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10 May - QEX Bournemouth O2 Academy - TICKETS
31 May - WWRY closes, Dominion

15 June - Queen + Adam Lambert Chanel 7 (Oz) - airing across two shows
19 June - Tour with Adam Lambert Commences in Chicago.

**Sat 31 May 14**
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Adam Lambert arrives at We Will Rock You final night

31 May 2014

Adam Lambert keeps it fierce with a fur jacket while attending the last performance of the Broadway show We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Saturday (May 31) in London, England.

“Was blown away by @katyperry s Prismatic Tour last night. The production is insane!!! Congratulations!” the 32-year-old entertainer tweeted earlier in the day about Katy Perry‘s new tour.

A few weeks ago, Adam showed off his tattoos in a sleeveless shirt at a grocery store in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Adam has just bought a new home for $2.995 million in the Hollywood Hills, according to the L.A. Times.

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**Sat 31 May 14**
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Great news from Italy: Live at Wembley has risen to number one this week in theofficial Italian DVD Chart.

Here the link: http://www.fimi.it/classifiche_dvd.php

Thanks to Andrea Martina

Queen Live At Wembley No 1 Italy 25 May 2014

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**Sat 31 May 14**
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In 1969 - Smile played the Whisky A Go Go, London, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, UK.
In 1991 - Brian May continued "Innuendo Radio Tour", promoting catalogue, Dallas, Texas, USA.
In 1993 - Brian May Band played Franken Stadion, Nuremberg, Germany.
In 1998 - Brian May on "Gute Nacht Gottschalk" with Rick Parfitt, Status Quo,WDR TV show, Cologne, Germany.

Status Quo - Rick Parfitt & Brian May - http://youtube.com/watch?v=2VOQUuwaw_U

In 2011 - Brian May appeared at WWRY musical 9th Anniversary, Dominion Theatre, London, UK.
In 2002 - Queen received Silver and Gold awards for Platinum Collection UK sales.
In 2003 - Brian went to see Solar Eclipse, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

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**Fri 30 May 14**
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STOP PRESS: (03/06/14)
Channel 7 are now airing the interview across two segments now in the June 15 show.

Sundays On 7

Brian mentioned on his Soapbox page that the band had done some filming for Australian TV yesterday (29 May) - details are as follows:

Major QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT story for the prime time TV program:

Airs Sunday nights 6.30pm on the SEVEN NETWORK.
Feature length story is expected to air - 8 June.

It is a news style programme which features entertainment and is similar in format to 60 Minutes. Ratings range from 1.2 to 1.5 million.

Rahni Sadler is the reporter. (She was lving in American when Adam was on American Idol and is a big fan.)

Rahni Sadler
Rahni Sadler

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**Fri 30 May 14**
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Adam Lambert took part a telephone interview to Australia earlier this week (27 May). He chatted to Jonesy & Amanda about his first experiences meeting and performing with Queen on AI, leading to a small tour 2 years ago, how he found the guys and working with them - and now going into a much bigger tour, landing in Australia in August. Discussesd eye make-up and whether Queen might mix him into any remaining Freddie Mercury recordings...

Adam Lambert Interview With Jonesy and Amanda On WSFM 101.7 - 2014 - 05 - 27

INTERVIEW by Jonesy & Amanda (27 MAY) WSFM.au
with Adam Lambert as he prepares for the Once In A Lifetime Tour with Queen
by Jen Tunney: brianmay.com

AMANDA: Well it's for the first time in 30 years when Queen tour Australia later this year with Adam Lambert joining them on stage. Adam rose to fame after being runner up on American Idol, but went on to win great accolades. I think he's probably one of the most successful Idol performers ever. "What Do You Want From Me", "If I Had You". He's got a new album out. It's all happening for Adam and he's joining us right now

JONESY: Basically, how good is he?

AMANDA: How good is he? Let's let him tell us. Good day Adam, how are you?

ADAM: Good day. How are you? I feel good. I do feel good.

AMANDA: Were you a Queen fan? I know you sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" when you auditioned for Idol, but have Queen always been in your blood?

AL: You know, I didn't quite know them when I was a kid, but I think I discovered them a little later and fell in love. I think the first time I heard a Queen song and really asked 'Who is that?" was when I saw Wayne's World, when I was a kid, and they had "Bohemian Rhapsody" in there, and then over they years I've started falling in love with classic rock - I mean between Freddie's voice, and songwriting and the guitar work, they're like one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

JONESY: What's your favourite Queen song that you just love singing?

AL: You know, it's really… I think it changes, you know, every time I'm on stage. but I really love "Another One Bites The Dust". That's one of my favourites.

AMANDA: I just thought you went off when you sang "Fat Bottomed Girls" I love that when I saw you perform in Idol.

AL: That's a lot of fun, yeah, that's a fun one.

AMANDA: What are the other guys like? How was that when you met them.

