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London Road


“London Road”, starring Anita Dobson, has its glittering premiere on Tuesday 9 June at The Ritzy, Brixton. The event will be broadcast LIVE to selected UK cinemas, and includes a LIVE Q&A with the stars. The film will also be shown General Release in selected cinema in July. Find a venue and more info HERE.

Brian May is expected to be attending this event, in support os his very talented ‘Missus’.

It is a true story, set during the dark period in Ipswich following the murders of six prostitutes. Anita plays June, a resident of London Road. Due to the huge success at The National Theatre, which was first a play and followed by a musical, now comes the film version.

It tells of life in the road during the aftermath of the murders, when the residents wanted to bring a little colour into the black period by hanging flower baskets out and much more!

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London Road

Anita has a few appearances, in support of the film, on TV and radio…

She was on BBC1 The One Show, with Paul O’Grady on Wednesday 3 June, talking about the film. also Friday morning’s “Woman’s Hour” BBC Radio4 5 June – also on “Graham Norton” today 6 June BBC Radio2, between 10am-1pm.

Anita Dobson - The One Show 3 June 2015

View on BBC iPlayer:


This Sunday 7 June, see’s the third and final part of BBC2 “Armada – 12 Days To Save England”. Anita portrays Queen Elizabeth I quite brilliantly – check it out. This final episode will be repeated Monday night at 11:20pm – 12:20am.

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