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1 Oct - "Outsider" album release
Thurs 7 Oct - Roger Taylor in session with Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2

F 27 - Belfast, SEE Arena "NEW"
Sa 28 - Belfast, SSE Arena "NEW"
M 30 - Manchester, UK - AO
Tue 31 - Manchester, UK - AO
Th 02 - Glasgow - SSE Hydro "NEW"
F 03 - Glasgow - SSE Hydro "NEW"
Su 05 - London, UK - The O2
M 06 - London, UK - The O2
W 08 - London, UK - The O2
Th 09 - London, UK - The O2
S 11 - Birmingham, UK - Utilita
Su 12 - Birmingham, UK - Utilita
Tu 14 - London, UK - The O2
W 15 - London, UK - The O2
F 17 - London, UK - The O2
Sa 18 - London, UK - The O2
M 20 - London, UK - The O2

Tu 21 - London, UK - The O2
F 24 - Berlin, Germany - Mercedes-Benz
Su 26 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess
Tu 28 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallensadion
W 29 - Munich, Germany - Olympiahalle
F 01 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ziggo Dome
Sa 02 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ziggo Dome
W 06 - Madrid, Spain - Wizink Centre
Th -07 - Madrid, Spain - Wizink Centre
Su 10 - Bologna, Ialy - Unipol Arena "NEW"
M 11 - Bologna, Italy - Unipol Arena

W 13 - Paris, France - Accorhotels Arena
F 15 - Antwerp, Belgium - Sportpaleis
Su 17 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Royal Arena,
M 18 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Royal Arena
W 20 - Stockholm, Sweden - Avicii Arena "NEW"
Th 21 - Oslo, Norway - Telenor Arena "NEW"
Su 24 - Helsinki, Finland - Hartwell Arena "NEW"
Mo 25 - Helsinki, Finland - Hartwell Arena "NEW"

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** Thu 23 Sep 21**
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Outsider album

Roger Taylor OUTSIDER Released October 1, 2021

Outsider - available to pre-order now: http://rogertaylor.lnk.to/Outsider

Roger Taylor has had plenty of free time recently to reflect on his long, rich, extraordinary journey through life and music. With Queen + Adam Lambert's blockbuster Rhapsody European tour postponed until 2022 by the Covid-19 pandemic, Roger has made good use of his lengthy lay-off. Fired up with creative inspiration, he spent much of lockdown writing and recording new material. Before long, he found himself with his first solo album in eight years, Outsider.

Roger's world-class skills as a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist served him well during the enforced isolation of the last 18 months. In a tradition dating back to his very first solo album, Fun in Space from 1981, he wrote, produced, sang and performed all the songs on Outsider himself, with just a little help from long-time friends and collaborators. Building on more than half a century in music, Roger conceived Outsider as a kind of mature late-career statement, its prevailing mood autumnal and bittersweet. “Autumnal is a very good word for it,” he says. “It's slightly nostalgic and wistful, and quite adult, a bit more grown-up than my last couple of albums.”

Outsider offers up a sumptuous widescreen tapestry of ruminative, exquisitely arranged pieces that cast a philosophical eye over human fragility and our brief time on Earth. Composed in Cornwall during the first lockdown in 2020, the album's opening track Tides is a mournfully beautiful meditation on mortality set against the vast canvas of cosmic time and the immutable cycles of the ocean, Mother Nature's very own rhythm section.

Tides just completely came out of a feeling,” Roger explains. “My house is by the sea, and the tides come in and go out, you can set your watch by them, you can rely on them in a way that they can almost be a friend. It's about the inevitability of our short term here, our sure passing.”

But Outsider is far from a gloomy album. Indeed, it balances world-weary melancholy with optimism, compassion and glimpses of brighter tomorrows ahead. Another lockdown-inspired track, the introspective 2020 single release Isolation, concludes with the cautious hope that the scars of solitude and anxiety will soon heal when normal human interaction returns again. Meanwhile the elegant lead single We're All Just Trying To Get By, with guest vocalist KT Tunstall adding voluptuous harmonies alongside Roger, celebrates that most basic of human impulses: survival.

“It's the simplest statement really,” Roger explains. “It's what every life force on Earth is doing: just trying to get by and proliferate and exist. That's all we are trying to do, from plants to animals to humans, trying to survive. Also, of course, we are in the middle of a bloody pandemic... I mean, you've got to say even the Coronavirus is just trying to get by too!”

Even the album's cinematic, uplifting title track reminds us that alienated underdogs can rise up to wrestle triumph from the jaws of defeat. “Outsider is about bullying and not being in the in-crowd,” Roger explains. “It's kind of harking back to school, but we've all had that in some part of our lives. Everyone's an outsider at some point, they feel excluded or picked on.”

Outsider may find Roger in mellower mode than usual, but his fondness for sensual pleasures and hard-rock hedonism are still part of the package. Soaked in bluesy regret, the gorgeous I Know I Know I Know is a husky-voiced, soul-baring confessional from the viewpoint of a remorseful lover who has made one too many hurtful mistakes. “It's a bluesy apology for some very human wrongdoing,” Roger says. “Is it autobiographical? I think you should make your own mind.”

By contrast, the narrator of the hard-riffing, raunchy blues-rock stomper More Kicks feels no shame about celebrating his wild youth and insatiable appetites. “That's a bluesy non-apology,” Roger laughs. The loudest number on Outsider speeds up into a stampeding crescendo with Roger in his element, pounding away behind the drum kit like a man possessed. “Oh yeah, I can still clobber away,” he grins. “But I like to think I clobber with more subtlety these days. Maybe not quite as much power but more technique.”

Roger's albums have never shied away from political statements.

