Charity Auction (USA): Guitar signed by Brian, Peter Frampton, Will Ferrell, Bryan Cranston & Ricky Gervais


Please support this auction, which finishes in two days!! – raising funds for Brian May’s Save Me and Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, Canada.

Signed Guitar – Brian May, Peter Frampton, Will Ferrell, Bryan Cranston, Ricky Gervais and more

(Sorry – does not ship to UK)

Behind this very cool guitar is an even cooler story.

 This guitar was originally owned by funny-man Ricky Gervais as part of his personal guitar collection. Ricky is both an avid guitar player and, with his partner Jane Fallon, a staunch supporter of animal rights.

In 2016 he signed and donated this guitar to the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Canada for a charity auction after he was gifted a painting by Pockets Warhol – the famous capuchin monkey who paints at Story Book. The guitar was auctioned on eBay in January 2016 and was won by Danny Young in the UK. Danny is a professional guitar demonstrator for the world-renown guitar supply company Seymour Duncan. The guitar was shipped from Toronto, Canada to Banbury, England and has been in Danny’s possession ever since.

During the past three years, more celebrities added their signatures to the guitar, including: Brian May, Peter Frampton, Will Ferrell, Dhani Harrison, Bryan Cranston, Ricky Warwick, Colin Young, and Steve Cutts. And now the guitar is once again up for auction. This time the proceeds will support two animal care charities – Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Canada and Dr Brian May’s Save Me Trust in the UK.


Signed guitar for Save Me + another charity