scaramouche"
- Best Ensemble

We can proudly announce that Marjolein Teepen, who completed her studies at the Royal School for Ballet in Antwerp, has won her category!

See the following links:

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**Mon 18 Jun 12**

BUY Kerry Ellis - AnthemsOpposite: "Trespassing" available
to pre-order on Amazon

Adam Lambert will be appearing on The Graham Norton Show in the UK on Friday this week to promote his new album Trespassing, which releases in the UK on 9 July.

The Graham Norton Show
Friday 22 June 2012 10.35 - 11.20pm

Adam then returns to the USA for a concert this Sunday, 24 June, in California.

Yesterday the music video for Adam Lambert's new single "Never Close Our Eyes" went in at No 4 in the latest MTV "10 On Top" countdown of hot, new talent. Check out video HERE

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Mon 18 Jun 12**

Olympic Opening Ceremony PlanQueen's Bohemian Rhapsody is said to be included in the Playlist for the Opening Ceremony.

Music from the likes of Adele, Blur and The Beatles will all apparently feature on the playlist for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The longlist of 86 tracks selected by director Danny Boyle has apparently leaked ahead of the event on 27th July, with Queen, Tinie Tempah and the Spice Girls also making an appearance on the list to mark the best of British music.

... The leak is thought to have come from a "music industry source", with The Sun adding that a spokeswoman for the Olympics would not confirm whether or not the list of songs was accurate. [MTV]

Queen themselves have given strong hints that they are doing something for the Closing Ceremony.

The unconfirmed playlist is as follows - and includes 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - and Queen & David Bowie 'Under Pressure':

Captain Algernon Drummond/William Johnson Cory - 'Eton Boating Song'
Elgar/AC Benson - 'Land of Hope and Glory'
The Jam - 'Going Underground'
Muse - 'Map of the Problematique'
Big Ben Chimes
Sex Pistols - 'God Save the Queen'
The Clash - 'London Calling'
Simon May - EastEnders Theme
The Shipping Forecast
Sir Hubert Parry/William Blake - 'Jerusalem'
Elgar - 'Nimrod'
Handel - 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'
Eric Coates - 'Dambusters March'
Handel - 'Music for the Royal Fireworks'
Monty Norman - James Bond Theme
Mike Oldfield - 'Tubular Bells'
Mike Oldfield - 'In Dulci Jubilo'
Vangelis - 'Chariots of Fire'
BBC News 1954
Arthur Wood - The Archers Theme
Winifred Atwell - 'Black and White Rag'
Sugababes - 'Push the Button'
OMD - 'Enola Gay'
David Rose - 'The Stripper'
Lionel Bart - 'Food Glorious Food'

Irwin Kostal, Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman - 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks'
Rizzle Kicks - 'When I Was a Youngster'
Eric Clapton - 'Wonderful Tonight'
Colin Tully - Gregory's Girl Theme
William Pitt - 'City Lights'
The Who - 'My Generation'
The Rolling Stones - 'Satisfaction'
Millie Small - 'My Boy Lollipop'
The Kinks - 'All Day and All of the Night'
The Beatles - 'She Loves You'
Mud - 'Tiger Feet'
Led Zeppelin - 'Trampled Under Foot'
The Specials - 'A Message to You Rudy'
David Bowie - 'Starman'
Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Sex Pistols - 'Pretty Vacant'
Duran Duran - 'The Reflex'
New Order - 'Blue Monday'
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - 'Relax'
Soul II Soul - 'Back To Life'
Happy Mondays - 'Step On'
Eurythmics - 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
The Verve - 'Bittersweet Symphony'
Prodigy - 'Firestarter'
Underworld - 'Born Slippy'
Jaan Kenbrovin, John William Kellette - 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'
Blur - 'Song 2'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Bonkers'
Tigerstyle - 'Nacnha Onda Nei' (contains Michael Jackson - 'Billie Jean', Queen & David Bowie - 'Under Pressure' and Ilaiyaraaja - 'Naanthaan Ungappanda')
Arctic Monkeys - 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor'
Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse - 'Valerie'
Radiohead - 'Creep'
Muse - 'Uprising'
Kano & Mikey J - 'Random Antics'
Tinie Tempah - 'Pass Out'
MIA - 'Paper Planes'
Coldplay - 'Viva La Vida'
The Chemical Brothers - 'Galvanize'
Franz Ferdinand - 'Take Me Out'
Kaiser Chiefs - 'I Predict a Riot'
Roll Deep - 'Shake a Leg'
Adele - 'Rolling in the Deep'
Oasis - 'The Hindu Times'
Oasis - 'Wonderwall'
Emeli Sande - 'Heaven'
William Monk/Henry Francis - 'Abide With Me'
Pink Floyd - 'Eclipse'
The Beatles - 'The End'
The Beatles - 'Hey Jude'
David Bowie - 'Heroes'
Eric Spear - Coronation Street Theme
Ron Grainer - Doctor Who Theme
John Philip Sousa - Monty Python Theme/'The Liberty Bell'
David Bowie - 'Absolute Beginners'

