Spirit of Fire Awards 2020


Brian May announces winner Fire and Rescue Service Of The Year



After that it seems only fitting to move on to our next award, Supporter of the Year Fire and Rescue Service. And to announce this one I’m honoured to introduce a true rock and roll legend a singer songwriter legendary guitar player and astrophysicist, he is of course best known for being one quarter of Queen. Iit’s over to you, Mr Brian May.


“Hi Folks.

I’m Brian May. On behalf of The Firefighters’ Charity this is the Spirit of Fire Award for The Fire and Rescue Of The Year.

Now, I had occasion to meet some of the firefighters in a very particular situation where my own life and property was threatened and it was a very inspiring meeting up on the golf course – Sunnydale – and if the wind had been different and the situation had been just a little differen,t my whole life would have gone up in flames. So I owe a huge amount to the wonderful firefighters who worked night and day in much longer shifts than they should have been called on to work to keep all our lives and properties safe and also to save a lot of wild animals. So it gives me particular pleasure to present this award.

The nominees for the Spirit of Fire Award for The Fire and Rescue Service of the Year are:

– The London Fire Brigade.
– The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.
– The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.
– The Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

And the winners of the Spirit of Fire award for The Fire and Rescue Service Of fThe Year are The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

It gives me great pleasure to offer my congratulations to you guys you do a wonderful job and not many people realise what an incredible commitment your life is. So I will be continuing to campaign for a little bit more recognition and a little bit more help in so many ways from the community for the work that you do. Congratulations.

Congratulations Lancashire lads- we love you. Lancaster lads and lasses I should say. God bless you! Congratulations Lancashire.”


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“Join me and some incredible nominees tonight for The Fire Fighters Charity’s first ever virtual Spirit of Fire Awards 2020.”

Marking the incredible achievements of our beneficiaries and supporters, we’ve taken Spirit of Fire online this year and joined forces with a host of well-known faces to announce the nominees and winners across 12 deserving categories. Watch YouTube from 7pm here: http://www.firefighterscharity.org.uk/spirit or https://bit.ly/327bnNu

Spirit of Fire Awards 2020 – https://youtu.be/4vkXX_HYjgs

Brian May is pleased to be announcing the nominees and winners of the FRS award.

You can take part in the live chat on YouTube and share your reactions and congratulations on social media with the hashtag #WithYouInSpirit