Outsider continues this tradition with the airy, polished, deceptively catchy protest song Gangsters Are Running This World and its punchy funk-rock sister track Gangsters (Purple). The scathing lyric is aimed squarely at authoritarian leaders across the globe, from Putin to Lukashenko to Bolsonaro.

“In Queen we always tried to be apolitical,” Roger nods. “But when you have the freedom to express yourself as a single person, you can say what the hell you like, which I've always tried to do. So many gangsters are running countries these days.”

The most delightfully unexpected wild card on Outsider is The Clapping Song, best known for its original 1965 Top Ten US smash version by Shirley Ellis, as well as its hit 1982 UK remake by the Belle Stars. This bright, brassy, funky banger is a fond flashback to Roger's teenage pop tastes. “I loved the original by Shirley Ellis,” he says. “It's just so joyful and simple. It's got a swing to it, and I've tried to recreate that swing using an ancient drum kit. It was just a real pleasure to do that song, it's like a playground nursery rhyme for kids.”

Outsider also revisits and reworks a handful of tracks from Roger's extensive solo canon. The lush, heartfelt romantic ballad Absolutely Anything first surfaced on the soundtrack to the 2015 sci-fi rom-com of the same name, starring Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, which was written and directed by the late Monty Python legend Terry Jones. Another archive cut, Foreign Sand, is a unity anthem co-written by Japanese rocker Yoshiki. The original was a Top 30 UK hit in 1994, but Roger's new “English Mix” strips the song down to a raw acoustic ballad, his grainy vocal clothed only in luminous, delicate, finger-picking guitar.

“I just think people needed to hear the real kernel of the song,” Roger explains. “I felt the original was bit over-arranged and over-orchestrated. I like that John Lennon thing of stripping things down so you hear the kernel of an idea instead of dressing it up too much.”

Outsider concludes as it began, reflecting ruefully on the majesty of the cosmos and the finite span of human life on Journey's End. First released four years ago as a stand-alone single and mini-movie, this immersive seven-minute epic serves as the perfect finale for Taylor's most ambitious album to date, with its sombre emotional shadings and sumptuous symphonic feel.

“It has a quite whimsical, rather fatalistic atmosphere,” Roger says. “It’s basically about thoughts of mortality. It is a sort of acceptance of the fact that this is a journey, and that journey will come to an end. It's a very musical piece with a sense of finality about it, but a sort of optimistic finality.”

Launching Outsider in grand style, Roger and his band are playing a 14-date tour of the UK, beginning at the Newcastle O2 on October 2. Promising a set-list of solo career tracks old and new, plus some crowd-pleasing Queen classics, this is great news for the rock-starved masses as we finally emerge from lockdown hibernation.

“I want everybody to enjoy it,” Roger insists. “I doubt I will be doing this much longer but I'm still able to do it, so I really embrace it. Will I be playing Queen songs too? Absolutely! I can't stand people who don't embrace a lot of the stuff they are loved for. Come on, admit who you are!”

Roger Taylor may be in autumnal mood on Outsider, but he is not going gently into that good night. This long, rich, extraordinary musical journey is not over yet.

Roger Taylor - Outsider

Track Listing:
1. Tides.
2. I Know, I Know, I Know.
3. More Kicks.
4. Absolutely Anything.
5. Gangsters Are Running This World.
6. We’re All Just Trying To Get By – Featuring K T Tunstall.
7. Gangsters Are Running This World – Purple Version.
8. Isolation.
9. The Clapping Song*
10. Outsider.
11. Foreign Sand – English Mix**
12. Journey’s End.

All songs written by Roger Taylor except:
*The Clapping Song – Written by Kay Werner, Lincoln Chase, Sue Werner.
**Foreign Sand – Written by Roger Taylor and Yoshiki.

Album Produced by Roger Taylor & Joshua J Macrae.

Project Management - Emma Donoghue
Artwork Concept - Roger Taylor Artwork
Design - Richard Gray
Front Cover Illustration - Tigerlily Taylor
Photography - Lola Leng Taylor and Sarina Taylor
Painting on reverse - Mervyn Peake (with kind permission of the estate of Mervyn Peake).

Formats: 1LP 180g Black Vinyl, 1LP 180g Transparent Blue Colour Vinyl, 1x Transparent Blue Colour Cassette, 1CD, Digital Download and Streaming.

Coinciding with the release of his Outsider album, Taylor will make his first live performances outside of Queen in over two decades. Taylor will tour across the UK throughout October playing 14 shows with his especially formed band made up of Queen + Adam Lambert’s keyboardist Spike Edney, supporting drummer Tyler Warren, bassist Neil Fairclough, plus guitarist Christian Mendoza.

Roger Taylor ‘Outsider’ Tour Dates October 2021.
Presented by Phil McIntyre Live.

Sat 2 October - NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy
Sun 3 October - MANCHESTER, Academy
Tue 5 October - YORK, Barbican
Wed 6 October - CARDIFF, St. David’s Hall
Fri 8 October - LIVERPOOL, O2 Academy
Sat 9 October - NORWICH, University East Anglia (UEA)
Mon 11 October BATH, Forum
Tue 12 October BOURNEMOUTH, O2 Academy
Thu 14 October PLYMOUTH, Pavilions
Fri 15 October NOTTINGHAM, Rock City
Sun 17 October BEXHILL, De La Warr Pavilion
Tue 19 October GUILFORD, G Live
Wed 20 October COVENTRY, HMV Empire
Fri 22 October LONDON, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Ticket Link: https://rogertaylor.lnk.to/outsider-tour

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**Thu 23 Sep 21**
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Roger Taylor 'The Clapping Song' official lyric video goes live today - from the "Outside" album:

Roger Taylor - The Clapping Song (Official Lyric Video - https://youtu.be/1OG70hY4KcQ

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**Thu 23 Sep 21**
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In 1966 - The Reaction played The Old Barn Club, Penzance, UK.
In 1976 - Queen thanked fans for attending their Hyde Park show by way of a "thank you" advert in the music press.
In 1976 - Queen held a Day At å Races launch party at Kempton Park, London, UK.

