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4 Nov The 2014 Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards,The Avalon, Hollywood, USA.
10 Nov (11 USA) Queen Forever CD release - Deluxe Edition

19 Dec - 09 Jan 2015 WWRY Alte Oper, Frankfurt.

**Wed 22 Oct 14**
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Roger Taylor Talks About Solo Work, Queen in the ’70s: ‘We Were Just a Heavy Rock Band’ – Exclusive Interview
by Matt Wardlaw October 21, 2014


For more than 40 years Roger Taylor has been the drummer behind the kit for Queen. And in that seat, he’s traveled the world many times over and been a part of nearly every magical musical experience a musician could hope to have. In that time, he also found time to dabble extensively in solo work, releasing albums under his own name and also with a separate band, the Cross.

Omnivore Recordings has collected material from all of his solo journeys in two new collections. ‘Best,’ which comes out on Oct. 27, collects 18 tracks — from Taylor’s 1977 solo debut single through ‘Fun on Earth,’ his 2013 solo album. The set will be available on both CD and vinyl with many of the tracks making their vinyl debut for the first time. ‘The Lot,’ meanwhile, offers a deeper dive and will be in stores on Nov. 10. It presents the entirety of Taylor’s solo output, spread across 12 CDs — including four discs of singles and remixes, plus a DVD of additional video content and a 64-page book.

Taylor spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock about the new releases, as well as his activities with Queen, both past and present.

Eight albums’ worth of work gives you a lot to choose from. How did you arrive at the final batch of material that we’re hearing on ‘Best’? What made each one of these songs really stick out in your mind?

Well, I wanted people’s opinions, really. So it’s been put together with what people seem to think ws the best, given the fact that I sort of vaguely agreed. So, I listened the other day in the car, as you do, and I thought it hung together pretty well. I don’t spend a lot of time listening to my stuff. You know, I find that you get so close to it when you’re making it. Then when you do this a few years later, it’s sometimes a nice surprise. So really, I think it’s a good bunch of tracks. They’re probably the more accessible tracks.

Then there’s the box set, which brings together all of your solo albums. From your end of things, what was involved in pulling it all together?

Well, it was just a great idea, and the record company was keen to do it — and I just thought, “well, how nice to get all of that stuff, bring it all out and get it all in one box.” For me, it’s great. You know, I’ve got several boxes of half of my life, and it’s amazing to just have it all there in one thing. It’s like tying up a bundle and making a neat [collection] of it. It’s great, so I feel I can move on now. [Laughs.]

Collections like this are nice, because often there’s stuff that’s been out of print.

That’s right! I think that some of it has been, and then it’s been back in and then it’s been out of print again. But you’re right, yeah, and there it is if you want it and it’s great. It’s really nice to have it all in a box. I’m very pleased with that. I have to tell you a funny story, we’ve been putting this box together for months, and I eventually get a finished box from the factory and in my huge excitement, I tear off the cellophane and open it up and there’s no CDs inside! [Laughs.] So there was a little manufacturing problem. I can imagine that you’ve paid this money for the box. and there’s nothing in it. But the book was in there! Anyway, we fixed it!


When you’re in a successful band like Queen and you start having these thoughts about doing some recordings on your own, how difficult is it to find the confidence to step outside of that normal world?

I guess the lead singing is the hardest thing to be confident about. It’s so subjective, and it’s also so innately you. We also had a hell of a lead singer, so that was tricky. But everybody in the band was always supportive of everybody else’s solo work. You know, we understood, if John [Deacon] wanted to go off, or Brian [May], or even Freddie [Mercury], and do something on their own? “Yeah, fine. Hey, good luck,” you know? And we used to play on each other’s solo stuff occasionally, as well. Freddie even sang on one of my tracks. So it was good; it was all friendly.


Queen has been out touring this year with Adam Lambert and folks have been really happy to get a chance to see the band in arenas again here in the U.S. What was it like for you, going back out on an extended tour?

It was about four months, because we went to Asia and Australia as well. I have to say, it was just great. You know, we got on so well with Adam. He fitted in so well with us and he brought so much to the show. [He’s a] great frontman and he looked great and he sings beautifully, and his style is very suited to our music. You know, it’s pretty theatrical music, some of our stuff. He’s the greatest. So, we really had a ball and I think it came over in the shows. They were very well attended and the reception that we got in every city was great. So, it was a really great experience and I’m thrilled. We’re going to go on and do Europe in January and February. It’s all good.


After the European run that you mentioned, what sort of thoughts have you all had? Do you want to record with Adam?

