We Will Rock You casts and Brian May unite



Cast members from Queen”s “We Will Rock You Musical” have joined together with Brian May to create a charity, lockdown version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.You can watch video below and donate to Acting For Others here.

Bohemian Rhapsody

WHATSONSTAGE.COM reports the details
4 May 2020

Casts from across the years came together for a special mega performance featuring Queen’s Brian May AuthorAlex WoodLocationsLondon04 May 2020 Cast members from We Will Rock You Cast members from We Will Rock You Cast members past and present from We Will Rock You joined together to sing one of the most iconic Queen songs of the show.

Created by Sabrina Aloueche (Scaramouche in London) and Alex Bourne (Khashoggi in London), the video began as a small project (with Aloueche recruiting performers and Bourne mixing and editing the video) that grew to feature over 50 cast members, creatives and musicians. It also includes a special performance from Queen member Brian May.

Speaking about the project Aloueche said:

“Together, and with the help of a few friends, a three-week project has resulted in a beautiful statement that music, whether live or recorded or in isolation, really does bring a community together! Because of this they’d like to shine a light and raise some awareness for a wonderful charity whose incredible work has helped many individual actors in this industry especially during these tough and uncertain times: Acting For Others.”

Cast members involved include:

Oz (Meat)s Amy Di Bartolomeo, Kerry Ellis, Lucy Sinclair and Emma Hatton

Scaramouches Elena Skye, Hannah Jane Fox, Rachael Wooding, Jenna Lee James, Sabrina Aloueche, Amanda Coutts and Sarah French Ellis

Killer Queens Jenny O’Leary, Brenda Edwards and Mazz Murray

Khashoggis Adam Strong and Alex Bourne

Galileos Ian Mcintosh, Tony Vincent, Peter Johansson, Mig Ayesa, Ricardo Afonso, Noel Sullivan and Oliver Tompsett

Brits David-Micheal Johnson and Ian Carlyle

Plus a full company of past and present cast, composed of Joanne Harper, Laura Ava Scott, Jacob Fearey, Sam Robinson, Alicia Afonso, Kate Leiper, Jack Chambers, Edward Leigh, Ellie Mitchell, Andrés Quero, Crystal Leah, Anna Davey, Emily Olive Boyd, Ross William Wild, Louis Clarke Clare, Patrick Smyth, Karen Walker, Rakesh Boury, Matt Chivers, Jack Hawitt, Kayleigh Stephenson, Ross Hunter, Matthew Mckenna and Joseph Connor

The video features appearances from the production’s director Tony Edge, musical director Stuart Morley and Ben Elton, and a four-piece band consisting of Neil Murray, Jamie Humphries, James Barber and, of course, Brian May.

Bri and WWRY cast members reunite for charity Bohemian Rhapsody