Queen - Kempton Park

In 1980 - Queen played the Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY, USA.
In 1982 - Unofficial 6-track “Gettin’ Smile” LP released Japan only.
In 1986 - Brian May while in Musicland Studios, Munich, helping Mack mix 12 July 1986 Wembley video wrote for QFC Autumn mag that live album taken from several shows, incl 9 August 1986, Knebworth, and noting next UK single planned a remix of ‘Pain Is So Close To Pleasure’.
In 1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever entered UK singles chart at no 28.
In 1990 - Press reception for the Black & Gold Theatre Company's Macbeth, for which he wrote the music

Brian May Interview MacBeth - https://youtu.be/KSsleGrNrm0

Riverside Studios

In 1998 - Brian May played the Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Brian May Band - Vredenburg, Utrecht

In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played the Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium - released for download ‘Tie Your Mother Down (Live - 23/09.08)’, and ‘Say It’s Not True (Live - 23/09/08)’.

Queen+Paul Rodgers Antwerp 2008 "Bohemian Rhapsody" - https://youtu.be/L5obeYadBBY

In 2013 - Robert De Niro and Ben Elton were special guests at the cast and band rehearsals of "We Will Rock You North America", New York City, USA.
In 2016 - Queen + Adam Lambert played a 3rd Night at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan. 

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**Wed 22 Sep 21**
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Outsider bundle - signed

Available Now: 'Outsider' Signed Art Card, CD, Vinyl Cassette Bundle UK

Exclusive signed art card bundle! Only 1000 available with Vinyl LP, CD, Cassette and Signed CD size art card exclusive to this bundle.

Click here to order now.

'Outsider' is released on October 1st.

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**Wed 22 Sep 21**
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In 1984 - Queen played the Europahalle, Hanover, Germany. (Freddie slipped and damaged his knee during "Hammer To Fall", he performed 3 more songs at the piano, and afterwards taken to hospital.)
In 1992 - John Deacon wrote in letter for the Fan Club Autumn 1992 magazine that the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert video would be released for Christmas.
In 1995 - Brian May guest appearance with Zucchero, Bologna, Italy - played on ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ and ‘Madre Dolcissima’.
In 1998 - The Brian May Band played La Cigale, Paris, France.
In 2006 - Brian May guest appearance with McFly, Wembley Arena, London, UK.

Bri Wembey Arena with McFly 22 Sept 20

In 2006 - Roger Taylor named Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's Open 60 yacht “Saga Insurance”, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK, prior to the start of the Velux 5 Oceans start in Bilbao.
In 2006 - Freddie Mercury Gold award for “Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs - Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo “ UK sales.
In 2010 - Brian May appeared on BBC News Channel on HARDtalk with Stephen Sackur.

BBC HARDtalk - Brian May (Pt1) 22 Sept 2010
- https://youtu.be/GC_DPjh6gWA?list=RDGC_DPjh6gWA
(Pt2) - https://youtu.be/MZ4eeS5D8dc

Visions of Queen



In 2014: "VH1 Classic Rock Radio" reported on the release of "Queen Forever", with accompanying interview with Brian May.
In 2014 - Queen Extravaganza played Town Hall, Cheltenham.
In 2014 - "Visions Of Queen" by photographer Steve Emberton and Alan Perry published.
In 2014 - "Starmus Festival" through to 28 Sept, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
In 2017 - Brian May, Roger Taylor and Bob Geldof visited the "Live Aid" movie set.




Brian May, Roger Taylor and Bob Geldhof visit "Live Aid" movie set 22 Sept 2017
Brian May, Roger Taylor and Bob Geldof visit "Live Aid" movie set 22 Sept 2017

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**Tue 21 Sep 21**
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Earlier today - Roger was interviewed on Steve Wright In the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 preceded with snippets of various Queen and solo tracks played.

PLEASE NOTE: Roger will be in Session with KEN BRUCE on THURSDAY 7 OCTOBER

Roger Taylor on Steve Wright In The Afternoon - 21 Sept 202
- https://youtu.be/vQoX7Oh4fag

You can enjoy the FULL PROGRAMME and tracks at https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000ztvd


Roger Taylor appeared on ITV News At Ten tonight, speaking to Nina Nannar:

Roger Taylor ITV News At Ten - 21 Sept 2021 - https://youtu.be/csoanD5_hiM

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**Tue 21 Sep 21**
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In 1965 - John Deacon joined The Opposition, his first band, as rhythm guitarist.

The Opposition

In 1980 - Queen played Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio, USA.
In 1981 - Queen flew to Caracas, Venezuela in advance of their tour.
In 1984 - Queen had 9 albums in the UK top 200.
In 1984 - Queen played Forest National, Brussels, Belgium.
In 1987 - Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe released 10,000 advance copies of 'Barcelona' single, Spain - reportedly sell out in 3 hours.
In 1987 - The Cross released 'Cowboys & Indians' bw 'Love Lies Bleeding' UK.
In 1992 - Brian May appeared on Muziek Veiling TV show, The Netherlands - played 'Too Much Love Will Kill You.
In 1998 - Roger Taylor released ‘Pressure On’, Germany.
In 2007 - "Queen Rocks Montreal" Cinema screenings, Leicester Square London and UK.

