Brian talks Writing for Freddie/Recording with Adam



 Check out previously unreleased exract from Sammy Hagar’s ASX Show – : Rock & Roll Road Trip – where he talks about what a pleasure it was to write songs for Freddie – to give him something and how he would turn it into something else, which he since misses. Also touches on having recoreded with Adam Lambert, but feeling not the right time or vibe to put out such recordings currently.

Brian May on Writing for Freddie Mercury | Rock & Roll Road Trip


So what’s next for Brian May and Queen and or just you as make solo records right? I mean you made one of Eddie Van Halen 100 years ago. A blues record.

Yeah, a long time ago, yeah. I still – When I first joined the band you had just done that.

Yeah I do a bit of recording here and there. We haven’t recorded well, we have recorded with Adam in secret but we haven’t felt that it was… shhh yeah…, we haven’t felt it was, right to put it out just didn’t, we didn’t think we hit the right kind of vibe. I do a lot of recording with other people though I love to produce people, I love to write for people. I have a lady called Kerry Ellis that I do a lot of work with who’s an amazing voice and I like to write and produce and arrange for her. And that kind of became my solo project because that’s where I think, I like playing my guitar and I like instrumental stuff and I do one tonight you know, but to me a song is about a singer.

And music is about songs. So really it’s all about singers. Another dimension.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, because you have some message to convey and that’s what the singer does and the rest of it is kind of it can be important but it’s not as important as the person who’s putting across the ideas so I love to write, you know I loved to write for Freddie.

I loved to see him do his stuff with a song I would have liked to have wrote for Freddie. I would have liked to sing with Freddie. I wanna do… yeah, man.

Yeah, I mean he was great ‘cuz you would give Freddie something and he would make it into something else. He would take it to the next place so I miss that.

So I love working with Kerry, and I have a new bunch of girls called King’s Daughters who I’m working with.

Who are – That’s a great name.

Yeah who are very, very naughty girls,

Not the farmer’s daughters.

No, no, no farmers, King’s Daughters, yeah. So I love working with them you know and just seeing what happens with, seeing what happens when I kind of reveal what the studio can do for them you know because they have all the raw talent and they go, “Oh that’s how you do it?” Like, “Oh yeah that’s how you know, that’s how they do it and…”

So I love being in the studio and I love talent and I love singers. Singers to me is what it’s all about. I can do my guitar stuff.

No, that’s awesome. Well you’re one of the few guitarists, like Joe Satriani does it too when he plays his melodies in his songs, it sounds like a voice your guitar when you solo it sound like a friggin voice.

That’s what I want to hear, thank you, thank you.

Well you do – you know about that stuff. You’ve been a little… You’ve been kind of modest here. You know but you have two voices. [laughs] Yeah. You do!

Sometimes I don’t worry about… Two voices. [coughs] Yeah… Sometimes when I’m really hoarse like Janis Joplin I do hit those two notes.