AL: They're amazing and you know, and I had a feeling when I met them doing the Idol... (unclear?) They actually came and were invited to play "We Are The Champions" for like the finale and I sang with them then. That's when I first met, and then we did a couple of little things here and there and [ended up] two years ago doing a small tour of Europe and the UK, and going into that touring situation, I didn't know what to think. I thought, you know, I hope that they like me. I hope that I do them proud, you know. I think that was what I was most concerned about. They're awesome. They're very warm and they're paternal and they're very very giving and I think they just have a lot of joy when they're on stage. They love being up there and playing their music and connecting with their fans. It's quite pure. It's great.

JONESY: And there was so much work left from Freddie. Before he died he recorded so much stuff. Have they thought about mixing you in with any of his stuff?

AL: Oh no, you know, I don't know. You know to me it's a fine line between collaborating and bringing things into this generation and keeping things classic and pure and I, I dunno how I feel about that. I think that would be a little odd. I think the recordings that they have are golden. Amazing recordings, and I wouldn't want to mess up that.

JONESY: Well we're looking forward to you coming. My wife is such a fan. She thinks that you are the hottest guy in the world and she loves your eye make-up. Seriously, she's always, "Can you put some eye make-up on?" and I said "I don't know if I'm an eye make-up guy." But she loves your eye make-up.

AL: You know, I have to say, I've kind of retired it.

JONESY: What! You've retired the eye make-up! She'll be devastated.

AL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven't been wearing it that much for the last year.

AMANDA: Ah, well she'll still recognise you hopefully, 'cos you'll be fronting Queen.

AL: (Laughing) Oh - that's funny.

JONESY: We're looking forward to Queen with Adam Lambert August 26th, All Phones Arena… tickets go on sale tomorrow. Go to daintygroup.com for information. Adam Lambert, thank you

ADAM: Thank you. I can't wait to see you guys.

JONESY: How good is that?

AMANDA: Isn't he sweet?

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**Fri 30 May 14**
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In 1977 - Queen played the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, UK.
In 1980 - "Play The Game" bw "A Human Body" single released (UK).

Here is the Play The Game single that was released around the world in 1980 on the 7" vinyl format only. The single was issued by EMI in the UK on 30th May and was the third track taken from The Game album. You can see here two singles each from the UK and USA, as well as issues from Japan, France and Spain.

[195] Play The Game - 7" Vinyl Singles (1980) - https://youtu.be/7NQznLAq-TI

In 1984 : Queen received a Platinum award for The Works album UK sales.
In 1990 - The Cross played Hugennottenhalle, Neu-Isenburg, Germany.
In 1991 - Brian May on radio in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
In 1991 - Queen film final video "These are The Days Of Our Lives", Limehouse Studios, London, UK. Brian not present as in USA. He was added to the video a few days later. Contains Freddie's last words to fans "I still love you ..."

Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Official Video) - http://youtu.be/oB4K0scMysc

In 1993 - The Brian May Band played Sportpark Garbsen, Hanover, Germany.
In 1997 - Brian May and Frank Musker accept Ivor Novello Award for "Too Much Love Will Kill You".
In 1998 - The Brian May Band appeared on Le Monde Est A Vous, TV2. France, promoting Another World album. Played "On My Way Up".
In 2004 - Brian May joined cast for finale of We Will Rock You Musical,Teatro Calderón, Madrid, Spain final show before start of show's Spanish tour .
In 2008 - Brian May sends finished Kerry Ellis Wicked In Rock EP to Los Angeles, California, for production.

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**Thu 29 May 14**
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In 1976 - Brian May and Christine Mullen married at St Osmunds Roman Catholic Church, Barnes, London, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played New Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK.
In 1980 - Queen were filming the video for Play The Game, Trillion Studios, London, UK.

Queen - Play The Game (Official Video) - http://youtu.be/6_5O-nUiZ_0

In 1982 - Queen played Elland Road Football Stadium, Leeds, UK.
In 1984 - Freddie Mercury records in Musicland Studios Munich, tracks towards Mr Bad Guy album.
In 1985 - Brian May guest appearance with REO Speedwagon, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK.
In 1986 : Roger's second child Rory Eleanor was born.
In 1987 - Freddie Mercury appeared with Montserrat Caballe at the Ku Klub, Ibiza, Spain for Ibiza 92 Festival.

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Cabballé - Barcelona - Ibiza - http://youtube.com/watch?v=45-SAEfMccY

In 1989 - Queen full band interview with Mike Reid Radio One, BBC, UK.
In 1990 - The Cross played De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
In 1991 - Brian May continued on "Innuendo radio tour" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA .
In 1993 - The Brian May Band played Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Cologne, Germany, Back To The Light Tour.
In 2013 - Brian May appeared on Loose Women, ITV, UK. - See report HERE.

Brian May talks to Loose Women 29 May 2013 - http://youtu.be/DC2g14EwD3I

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**Wed 28 May 14**
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Adam Lambert and Queen

Adam Lambert says people who have a problem with him fronting Queen on the upcoming tour, should stay at home.

