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- 11 Nov - Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards, Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium, Queen Collection Reissue of the Year. VOTE CLOSED

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**Fri 18 Nov 16**
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Westfield Tribeca

- The World Premiere of legendary English rock band QUEEN + Adam Lambert’s first live-concert VR experience VR THE CHAMPIONS has been added to the free Tribeca Virtual Reality Arcade at Westfield World Trade Center for the closing weekend, November 18 – November 20, 2016 (12pm – 8pm). The 3D VR film shot in front of an audience of 15,000 fans live in Barcelona in May 2016 features performances of Radio Ga Ga, We Will Rock You, and We Are the Champions. The production used a four-point wire to enable the camera to fly above the audience and amongst the band, capturing their performance in a truly immersive way.

Westfield, in partnership with Tribeca Enterprises, the producers of the Tribeca Film Festival and the world’s premier curators of VR, kicked off the Tribeca Virtual Arcade at Westfield World Trade Center < 185 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007 - the first weekend in November. For the past two weekends the attendance was at maximum capacity with thousands of guests experiencing the projects.

For the closing weekend, visitors can partake in five virtual worlds: rock out with a transformative concert experience from an impossible perspective, from the stage to the audience; battle with invading space aliens; defy gravity; discover a supernatural gift bestowed upon modern day New York City; and explore wildly imaginative dreamscapes that blur boundaries between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy—and ultimately—between the physical and digital worlds.

"Having been enchanted by stereoscopy all my life, I'm thrilled that we've been able to dive in to VR, and deliver the first truly immersive 360-degree 3D 'flying rig' rock concert footage,” said Queen guitarist Brian May. “This turned out to be a show-stopper … so enjoy, and there is more to come. Rock!”

The five featured VR selections showcased at Westfield World Trade Center include:

VR The Champions, created by Miracle and Eagle Rock Films with Jannicke Mikkelsen, and starring Brian May, Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor: This unique VR film gives the viewer a concert experience like no other. The film offers everything from front row access to the ultimate on-stage experience together with the band. Captured in flying 3D-360 the viewer is taken on a unforgettable journey hovering above the audience and flying alongside Queen guitarist Brian May, Queen drummer Roger Taylor, and lead singer Adam Lambert, performing on the grand stage of Barcelona’s Palau St. Jordi. Offering the complete experience of heightened reality, this film is captured in 3D and delivered with ambisonic audio to make this concert even more virtually real than you could ever imagine.

“Invasion!”, created by Baobab Studios: From Eric Darnell (Antz, Madagascar) this interactive animated VR experience narrated by Ethan Hawke follows menacing aliens with vastly superior technology who come to claim the Earth and destroy anyone in their way. Despite incredible odds, Earth's citizens rise up and defeat the evil aliens. Surprisingly, these Earthly citizens are not humans but a pair of the cutest, meekest and cuddliest creatures of our planet—two fluffy white bunnies.

“Invisible” Episode 1, created by Doug Liman, 30 Ninjas, Jaunt VR, Samsung VR, and Condé Nast Entertainment: Visionary director Doug Liman’s (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) Invisible is a virtual reality supernatural drama about an old New York family, the Ashlands, whose tentacles reach into the largest corporations and governments in the world. Although they control a large portion of the world’s economy, they exist in relative ambiguity. With a unique genetic ability, they move unseen and unknown…until now.

“KIDS”, created by Hal Kirkland and Moving Picture Company along with Here Be Dragons: KIDS is a fully immersive virtual reality experience and the newest single off of multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated OneRepublic’s new album Oh My My. It follows two teenagers, a boy and girl, who live across the street from one another in the city and witness to each other’s lives through their windows. It was captured in a single take with the Nokia OZO.

“KÀ The Battle Within”, created by François Blouin, Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël: Cirque du Soleil's first-ever linear narrative production, KÀ The Battle Within, is a gravity-defying VR saga of heroism and martial arts. Two rival clans from an ancient and mythical world confront one another in a furious clash of vertiginous acrobatics and breathtaking combat. The very fabric of reality is transcended, as the physical world is broken into horizontal and vertical choreographies. KÀ The Battle Within pushes the narrative and experiential boundaries of the universe of KÀ, the colossal theatrical production by Cirque du Soleil, to epic new heights.

About Tribeca Enterprises
Tribeca Enterprises is a multi-platform storytelling company based in New York City. Established in 2003 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, Tribeca provides artists with unique platforms to expand the audience for their work and broadens consumer access to experience storytelling, independent film and media. The company operates a network of branded entertainment businesses including the Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival International, and Tribeca Studios. In 2014, The Madison Square Garden Company acquired a 50% stake in Tribeca Enterprises, bringing together two of New York's most important cultural and entertainment icons to enhance the reach and impact of both brands.

