Brian’s Washington interview BIG 100.3


Brian May interview with Lisa Berigan BIG100.3 Washington 18102013

Brian chats to Lisa Berigan on We Will Rock You, the US Government shut down resulting in a planned event for Brian’s book “Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell” at The Smithsonian wasn’t able to go ahead. Also they discussed the Queen biopic and Sacha Baron Cohen’s departure from the project, the proposed new Queen album, working with Adam Lambert and that they are talking about a tour, but not a 9 month trek.

Lisa asked about the badger record with Slash and Brian explained the situation with wildlife in the UK and that he is campaigning for better treatment of particularly badgers and foxes.

Lisa asked if hearing a Queen song on the radio still gave him a kick and Brian recounts when he first heard their music on the radio.

Also looking forward to seeing We Will Rock You come to Washington in 2014.