ADAM LAMBERT: “There were a few negative whispers the first time I did shows with Queen. If I focused on that what would be the point? If there’s somebody out there that feels really strongly that this isn’t the same Queen then don’t come But if you don’t come you’re going to miss one hell of a show. Obviously at the start I was apprehensive of what I was about to do.. Freddie Mercury was one of my heroes. There will only ever be one Freddie Mercury. There’s no comparing. I can’t get close to some of the things he did. But it’s not necessarily about that to me. It’s about getting on stage and singing amazing music and continuing the legacy of the band.”

Adam is putting his third abum on hold shit week to head to London to start intensive rehearsals with Queen’s guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor for a US and Australian tour. After auditioning for American Idol with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, he wound up performing with the Queen duo on the show. That led to his first gig fronting Queen in Kiev in June 2012. It was a trial by fire.

“There were 250,000 people there. That’s the biggest audience I’ve ever been in front of. I remember thinking how surreal it was — how did this happen? The rush I felt with Brian and Roger in that moment was priceless. I’ll never forget that.”

“It’s such an honour and a great experience to be on stage and singing these amazing tunes and getting to connect with new fans. I could never pass it up. It’s very nostalgic. No, it’s not going to be the same as it was when Freddie was alive. None of us expect it to be, but it’s a lot of fun and we have a great time on stage. We laugh a lot, the audiences we’ve performed before loves it. That’s what it comes down to; it’s about celebrating the band.”

“Me out front of Queen does feel like a pretty good fit. What really resonates with me is that Queen is known for the theatrics, the music, some of it is very dramatic, lots of big melodies, very grand. That’s part of my DNA coming from the theatre world, some of the stuff people have seen me do over the years is also theatrical and over the top. The music is fun to step into. The catalogue isn’t just that. What’s genius about Queen and a testament to how musical and creative they were is that they went in and out of a bunch of different styles and made it work. That to me is really exciting, to get on stage and sing all these different vibes.”

Lambert says the new Queen tour will include all the band’s biggest hits, including two he notes are the most difficult for him to sing.

“The ones that are most challenging are the big power ballads like Who Wants to Live Forever and The Show Must Go On. They feel like they take it out of you because emotionally they’re very intense, they’re just big. Bohemian Rhapsody is quite a work out, for sure. But not as hard as those other two.”

And it’s hard to move beyond being just the world’s most authentic Queen tribute act.

“It’s a balancing act. If you go too far away from the original it’s a little indulgent. But if I got up there and just copied Freddie I feel that’d be disrespectful to him. If I can’t quite figure out where the balance is I look (at) what the emotional intention of the song is, what were they trying to say with this lyric, what are they trying to make the audience feel. When you boil it down to that it’s not as hard as it sounds. Plus I’ve got Brian and Roger on either side of me, I can ask them ‘Did that sound good, should I try something different?’.

“Freddie was so many different things - a great vocalist, a great showman and an amazing songwriter. I do my best interpreting the songs with the original intent. Brian and Roger are the icons here; I look to them for a lot of guidance.”

“I’m one to really dive into the whole world when I do something. I’ve watched countless documentaries about Freddie; I’ve asked questions of Roger and Brian. It makes it feel more real, I’m creating a world for myself to exist in on stage. I can watch a DVD of Queen in Montreal and listen to the interesting things they did musically that might be different to the record. There are so many ins and outs; it’s a real challenge and a treat.”

He’s throwing his favourite obscure Queen song, Dragon Attack (“it’s so funky and minimal”) into the mix when they start working out the tour set list.

“I realise how lucky I am,. The stories Brian and Roger tell are priceless. They come from a time when rock and roll was legend. There are myths and stories they were involved in. This is before we had photos of everything and Instagram and Twitter. It’s like folklore. That’s what makes classic rock so romantic, and Queen are the crown jewels of that for me.”

Is there a chance he might write with Queen?

“It could happen. This will be the longest we’ve spent together so I’m sure we’ll get to the point where we want to do something creative. Now we know the show let’s do something new. It could happen. The best thing about working with Brian and Roger on this tour is that they certainly don’t need to do it, they’re choosing to. That feels good. It’s a natural thing that came together to bring these songs back to life.”

■ Queen with Adam Lambert play Perth Arena August 22, Allphones Arena Sydney August 26, Rod Laver Arena Melbourne August 29 and 30 and Brisbane Entertainment Centre on September 1. Tickets from Ticketek.

28 May 2014 - Cameron Adams

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**Wed 28 May 14**
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As we’ve previously reported, Brian May has been compiling archived Queen music that he’s discovered for a new collection and now, we know what he’s thinking of calling the set. The guitarist told BBC Wales it will likely be called Queen Forever. He went on to reveal that the package will include “material that nobody in the world has ever heard” with most of it coming from the ‘80s when he said the band was “in full flight.” He added that the music is “quite emotional” and includes "the big, big ballads and the big, big epic sound.” May expects Queen Forever to come out later this year.

· RELATED AUDIO: Brian and drummer Roger Taylor recently gave us some insight into the music that will be on Queen Forever (See AUDIO).
· TIDBIT: Among the songs on the set will be the often discussed Freddie Mercury-Michael Jackson collaborations.
· TALKING POINT: Will you be picking up Queen Forever?