For more information: www.tribecafilm.com

About Westfield World Trade Center
The new port of entry to Lower Manhattan, Westfield World Trade Center is located at the site where 60,000 neighborhood residents, 300,000 daily commuters, 13 subway / PATH trains, multiple ferry lines, and an additional 15 million annual global travelers converge within one landmark setting. This new New York City experience brings together commerce, community and culture in a destination integrating the Santiago Calatrava designed Oculus, street-level space in WTC Towers 3 and 4, as well as the galleries that run underground across the World Trade Center campus (including to 1 WTC, now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere). Encompassing more than 100 fashion, lifestyle and technology brands across 365,000 square feet of space, Westfield World Trade Center is home to one of the most diverse retail collections in New York City, world-class restaurants, art, culture, events and entertainment, as well as showrooms, sponsorships, and engaging media activations for premier partners such as Ford, Pepsi and JP Morgan Chase.

For more information: www.westfield.com/westfieldworldtradecenter/

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**Fri 18 Nov 16**
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Brian and Anita in Victorian dress

Have a peaceful, perfect and happy day.

Brian and Anita 2002

In 1966 - The Reaction played Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK.
In 1973 - Queen played Victoria Hall, Hanley, Staffs, UK.
In 1974 - Queen played New Theatre, Oxford, UK.
In 1975 - Queen Gold award for Sheer Heart Attack US sales.
In 1975 - Queen played Colston Hall, Bristol, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA
In 1989 - Brian May ZDF - Nase Vorn TV Show, Germany - played on "Yes We Can".

Brian May ZDF 18111989 - Yes We Can

1n 1996 - Queen released " You Don't Fool Me" single UK. AMAZON

Queen - You Don't Fool Me -https://youtu.be/9enOd3Z7vcY

In 2000 - Brian May and Anita Dobson were married Richmond Registry Office, UK. [Happy Anniversary!!] REPORTS
In 2004 - Roger Taylor guest spot Microsoft IT Forum with SAS Band, Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 2005 - Queen and Paul Rodgers awarded Platinum "Return Of The Champions" UK sales.
In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers arrived in Santiago De Chile, Chile, for the Press Conference on day preceding concert.
In 2011 - Anita Dobson and Robin Windsor interview on Breakfast Show prior to Wembley Strictly Come Dancing.

Anita Dobson & Robin - Pre-Wembley Breakfast Show 18 Nov 2011 - https://youtu.be/gChLlLMREwM

In 2011 - "Born This Way - The Collection" CD / DVD box set by Lady Gaga is released, Brian May Collaboration "Yoü And I" is in the album version, in the "Metronomy Remix" and in a live version (without Brian May) of the "Monster Ball Tour" at the Madison Square Garden in New York in the box set.
In 2011 - Rapper "N-Dubz Dappy" revealed in Daily Mirror, Brian May working with him on his new single 'No Regrets'.

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**Thu 17 Nov 15**
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In 1965 - The Reaction live at the Methodist Hall, St. Agnes, UK, advertised as Evening Of Drama And Music
In 1973 - Queen played Liverpool Stadium, UK, with Mott The Hoople.
In 1974 - Queen played New Theatre, Oxford, UK.
In 1975 - Queen awarded Gold for "Sheer Heart Attack" US sales.
In 1975 - Queen played Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
In 1977 - Queen played Cobo Hall, Detroit, USA.
In 1978 - Queen played Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA - stage filled with naked girls riding bicycles.
In 1985 - Freddie Mercury released solo single "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow".
In 1988 - Anita Dobson released “Talking Of Love” album produced by Brian May, ft his writing, guitars, bvs.
In 1992 - Freddie's The Great Pretender released US.
In 1995 - "Made In Heaven" released Japan.
In 1995 - Brian attended Hank Marvin concert Royal Albert Hall, London.
In 2000 - Freddie Mercury awarded Gold for “Freddie Mercury Solo” UK sales.
In 2001 - Brian May on "Johnnie Walker Show" promoting "The Best Air Guitar Album in the World... Ever!", London.
In 2004 - Sitzprobe and soundcheck "We Will Rock You" Musical, Cologne. Read about it HERE. Brian attended as well as the First Preview the following day.

Sitzprobe Cologne

In 2007 - Brian May & Roger Taylor guest appearance with Foo Fighters O2 Arena, London.

Foo Fighters/Brian May/Roger Taylor - '39 - O2 17/11/07 - https://youtu.be/5jH5II7IKs0

In 2009 - Hollywood Records released “Absolute Greatest” North America, single disc edition.

Absolute Greatest

In 2010 - Brian May & Roger Taylor played for Princes Trust Rock Gala, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK.

Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010 Sky News - Brian May and Roger Taylor 17 Nov - https://youtu.be/gNpg2jMwtAU

Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2010 BBC News - Brian May, Roger Taylor et al 17 Nov - https://youtu.be/SXFrF1q7sMc

In 2012 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis played City Hall, Salisbury, UK and Brian announced live album from the "The Born Free Tour" planned.
In 2014 - Release of Band Aid 30 "Do They Know It's Christmas 2014" released CD and DL. Roger Taylor played drums.