I think it would be great to do something, yeah. Not an album, probably. He’s got his own stuff to do, and that’s very much a priority for him. I think it would be very interesting, because his voice is so extraordinary and I think we could really do something great with it. I see no end to the possibility and the potential of Adam Lambert. He’s a fabulous performer, and I think it would be very interesting to do something with him.


There is a new Queen compilation coming out on November 10th called ‘Queen Forever.’ There are some interesting things on this set, including several unreleased tracks. Can you tell us a little bit about the process of getting those tracks ready for release?

Well, in a nutshell, Brian and I worked on the three tracks to get them ready. The track featuring Michael Jackson ['There Must Be More To Life Than This'], which is an old Freddie song that he recorded with Michael, we had our version — which was a very stripped down version with alternating lines. Then we got our friend William Orbit to do, I guess, a more radio-friendly mix. He has some alternating verses, so it’s very different. They’re two very different versions. The version you’re going to hear on the album is William’s version. Another track, ‘Love Kills,’ was an old dance record, really, with Giorgio Moroder, which Freddie did as a solo [track]. But we all actually played on it at the time without telling anyone. That one, Brian had the idea of doing that one half-time and just completely replacing the instrumentation and really bringing a new sort of gravitas to the song, I think vastly improving it. It’s a beautiful vocal performance from Freddie.

The third track is an old Queen track ['Let Me In Your Heart Again'] which we never really quite finished when we were recording ‘The Works’ in L.A. Brian and I just did a little more work on it, [added] a little bit of backing vocals and that track comes out great and you can hear the old Queen rhythm section in full swing on it and it sounds good to me!


I know that there was some other stuff that Freddie worked on with Michael. Did you guys look at those tracks too?

We did, yeah. But we had to really go along with what Michael’s record company and his estate would release. So, we had talks with them and that’s what they would agree to.

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**Wed 22 Oct 14**
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In 1991 - The Cross played Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany.
In 1991 - Brian May guest appearance with Extreme, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK.
In 1992 - Brian May appeared on De Tu A Tu, TV show, Antena 3, Spain, performing 'Too Much Love Will Kill You'.

Brian May in De Tu A Tu, Antena 3 (Spain)-Too Much Love Will Kill You (22.10.1992)
- http://youtu.be/jI6h13xhk-M

Brian May De Tu A Tu


Brian May De Tu A Tu

In 1995 - Brian May in India for Solar Eclipse.
In 1998 - Brian May played Mala Sportovni Hala, Prague, Czech Republic
In 2000 - Brian May guest appearance Motorhead 25th Anniversary, Brixton Academy, London, UK.
In 2002 - Foo Fighters release album "One By One" ft Brian May on "Tired Of You".

One By One
'Tired of You' track download

Foo Fighters - Tired of you - http://youtu.be/N-7ZWl2xFzA

In 2005 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played Hollywood Bowl, LA, California, USA.
In 2007 - Queen released promo CD single "We Will Rock You" / "We Are The Champions" to mark tracks' 30th anniversary.
In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played the Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain. Released for download "Seagull (Live - 22/10/08)".
In 2009 - Brian May and Elena Vidal publish book, "A Village Lost and Found".

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**Tue 21 Oct 14**
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In 1965 - The Reaction played Godolphin Hall, Helston, UK.
In 1974 - Killer Queen / Flick Of The Wrist released USA.
In 1991 - The Cross played Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany.
In 1991 - Life Changes / Put It All Down To Love by The Cross released UK.
In 1995 - Brian in India for Solar Eclipse.
In 1998 - Brian May played the Capitol, Offenbach, Germany,
In 2010 - Brian May performed with cast WWRY Musical premiere, Theater des Westens, Berlin, Germany.
In 2003 - Nelson Mandela launched 46664 campaign to fight AIDS epidemic in Africa. Two tracks released “46664 - Long Road To Freedom” and “Amandla” performed by Anastacia, Queen & Dave Stewart in aid of The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Queen + Anastacia - Amandla - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQCYgH1vpBc

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**Mon 20 Oct 14**
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In 1973 - Queen played Paris Theatre, London, UK.
In 1977 - Queen appeared on ITV, Britannia Award Ceremony, which showed them receiving award for best British single for the past 25 years for "Bohemian Rhapsody".
In 1976 - A 30-minute version Queen’s 19 Nov 1974 Rainbow Theatre concert released to cinemas as pre-show to Led Zeppelin’s documentary "The Song Remains The Same".
In 1978 - John had his hair shaved off, hence nickname Birdman.
In 1982 - Queen played the Kyuden Auditorium, Fukuoka, Japan.
In 1984 - Queen played final date at Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana,
In 1986 - Queen released Who Wants To Live Forever/A Kind Of Magic video single on VHS.
In 1991 - The Cross played e Maintauberhalle, Wertheim, Germany.
In 1995 - Brian flew from Heathrow to Delhi, India to watch the Solar Eclipse.
In 2003 - Brian May guest appearance at WWRY, Dominion Theatre, London, UK,
In 2004 - "Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl" video playing in German cinemas.