Queen Rocks Montreal

In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played The Velodrom, Berlin, Germany. Backstage Brian and Roger received special awards from EMI Germany for over 4 million combined sales combined Greatest Hits I (1,800,000 units = 7 x Gold) & Greatest Hits II (2,200,000 units = 9 x Gold), Germany.
In 2008 - Roger Taylor was special guest on BBC Radio 2, Johnnie Walker Show, UK, playing album tracks.
In 2011 - Brian May appeared on The Old Grey Whistle Test, which aired on BBC Radio 2. (Pre-recorded 20 July 2011.)

Old Grey Whistle Test Brian May 21 Sept 2011 - https://youtu.be/zo5hCfdsidQ

In 2013 - Brian May revisited the show "O" by Cirque du Soleil at The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, USA.
In 2015 - Queen + Adam Lambert - "Don't Stop Them Now" South American Tour 2015, played Gigantinho Arena, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
In 2016 - In Japan, "Greatest Hits" (including bonus track for Japan "Teo Torriatte") and "Greatest Hits II" (including bonus track for Japan "I Was Born To Love You") SHM CD Ltd Ed released in cardboard sleeve (Mini LP).
In 2016 - Queen + Adam Lambert - Asia Tour 2016: played Nippon Budokan, Tokyo (1st night).

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**Mon 20 Sep 21**
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In 1979 - Queen filmed video for "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" at Trillion Studios, London, UK, with director, Dennis De Vallance. Professional dancers used, but used their personal roadies to clap their hands through holes cut into the stage.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - group shot

In 1980 - Queen played Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA.
In 1984 - Queen played Groenoordhallen, Leiden, The Netherlands.
In 1995 - Brian May attended International Managers Forum Roll of Honour Awards, Hilton Hotel, London, UK, introducing one of the winners, rock promoter, Harvey Goldsmith.
In 1998 - The Brian May Band played the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2003 - Brian May performed with cast WWRY musical, Dominion Theatre, London, UK, on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’
In 2009 - Brian May performed with WWRY London cast, last show with current cast before changeover.
In 2010 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis featured interview on CNN as 'Connector of the Day'.

CNN Connector of the Day: Brian May & Kerry Ellis - https://youtu.be/gIyf2AZQfMM

In 2012 - Queen screen their 27 July 1986 Budapest concert as "Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live In Budapest" in selected theatres worldwide, ahead of release on DVD and Blu-Ray. [Amazon]

Budapest soundcheck
Budapest soundcheck

In 2013 - Queen + Adam Lambert played as part of iHeartRadio Music Festival, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Bri and Adam

Brian May & Roger Taylor Green Room Interview iHeartRadio Fri 20092013 - https://youtu.be/9adu9PENHgw

In 2013 - A new single by Roger Taylor 'Sunny Day" (slow-paced solo version of 'Woman You're So Beautiful by Felix & Arty) showcased "The Chris Evans Show" BBC Radio 2".
In 2014 - Brian May flew to Tenerife.
In 2016 - Queen + Adam Lambert land in a heavy rainstorm in Tokyo.

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**Sun 19 Sep 21**
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In 1969 - Ibex played the College Of Technology, St Helens, UK.
In 1980 - Queen played the Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois, USA.
In 1989 - Actor, Philip Sayer, dies of cancer. Brian May’s ‘Just One Life’ from "Back To The Light" album was inspired by later attending his funeral.

Return Of The Champions 2CDForeign Sand


In 1994 - Roger Taylor released ‘Foreign Sand’ single bw ‘You Had To Be There’, UK.
In 2005 - Queen+PR released “Return Of The Champions” 2CD from live concert recorded at Hallam Stadium, Sheffield, UK.

Bri and Paul - Sheffield - ROTC DVD back cover crop

In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played the Arena, Riga, Latvia. Latvia Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis joined the band on drums in 'All Right Now'.

Ivars Godmanis on drums

In 2011 - Roger Taylor announced the launch of a search for Queen Extravaganza band.

Original Queen Extravaganza line up
Queen Extravaganza original line up with Roger Taylor

In 2012 - Brian May appeared on Channel 5 News, along with Adam Quinney, VP of the NFU, Brian defending the case for badgers.

Brian May defends badgers on 5 News 19 Sept 2012
- https://youtu.be/aNW0gGrjaDE

In 2013 - Queen + Adam Lambert soundcheck for "iHeartRadio Music Festival " took place MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.
In 2014 - Brian May and Roger Taylor on the Chris Evans Breakfast show, BBC Radio 2.
New songs "There Must Be More To Life Than This" (with Michael Jackson - William Orbit Mix), "Let Me In Your Heart Again "and" Love kills - The Ballad ". The album "Queen Forever" will be published on 11.10.2014 in the UK. Brian May and Roger Taylor announced that they would be going on tour again in Europe and with Adam Lambert.

Brian and Roger on Chris Evans Breakfast Show

In 2014 - The Queen Extravaganza played City Hall, Salisbury.
In 2015 - (19:09 and 09.20) An exclusive preview and presentation of "Queen : The Studio Collection" Box Set took place at UK National Audio Show, Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire.

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**Sat 18 Sep 21**
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In 1970 - Freddie Mercury & Roger Taylor closed their Kensington Market Stall for the day as a mark of respect for their idol Jimmy Hendrix, who died that day (Notting Hill, London) - Queen rehearsed and played “Voodoo Chile” that evening out of respect.
In 1971 - Queen went into De Lane Lea studios to begin testing the studios.
In 1976 - Queen played free concert Hyde Park, London, UK.