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**Wed 16 Nov 16**
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In 1973 - Queen played with Mott The Hoople Lancaster University, UK.
In 1974 - Queen played Birmingham Town Hall, UK.
In 1975 - Queen played Coventry Theatre, UK.
In 1976 - Tape copies of the following made at Wessex Studios, London - 'Millionaire Waltz' labelled on tape without the 'The', and 'You and I'.
In 1977 - Queen played Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, USA.
In 1978 - Queen played Madison Square Garden, New York, USA.
In 1982 - We Will Rock You (Montreal concert film) brought to London for band to preview prior to release.
In 1982 - Queen and EMI party to celebrate band re-signing for 5 more albums, inc “Hot Space.
In 1990 - Hibbert Ralph Animation Ltd produces “Innuendo” music video “Adult Version” and “Children’s Version”.
In 1993 - Parlophone issued “The Freddie Mercury Album” on CD, LP, cassette.
In 1997 - Brian May & Roger Taylor BBC World Service interview. Roger said they were working with Tribeca Productions on developing a Queen musical.
In 1998 - Red Special Japan Only Mini Album released.
In 2002 - Brian May and Roger Taylor played We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions with WWRY Musical cast for Children in Need, BBC1, UK.

Queen & WWRY Cast on Children In Need - 2002 (Part 1 of 2) - https://youtu.be/SzIAXSIV9Uo`
(Part 2 of 2) -https://youtu.be/pOr9hJVxVXo
Live Aid

In 2004 - Warner Music released “Live Aid” boxed set ft Queen’s July 1985 performance, Wembley Stadium, UK. [AMAZON]
In 2006 - Brian May working with director, editor and tech, on Cliff Richard “Move It” video.
In 2006 - Official UK Charts Company declared Queen’s Greatest Hits album the best-selling UK album of all time, with sales in excess of 5.4-million.
In 2009 - Brian May and Roger Taylor on The Steve Wright Show (with Graham Norton) BBC R2, London, UK.


Brian May and Roger Taylor with Graham Norton 16 Nov 2009 [BBC Radio 2]
- https://youtu.be/4LgJmHeU-yU

In 2011 - A press release gave details of the "Days of Our Lives".
DVD / Blu-Ray Releases.In 2012 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis played New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, UK.
In 2014 - The video "Do You Know It's Christmas?" from Band Aid 30 world premiere on UK "X Factor" TV show. Bob Geldof presented the video and called for donationS. Roger Taylor appears briefly at the drums in the video.. Released for sale on D/L, with proceeds going to the fight against Ebola in West Africa.
In 2014 -
"Brian May - Off The Record" interview was to be broadcast on the American radio show "Uncle Joe's Rock'n'Roll Morning Show" with Joe Benson on "100.2 The Sound Of Los Angeles".
In 2015 - The Queen Extravaganza - A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary Tour played Town Hall, Birmingham, UK.

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**Tue 15 Nov 16**
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In 1973 - Queen played the Gaumont, Worcester, support to Mott The Hoople.
In 1974 - Queen played Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, UK
In 1975 - Queen played the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played Civic Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
In 1992 - Brian May on ’Domenica In’ TV Show, Naples, Italy, played guitar improvisation and “Too Much Love Will Kill You”.
In 2002 - Queen awarded Gold for “A Kind Of Magic” US sales.

Brian May in Domenica In, RAI UNO (Italy) (15.11.1992) - https://youtu.be/8I-E2g2tXMI

Brian In Domenica

In 2009 - Brian May & Roger Taylor appeared on ‘The X Factor’ Fountain Studios, London, UK - played “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
In 2009 - EMI Italy released special edition 5-track CD single “We Will Rock You “ to mark 20th Anniversary of the We Will Rock You Fan Club.
In 2010 - Rock Aid Armenia re-issued 2-CD “Smoke On The Water” cover.
In 2012 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis played The Hawth, Crawley, UK, accompanied in part by "West Sussex Youth Choir.

The Hawth

In 2012 - Brian May had donated a signed guitar for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund Guitar Charity Auction" to take place December 1, 2012 at the "Julien's Auction House" in Beverly Hills.
In 2013 - We Will Rock You - The Musical, official opened Baltimore, USA.
In 2014 - Recordings for the re-release of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" from "Band Aid 30" with Bob Geldof, Midge Ure, Roger Taylor, Bono, Chris Martin et all released by Sarm Studios, Notting Hill, London.
In 2014 - The North American radio show "InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands" broadcast on US radio. Brian May and Roger Taylor were studying at Redbeard's "InTheStudio" program and discussed the concept of "Queen Forever".
In 2014 - A live performance of Queen + Adam Lambert announced on TV show "ITV" on 30.11.2014 in "The X Factor".

Queen vs Michael Jackson Night announced [Trailer 15 Nov 2014 ] - https://youtu.be/2Epk7dHoMEI

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**Mon 14 Nov 16**
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In 1969 - Wreckage played in Liverpool, UK.
In 1970 - Queen live played Balls Park College, Hertford, UK
In 1974 - Queen played the Gaumont, Southampton, UK.
In 1975 - Queen played the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK.
In 1978 - Queen played Rhode Island Civic Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
In 1978 - "Jazz" released USA.
In 1994 - Roger Taylor released “Happiness?” single BW ”Ride The Wild Wind” (live)UK.
In 1998 - Brian May played IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan.