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**Wed 28 May 14**
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In 1975 - Queen decided on John Reid as new manager.
In 1982 - Queen appeared on the BBC's Weekend, interviewed by Sue Cook - the only UK TV appearance featuring all members of Queen.
In 1990 - The Cross played the Metropol, Berlin, Germany.
In 1991 - Starting off in Boston Massachusetts, USA, Brian May embarked on a full "Innuendo Radio Tour", promoting the "Innuendo" album.

Radio Innuendos Tour

Queen - Innuendo Promo Tour Pt 1 - http://youtu.be/GSTaC-xMXJQ

In 1997 - Brian May joined Zucchero for "Madre Dolcissima", at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK.
In 1998 - Brian introduced to radio, via ISDN line, two new songs "Another World" album: "On My Way Up", "Why Don't We Try Again".
In 2003 - Brian May recorded guitar for Zucchero re-recording of "Il Mare Impetuoso Al Tramonto Sali' Sulla Luna E Dietro Una Tendina Di Stelle..." and "Sono Una Sana" part of Zu & Co sessions.

Zucchero & Brian May il mare impetuoso al tramonto - http://youtu.be/AbHryCPkXbw

In 2004 - Brian May guest appearance at Ian Hunter concert on "You Nearly Did Me In" and "All The Way From Memphis", Astoria Theatre, London, UK, recorded as "Just Another Night'" DVD.

Brian and Ian Hunter

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**Tue 27 May 14**
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Freddie statue Dominion Theatre London
Freddie atop the Dominion Theatre canopy (Corbis)

It’s the end of a West End era. Alice Jones meets the cast, creative team and the obsessive fan who has seen the show 250 times
27 May 2014 by Alice Jones 27 May 2014

On 1 June, the London landscape will look a little different. Or a small, very busy, corner of it will. For 12 years a 20ft-tall gold statue of Freddie Mercury has glittered above the Dominion Theatre on the corner of Tottenham Court Road, welcoming theatre-goers to We Will Rock You. But on Saturday, shortly after the gong sounds on “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Freddie will be taken down as the hit musical closes for good.

Since it opened on 14 May 2002, We Will Rock You has played to 6.6 million people over 4,600 performances. It is the Dominion’s longest-running show by 9 years and the 10th longest-runner in the history of the West End. In that time it has spawned a European arena tour and shows around the world from Melbourne to Vegas, which have been seen by 16 million people.

It is a remarkable achievement by West End standards. In the current climate where new musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, and other poppy behemoths backed by Simon Cowell and the Spice Girls have opened and closed within a matter of months, it’s all the more remarkable. Add in the reviews that greeted the show and its longevity becomes nothing less than astonishing.

“Trite and tacky,” said The Independent. “A shallow, stupid and totally vacuous new musical,” said the Daily Mail. “A pathetic, adolescent piece of work… Prolefeed at its worst,” said The Daily Telegraph.

“We read the reviews and thought, ‘We’re not going to be here very long’,” recalls Tony Edge, associate director. “We didn’t think we’d run 12 weeks, never mind 12 years.”

The fact was, it had to run. At the time, it was the most expensive musical ever staged in the West End, at a cost of £6.5m. On paper, it was pretty spectacular – music and lyrics by Queen, with Brian May and Roger Taylor as music supervisors, script and direction by Ben Elton, choreography by Arlene Phillips and a cast including Nigel Plane and Kerry Ellis.

“It was the most expensive because none of us knew what we were doing,” says Phil McIntyre, the producer who owns the biggest stake in the show, alongside Queen and Robert De Niro’s company Tribeca. Like Elton, May and Taylor, he had never worked on a musical before. “It was born in a storm of optimism, but not a lot of experience. I went in the night after the opening with De Niro and all of the great and good, and there were 860 people in a theatre that holds 2,200. There was tumbleweed going around the place. I thought, ‘Oh my god, that’s all my money.’ Terrifying. On those numbers, you’d lose £100,000 a week. In 10 weeks, that’s a million.”

“It was awful,” recalls Kerry Ellis, who was cast as Meat when May saw her understudying for Martine McCutcheon in My Fair Lady. She has since had starring roles in Les Misérables and Wicked. “Les Mis didn’t get great reviews on opening night and it’s still going strong 25 years later. But, of course, everybody feared for their jobs after that reaction. The difference is that the producers and Queen rose to it.”

They did. May and Taylor were coaxed into interviews they did not want to give, the cast performed on Parkinson and, most famously, at the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2002. It’s now company lore that Brian May’s performance atop Buckingham Palace saved the show. Fifteen months after opening, We Will Rock You broke even – and then it just carried on going.

On a Thursday evening in May 2014, the Dominion Theatre is three-quarters full. Families, tourists and couples mill in the foyer, buying popcorn and £6 programmes. There is a Freddie Mercury Suite upstairs, where corporate guests can enjoy pre-show canapés, and a Laurent Perrier champagne bar in the stalls, where this is no queue. A shop sells neon WWRY hoodies for £40, souvenir Brian May sixpences, wristbands and glowsticks.