Freddie Hyde Park 1976

In 1984 - Queen played Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France.
In 1990 - Roger Taylor wrote a letter for Queen Fan Club Magazine, giving the name of new album as Innuendo, naming some tracks and said they hoped for November release.
In 1993 - Roger Taylor & John Deacon performed on The Ruins Charity Concert, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex, UK.
In 1998 - The Brian May Band played the Macumba, Madrid, Spain.
In 2008 - Queen+PR arrived in Riga, Latvia and welcomed by Latvia's Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis at his official offices.
In 2006 - Queen released “Official Bootleg: Dynasty Stuttgart” and “Official Bootleg: Rhapsody In Red”.
In 2010 - In 2010 - Brian May launched and held a Day of Action for Wildlife - with Save Me and Born Free.

Brian May and Virginia McKenna

In 2011 -Lady Gaga released "Yoü And I", featuring Brian May on guitar, as a digital bundle with seven different remixes of the song.
In 2012 - Brian May appeared on BBC Breakfast, discussing the Badger Cull.

Brian May discusses Badger Cull on Breakfast 18/09/12 - https://youtu.be/82Bp2Z-jYMo

In 2013 - A photo gallery "The Making Of The iHeart Radio Music Festival Las Vegas 2013" opened in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and Brian May visited the Cirque du Soleil show "O" at the Bellagio, Las Vegas.
In 2014 - "Guitar" Magazine October 2014 issue, featured an 8-page report. "Queen Machine - Under The Hood of Brian May's Red Special."
In 2015 - "Don't Stop Me Now" chosen as the "The Top Feel Good Song" of the last 50 years.
In 2015 - Queen + Adam Lambert on the "Do Not Stop Them Now" S American Tour 2015 played Rio de Janeiro, Parque Dos Atletas, Rock in Rio Festival, Brazil, 
In 2016 - Queen + Adam Lambert flew from Singapore to Taipei and checked into the Hotel Mandarin Orient Taipei.
In 2016 - Brian May introduced video clips of the OWL VR Kit - Part 1, promising Part 2 to follow. READ MORE

Brian introduces his OWL VR Kit

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**Fri 17 Sep 21**
Direct link

Freddie Mercury
Credit: Photography by Neal Preston.

Queen: Ay-Oh (Episode 27) - https://youtu.be/IFyiYPAUwts

“Queen The Greatest”: a celebration of 50 of the greatest moments from the Queen story so far.

A 50-week series celebrating key moments in Queen’s history reminding us why Queen and their music continue to be loved across the world.

“That’s the part of my role, I have to win them over, otherwise it’s not a successful gig. It’s my job to make them feel that they’ve had a good time”. Freddie Mercury.

Queen The Greatest Episode 27 : Ay-Oh

Click here to order an "AY OH!" T-shirt now.

All net proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to the Mercury Pheonix Trust - Fighting AIDS Worldwide.


Celebrating the evolution of Freddie Mercury as the ultimate showman. From the beginning, Freddie understood the importance of winning a crowd, and over the years became the absolute master - culminating in one of the most iconic moments in music history at Live Aid in 1985.

A simple improv call and response chant believed to have had its beginning in a 1978 Montreal concert - and made its way through history to become a highlight of Queen’s historic 1985 Live Aid performance… not to mention a place in a blockbuster movie.

The subject of its own online discussion boards, lyric interpretation pages and search engines, GIFs, and ringtones…it is instantly recognisable…Ay-Oh.

This week Freddie Mercury’s legendary crowd call-out gets its own episode of Queen’s weekly YouTube series Queen The Greatest, focussing on what has become one of the most iconic audience participation moments to emerge from Queen’s illustrious live career.

From the very early days of Queen, Freddie understood the importance his role as the band’s frontman had in winning over an audience.

Freddie Mercury: “That’s the part of my role, I have to win them over, otherwise it’s not a successful gig. It’s my job to make sure that I win them over and make them feel that they’ve had a good time.

“I’m very frivolous, and I like to enjoy myself, and what better way to do it than on stage in front of 300,000 people. I just cook on stage, that’s just my nature. That’s not what I’m like in real life, my character’s built up of all kinds of ingredients and this is one element of me.

“On stage, that’s my job and I don’t like to go on stage, sitting on a stool and do a show. I’m very volatile, in that way, and I like to actually put a song across in the way it is. It’s all part of showbiz and theatre, that’s another side of me.”

Just as important as how he performed the songs, Freddie knew his interaction with the crowd helped create a moment that felt special to each audience.

Freddie Mercury: “Do you like my claws? They’re real diamonds. It’s a present from the devil himself. You don’t believe me? They don’t believe me!”

Throughout the ’70s and into the early ’80s, as the venues and crowds got bigger and bigger, Freddie became a master at making everyone feel a part of the show, as witnessed in a clip from the band’s show at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 1982.

And then in 1985, at that monumental Live Aid performance, came one of the most memorable moments in music history….

Featured throughout the 1986 Magic Tour, Freddie’s Ay-Oh’s became a seminal part of the Queen show – and remains so to this very day. In February 2020, when Queen and Adam Lambert re-created the Live Aid set to support the Fire Fight Australia benefit it was Freddie’s on-screen cameo that created one of the show’s most magical moments, as can be seen in footage from the event.

A poignant reminder of how Freddie really was the ultimate showman and ever remains so.

Next week - Love Of My Life

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**Fri 17 Sep 21**
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The Clapping Song cover art

Roger Taylor
The Clapping Song
Listen HERE

A fond flashback to Taylor's teenage pop tastes.

"I never really understood that verse, ‘the street car line’. What's that? I don't know, what's a car line?”

The Clapping Song stands out as the only track not written or co-written by Roger Taylor on his upcoming “Outsider’ album released October 1.

A surprise upbeat note to an album of self-introspection and reflective observation it allows Taylor to let loose on a track that obviously left a mark on his youthful years.

