Queen star Brian books into Bay


Chris Lintott, Brian May May and Patrick Moore - Paignton

7 September 2009

QUEUES formed in Paignton as Queen guitar legend and top star gazer Brian May called into Paignton for a book signing.

The musician and astrophysicist came to the Bay on Saturday to launch the paperback edition of international bestseller Bang — The Complete History of the Universe.

He was joined by his two co-authors, top astronomer and Sky at Night presenter Sir Patrick Moore, and his co-presenter Chris Lintott, who is a former student of Torquay Boys Grammar School.

All three were delighted to be in the Bay.

Brian recalled holidays he’d had in Paignton as a child.

“I remember it well,” he said.

“It would be nice to get down to the sea before I leave.”

Sir Patrick did his RAF training in the resort and has visited South Devon many times due to his close friendship with book signing organiser Matthew Clark of Torbay Book Shop.

The three all arrived separately and greeted each other warmly.

Chris, who grew up in Paignton, said he often comes back to see Torquay United play.

“It seems strange to be in Torbay on a Saturday and not be going to the game,” he said.

The trio recounted stories of their time writing the book and revealed Patrick wrote the first draft in two weeks before together they tore it apart and rewrote it.

“There is not much left of Patrick’s original draft,” admitted Brian.

He added: “We ripped it to bits and reorganised and moulded and got inspiration together over the next few months.”

A long queue gathered outside the theatre awaiting the signing of the book eager to meet a living legend.

The couple at the front of the line had travelled from Hartlepool and been waiting since 7.30am in the morning.

Further back four-year-old Leyla Fish, too young to remember Queen, sang some of their hits at the top of her voice as the crowd waited to be let into the building.