The Canadian team showing have been showing off their skills to the strains of the track too....

London 2012: Synchro Canada dances to Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody (June 6, 2012)

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**Sun 17 Jun 12**

Appears that "Freddie for a Day 2012" has kicked off with a "London Tavern Trail" (okay... a pub crawl !!l).... (Brian didn't attend.)

Sarina Potgieter ‏@SarinaPotgieter
Thanks to all our friends who came on our London Tavern Trail to kick start @FreddieForADay ... So much fun! xx

Roger kicks off Freddie For A Day

More photos


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**Sun 17 Jun 12**

16 June 2012 01:10 PM EDT


Adam Lambert is now in the UK rehearsing for his upcoming gigs with Queen. He and Queen have been tight-lipped about the rehearsals so far, but Adam's publicist did tweet a photo on Wednesday. Adam will be back in the states next week, as he is performing a concert in San Francisco for Alice Radio's Summerthing 2012 event. Fortunately for him, there are plenty of Whole Foods Markets in San Francisco! [Adam is into whole foods.]

Rehearsal photo

© Renee Snyder 2012

**Sun 17 Jun 12**

BT London LiveCheck out http://www.btlondonlive.com/whats-on

The "We Will Rock You Cast" will perform in Hyde Park on Sunday 29 July, along with other artists - many still to be announced for the event runing throughout the Olympics in London's parks. BT London Live Hyde Park will be packed full of daily live music performances and will featuring some incredible artists.

First wave of artists who will be doing free performances includes the legend, the voice – Sir Tom Jones. The Welsh singer, who has amassed a staggering 36 top 40 hits in a career spanning seven decades, is sure to to put on an incredible show to open the Free To Access days at BT London Live Hyde Park. Tom will be on the main stage on Saturday 28 July 2012.

Details: BT London Live

Hospitality Tickets:
We Will Rock You
at Hyde Park
Sunday, July 29

BT London Live: Disabled Access Ticket
Hyde Park
London, GB
Sun 29/07/12

The Feeling will perform Monday 30 July 2012 – and London five-piece Bombay Bicycle Club have been announced as Blur’s special guests at the massive Hyde Park concert on Sunday 12 August, which coincides with the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Feeling are just one of the acts confirmed so far for a series of BT London Live concerts in Hyde Park throughout the London 2012 Games. Other acts already announced include Tom Jones, Feeder, Dodgy, The Levellers, Cast, Amy Macdonald, Paul Carrack, Kenny Thomas and the cast of ‘We Will Rock You’. Also just added to the BT London Live line-up is 80s superstar Nik Kershaw, who will be playing a special set in Hyde Park on Wednesday 8 August.

BT London Live Hyde Park takes place from 27th July – 12th August and gives you the chance to watch London 2012 sporting action on big screens and live performances from music acts from across the UK. It’s free to enter from 28th July – 11th August and you can just walk in on the day.

However, as the site is subject to capacity, a limited number of guaranteed entry tickets are available in advance. If you’re a BT customer, you can win Golden Circle tickets to the BT London Live Hyde Park ‘free to access’ events from 28th July to 11th August below.

