Proud Galleries present a £5,000 cheque for the Save Me Trust

Cheque presented to Alex Proud
Photo credit ©Paul Harmer


Tonight Alex Proud, Founder of Proud Galleries, presented Sir Brian May and Anne Brummer with a £5,000 cheque for THE SAVE ME TRUST. The donation was generated from proceeds of ticket sales and book signings so far for the Stereoscopy Is Good For You Exhibition, which the Proud Galleries have hosted for the past five months in Charing Cross.  

The Save Me charity was launched by Brian May and Anne Brummer in 2009, an animal welfare organisation dedicated to giving wild animals a voice.  Appropriately, the London Stereoscopic Company’s book Stereoscopy Is Good For You celebrates the joy and wonder that nature and wildlife brought to so many people during lockdown, through the power of 3-D photography.  

The exhibition, curated by Alex Proud and Sir Brian, features beautiful 3-D photos taken by people around the world to lift their spirits during uncertain times.  It has been a great success over, and officially ends on Saturday 8th April.  If you haven’t made it yet, there is still time ! You can book a ticket for Friday or Saturday here

Watch out for an announcement next week about the future of the exhibition !  

Brian May says – “In our ongoing collaboration with Alex Proud, he has kindly given us home for the London Stereoscopic Company which we hope will continue to flourish.  His generosity in helping Save-Me work has made the partnership even more fruitful.  Stereoscopy Rocks !”     

Anne Brummer says – “It’s lovely to see how Brian’s passions interconnect – the pictures displayed are beautiful and it’s no surprise that so many people took pleasure from the natural world. The Proud Gallery has been so generous in its support of Save Me and the work that we do and it’s so lovely to see this unique exhibition showcased in this intimate gallery. Can’t wait for the next “

Alex Proud says  – “It has been such an honour to collaborate with Sir Brian May and The London Stereoscopic Company, introducing the magic of 3-D photography to the UK. Tonight I am thrilled to present this cheque to an incredibly important cause, The Save Me Trust.” 

Proud Galleries 6 April 2023
Photo credit ©Paul Harmer

About The Save Me Trust

The Save Me Trust was founded by Sir Brian May and Anne Brummer in 2009. The trust is an animal welfare organisation that exists to proactively protect wild animals through campaigning, lobbying to change laws, as well as ongoing active animal rehabilitation at the Rescue in Windlesham. The team specialise in collaborating with experts by working on the ground to find effective sustainable solutions based on science and common sense.