IMP Hall Osaka
IMP Hall, Osaka - courtesy Chris Mathers

Brian retires to The Penthouse in Osaka hotel
Brian retiring to The Penthouse, Osaka - courtesy Chris Mathers

In 2002 - Queen awarded Platinum for "A Day At The Races”, “Live Killers” and “A Night At The Opera”, 2x Platinum for “Live Killers”, 3x Platinum A Night At The Opera and Classic Queen, 4x Platinum ‘The Game’ and ‘News Of The World”, all for US.`
In 2003 - Brian on 46664.com webchat talking about 46664 Mandela Concert.
In 2006 - Roger Taylor inducted Led Zeppelin into UK Music Hall Of Fame, later playing drums in specially assembled George Martin Tribute Band, Alexandra Palace, London, UK.

ROGER speaking to Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2 talking about first time
he and Brian worked with Paul Rodgers - and new Queen songs/new Queen record: LISTEN TO AUDIO
- Transcript HERE

Roger Taylor - UK Music Hall Of Fame 2006 - https://youtu.be/h3_SSKRcoAs

In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played Festival City, Dubai, UA, [car park next to IKEA store].
In 2011 - "Queen Extravaganza" enteeds the second round of public voting.
In 2011 - "Q Magazine" UK chose "40 Years Of Queen" as "Book Of The Month".
In 2013 - Diableries Talk Bath Literature Festival.
In 2014 - Virginia McKena published 'The Badger' poem and Brian May provided music backing, and posted by Brian on SOAPBOX.

The Badger by Richard Bonfield - http://youtu.be/T2tMB9Ch7OY

In 2014 - Children In Need Night BBC1 - Brian featured on the charity single 'God Only Knows'.

God Only Knows - BBC Music - http://youtu.be/XqLTe8h0-jo

Impossible orchestra

God Only Knows single
See who’s who in the 'Impossible Orchestra': http://bbc.in/1vUMGLp

Amazon: AUDIO CD & Digital Download  | iTunes

In 2015 - Queen Extravaganza - A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary Tour: Open, Norwich.

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**Sun 13 Nov 16**
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In 1973 - Queen played St George's, Blackburn, and first time on British TV, performing "Keep Yourself Alive" and "Liar", BBC Old Grey Whistle Test.
In 1974 - Queen played the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, UK.
In 1975 - Queen's final shoot "Bo Rhap", Elstree Studios, London, then got bus to Liverpool to start tour.
In 1977 - Queen played Civic Centre, Springfield, MA, USA.
In 1978 - Queen played Boston Garden, MA, USA.

Ticket Boston Garden

In 1982 - Roger Taylor firework party in his garden,+ showed Brian, John and guests Milton Keynes TV concert film.
In 1986 - EMI issued Queen with test pressing "Live Magic".
In 1989 - Brian May interviewed by six US radio stations, promoting "The Miracle", Sticky Fingers restaurant, London.
In 1992 - Brian May appeared on Maurizio Constanzo Show, Canale5, Italy - sang "Too Much Love Will Kill You".
In 1992 - Roger Taylor officially opened the Freddie Mercury Building for AIDS, Rijswijk, nr The Hague, Netherlands.
In 1993 - Brian May played NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
In 1995 - "The Ultimate Queen Box Set" released, luxury wall-mount boxed collection - 20 picture CDs, booklet and hologram. [AMAZON]

Ultimate Queen Box Set

In 1997 - Brian May and Roger Taylor attended press conference, Hard Rock Cafe, Barcelona, Spain and presented with Ondas Award for "Outstanding Contribution to The History Of Pop Music”, 2x Platinum awards for "Made In Heaven" and 5x Platinum for "Greatest Hits".
In 1998 - Brian May played Bottom Line, Nagoya, Japan.

Brian on stage Bottom Line, Nagoya
Brian on stage The Bottom Line, Nagoya
- courtesy Chris Mathers

Nagoya - Bottom Line
Brian signing autographs after the gig, Bottom Line, Nagoya
- courtesy Chris Mathers

Platinum Collection


In 2000 - Queen released "The Platinum Collection", 3-disc boxed set,UK, replacing 2-disc "Gold Collection".

In 2003 - Roger Taylor interview Capital Gold Radio about 46664. New track "Invincible Hope: Queen + Nelson Mandela" ft Roger Taylor & Treana Morris, premiered, plus passages "Long Walk To Freedom" read by Nelson Mandela.
In 2010 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis played for British Legion Festival of Remembrance, RAH, London In 2012 - Queen + VonLichten “We Will Rock You VonLichten” D/L release - used for 2012/13 NFL football season
In 2013 - Interview with Brian May on the "We Will Rock You " N American Tour published in "The Tennessean".
In 2014 - A new date for Queen + Adam Lambert - UK / Europe Tour 2015 announced Krakow Arena, Krakow, Poland 21/02/2015.
In 2014 - A Special One-Night Talk with Brian May, Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, S Yorks, the intimate event for 80 people covering his childhood, career as a musician, time with Queen and passions for astrology and animal welfare.
In 2014 - Producer William Orbit telephone interview for BBC 4 "Front Row" programme.
In 2015 - Queen Extravaganza - A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary Tour", Engine Shed, Lincoln.
In 215 - "The Ultimate Music Guide - Queen" UK, a new Collector's Edition published by Uncut Magazine - 124 pages of interviews, many photos and a "The Complete Works" overview of all Queen albums.