Bombay Bicycle Club will join Blur, The Specials and New Order at the massive open-air concert, also in Hyde Park, which coincides with the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on Sunday 12 August.

Not only will the thousands of ticketholders for this unique event see some of the UK’s biggest bands exclusively live on stage, but they will also be able to witness the London 2012 celebrations as giant screens in Hyde Park show highlights of the Closing Ceremony from the Olympic Park courtesy of the BBC. Follow Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

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**Sat 16 Jun 12**

BUY Kerry Ellis - AnthemsClassic Rock has this month highlighted a new book:

A Drummer's Perspective: A Photographic Insight into the World of Drummers [Hardcover]
Publisher: A & R Marketing Limited (Nov 2010)
ISBN-10: 0956733409
ISBN-13: 978-0956733405
Product Dimensions: 30.6 x 24.2 x 2 cm
Available on Amazon - click HERE

A Drummer's Perspective is a stunning collection of live action photos celebrating the world of drumming. This large format, 160 page coffee table book brings together some of the finest unseen photographs of over hundred legendary drummers. It is a unique collection of pictures brought together by the author David Phillips, who has been given rare access on stage and behind the scenes to many of the biggest bands in the world.

Says Classic Rock:

Drummers featured include photos of Dave Grohl, Joey Jordison, Zak Starkey, Ginger Baker, Neil Peart, Nicko McBrain, Mitch Mitchell, Roger Taylor, Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy, Nick Mason, Alex Acuña, Dave Weckl, Josh Freese, Chad Smith, Joey Castillo, Thomas Lang and the list goes on and on! The powerful images include almost 200 photos of some of the most amazing rock concerts and give a fascinating insight to drummers, their playing and their world.

Drummers. They’re the butt of too many jokes to mention, often seen as the most dispensable/replaceable members of the band – in fact, sometimes the rest of the band don’t even speak to them – and they’re rarely the focus of rock photography. But now a new book, A Drummer’s Perspective, aims to change some of that.

The work of David Phillips, a former head of European Artist Relations for Pearl Drums and currently handling European Artist Relations for Drum Workshop (DW), Phillips combined his day job and his love of photography by shooting some of the world’s best drummers. “It’s often said that the drummer has the best seat in the house and I wanted to present that feeling of sitting centre stage and being the driving force of the band,” he says.

Roger Taylor

DP: “Queen and Paul Rodgers, The Cosmos Rocks tour, Birmingham NEC, October 2008. This was taken during Roger’s drum solo. He starts off playing just a bass drum and his tech Nigel builds the kit around him while he plays his solos adding the drums and cymbals one at the time. If you look closely at the photo you can see Nigel behind Roger as he’s adding a stand.”

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**Sat 16 Jun 12**

Several people commented that the football fans singing We Will Rock You was caught by coverage in different countries. Here's one sent by Barbara Buono.

Euro 2012 Inglaterra Vs Suécia - We Will Rock You


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**Thu 14 Jun 12**

Queen Extravaganza - Fat Bottomed Girls - Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia PA 6/7/2012- amusing incident (with thong !!)

Queen Extravaganza - Fat Bottomed Girls - Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia PA 6/7/2012

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**Wed 13 Jun 12**

13 June 2012 by Jodie Jill

Adam Lambert and Queen will perform in the near future, but before the two acts hit the stage, they have to sound perfect. Adam Lambert is working on being his best and let his fans know on Tuesday he is currently rehearsing with Queen for the upcoming concerts.

“1st day of rehearsals with @QueenWillRock!!!’ tweeted Adam Lambert from his official Twitter account. The entertainer has been keeping the news current with the fans so they know what is new in his life.

While some wonder if Adam Lambert will hit the stage at the Olympic Opening Ceremony or the Olympic Closing Ceremony, the artist has shot down the idea completely. Sharing that he isn’t a British resident so he doesn’t think it would be possible.


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**Wed 13 Jun 12**

Quote [on playing Queen Kharvic concert]:
PAUL RODGERS: "It’s like standing in the centre of a volcano, really, it’s so hot!"

