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1 MARCH 06

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Wed 01 March 2006 - Live from Miami, Florida.


BOB COBURN: Rockline - North America's number one rock radio programme. Rockline is brought to you by 24 on Fox. I am Bob Coburn and tonight, from Miami, Florida, we welcome Queen Plus Paul Rodgers. To speak with Roger Taylor, Paul Rodgers and Brian May call the toll free Rockline number at 1-800-344-ROCK. That's 1-800-344-7625. One number toll free from anywhere in the US. And now let's welcome our guests. Your chance to witness rock and roll history first hand is about to begin as Queen Plus Paul Rodgers embark on a 23 city, North American tour beginning this Friday in Miami. A list of the dates is available at queenpluspaulrodgers.com and joining us in Miami, Brian May. Brian, how've you been?

BRIAN MAY: Very good, Bob. Thank you. Nice to be back.

BC: Good to have you back again. Paul Rodgers is there as well. Good evening, Paul.

PAUL RODGERS: Good evening, Bob.

BC: Roger Taylor - how are you? I'd say "Good evening", but to you it may be morning or afternoon, or I'm not sure what. How are you?


ROGER TAYLOR: We're not sure what either. Hi Bob - good to here.

BC: Are you jet-lagged, Roger? Did you come back from the UK recently?

RT: We gotta be honest, yeah. We arrived in Miami last night and we're pretty jet-lagged, but we're up for it.

BC: Last night. Well we'll get the adrenaline going - we'll get you happening in here so. Paul, were you rehearsing in London?

PR: Yes, we were. We were rehearsing in a place called Bisley, which is a shooting range. It's an Army shooting range and, as it happened, and it was great. We tried some new things out that we're really looking forward to getting on stage with.

BC: Brian - were you able to work on your marksmanship a little bit at the shooting range?

BM: (chuckling) Oh I shoot straight.

(laughing in studio)

BM: Not usually with a gun.

BC: I thought Rodgers was the straight-shooter.

(More laughing)

BC: Well we'll lay claim to that.

BM: That's when he was with Bad Company. He's with worse company now.

BC: From bad to worse. (laughs) I love that. I wanna talk a lot about the tour that's coming up. It's exciting that this is now going to be across the Continent here in North America, but I really want to put a rumour to rest at the very beginning here. There are a lot of rumours flying around that a) Van Halen is going to be on the new Rock Star, or that b) Queen is going to be on the new Rock Star. You guys aren't doing that, are you?

BM: No.

BC: That's I just wanna hear that from you. The TV programme that ....

BM: Good God, no. No, no, no.

BC: There are rumours everywhere. People have been checking the tour dates, the schedule, to find out . . .

BM: No, no.

BC: . . . if you could possibly be involved, and we just want to start off by saying that is NOT happening.

BM: Oh, no, no - why would we?

BC: (laughs) That becomes the next obvious question. For Godsakes, why would you? On the previous one though and the last time you guys were on several months ago, we talked about this off-air. We did not discuss it on the air. There were two participants - Ty Taylor and MiG Ayesa - and they were in different productions of We Will Rock You. So . . .

BM: That's right.

BC: . . . inadvertently you had a little bit of something to do with the first one in that these guys kind of worked for you. Did you give them release to appear in that?

BM: Yeah, we did, yeah . . .

RT: That's right, that's right.

BM: I mean, we felt it was good for their careers to give them some license. Yeah - absolutely - both of them. We released them from the contracts, which was in some ways hard because they were great. They were a couple of our big stars, but, you know, it's - we're artists too and we know what it's like to need your freedom and they're may come back and do some stuff for us at some point. Obviously we stay in touch. I talk to MiG quite regularly.

BC: He is such a nice man. We had the final three contestants on Rockline. What a gentleman and what a great performer too?

BM: A good song writer too.

BC: He seems very talented.

RT: He's very, very talented. I'm not sure about some of those outfits though.

BC: (laughs) You didn't like the little a la Sgt Pepper jacket that he had on?

RT: Mmm.... well...

BM: I liked an aspect of it.


RT: A bit of a fashion disaster going on there.

BM: He was great in London, you know. He did his, you know, our Galileo in We will Rock You in England for a lot of months and fantastic, you know - just a real trouper.

RT: He was great but he was drerssed for radio.