A delightfully unexpected wild card on Outsider, The Clapping Song, is best known for its original 1965 Top Ten US smash version by Shirley Ellis and later sampled by dozens of artists including Tom Waits and Radiohead.

This bright, brassy, funky banger is a fond flashback to Roger's teenage pop tastes. “I loved the original by Shirley Ellis,” he says. “It's just so joyful and simple. It's got a swing to it, and I've tried to recreate that swing using an ancient drum kit. It was just a real pleasure to do that song, it's like a playground nursery rhyme for kids.”

To lend his version of The Clapping Song a deliciously retro analogue feel, Roger used a vintage Trixon Telstar drumkit, an iconic piece of gear originally handmade in Hamburg. Famous for their tapered tom-toms and conical bass drums, Trixon kits were favoured by some of the greatest jazz and rock drummers of the Fifties and Sixties including bands like The Tornados, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, and Keith Moon. Trixon literally made the Swinging Sixties swing.

“It's very rare, an old Trixon kit, very strange drums,” Rogers says. “It's got a sort of old sound to it. Also on this track I had a horn section which is nice. My wife said, 'Get some real horns on that, you don't want sample ones.' And that sort of gives it that, what's the word? Authenticity. I love the track and I just wanted to do my own version of it. It's such a nice, cool song. I hope I get some of the fabulous atmosphere of the original.”

Tying in with the release of his Outsider album on October 1, Roger and his band will christen the album in grand style with a 14-date UK tour. Fans can expect a rich set list of solo career tracks old and new, plus crowd-pleasing Queen classics and a few delightful pop surprises.

“For some time now, we’ve all just been trying to get by,” says Taylor. “Now, it’s back to the basics, myself and some great musical pals getting back out there to play some rock. Obviously we’ll include some of the Queen classic catalogue, and some of my earlier solo work, but we’ll also be introducing them to some of the new stuff.“

Taylor’s 2021 ‘Outsider’ tour will open at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Saturday 2 October, followed by dates across the UK that conclude at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire Friday 22 October.

In the meantime ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for The Clapping Song.

Link to purchase tickets: http://www.rogertaylorofficial.com

Link to “The Clapping Song”: https://RogerTaylor.lnk.to/TheClappingSong

Taken from the album ‘Outsider’ available to pre-order here: https://RogerTaylor.lnk.to/Outsider

Link to Roger Official site: http://www.rogertaylorofficial.com

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**Fri 17 Sep 21**
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In 1978 - The famous Bicycle Race video is filmed in Wimbledon Stadium, with 65 nude female models. Queen themselves not present as working on their album in France, as well as unable to return to England during their tax exile.
In 1980 - Queen played the Checkerdome, St Louis, Missouri, USA.
In 1982 - Queen played The Forum, LA, USA.
In 1985 - Freddie Mercury’s “Living On My Own” entered UK singles chart at no. 45.
In 1990 - Roger came along to London's Kensington Gardens to help publicise a charity bicycle ride from London to Paris for The Winged Fellowship charity. He was photographed whizzing around on a three special three-wheeled bike.
In 1998 - The Brian May Band played the Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain.
In 2009 - Brian May made a guest appearance for WWRY Musical, Bristol Hippodrome, UK. REPORTS HERE

Brian May on stage with Bristol cast

Brian May and Bristol cast salute audience

In 2012 - Brian May appeared on Ch4 News, live in the studio, discussing imminent badger cull.

Brian May in Badger Discussion 17 Sept 2012 Ch4 - https://youtu.be/g5024zjNoJA

Queen ChronologyIn 2013 - Queen + Adam Lambert rehearse with Nate Ruess (singer of "Fun") "Somebody To Love" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" for the "iHeartRadio Music Festival" in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vega,s on 20/09/2013.
In 2013 - A Special Deluxe Collector's Edition of "Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell" offered as a pre-order. The special edition is limited to 250 numbered copies and signed by Brian May, Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming. The books are bound in gold printed leatherette in Italy, to be delivered with a golden OWL Stereoscope.
In 2013 - A print edition of the book "The Queen Chronology: The Recording & Release History Of The Band" published by "Across The Board Books". The 190-page book included in chronological order, all the recording sessions, publications and demos, outtakes and cameos from the early days up to the current solo projects.
In 2013 - "Flash" elected No.1 on the "10 Rock Songs To Play While Saving The Day" at "Ultimate Classic Rock".
In 2013 - An article in the NME reported an announcement by Brian May about working on "Made In Heaven 2".

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**Thu 16 Sep 21**
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SuperRare and MPT


SuperRare and The Mercury Phoenix Trust ...

- announce four new NFT artworks celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday Live to collectors worldwide September 20, 2021

Proceeds will benefit the non-profit’s mission to fight AIDS worldwide

SuperRare, the leading digital art marketplace, and The Mercury Phoenix Trust announce the release of four new 1 of 1 NFT artworks inspired by the late frontman of the legendary band Queen to celebrate his 75th birthday. NFT works by artists Blake Kathryn, Chad Knight, Mat Maitland and MBSJQ will be offered beginning on September 20, 2021 with proceeds benefiting The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the non-profit founded in Freddie’s memory to help fight AIDS worldwide.

The collection has been curated by Six Agency. Georgio Constantinou, co-founder comments - “Six was honoured to curate an incredible collection of artists to celebrate the life and impact of Freddie Mercury. After meeting with the Mercury Phoenix Trust, we knew that if Freddie were alive today, he would be excited about the creative potential of the NFT space”.