**Sun 13 Nov 16**
Direct link

The week after next we mark the 25th anniversary of the sad death of Freddie Mercury, which will be acknowledged by Sky Arts "Freddie Mercury Weekend" - with a range of programmes:

Queen - The Phenomenon
Fri 25 Nov 12:10am - 1:30am Sky Arts
Profile of the rock group, combining archive interviews with performance footage, from their beginnings in the 1970s to the death of lead singer Freddie Mercury in 1991.

Queen - Live at Wembley
Fri 25 Nov 9pm - 10:15pm Sky Arts
A performance by the band recorded on their 1986 Magic tour, when they were riding the crest of a wave following their triumphant Live Aid performance at the same venue the year before. Including renditions of classic hits Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want to Break Free, We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga.
Performer Queen
Director Gavin Taylor

Queen - The Magic Years
Fri 25 Nov 11:45pm - 1am Sky Arts
Documentary about the rock group's rise to fame and eventual superstardom, including profiles of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor.

Sky Arts Nov 2016 trailer inc Freddie Mercury Weekend
- https://youtu.be/MAMHoknt-j8

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**Sat 12 Nov 16**
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In 1969 - Wreckage played Richmond Rugby Club, UK.
In 1973 - Queen played Leeds Town Hall, UK support to Mott The Hoople.
In 1974 - Queen played Colston Hall, Bristol, UK.
In 1974 - “Sheer Heart Attack” released on Elektra, USA.
In 1975 - Queen’s third day of filming “Bo Rhap” promo and rehearsal for tour, Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, UK.
In 1976 - “Somebody To Love” / “White Man” 7” released UK.

Somebody to Love
Freddie - Somebody To Love

In 1977 - Queen played Boston Garden, MA, USA.
In 1985 - “One Vision” entered UK charts No 9.
In 1990 - Brian May at opening Red And Gold Theatre's “Macbeth” (for which he composed the music), Riverside Studios, London, UK.
In 1992 - Hollywood Records re-issued Freddie Mercury “The Great Pretender” singles USA.
In 1995 - “Made In Heaven” entered UK album chart at No 1.
In 1999 - Queen received Silver and Gold awards Greatest Hits III UK sales.
In 2000 - “The Stretch” Part 1 TV series aired Sky One, UK - music by Brian May.

The Stretch
"The Stretch" - VHS

In 2002 - Brian May guest appearance, WWRY, Dominion Theatre, London, UK.
In 2009 - Brian May performs with cast, WWRY charity night, Apollo Theatre, Stuttgart, Germany.
In 2011 - Midge Ure went in search of the real Freddie Mercury. BBC Radio 4

The Mysterious Mr Mercury 12 Nov 2011 Pt1 - https://youtu.be/lOPz3kjDF8I

In 2012 - Brian May and Kerry Ellis, Alban Arena, St Albans, UK.
In 2013 - Queen Extravaganza at the O2 Arena, Bristol.
In 2013 - “We Will Rock You” USA Tour, Performing Arts Center, Nashville, US.
In 2014 - Released ”Queen Forever" LtdE iSHM-CD standard with Japan-only bonus 'I Was Born To Love You'. The Ltd Deluxe Ed 2 Super High Material CD set ft 'Teo Torriatte'.
In 2014: "Queen Forever" “Calendar LtdEd” (Standard Edition CD) and as "Pop Card LtdEd” (Deluxe 2CD), Korea.
In 2014 - report by Mercedes Milligan on Brian May "One Night In Hell" in "Animation Magazine".
In 2015 - Brian May and Anita Dobson were guests on “Loose Woman” show on "Bring Your Husband To Work Day”, ITV studios, London.

Brian May & Anita Dobson (Brian ducks out) Loose Women 12/11/2015 (clips)
- https://youtu.be/OU2HLoAQxQc

In 2015 - Brian May guest on”The Vanessa Feltz Show" BBC London 94.9.

Brian May & Vanessa Feltz discuss Basement Extensions 12112015
- https://youtu.be/PmVKyQvCVUQ

In 2015 - Queen Extravaganza - A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary Tour at The Corn Exchange, Cambridge.

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**Fri 11 Nov 15**
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In 1966 - The New Opposition played Eyres Monsell Youth Club, Leics, UK.
In 1967 - The Opposition played Zodiac 67 Club, Leicester, UK.
In 1975 - Queen rehearsing for tour + 2nd day of filming Bohemian Rhapsody promo, Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, UK.
In 1977 - Queen played Cumberland County Civic Centre, Portland, Maine, USA, complete with 60-ton lighting rig!! Played We Will Rock You live for the first time.
In 1978 - The Official International Queen Fan Club held first convention, Empire Ballroom, London, UK.
In 1978 - Queen played Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.
In 1991 - Queen received 2x platinum award for "Greatest Hits II" UK sales.
In 1993 - Brian May played Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan, Kawasaki, Japan.
In 1996 : Queen released “Made In Heaven - The Films compilation: VHS" and DVD (by Weinerworld).
In 1998 -Brian May played Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan.
In 2002 - Queen and Ben Elton released “We Will Rock You: Rock Theatrical“ CD with music from the musical recorded live at the Dominion Theatre.
In 2002 - The Brian May compiled and endorsed 'The Best Air Guitar Album In The World' saw the release of a Second edition, rocking harder than the first version.