Ben Elton, Robert De Niro, Brian May and Roger TaylorOpposite: Don’t stop me now: Ben Elton,
Robert De Niro, Brian May and Roger Taylor
in 2002 (Getty)

To recap, the show is set in a dystopian future where everything is for sale (including, presumably WWRY hoodies), real music has died and only identikit cyberpop remains. It is down to rebel kindred spirits, Galileo and Scaramouche, both incidentally looking for Somebody to Love, and a bunch of Bohemians, to overthrow the Killer Queen, cross the Seven Seas of Rhye and bring rock music back to life. Cue “We Will Rock You”. If it sounds silly, it is. The plot is little more than a preposterously brittle skeleton to hang 25 Queen songs on. They still sound excellent, but since many of them make little sense, it’s best not to ask too many questions. Elton himself admitted the challenge of working “Bohemian Rhapsody” into a narrative. “What the hell is it about? By the time Freddie gets to ‘Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me’, he’s lost me.” In the event, he simply bracketed it on as an encore. A screen asking “Do you want more?” is all the excuse needed for a standing ovation and holler-along. And everyone goes home happy – or hoarse, at least.

“Ultimately, the show has classic Queen tracks, sung brilliantly”, says Arlene Phillips. “It’s the only show I’ve ever been to – and I’ve probably been 120 times – where you see people going in with their diamonds and people going in with their backpacks on, not speaking a word of English.”

For all the hydraulics and computer graphics, it’s a simple formula, with one killer ingredient – the music of Queen, which acts like a kind of Esperanto of entertainment. Like Cirque du Soleil, We Will Rock You rakes it in because it appeals to all nationalities and ages. “In the rehearsal room, we knew we had a very good, enjoyable product,” says Edge. Product? “We knew exactly what it was. We knew it wasn’t Les Mis, it was about entertaining.”

The show also has a slavish fanbase, the Proud Bohemians, whose repeat viewings have helped it to its 12th year. Dawn Laws, 51, has seen the show 250 times. She has a We Will Rock You tattoo on her leg and four tattoos of Killer Queen. “Sometimes we go twice a week. It has got us through births, deaths, funerals. We go there to escape. It’s the music, it’s funny, and you can sing and dance along.”

The decision to close came at the beginning of the year, against the wishes of Elton and Queen. Revenue had dipped, with poor mid-week sales, and the Dominion is now overdue for refurbishment. For the cast and crew, the news came as a shock, particularly for the small number of lifers who have been in the show for as long as the jokes about Teletubbies and the old Wembley stadium. As associate director, Edge has kept the show in shape for 12 years. He watches it every evening, either in the theatre or on a monitor backstage. “You get to six years, then to eight and 10 years, and you start to think you’re invincible. But, of course, these things have a life.” He has spent most of his career in the Dominion, having worked on Time in the 1980s and Grease after that. “Now, like everybody else here, I’m looking for work.”

Giorgia Barberi started in the original ensemble before working up to associate choreographer. “It was a big shock, but now it’s gone from being sad to appreciating that we’ll be part of the end. I don’t even know how we’re going to hold together on the last day, it’s going to be very, very emotional.”

The show plans to go out on a high, with May and Taylor on stage and past cast members packing the stalls. Its closure doesn’t herald the end of the jukebox musical. Last month Mamma Mia! celebrated its 15th birthday in the West End. The Commitments, also produced by McIntyre, is approaching its first birthday in a year marked by musical flops. And May and Elton are now embarking on WWRY2, tentatively titled The Show Must Go On. “They’re working very hard on it,” says McIntyre. “It would be groundbreaking to do a sequel in theatre.” It would be groundbreaking to make it a hit. Lloyd Webber’s tedious Phantom follow-up Love Never Dies was a flop, but the number of Hollywood sequels suggest it could be done. And there are plenty of Queen songs left.

“A lot of people start with an idea that they think is great. They don’t think, ‘Is there a market for it?’” says McIntyre. “For a hit musical you have to have lots of elements that are a bit silly and naff. You don’t have to make it too difficult for anybody – which doesn’t say a lot for it in a way. But I think you can be popular and clever.” Even if you can’t please the critics, too.

‘We Will Rock You’, Dominion Theatre, London W1 (wewillrockyou.co.uk) to 31 May.

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**Tue 27 May 14**
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Queen + Adam Lambert Australia 2014


Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference


Tickets to the QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT Australian tour go on sale to the public at 10am today.  To meet the demand in the presale period extra shows have been added in Melbourne and Sydney where there are now 2 shows going on sale through Ticketek.
The new shows are:

SYDNEY - Wednesday 27 August – Allphones Arena
MELBOURNE - Saturday 30 August – Rod Laver Arena

The QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT Australian Tour will kick off in Perth on Friday 22 August at Perth Arena, then travel to Sydney on Tuesday 26 AND NEW SHOW Wednesday 27 August at Allphones Arena, Melbourne on Friday 29 AND NEW SHOW Saturday 30 August at Rod Laver Arena with the grand finale at Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Monday 1 September.