As well as inspiring countless generations through his flamboyant persona, four-octave vocal range and timeless song writing, Freddie Mercury was well known for his love of all forms of art. Before embarking on his musical career, he attained a degree in graphic art and design (in 1969) and later in life became an avid collector of classical and contemporary art and glass works. In addition, he was recognized as having what experts considered one of the finest collections of Japanese antique woodblock prints.

Freddie Mercury left a very simple creative brief to the world on his passing. “You can do whatever you want with my work, just never make me boring.” This simple brief was given to four digital artists as the inspiration for each to create NFT artworks inspired by different aspects of Freddie’s beloved persona. The resulting collection takes Freddie’s legacy to the cutting edge of artistic activity... and thus Never Boring.

The four NFTs will be available exclusively as a timed auction via SuperRare on 20th September 2021 at 0800 hrs for 75 hours.

Collection will be available to view here: https://superrare.com/freddiemercury

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**Thu 16 Sep 21**
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Freddie Mercury 75th Birthday poster

Limited Edition Freddie Mercury Hand Numbered 75th Birthday Collectors Art Print - with a limited run of 250, each poster is embossed with MPT stamp of authenticity, dated with Freddie’s birthday and hand-numbered in silver ink.

All net proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust - Fighting AIDS Worldwide.

Click here to order now.

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**Thu 16 Sep 21**
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In 1980 - Queen played the Hilton Coliseum, Ames, Iowa, USA.
In 1984 - Queen played the Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany.
In 1986 - Press Release issued by GK Films, Tribeca Productions and Queen Films confirming work had begun on a Freddie Mercury biopic, with a screenplay by Peter Morgan and Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury, with production said to start in 2011.
In 1986 - Queen shot the video of ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ at Tobacco Wharf Studio, London. UK, released on Greatest Flix II VHS, Box Of Flix, Classic Queen and Greatest Video Hits 2 DVD.
In 1988 - Freddie Mercury attended Polydor Records Sales Conference, The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, where two tracks from “Barcelona” album were played.
In 1992 - Brian May at UNICEF Music Auction Gala, Amsterdam, Netherlands - played 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' and donated a telecaster guitar to the auction, on which he played ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.
In 2008 - Queen+PR played Olympic Sports Complex, Moscow, Russia. [2nd show]. Released for download: ‘Wishing Well (Live -16/09/08)’, ‘Bad Company (Live - 16/09/08)’, ‘The Show Must Go On (Live - 16/09/06)' and ‘A Kind Of Magic (Live - 16/09/08)’.

Queen + Paul Rodgers - Bijou + Last Horizon 16.09.08
- https://youtu.be/rKGX_uNAsIg

In 2011 - Freddie's Mum and sister interviewed by Chris Evans and Alex Jones on BBC'S The One Show to mark Freddie's 65th Birthday.

Freddie Mercury's Mum Jer and Sister Kash The One Show 160911
- https://youtu.be/9nC07IWZEGw

In 2012 - Brian May and Kerry Ellis guest appearance The Sunflower Superjam 2012 at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK.
In 2013 - "Sunflower Superjam" DVD released.

Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam 2012 "School's Out (live)" (feat. Alice Cooper, Brian May, Ian Paice)
- https://youtu.be/pLslPauP9HU

In 2013 - Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert land in Las Vegas. The first day of rehearsals of Queen + Adam Lambert for " iHeartRadio Festival " 20.09.2013 takes place.
In 2014 - "We Will Rock You" production company BB Promotion released a video with the highlights of the Gala Premiere at Deutsches Theater, Munich 09.12.2014.
In 2014 - Queen Extravaganza, UK Tour 2014 at O2 Academy, Leeds.
In 2014 - Brian May attended and supported the protesters in Camp Badger in Somerset and conducted an interview with BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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**Wed 15 Sep 21**
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Queen The Greatest


In celebration of five decades in music, one of the world’s most iconic bands, Queen, will feature in a dedicated experiential pop-up shop on Carnaby Street opening later this month.

The Shop, ‘Queen The Greatest’ will open on Tuesday 28th September 2021 until January 2022 with a line-up of limited edition music releases, exciting fashion collaborations and lifestyle products with weekly new product drops and events. Each month will have a theme; Music, Art & Design and Magic, with visual installations that act as storytelling from each of Queen’s historic 5 decades.

The ‘Queen The Greatest’ store will take visitors on a journey over 2 floors, from 70s thrift store (Freddie and Roger had a stall in Kensington Market), 80s iconic live performances and tours, 90s record store, 00s DVD homage through to 2010s tech concepts.

The new store, created in partnership with Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merchandise and brand management company, features all of the hallmarks of the band. The store includes an exciting apparel collection including exclusive collaborations from a host of fashion brands including Champion, Wrangler and Johnny Hoxton jewellery.

The Champion collection features unisex T-shirts and sweatshirts, with a nod to the fashion brand’s heritage. Denim pieces from Wrangler, some adorned with iconic song titles, sit alongside solid gold and silver jewellery from British jewellery designer Jonny Hoxton, known for his tongue in cheek jewellery that fill the sweet spot between traditional craftsmanship and underground pop culture.

The proceeds from an exclusive Freddie Mercury T-shirt will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. The charity was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and Jim Beach in memory of Freddie Mercury and raises vital funds and awareness for HIV/Aids.


The band’s continuing album and single releases will be a big part of the shop’s pulse. Limited edition music will be available to buy throughout music month with drops every week including a limited edition of a Greatest Hits vinyl, exclusive to the store, as well as both current and new solo releases from Brian May and Roger Taylor.


Showcasing a line up of collaborative partners including Japanese designer Tokolo, a limited-edition bear from Steiff and a first viewing of a soon to be released pinball machine.