.WWRY Cast album 2002Best Air Guitar Album II

The Best Air Guitar Album in the World... II (released 11 Nov 2002) - https://youtu.be/o_l7rDFbL9k

In 2003 - Queen "Greatest Video Hits 2" NTSC format released worldwide, except Japan (19 Nov '03).
In 2004 - Brian May + Roger Taylor played live with Paul Rodgers Hackney Empire, London, UK, on Queen's induction to the Hall Of Fame - played ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘All Right Now’.

Queen and Paul Rodgers

Roger, Brian and Justin - UK Music Hall of Fame

In 2011 - Roger appeared on the Jo Whiley showSkyArts along with Adam Ant and Fyfe Dangerfield from Guillemots. (Repeated Sky1 14 Nov.)
In 2009 - Brian May and Elena Vidal gave a talk to present new book "A Village Lost and Found", The Conference Centre, The British Library, London.
In 2012 - Brian May and Kerry Ellis played the Union Chapel, London, UK.
In 2012 - Brian May's interview with Johnnie Walker for 'The Sounds of the '70s" broadcast on BBC Radio 2. (Recorded 8 Nov 2012).
In 2013 - Brian May Interview - AOR Magazine Show.

Brian May on AOR Magazine Show - Team Rock Radio 11 November 2013
- https://youtu.be/_9MV-UfW22U

In 2013 - Roger Taylor ‘Fun On Earth; solo album and complete back catalogue ‘The Lot’ released UK, through Virgin / EMI.
In 2014 - Transmission of "The Nation's Favourite Queen Song" on ITV.
In 2014 - "Queen Forever" CD released USA.
In 2015 - Queen received "Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Living Legend Award" at "Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards Dinner 2015, The Roundhouse, Camden, London. In his acceptance speech, Brian May dedicated the award to the "incredible and irrepressible" Freddie Mercury.

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**Fri 11 Nov 16**
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Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards 2016

Studio Collection


At the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards in Tokyo today, Queen won the category

"Reissue of the Year" for their "Studio Collection",
voted for by the fans.

Jeff Beck, Joe Perry and All-Star Band triumph at Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo
11 Nov 2016

Guitar icons team up for Classic Rock Roll Of Honour finale in Tokyo – as Jeff Beck, Def Leppard, ELO, Richie Sambora, Cheap Trick, Yoshiki land top prizes, Def Leppard, Jeff Beck, The Struts and Cheap Trick were among the big winners at the Classic Rock Roll Of Honour today.

The ceremony was held in Japan for the first time ever, with the spiritual home of Sumo wrestling Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium in Tokyo packed with 8000 rock fans for the star-studded event.

The sold-out crowd watched performances from Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, Rudolf Schenker, Johnny Depp, Phil Collen and Joe Elliott, Richie Sambora and Orianthi, Tesla, Cheap Trick, and a house band made up of Rob and Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots, Korn drummer Ray Luzier and Tommy Hendriksen of Hollywood Vampires.

Hosted by Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, the celebration saw Jeff Beck presented with The Icon award by Led Zeppelin hero Jimmy Page, while Scorpions man Rudolf Schenker presented Richie Sambora with the Classic Songwriter prize.

Def Leppard scooped the fan-voted Album Of The Year prize for their self-titled album and Queen's The Studio Collection took the gong for Reissue Of The Year, also voted for by the fans.

Jeff Lynne's ELO were voted Band Of The Year by the fans, while X Japan mainman Yoshiki was named The Asian Icon.


TeamRock Chief Executive Billy Anderson: "Jeff Beck, Cheap Trick, Richie Sambora, Queen, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Yoshiki and Def Leppard are truly worthy winners and we continue to champion up-and-coming bands, with The Struts taking the Best New Band prize."

Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2016 Tokyo winners:

The Showmen: Cheap Trick
Best New Band: The Struts
Classic Songwriter: Richie Sambora
Band Of The Year: Jeff Lynne's ELO
Reissue Of The Year: Queen - The Studio Collection
Asian Performance: Slot Machine
Japan Next Generation: Band-Maid
Asian Performance: Sarah Geronimo
The V.I.P: Katsuya Kobayashi
Eastern Breakthrough Male Band: One Ok Rock
The Asian Icon: Yoshiki
Album Of The Year: Def Leppard – Def Leppard
The Icon: Jeff Beck


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**Fri 11 Nov 16**
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Queen I cover
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QUEEN Greatest Hits I and II to be re-released on vinyl November 18 through Virgin EMI
First time available worldwide as gatefold-sleeve double vinyl albums

Reissued on vinyl on November 18 on Virgin EMI (world excluding North America), Queen’s best-selling compilations Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II throw fresh light on an unrivalled track record of chart-topping, award-winning, record-breaking rock and pop classics. With four songwriters in the band - Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon - Queen created a glorious legacy of all-time anthems that still ring out across the ages. For past and future fans alike, they will rock you.