Rolling Stone said: “Lambert astounded the audience on songs like ‘We Will Rock You’ and the closing ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.”

Billboard said: “It was the most anticipated act of the night…Queen effectively stole the show, with timeless songs that music fans of all genres can sing along to”

Hollywood Reporter said: “Adam Lambert, Queen bring down the iHeart house.  With the perfect mix of rock attitude mixed with style, theatricality, sex appeal and impressive vocal gymnastics, [Lambert] took the band’s music to new heights.”

WATCH THE SIZZLE REEL HERE: http://goo.gl/T7mMqs


PERTH – Friday 22 August – Perth Arena

SYDNEY – Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 August – Allphones Arena

MELBOURNE – Friday 29 and Saturday 30 August – Rod Laver Arena

BRISBANE – Monday 1 September – Brisbane Entertainment Centre


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**Tue 26 May 14**
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We Will Rock You


Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) at 1pm a limited number of extra tickets for the last peformance of We Will Rock You UK will go on sale!!

Tickets will be available online, over the telephone and in person at the theatre box office.


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**Tue 26 May 14**
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In 1967 - The Reaction played the Skating Rink, Camborne, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played the Gaumont, Southampton, UK.
In 1990 - The Cross played Max Music Hall, Kiel, Germany.
In 1991 - Brian flew to Boston to promote Hollywood Records' release of remastered complete Queen catalogue on CD.
In 1994 - Roger Taylor appeared on Music Station, Japanese TV.
In 1994 - Brian went to see Billy Connolly, Apollo Theatre, Hammersmith, London, UK.
In 1998 - Brian May held a guitar workshop, Radio FFH, Frankfurt, Germany.
In 1997 - Brian attended Ivor Novello Awards, receiving award for 'Best Song Musically And Lyrically' for Queen's "Too Much Love Will Kill You" and presented an award to George Michael, London, UK.
In 2003 - Brian May & Roger Taylor played for Pavarotti & Friends 2003, Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy ( in aid of Iraqui refugees) - played "We Will Rock You" and "Radio Ga Ga" plus Brian "Too Much Love Will Kill You" duet with Pavorotti, "We Are The Champions" with Zucchero on vocal. Raised over £1m.


Programme front cover

Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You -http://youtu.be/C7FGPIRJx6I


Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Pavarotti and Friends) - http://youtu.be/jziKKGWY6ak


Queen & Zucchero - We Are The Champions (Pavarotti and Friends 2003) - http://youtu.be/ZqI2SRBicl8

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**Mon 26 May 14**
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In 1977 - Queen played the Gaumont, Southampton, UK
In 1990 - The Cross played the Docks, Hamburg, Germany.
In 1992 - Live At Wembley released (UK), the first 2CD album after Freddie's death.

Live At Wembley '86 Display Items (1990 & 1992) - http://youtu.be/T1Yu-PSDUgM

In 1992 - Queen released limited edition of Box Of Tricks.
In 1993 - The Brian May Band played the Inonu Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey.
In 1994 - Roger appeared on Music Station Japanese TV, playing "Foreign Sand" with Yoshiki.
In 2003 - Brian May rehearsed for Pavarotti & Friends 2003 with Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero, Novi Sad Park, Moderna, Italy.
In 2005 - Brian May & Roger Taylor attend Ivor Novello Awards, receiving Outstanding Song Colleciton Award, Grosvenor House, Pak Lane, London, UK.
In 2012 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis perform with SAS Band (minus Spike Edney, Kings Arms, All Cannings, UK.

Brian May talks about Concert at the Kings, Wiltshire for 26 May 2012 - http://youtu.be/uWWH1OQfN9o

Brian May and Kerry Ellis "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - http://youtu.be/mSxpG9tW-G8
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**Sun 25 May 14**
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In 1989 - Queen received Silver, Gold and Platinum awards for The Miracle (UK sales).
In 1982 - Hot Space released (USA).
In 1984 - Freddie Mercury records "I Was Born To Love You" final vocal and piano tracks, + "There Must Be More To Life Than This" piano outtakes, Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany.
In 1998 - The Business (Rock On Cozy Mix), Maybe Baby, Brian Talks, + footage from Live At The Brixton Academy released on CD and CD-ROM multi-media (UK and USA).

Brian May - The Business [Multimedia Section] - http://youtu.be/XuvnmlIijMY


In 2006 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Stage dive - Brian and Dave Grohl
An exciting moment!!! - Brian May and David Grohl's stage dive
in "Tie Your Mother Down"

In 2013 - Roger Taylor made a guest appearance with the SAS Band, Rock Against Cancer at the The Kings Arms, All Cannings, UK.