Fusing the magic of 5 decades of Queen with the magic of Christmas. Product includes Rubix Cube, Christmas jumpers, cards, wrapping paper and accessories.

The store will feature screens showing archive Queen performances and Instagrammable moments that fans won’t want to miss. For those unable to travel to the store, a selection of items including the vinyls will be available online at: queenonlinestore.com/The-Greatest-Pop-Up-Store

Queen said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Bravado on this project, which will be an exciting experience for everyone to come to London and enjoy. Carnaby Street was the perfect spot for the store to celebrate 5 decades.”

David Boyne, MD, Bravado said: “We are delighted to announce this innovative partnership with Queen. The project will add another cultural moment to their rich legacy and will be a destination for fans to immerse themselves in the music, style and spirit of one of the world's most iconic and beloved bands.”

Queen The Greatest - 57 Carnaby Street, London, W1
28th September 2021 – January 2022
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm / Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
queenonlinestore.com/The-Greatest-Pop-Up-Store / @officialqueenmusic

Limited Edition Vinyl Releases

28/9 - Greatest Hits

8/10 - Roger Taylor - ‘A’ side: Radio Gaga / ‘B’ side: I’m In Love With My Car

15/10 - John Deacon - ‘A’ side: Spread Your Wings / ‘B’ side: One Year Of Love

22/10 - Brian May - ‘A’ side: We Will Rock You / ‘B’ side: Sail Away Sweet Sister

29/10 - Freddie Mercury - ‘A’ side: Somebody To Love / ‘B’ side: Take My Breath Away


Alongside the collaborations, a range of exclusive clothing will be available to buy including Queen’s iconic Crest logo across t-shirts, sweats and jackets. Interpretations of vintage tour Tees will be available in different designs which run from the 1975 tour crest through to the European 1984 tour pharaoh-inspired design.

Gifting & Accessories

A range of Queen products will be available for fans to own including; caps, tote bags, socks and various drinkware. Christmas-specific products will give Queen fans the chance to theme their festive period. Visitors can ‘tour’ the world with the band with a Queen Monopoly game.

About Bravado

Bravado is the leading global provider of consumer, lifestyle and branding services to recording artists and entertainment brands around the world. Part of Universal Music Group, the leader in music-based entertainment, Bravado represents artists in more than 40 countries and provides services including sales, licensing, branding, marketing and e-commerce. Their extensive global distribution network gives artists and brands the opportunity to create deeper connections with their fans through apparel, consumer packaged goods and unique experiences.

About The Mercury Phoenix Trust

The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer FREDDIE MERCURY who died in 1991 from AIDS. The Trust has given away over 17 million dollars in his name and funded over 1,000 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS - the way to combat this disease is through knowledge. The projects we fund are spread across the globe and in total we have now given to projects in 57 countries – wherever we can help, we do.

The Mercury Phoenix Trust - Fighting AIDS Worldwide
- www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com

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**Wed 15 Sep 21**
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In 1980 - Queen awarded Gold for The Game US sales.
In 1982 - Queen played the Forum, Inglewood, California, USA - Billy Squier joined Queen on stage for “Jailhouse Rock”.
In 1984 - Queen played the Sportspalace, Milan, Italy.
In 1986 - “Who Wants To Live Forever” (edit) / “Killer Queen” released (UK).

Freddie - Who Wants To Live Forever

In 1992 - Brian May’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You” charted at No1 in Holland.

Brian May - Too Much Love Will Kill You

In 1992 - Hollywood Records releases Queen Greatest Hits (red sleeve) USA, companion to Classic Queen - not to be confused with Electra 1981 compilation.
In 1994 - Roger Taylor played Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK - attended by Brian May.
In 1998 - The Brian May Band played the Teatro Jovellanos, Gijon, Spain.
In 2002 - Brian May joined Sue Lawley as the first guest for the new series of Radio 4 Desert Island Discs, chose to take with him “Out Of The Silent Planet” by C. S. Lewis and his Red Special. See FULL TRANSCRIPT

Brian May with Roger Taylor

In 2008 - Queen + Paul Rodgers played Olympic Sports Complex, Moscow, Russia.
In 2014 - Brian May paid an overnight visit to the Wounded Badger Patrol in Gloucester and Somerset.

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**Tue 14 Sep 21**
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In 1968 - The Reaction played last show with Roger Taylor, Public Rooms, Bodmin, Cornwall, UK.
In 1969 - Smile 2nd show at PJ's Club, Truro, UK.
In 1977 - Roger Taylor on Marc Bolan TV show with 'I Wanna Testify' on playback.
In 1980 - Queen played St Paul Civic, Minneapolis, USA.
In 1982 - Queen played Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, USA.
In 1984 - Queen played Sportspalace, Milan, Italy.
In 1992 - Judie Tzuke released "Wonderland" album with Brian May playing guitar on the track, 'I Can Read Books'.

Judie Tzuke - Wonderland

In 1997 - Roger Taylor attended a recording of “An Audience With Elton John” TV show, UK.

Roger Taylor at "An Audience With Elton John"
Roger Taylor at "An Audience With Elton John"

In 2000 - Brian May played Cat Club, Los Angeles, USA, with Gilby Clark, Eric Singer and others - played "The Thrill Is Gone".
In 2008 - 'C-lebrity' enters BBC Radio One Rock Singles Chart "NEW ENTRY No 1 - Queen & Paul Rodgers - C-lebrity - (Parlophone)".
In 2012 - Brian May held an evening Anti-Badger Cull Meeting, The Bells Hotel and Golf Club, Coleford, Glos.
In 2014 - Brian May confirmed on SOAPBOX that he would be "HEADING TO KILLING FIELDS" to join the Wounded Badger Patrol Gloucester. the following day HERE

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