BC:  Dressed for radio. [laughs] Just like you guys must be tonight, and you must be really ready to rock and begin this North American tour.

BM:  Yeah we . . .

PR:  Absolutely.

RT: But we're in our pyjamas actually.


BC:  TMI.  TMI.  Too much information.

[more laughing]

BM: Out of them would be worse.

[more laughing]

BC:  There's so many songs to pick from.  I would imagine since Return of the Champions CD and DVD the setlist has evolved a bit, huh?

BM:  Yeah - we've evolved it a little bit.  We even have a new song, which we're very excited about.

BC:  You have a new song!  Really! 

BM:  You didn't know that, did you?

BC:  No I did't know that.

BM:  A new, new song.  A new, new song . . .

BC:  A new, new song.

BM: Paul has written, yeah, which is great, and we're gonna do it for the first time down here.  we may get good at it soon.


PR:  Oh it sounds really good.  Yeah, yeah.

[more laughing]

PR:  You guys are kicking it.

BC:  I bet it sounds better too, as the tour goes on.  So, alright, well we've learned a couple of things.  You're NOT involved with the oncoming Rockstar, which is good to hear, because I don't think that's just right for Queen at all, and also a new song for this tour that's about to kick off this Friday in Miami.

BM: A couple of - there's a couple of new old things too, which will be interesting. We won't give, will we.  Will we give it away?

RT: Oh I don't think so.

BM:  No.

RT:  Also I think we'll be changing a little every night 'cos it's nice to - it's an organc set and you know we put things in, take stuff out, you know.  See how it works.

BM:  It's feeling very fresh.

PR:  Definitely.

BC: Queen, Queen and Paul Rodgers - there are about 50 albums and over 200 million albums sold worldwide, which is just staggering, and we'll begin the evening musically with one we all know and love.  From Queen Plus Paul Rodgers.

<FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS plays - from Return of the Champions>

BC:  Now that's rock and roll - Return of the Champions, the CD, Queen Plus Paul Rodgers,  Fat Bottomed Girls for you.  A rare opportunity for you to speak with Paul, Roger and Brian tonight toll free 1-800-344-ROCK. The lines jammed as you might imagine, but your turn is coming next to speak with the gentlemen on Rockline.

<WISHING WELL plays - from Return of the Champions>


BC:  From the original CD A Night At The Opera, which has been remastered and really spiffed up nicely.  It's Queen Plus Paul Rodgers tonight on Rockline.  I'm Bob Coburn.  Michael is in Birmingham, Alabama.  Michael you're first tonight.

MICHAEL: Good evening, gentlemen.

ALL:  Hello Michael.

MICHAEL:  My question is for Brian.  I'm a huge, huge fan of yours and on this tour, how much do your use the original Red Special and how often do you have to switch guitars and which of the copies do you use?

BM: Oh!  Well I use it most of the time.  You know, it's like an extension of me so if I can use it, I do - every night, every time, you know, every place in the world.  I change when I need a different tuning so for Fat Bottomed Girls I have a tuned down D, so I need someething different for that, plus the acoustic stuff, but apart from that I normally use the old "The Old Lady" as I call as I call it sometimes - her.


RT:  The Old Fireplace.

BM:  Yeeeah - The Red  Special.  But I mean, I have some GREAT copies now.  Greg Fryer made a couple of great ones, which are called John, Paul and George, and I use them and I have a nice new one from Andrew Guyton, whose an English guitar builder and they're immaculately close copies - so I'm pretty well taken care of.  I also have some - a couple of our own ones - the ones which we sell these days and those are pretty good too. They're just, they were Burns' and now they're just Brian May Guitars.

BC:  Well, the Beatle reference is obvious, but Roger, The Old Fireplace?

RT:  Well that's what Freddie and I used to call it.  The story goes, and Brian will confirm this, believe that it was made from a piece of wood that came out of an old fireplace.  Is that right?

BM:  Yeah.  The neck was a piece of a hundred year fireplace, which was a hundred years old THEN, so it's about three hundred years old now.


BC:  It was smoking before it was even turned into a gutiar.

ALL:  Ahhh  !!!   [raucous laughter]

BC:  It was red hot.  It's Paul Rodgers plus Queen.  John is in Queens.  Welcome to Rockline.