In the U.S., where release is through Hollywood Records, fans will have to wait a little longer for GH II. While Greatest Hits receives same day and date release, GH II on vinyl will arrive in the U.S. only in the New Year.

First released in 1981, Greatest Hits is the best-selling album of all time in Britain, standing alone as the first and only album to have sold over 6 million copies in the UK (6.1 million sales to date) with global sales in excess of 25 million. According to the Official Charts Company who earlier this year crowned it ‘Britain’s most popular album of the past 60 years’, one in four British households already own a copy of the album. Newly re-mastered as a gatefold-sleeve double vinyl album for the first time worldwide, these 17 tracks are now spread across four sides of 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, enriching the audio quality of a band rightly celebrated for their multi-tracked studio perfectionism. Deep, warm and luxuriant, this is exactly how Queen should sound.

Spanning Queen's triumphant first act, from 1974 to 1980, Greatest Hits includes some of the world's most beloved rock standards, including the stadium-sized symphonic chart-topper Bohemian Rhapsody and the roof-raising We Are The Champions, which was named the most catchy song of all time by a team of scientists in 2011. But this album also dazzles with its stylistically promiscuous range, from the crowd rousing We Will Rock You, the tongue in cheek Fat Bottomed Girls, the stomp-stomp-stomp late 70’s disco inspired Another One Bites the Dust, to the finger-snapping jukebox retro-rock homage Crazy Little Thing Called Love and the soaring, impassioned, gospel-fired Aretha-isms of Somebody To Love. Sublime songwriting genius.

Originally released shortly before Freddie Mercury's death in 1991, Greatest Hits II has sold over 19 million copies worldwide. It spans 1981 to 1991, the period which followed Queen having dropped their famous no synthesizers rule elevating them to new heights of creativity. Opening up their guitar-heavy sound to embrace funk, disco and electronics resulted in rich rewards, transforming these former Seventies glam rockers into a glossy, streamlined, emphatically contemporary super-group.

Rebooted and rewired, Queen produced some of their most immortal hits during this imperial Eighties phase. Built around an improvised studio jam, their infectious David Bowie collaboration Under Pressure became a global chart-topping smash. The retro-futurist epic Radio Ga Ga and the humorously romantic I Want To Break Free stand as testaments to their early mastery of synthesizers, while the muscular ripcord riffs of Hammer To Fall and octave-vaulting grand-piano acrobatics of It's a Hard Life are vintage Queen both sonically and lyrically.

Greatest Hits II, officially the tenth best selling album of all time in the UK, is steeped in warmth and optimism, from the tender sentiments and sumptuous harmonies of Friends Will Be Friends to the planet-sized synth-rock fanfares of One Vision, a Live Aid-inspired hymn to humankind’s better angels. Mercury even chronicles his failing health with stoic humour, notably on the heroically defiant swan song The Show Must Go On, not going gently into that good night but still burning bright, and still playing shamelessly to the gallery.

Undimmed by time or fashion, Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II are welcome reminders that Queen were always colourful, always dynamic, always ablaze with passion and pride. They filled the heavens with a musical rainbow.

Queen I

Greatest Hits
2xLP gatefold – 180 gram heavyweight vinyl – includes MP3 download voucher
Virgin EMI
World ex North America (USA Hollywood Records)

1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2 Another One Bites The Dust
3. Killer Queen
4. Fat Bottomed Girls
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2. Somebody To Love
3. Now I’m Here
4. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
1. Bicycle Race
2. You’re My Best Friend
3. Don’t Stop Me Now
4. Save Me
1. Play The Game
2. Flash
3. Seven Seas Of Rhye
4. We Will Rock You
5. We Are The Champions


Greatest Hits II
2xLP gatefold – 180 gram heavyweight vinyl – includes MP3 download voucher
Virgin EMI
World ex North America (USA Hollywood Records)

Queen II cover

1. A Kind Of Magic
2. Under Pressure
3. Radio Ga Ga
4. I Want It All
5. I Want To Break Free
1. Headlong
2. The Miracle
3. I’m Going Slightly Mad
4. The Invisible Man

1. Innuendo
2. It’s A Hard Life
3. Breakthru
4. Who Wants To Live Forever
1. Hammer To Fall
2. Friends Will Be Friends
3. The Show Must Go On
4. One Vision

