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Following Total Guitar sharing part of Brian May’s recent interview for their February Issue of 143 – spin-off posts have been generated including as below:

Brian May - Total Guitar Feb 2021

Brian May goes deep on Bohemian Rhapsody: the gear, the solo and the magic of Freddie Mercury’s finest hour
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In a Total Guitar exclusive, the Queen guitarist reflects on BoRhap’s legacy and how its orchestral majesty came together. Perhaps it was to be expected that the guitarist who topped Total Guitar’s poll for the greatest rock guitarist of all time should have written and performed our readers’ favourite solo, with the majestic, operatic genius of Bohemian Rhapsody taking top spot as best guitar solo of all time. Here, May reveals some of the creative choices made in the song, the gear behind his tone, and how Mercury guided the composition.

Queen’s Brian May reveals his favourite guitar solo of all time: “It’s spine-chilling!”
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Brian and Freddie Queen’s six string scientist Brian May nominates his favourite guitar solo ever

The author of some of the greatest riffs and sweetest solos in rock history, Queen’s Brian May knows a thing or two about making a guitar sing. So when our pals at Total Guitar were granted an exclusive audience with the 73-year-old musician, and, unprompted, he spoke with genuine passion about his favourite guitar solo of all time, we felt compelled to listen in.

Brian May Regrets Losing Freddie Mercury Cassette of Queen Guitar Solos

Brian May’s guitar work in Queen is among the most admired in rock history and one of his biggest fans came from his own band. During a chat with Total Guitar May recalls a moment working with Freddie Mercury that provided great joy but also a bit of regret. During the chat, May also shares his favorite guitar solo and what he feels is the hallmark of his best solos.

Freddie Mercury Once Gifted Brian May A Mixtape Of His Queen Guitar Solos
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Each member of Queen — May, drummer Roger Taylor, bassist John Deacon and frontman Freddie Mercury— authored or co-authored classic songs for the band’s catalog, in addition to delivering inspired performances on songs brought in by their bandmates. Case in point: May’s iconic guitar solo from “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the band’s most famous work, written by Mercury. In a recent interview with Total Guitar, May entertained a deep dive into his guitar work on the track, discussing how the band executed Mercury’s “evolving” vision for the song over time.