Badger Trust’s new CEO is leading anti-cull spokesman


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24 February 2014


Badger Trust appointment welcomed by celebrity wildlife campaigners & politicians from Dr Brian May and Chris Packham to Simon King and Zac Goldsmith

Wildlife celebrities, politicians from across the board, scientists and anti-cull farmers have welcomed the appointment of a leading anti-cull spokesman as Chief Executive of the Badger Trust. Dominic Dyer will take up the role on March 3rd. Over the last year

Mr Dyer has become one of the leading opponents of the badger cull. Mr Dyer said: “It’s a huge honour to become the CEO of the Badger Trust at such a critical time. For too long badgers have been exploited, abused and killed and I look forward to leading the Badger Trust and working with its thousands of supporters across the country. The ultimate aim is to help find a long term solution to reducing bovine TB, which is both good for farmers but also provides these wonderful animals with the long term protection which they truly deserve.”

Badger Trust Chairman David Williams said: “The Badger Trust has the knowledge, experience and support to ensure that badgers will always have a voice. With the appointment of Dominic we’ve ensured that their voice will be heard loud and clear, from the countryside to the corridors of power. Dominic is immensely knowledgeable and has proved himself a powerful advocate for all wildlife we’re delighted to have him on board. We are pleased that Dominic will be able to continue with his role as policy advisor for Care for the Wild his excellent work on subjects such as international wildlife crime, will sit alongside his work for us”.

Commenting on the appointment, Care for the Wild CEO Philip Mansbridge said: “We’re delighted that Dominic will be leading the Badger Trust at such a critical time for badgers, and equally delighted that he’ll continue working with Care for the Wild. Dominic’s appointment heralds a unique partnership between two great charities, allowing us to both push forward separately with our specific aims, and together in the defence of badgers.”

Mr Dyer’s appointment has also been welcomed widely by those opposed to the cull and wildlife campaigners in general.

Brian May, Queen guitarist and founder of the Team Badger movement, said: “Dominic’s work in the last two years, speaking up against the persecution of British Wild Animals, has been an example and inspiration to us all.”

TV nature expert Chris Packham said: “Dominic is a great champion, orator and naturalist. With his appointment we can be sure that the Badger Trust will exercise the force required to finally put an end to this sorry and sad affair.”

Nature broadcaster and President of the Wildlife Trusts Simon King, said “With Dominic’s experience and knowledge I truly hope the Government and the NFU will engage with the Badger Trust and other conservation organisations to help farmers tackle bovine TB without resorting to killing our native wildlife”

Actor and conservationist Bill Oddie paid his own tribute saying “Dominic Dyer is the man you want speaking on your side. Especially if you are a badger.”

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith said: “I very much welcome Dominic’s appointment as CEO of the Badger Trust. His campaign against the cull has been passionate, methodical and relentless, and that vigour is more important now than ever.”

Huw Irranca Davies MP (Shadow Environment Minister), said: “Dominic has been a consistent and powerful voice for evidence-based policy, supporting vaccination as an alternative to the government’s failed badger culls.”

Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green Party who visited the cull zones last year said, “Dominic is a powerful advocate for wildlife and has worked tirelessly in the campaign against the badger cull and I look forward to working with him in his new role.”

Former Defra advisor and scientist Dr Chris Cheesman said: “The Badger Trust is an organisation with a pivotal role in facing this threat and it is welcome news indeed that Dominic will be taking the helm to help re-establish a sustainable, truly science led policy to tackle bovine TB.”

Adrian Coward, of the Somerset Badger Group, said; Dominic’s experience, in-depth knowledge and natural ability to inspire and enthuse the public by exposing the truth with clarity and understanding, will be a great asset and timely boost to help the Badger Trust combat the threatened extension of the badger culls.’’

Dave Purser, Farmer, Cotswolds, said: “Dominic’s expertise in wildlife and conservation issues coupled with a career background in government and agriculture makes him an ideal champion, not only for the badger but also for badger-friendly farmers like ourselves. Dominic’s skill at public speaking is well known so woe betide proponents of the badger cull when faced with future public debates with him on the subject – a prospect we savour.”

Jack Reedy