Queen II


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Thu 10 Nov 16**
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In 1967 - The Reaction played Pennace Hotel, Hayle, UK.
In 1967 - The Opposition live at the Boys Club, Witterworth, UK.
In 1974 - Queen live at the Guildhall, Preston, UK.
In 1975 - Bohemian Rhapsody filmed Elstree Studios, London, UK - directed by Bruce Gowers.
In 1977 - “News Of The World” entered UK album charts No 4.
In 1978 - Queen awarded Silver and Gold Jazz UK sales.
In 1978 - Queen played Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
In 1978 - "Jazz" album released UK.
In 1981 - "Greatest Hits" topped the UK charts.
In 1981 - 'Under Pressure' reached No 8 in UK charts.
In 1982 - Queen rehearsed for 3 and a half days for A Night At The Opera tour at Elstree Studios, London, UK.
In 1986 - Trip Khalaf began final 3-day mixing session of live audio album “Live Magic”.
In 1992 - “The Queen Collection” boxed set released by Hollywood Records.
In 1993 - Brian May played Denayoku Hall, Sendai, Japan.
In 1996 - The London Film Festival screens “Made In Heaven: The Films” Odeon West End Screen 2, London.
In 1998 - Brian May played Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
In 1998 - DoRo Productions produces a Roger Taylor documentary “The Making Of A World Record", about Cyberbarn internet event.
In 2003 - Queen released Greatest Video Hits 2 in Australia.
In 2010 - Brian May and Elena Vidal - A Village Lost and Found Talk - 19:30 Quarterhouse, Tontine Street, Folkestone, UK.

Brian and Elena - Folkestone

In 2012 - Brian May and Kerry Ellis played St Georges Church, Brighton, UK.
In 2014 - Queen Forever CD release - Deluxe Edition - Japanese 2CD SHM-CD (11th USA) - first new Queen album in 20 years featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals.

Queen Forever

In 2002 - Brian May guest appearance for Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Royal Opera House, London, UK - played “I’ll Do My Crying In The Rain”, “Run To You” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” with Bryan Adams, and “Is This The World We Created? Brian met the then 12 year-old Vicki Moore, bravely fighting cancer at too young an age. (Remains an inspiration.) Editor: Vicki would now have been al 25.]
Further reading: Vicki Moore's wonderful recollections of this Concert - and her Blog at VICKI'S WORLD

Gorilla Fund concertßß

In 2013 - Roger Taylor has also appeared at Liz Barnes in the show "My Planet Rocks" on "Planet Rock Radio" and talks about his solo project, his life with Queen and The Queen Extravaganza.
In 2013 - A Roger Taylor interview entitled "My Kind Of Town" is published in the "Sunday Telegraph".
In 2013 - The Queen Extravaganza played Komedia, Bath, UK.
In 2014 - "Queen Forever" album with new unreleased songs "There Must Be More To Life Than This" (with Michael Jackson - William Orbit Mix), "Let Me In Your Heart Again" and "Love Kills - The Ballad" released by Virgin EMI Records as standard CD jewel case with 20 tracks and 16 page booklet and a 2CD Deluxe edition in digipak with 36 tracks and 24 page booklet in UK.
In 2014 -
A "Special Preview Screening" of a new 4K Ultra High Definition re-mastered Konzertflim "Queen Rocks Montreal" shown in a West London cinema.`
In 2014 -
The organizers of Band Aid Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to announce at a press conference in London that after 30 years in a new edition with a revised text of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" work. The new version will be released under the banner of "Band Aid 30". Roger Taylor signed up to participate.
In 2015: A Press Release announced "Queen + Adam Lambert to headline the Isle Of Wight Festival 2016 on 12.06.2016, the concert being the first Queen + Adam Lambert UK festival appearance and the only UK show for 2016.
In 2015 -Press release announced "Classic Rock Roll Of Honour" awarding the "Living Legend Award" tot Queen, The Roundhouse in Camden, London on 11 Nov 2015.
In 2015 - Brian May guest om "ITN News At Ten" in an interview with Nina Nannar on "Bohemian Rhapsody", told how the success of the single saved the band from bankruptcy.

Brian May on Bohemian Rhapsody - ITV News At Ten 10112015
- https://youtu.be/7VzEuTUjuuI

In 2015 - Queen Extravaganza - A Night At The Opera 40th Anniversary Tour:, Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

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**Thu 10 Nov 16**
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Freddie Mercury Royal Recipes

The book is a unique work full of favourite dishes, accompanied by photographs, and also a variety of short stories and memories of Peter Freestone cooking for Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury of the celebrated band Queen was an extravagant individual who loved flamboyance in food as much as in music and fashion. Not many people know, however, what Freddie Mercury actually liked to eat and drink, or what his favourite meal was. Part of the proceeds realized from the sale of this book will be donated to charity organization The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

For more information and to order the book go to: www.freddiemercurysroyalrecipes.com

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** Wed 09 Nov 16**
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Italian Freddie Night

On Saturday 12th November Rome is paying tribute to the unforgettable magic of Freddie Mercury.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the Queen frontman’s death we will celebrate his legend in Rome’s “temple of live music”: Stazione Birra.

The event, fully supported by We Will Rock You - The Official Italian Queen Fan Club, will kick off with the tribute band Rapsodia, followed by REQUEEN, a most renowned Rome-based band that, after an intensive summer tour, is now back in town ready to pay their tribute with a very specific set-list largely focused on the Queen repertoire of the 70s and 80s, the most pure and refined one which consecrated the band during their world tours.

Joining the event a special guest: the writer and journalist Luca Garrò who will present his latest book: ”Freddie Mercury”, published last October by Hoepli and now available in all Italian bookstores.

This is going to be a unique unforgettable night.
Please join us at Stazione Birra and we will rock together to keep the magic alive!

Info and booking: O6-79845959 or 349-5979997


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