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**Sat 24 May 2014**
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24 May 2014 by Linda Ann Watt

RYAN KNOWLES plays "Buddy" in WE WILL ROCK YOU the smash hit musical by Queen and Ben Elton featuring legendary songs including "We Will Rock You," "Another One Bites the Dust," "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "We are the Champions," and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

WE WILL ROCK YOU will be at Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, May 27-June 1. Tickets are on sale at Blumenthal Performing Arts Box Office: 704-372-1000 and BlumenthalArts.org.

Ryan who enjoys an actor's life starting his day at noon, was in full gear when we spoke.


LiINDA ANN WATT: Where are you now?

RYAN KNOWLES: I'm in Tampa Florida. I've been here since Tuesday.

LAW: How long have you been acting?

RK: Ever since I was speaking. [Pause] I did community theater back home in Orange County, California. I couldn't wait to go to New York.

LAW: What was your first professional job?

RK: Paid, professional job? [Laughs] I was hired for the rink-dinkiest puppet show to teach health. I did all the voices for the puppets and I manipulated the puppets. It was a very small show.

LAW: How did you get the role of "Buddy"?

RK: The audition for "Buddy" was single handedly the worst... [Laughs] I ran into my agent on the street as I was heading to another audition. Much to my chagrin, I found out I had the date wrong. I thought the audition was for the next day. I ran there totally unprepared and just did what I thought of at the moment. They asked me to come back prepared, which I did. The callback was fun. Ben Elton [writer] enlarged my character's role as the comedy relief.

BWW Interviews: RYAN KNOWLES Talks WE WILL ROCK YOULAW: What was your most memorable experience in your profession?

RK: It changes... I like each new experience. It would have to be the opening in Baltimore with Brian May [Queen's guitarist] and Roger Taylor [Queen's drummer] on stage. That was the greatest!

LAW: Tell me about your character?

RK: I love this guy. He's the most likable, least threatening, large, comic relief. 'Kind of a Han Solo and Willie Nelson mix. He's a stoner guy who lost some brain cells. He's slow, but he's not stupid. He has a mystery to unravel. He's the first one on stage and the last one on stage.

LAW: Tell me about an average day for you while you're on tour.

RK: I've been on tour six months. A normal, typical day,... I wake up late, noon and I'm slow to start. I'm in Tampa now, so I hit the pool, wander and explore. At five o'clock, I warm up vocally, as it's a very demanding show. I don't get out of the theater until eleven o'clock. Depending on what town I'm in, I might have to think about food before the performance to get my Jimmy Johns early before restaurants close.

LAW: What's the worst experience you've had on the road?

RK: The worst I put out of my head. Travel nightmares, schlepping stuff... Travel is tedious, but so is office work. It's all relative.

LAW: Do you find there's a difference in the audience reaction depending on what city you are in?

RK: I like to look and study the audience as they listen and respond to "Are You Ready to Rock?" That's when I know what kind of an audience it is. My experience, the blue-collar towns go nuts for this show.

LAW: What should the audience expect?

RK: Come to this show if you're looking for a party. This is pure unadulterated fun. You'll have a blast!

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**Sat 24 May 14**
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23 May 2014

Following 4500 performances and 6.6 million tickets sold across 12 years, what will the musicians do now?

As the famous Queen Song declares, The Show Must Go On... and that is exactly what some of the musicians from the hit West End show We Will Rock You have decided to do! Space Elevator is the brand new band formed by WWRY members and the brilliantly bonkers, mysterious and catsuit wearing lead singer ‘The Duchess’. Playing a similar type of rock music, unlike the iPlanet, no musical instruments are banned.

Collectively, members of Space Elevator have performed in over 4000 WWRY shows and have been involved with the show on and off since the very beginning, either as musical director, full time band members or as guitar and keys deputies. They have also worked on other productions including Rock of Ages, Rocky Horror, Wicked, Footloose, The Sound of Music, Flashdance and Quadrophenia but now the focus is on the new music.

Pit musicians are usually the unseen heroes and the repetition is gruelling, playing six nights a week plus two matinees, and for musicians on these shows the fear of losing one’s edge is ever-present.

When asked why Queen and Ben Elton’s show was such a success, they believe it is simply the music. It “is universally known and loved. The music is loud and the audience gets swept away every night and at the end it’s like being at a rock concert, with the chance to stand up, stomp and clap and go nuts. Queen wrote songs that speak to all classes, all generations. They write songs to be sung on football terraces and also on the West End stage. Such a vast catalogue of instantly catchy accessible music! The lyrics are witty and poignant and uplifting. Also it shows great respect to Freddie's memory. He was the greatest front man ever and this is acknowledged in the story”.

The most memorable shows included a tribute to what would have been Freddie Mercury's 60th birthday. Brian May and Roger Taylor joined in for an extended encore. They joined in with The Show Must Go On, Brian performed Love of My Life and Roger performed Say It's Not True.

The show has been attended by many famous people including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Liza Minnelli etc or well-known people joining the cast on stage on special occasions, such as McFly, but the most memorable performance for many of the full time members of the band was at the Queen’s Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace in 2002.