Rock Cellar Magazine cover art 2012Paul Rodgers has the main feature interview in May (current) edition of Rock Cellar Magazine (free on-line magazine) - references to his work with Queen, including the huge Kharkiv concert....

PRESS RELEASE: Rock Cellar Magazine Talks to Rock Singer Paul Rodgers in New Issue
June 2012 BY MASS FERGUSON Chatsworth, California

In the midst of a Bad Company reunion tour, Paul Rodgers stopped to talk with Rock Cellar Magazine for their latest issue. Rodgers speaks frankly and enthusiastically about his time with the bands Free, Bad Company, the Firm, and his latest gig as the lead singer of Queen. (More HERE)

Paul Rodgers is “The Voice”
Rock Singer Talks About Free, Queen & Bad Company in New Interview


As the old proverb goes: “You may know a man by the company he keeps.” Though his name is synonymous with Bad Company, Paul Rodgers, a consummate songwriter and performer, must be a pretty remarkable man, judging by the company that he keeps – Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Slash, Bryan Adams, David Gilmour and Brian May, to name a few. Then again, you could argue that all those musicians are better for having kept company with Rodgers.

Acclaimed as one of the greatest rock singers of all time, Paul Rodgers led three of rock’s legendary bands — Free, Bad Company and The Firm — with total album sales of more than 90 million. He has been hailed as a major influence by the likes of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, David Coverdale, Guns N’ Roses, the Black Crowes and new retro-rockers The Sheepdogs.


RCM: Do you still listen to the radio?

PR: I do. I like listening to music on the radio while I’m driving around in the car. It’s one of my favorite places to listen to music, actually, because your mind can just wander and you can picture all the characters in the movie of the song, if you like. And it’s not all laid out for you by some video producer. In the old days, in the ’70s, we used to sit around and smoke a little something and listen to the radio or listen to records, and you would imagine what was happening. And there was something nice about the theatre of the mind, where you’d sit around like that, and that’s something that’s gone I think. At the same time, I think music fans today may be tired of music videos.

RCM: That’s what the song Radio Ga Ga by Queen is about, right? What was it like performing with Queen in the Ukraine a couple years back, in front of 350,000 people?

PR: It’s like standing in the centre of a volcano, really, it’s so hot! And it’s hot in many ways other than physical heat – it’s kind of a spiritual heat and it’s an uplifting place to be. I feel very privileged to have actually been there, and what an amazing energy point to be in the center of it all.

Queen+Paul Rodgers - We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions (Live in Ukraine)

RCM: You’ve played some of the biggest stadiums in the world, as well as smaller theatres. Do you prefer one over the other?

PR: I played recently in Canada at Victoria’s Red Robinson Theatre and that was actually better than performing in Kharkiv [Ukraine], to be honest with you. You can still experience this tremendous spiritual heat in a smaller venue, if I can describe it in that way, that is even more fantastic because the people are so close and you can really feel their energy. Having said that, one of the things you try to do in a big arena is try to create a sense of closeness. That’s part of the art in a way, is to turn it into a place where you feel that you’re a part of something, no matter how far back you are.

Queen+Paul Rodgers - Seagull (Live In Ukraine)


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**Wed 13 Jun 12**

According to Brian, Adam Lambert started rehearsals with Queen Tuesday 12 June. Queen commenced Saturday 10 June - putting set list together. Now it's rehearsals 6 days a week.
@adamlambert "1st day of Rehearsals with @QueenWillRock!!!"
Sarina: "Roger says to tell you :Rehearsals are going super loud, super good! "
June 30: Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine
July 3: Moscow Olympic Arena, Moscow, Russia
July 7: Municipal Stadium, Wroclaw, Poland
July 11, 12 and 14: HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK

13 June 201

ADAM LAMBERT TALKS PLAYING WITH QUEEN Adam Lambert is performing with Queen all summer and he just started rehearsals with the legendary band. Adam talked with us about his summer with Queen.