JOHN: Hi Brian, Roger and Paul. Thank you very much for touring this country.

PR:?  Pleasure.

JOHN:  I have a two-part question for you Brian and Roger.  Ah, yes - what inspired Queen to title their fourth and fifth album 'A Night At The Opera' and 'A Day At The Races' after two Marx Brothers movies and what was Groucho Marx's take on the whole thing when you met him in the seventies?

RT:  Okay.  We were sitting down, making 'A Night At The Opera' and I think we all sat down one Saturday night and and we had a new-fangled machine called a 'video' VCR machine, and we watched a copy of 'A Night At The Opera' on that and I think we just turned round - 'cos we'd been doing Bohemian Rhapsody, which has that sort of mock cod-opera part in the middle, and we we thought, you know, we were big fans of the Marx Brothers. It's a nice title.  'A Night At The Opera' just seemed to work, and then as we viewed the album after that - I think we viewed it as a sort of a sequel - and so we called that 'A Day At The Races'.  It was that simple.  And Groucho Marx was another story.  When we meet him it was...

BM:  He was great.

RT:  Yeah, he was great.

BM:  He really was.  He was pretty old by that time and they kind of wheeled him out, but he was ALL there, and he sang a little song for us and recited a poem and then he said [in Groucho voice] "Okay you guys are singers?  Sing. [laughing in studio]  And we went 'Oh no we couldn't possibly.  We need a guitar.'  He went [Groucho voice] 'We got a guitar."  So then we were on the spot and we sang ''39' to him, didn't we?

RT:  Yeah, yeah.

BM:  In perfect harmony.

RT:  He sang 'Lydia The Tattooed Lady' for us.

BM:  He did.

BC:  A great classic song.  Oh Lydia, oh Lydia. [laughs]

RT:  En-cyclo-pidea.

BC:  Yeah, well, if he's going to entertain you, you may as well entertain him a little bit too.

BM:  He was very entertaining. 

RT:  He was very . . .

BM: A great guy.

RT: He was great.

BM: We had a little sort of affinity with the Marx Brothers, as time went on. It's interesting, because they were a team, like we were a team and they were evolving and they had various pressures and, you know, pulling in different directions. So we kind of identified white a bit with the Marx Brothers, the more we looked at them.

BC: Those old movies are so funny and I forget which film it is, but Groucho's just trashing some kind of guy and he says "I didn't come here to be insulted", and Groucho says "Oh yeah. Where do you usually go?"

(All laugh)

BC: So good, you know.

RT: Great one-liners.

BM: Excellent.

BC: Yeah. John, thank you. Michael, South Penn(?), Indiana, it's your turn.

MICHAEL: Yeah. Hi guys.

BM: Hi Michael.

MICHAEL: Yeah. I'll set a real quick question for ya. Here in America we got "Return Of The Champions'" DVD, and granted, it looks and sounds fantastic, but there wasn't much, we didn't get. bonus features. There's a new DVD come out in Japan and it seems that, you know, got all the bells and whistles on it, and I was kind of curious as to why Japan's getting such aelaborate edtion and b) can we expect something along those lines in America.

RT: Yeah.

BM: What was it? What was the end of your question?

BC: Why did Japan get more and can we expect more in the US?

RT: I guess just because we had more stuff by then. That's the only answer I can think of. We don't really put together the bonuses - the bonus stuff.

BM: Usually we let other people sort of tie up those ends. I suppose, maybe we're old fashioned, I don't know, but I think we mainly care about the music, you know. The other stuff we don't really get deeply into unless there's a lot of time, and of course we were out touring. And, yeah, the Japan thing was just put together at the last minute. That was never intended to be a DVD. It just happened to be TV show, of very good quality, and we suddenly though, "Uh oh", this would be a a monstrous bootleg, so we may as well put it out. That's the origin of that.

BC: Good move on your part there. Queen Plus Paul Rodgers begin their American tour this Friday in Miami, March 5th will be in Jacksonville, Florida, the 7th in Duluth, Georgia; Washington DV the 9th of March, the 10th outside Boston, Uniondale, New York and Nassau Coliseum on Long Island on the 12th; the 14th in Philly, the 16th in Toronto. Right now a song from Queen Plus Paul Rodgers' Return Of The Champions - "Another One Bites The Dust".



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