In terms of whether it was the show that gave them the Space Elevator idea, the Duchess commented that “the music of Queen massively influenced Space Elevator's sound, Freddie's voice and Brian's guitar especially, plus the bombastic theatrical sound of Queen. The song ‘We Are The Losers’ is a complete homage to the sound of Queen with an obvious nod to We Are The Champions!

To see more from Space Elevator, check their out their promo video for new album.

Space Elevator Band - https://youtu.be/DQzdcPxJKr8

Space Elevator:
The Duchess – Lead Singer
David Young – Guitarist (We Will Rock You/Curved Air)
Elliot Ware – Keys (The Who/Rock of Ages/We Will Rock You/Sunny Afternoon)
Neil Murray – Bass (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore/The Brian May Band/We Will Rock You)
Brian Greene – Drums (George Benson/Curved Air)


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**Sat 24 May 14**
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In 1977 - Queen played the Hippodrome, Bristol, UK
In 1990 - The Cross played the Outpost, Göttingen, Germany
In 1993 - The Brian May Band played the Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece.

Brian May 1993 the exclusive Greek TV Interview - http://youtu.be/ENSVk2o7T0g

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**Fri 23 May 14**
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To mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the Miracle album this week (22 May 1989), Queenc Collectables have put together a tour of Miracle items, for your enjoyment:

[026] The Miracle - Album Display Items: Part 1 (1989) - https://youtu.be/NbvlQwWWWSM

Here is a selection of items made for The Miracle album that was released by Parlophone records in May 1989. You can see record store displays, LP's, cassettes, CD's, promo cards and a promotional box set among other items.
Piano by Mariano Bryner
Thanks to Gary Taylor

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**Fri 23 May 14**
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In 1969 - Ibex played Honiton Hall, Penketh, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played the Hippodrome, Bristol, UK.

White Queen (Queen-Live In Bristol: 5/23/1977) - http://youtu.be/lOm-xC3GsPM

In 1990 - The Cross played Blickpunktstudios, Dortmund, Germany.
In 1994 - Rudi Dolezal und Hannes Rossacher was filming a video for Roger Taylor "Happiness", Vienna.

Roger Taylor - Happiness? - http://youtube.com/watch?v=xP4n711ZmS8

In 2006 - Queen received 8x Platinum awards for Greatest Hits US sales.

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**Thu 22 May 14**
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Happy 25th Birthday to The Miracle Album !!

The Miracle

Queen - The Miracle (Official Video) - http://youtu.be/2DaY8-Mui0I

In 1975 - Freddie Mercury won Ivor Novello award for "Killer Queen".
In 1980 - Felix Luther Taylor, born to Roger Taylor & Dominique Beyrand. Roger's first born. Happy Birthday Felix.
In 1981 - Louisa May, was born to Brian & Chrissie May, second child. Happy Birthday Louisa.

Brian with daughters Emily Rush and Louiisa, Clasic Rock Roll of Honour
Brian May and daughters Emily Ruth and Louisa arrive at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour
at the Langham Hotel on November 6, 2006 in London, England

In 1982 - Hot Space released (USA).
In 1982 - Queen played Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany.
In 1985 - Freddie Mercury received Gold award for Mr Bad Guy UK sales.
In 1986 - John Deacon attended premiere Biggles movie. Introduced to Prince & Princess of Wales.
In 1986 - Freddie Mercury films "Time" single video, Dominion Theatre, London, UK - later, during matinee interval grabbs an icecream tray and proceeded to throw icecreams into audience, for which he would pay.
In 1989 - Queen released The Miracle (UK) - 16th album - all songs credited to Queen.
In 1991 - Freddie Mercury worked with Queen on new songs, including "Mother Love", during last recording sessions, Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland.
In 1990 - The Cross played Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany.
In 1993 - The Brian May Band played Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel, support to Guns N' Roses.
In 1994 - Roger Taylor appeared at Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan (The Great Music Experience with Hotei, Yoshiki, Toshinori Kondo, Bon Jovi).

Bon Jovi & Roger Taylor (Queen) - Bed Of Roses (Nara City, Japan - 22 May 1994

In 1994 - Roger Taylor released "Foreign Sand" single (Japan).
In 1997 - Brian May guest appearance with Zucchero at Zucchero's concert, London, UK.
In 2000 - The Mission Impossible II movie soundtrack album released UK, with Foo Fighters + Brian May "Have A Cigar".
In 2003 - Queen received Gold and Platinum awards for Greatest Video Hits I USA sales.
In 2008 - Roger Taylor attended 53rd Ivor Novello Awards with Sarina Potgieter, Grosvenor House Hotel, London, UK.

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**Wed 21 May 14**
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Queen + Adam Lambert Australia 2014


Official Fan Club members and Queenonline email subscribers can access an exclusive pre-sale via official Fan Club or Queenonline official emails from 12pm today (local time) here - http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?pp=QFANC&sh=QUEENPRE14.

If you are not a signed up Fan Club member and have a VISA card (credit or debit), you can access the @VisaEntertainmentAustralia pre-sale today at
12pm (local time) here http://tinyurl.com/q5ab293

Tickets are strictly limited – don’t miss out!

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