Adam LambertBBC NEWS
13 June 2012 by Genevieve Hassan: Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Adam Lambert was the runner-up on American Idol in 2009

Adam Lambert first came to the world's attention in 2009 when he was a runner-up on American Idol. Known for his flamboyant style and vast vocal range, the singer is beginning his assault on the UK.

Historically, contestants from American Idol have not managed to break this side of the Atlantic, with the exception being the first winner, Kelly Clarkson. Lambert's hoping to change that with the release of his second album, Trespassing. The record went straight to the top of the US Billboard chart when it was released last month and US media made much of Lambert being the first openly gay artist to top the chart.

"The media's more obsessed with it than most people," the singer says. "I understand why it is a very sensitive topic - the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is in the middle of essentially a civil-rights movement. I consider it a privilege to be as visible as I am because I'm not necessarily the example of what a gay person is, but I am an example of being comfortable with it and not letting it get in the way. One of the great things about that milestone is now there is someone who is commercially viable that's open about [being gay]. It creates hope and proves a point to all the haters that say it's not possible, but it does seem to be a hang up for a lot of consumers."

Vocal gymnastics

The singer already has a devoted following of fans - affectionately known as Glamberts - in the UK thanks to Idol, and is hoping Trespassing will earn him more.

Lambert says the album is more mature than his first effort, the 2009 release, For Your Entertainment - even the cover artwork takes on a sophisticated style. The singer also had more input the second time around, co-writing almost all the songs with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry hitmaker Dr Luke to give him a mix of retro, funk and industrial tracks.

Lambert is known for showing off his wide vocal range during performances

"I've grown up a lot in the past couple of years," says the 30-year-old. "This whole lifestyle: Idol, having my first album and touring - it forces you to face certain things and it definitely caused me to mature. After my tour I had time to stay at home, be with my boyfriend and hang out with friends and that brought me down to earth and helped me write music from a more relaxed place."

Lambert also shows off less of his vocal gymnastics on the album and although there are moments, he says the record is "more about telling a story now".

Getting noticed

Before Idol, Lambert landed his first proper job working on a cruise ship, where he learnt "very specific things I didn't learn on other jobs".

"Like learning how to perform for a geriatric audience that's falling asleep but it can also feel like the most lovely holiday at your grandparents house."

The singer then spent six years honing his craft in the theatre and although he was cast in high profile musicals, Lambert began to feel discouraged after continually landing the understudy role. It was then he decided he would audition for Idol in the hope it would get him noticed by record companies, despite the stigma attached to being the product of a TV talent show.

"It all comes down to money and it costs a lot to put an artist's first album out - record companies are not going to take a gamble if there's not a sure return," he says. "I weighed the pros and cons and figured I should audition because this show could help me break through - and it did. I think it is possible to break the stigma, but it takes a little extra work."

As well as his solo material, Lambert is also known for his collaborations with British rock royalty, Queen. They first met on American Idol in 2009, when Queen appeared as guests on the show to perform with Lambert and fellow finalist Kris Allen. They joined up again last November for a special performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards where the band were honoured with a global icon award.

'Balancing act'

So impressed were they with the singer, they asked him to tour with them this summer as the band's frontman.

Lambert acknowledges there is an expectation and pressure that goes with the gig - and for someone who was known for "making a song his own" on Idol, he is aware he can't take too many liberties.

Lambert will be touring with Queen this summer

"I'm up there with the people who wrote these songs and I'm their guest so I intend to treat this opportunity with respect and dignity," he says. "I don't want to let anybody down, but it's also important for me not to mimic and a bad impression of Freddie Mercury would be really tacky. It's a balancing act - interpreting it for my own voice, but not straying too far from the original and not copying it."

However Lambert doesn't intend on fronting the band on a long-term basis - and says that even if Brian May and Roger Taylor asked him to do it permanently, he wouldn't.

"I have my own songs and album I believe in and my own path to chart," he says. "And I think they know that so I don't think they would ask me anyway."

Trespassing is out on 2 July. Adam Lambert is on tour with Queen at London's Hammersmith Apollo on 11, 12 and 14 July.

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QE logoA playlist of "some of the best" youtube concert tracks has been suggested HERE:


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**Tue 12 Jun 12**

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