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**Sun 19 Oct 14**
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In 1981 - Queen released Greatest Flix VHS along with Greatest Pix photo book (UK).
In 1982 - Queen played Kyuden Auditorium, Fukuoka, Japan
In 1984 - Concert: Queen live at the Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana
In 1991 - Brian May made a guest appearance Expo ’92 Guitar Festival, Auditorio de la Cartuja, Sevilla, Spain, assembling BB King, Paul Rodgers, Mike Moran, Steve Vai, Joe Walsh, Cozy Powell, Joe Satriani and others. Songs performed include “Last Horizon” and “Driven By You”
In 1991 - The Cross played Schwarzwaldhalle, Appenweiher, Germany.
In 1992 - Hank Marvin released “Into The Light” album including “We Are The Champions” ft Brian May.
In 1993 - News Of The World remaster CD released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (USA).
In 1998 - Roger Taylor “Live at the Cyberbarn” VHS released, live internet concert from 24 September concert which had been broadcast from Roger's home, Cosford Mill, Surrey, UK.

ROGER TAYLOR: LIve At The Cyberbarn (part 1)
- http://youtube.com/watch?v=qWl-NWoIskE

In 1998 - Brian played Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerland.
In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers live at the Arena, Sheffield, UK. Released for downed “I Want To Break Free (Live - 19/10/08)” and “Radio Ga Ga (Live - 19/10/08)”.

Queen & Paul Rodgers I Want It All Sheffield Arena 19.10.08 
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2FpVfa_sRg

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**Sat 18 Oct 14**
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In 1969 - Smile played the College Union, Watford, UK
In 1981 - Queen released Greatest Flix VHS in the UK. The release accompanied by Greatest Pix book.
In 1981 - Queen played Estadio de Beisbol Ignacio Zaragoza, Puebla, Mexico.
In 1984 - Queen played Super Bowl, Sun City, Bophuthatswana
In 1991 - The Cross played the Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerland.
In 1991 - The Cross played Schwarzwaldhalle, Appenweiher, Germany.
In 1993 - Brian May played Rockefeller's West, Houston, Texas, USA
In 1998 - Brian May live at the Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy.

ROGER TAYLOR: LIve At The Cyberbarn (part 1) - http://youtube.com/watch?v=qWl-NWoIskE

In 1998 - Brian played Volkshaus, Zürich, Switzerland.
In 2002 - Brian May + Roger Taylor guest appearance at the Club 1650, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA - Walk Of Fame afterparty with SAS Band and others.
In 2005 - Queen + Paul Rodgers release "Return Of The Champions" DVD in N America, with extra track cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" from Hyde Park July Concert.
In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers live at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK, Danny Miranda back on bass. Released for download "We Believe (Live - 18/10/08)", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live - 18/10/08)"
In 2010 - Queen releases "The Singles Collection Vol 4 boxed set with remastred tracks 1989 - 1999.
In 2013 - Brian May interviewed by JIm Kerr for !104.3 New York.

Jim Kerr interviews Brian May Q104.3 New York 18102013 - http://youtu.be/U-3jdtH26Hg

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May stopped by the "Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show" Friday morning and gave a great interview and impromptu guitar performance for listeners. May discussed a number of topics including the possibility of a new Queen album, his new book "Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell," the Freddie Mercury movie, and much more!

May confirmed that he is working on a new album of old Queen recordings. "There is more than I thought there...there's those couple of tracks we've been telling people about with Michael Jackson...a mixture of old and new I think," May explained. "I'm working on one particular track which nobody's going to expect that's just Freddie singing a beautiful song."

May also talked about the Freddie Mercuy movie and revealed that the band has an unknown actor in mind for the part. "We have somebody very much in mind, who is not quite signed on the dotted line yet, but yeah he's a young and upcoming and wonderful actor and a face you probably don't know, but you will soon."

While in studio May also pulled a guitar off the wall in the Q1043 studios and started playing for everyone! As May said, "I just like guitars in the morning."

Brian May filmed in interview New York 28 Oct 2013

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