The BMG “Hold Everything” Waistcoat

Hold Everything waistcoat
The Official BMG “Hold Everything” Waistcoat, designed by Brian May

Brian May Guitars are very pleased to announce that we are now accepting orders for the official BMG “Hold Everything” Waistcoat, designed by Dr. Brian May himself.

Brand spanking new for 2020, the official BMG “Hold Everything” Waistcoat (aka “the all-new, Brian May, gender-fluid, everything-pocketed waistcoat”!) combines the maestro’s artistic flair, his consummate rock and roll style, and a unique celebration of the entire family of Brian May Guitars instruments.

Designed to “keep all your life support essentials on your person” this stylish and functional, open-fronted garment sports a rugged 100% cotton build and renders man-bags and hand-bags redundant with a voluminous quartet of safe and secure, button-down pockets for phones, keys, wallets, cameras, sunglasses, pill-boxes, pens, make-up, lip balm, OWL stereo viewers… plus one extra special “Pick Pocket” dedicated for sixpence coins, naturally!

Best of all, the BMG Waistcoat is completely reversible.

Choose from stealth black, with pockets front and centre, or fly the Brian May Guitars flag proudly, pockets and chattels concealed, with an exclusive bright and bold design featuring the united colours of BMG – because it doesn’t have to be red to be special!

Material: 100% Cotton Canvas • 100% Cotton In-Lining Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large + XX-Large sizes 
Please check the SIZE CHART for approximate dimensions


Brian May wearing Hold Everything waistcoat - reverseda