Sir Brian May’s “Stereoscopy Is Good For You” Exhibition now running UNTIL 8 APRIL 


Stereoscopy Exhibition extended

Stereoscopy Is Good For You / Ends 8 April 2023 / Tuesday to Sunday / Tickets / London WC2N 6BP /

Proud Galleries, Sir Brian’s The London Stereoscopic Company are pleased to extend gratitude to those who came to view the show. They are happy to share the news that, due to popular demand, the stereo exhibition will be extended until Saturday 8 April 2023. Proud and the LSC want to thank the public and press for your extraordinary response, and for helping spread the wonders of stereoscopic (3-D) photography to a worldwide audience. We highly recommend experiencing the magic of stereoscopy if you have not had the opportunity to visit us yet.

The whole of the bottom floor of the gallery is dedicated to the Queen photography taken by Brian.

This show exhibits 3-D photography from Brian May’s latest publication ‘Stereoscopy Is Good For You: Life in 3-D’, capturing life, beauty and joy from 3-D photographers across the world, during our challenging times on Earth. It also includes a dazzling array of historical images communicating the excitement of stereoscopy in Victorian times, and a selection of Brian May’s own stereoscopic work depicting Queen from the inside.
Proud Galleries exclusively houses the first ever modern London Stereoscopic Company shop, stocked with all the unique books and treasures they have created over the past 16 years, including the stereoscopic OWL viewer designed by Sir Brian May himself!