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Recommending as a most EXCELLENT READ, Brian May‘s BRAND NEW, mega-insightful and enjoyable interview –  “The Life of Brian”, featured in the new issue  [August 2024] of US Guitar World Magazine… AVAILABLE NOW !!

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The interview covers Brian’s recent visit to the new Gibson Garage in London, also much insight into Brian’s Red Special and his other guitars, recording guitar, especially for Freddie Mercury, his equipment and collaborations and projects afoot.

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By Damian Fanelli
12 June 2024

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Brian May discusses his recent Gibson Garage visit, his beloved Red Special, amp modelers, Nuno Bettencourtand Queen’s guitar-forward 1984 album, The Works, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in February.



HIS TONE is unmistakable, his solos are breathtaking and his influence is boundles.  Even if somehow, some way, you’ve managed to make it this far without knowing his name, undoubtedly, Brian May’s music – most likely with Queen – has been a part of your life.  With his trusty, self-built Red Special guitar in hand and a sixpence pick between his fingers, May – beside Freddie Mercury, his partner in crime – charged through soaring guitar sols and melodic riffs soaked through cuts like “We Will Rock You,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Hammer to Fall.”

Mercury has been gone since 1991, but that hasn’t stopped May from championing the music that Queen created  Since 2011, he’s toured the world as Queen + Adam Lambert, the 2009 Americal Idol runner-up who was tasked with upbolding a legacy that was impossible to replicate. … …

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Also Brian discussed new collab with Steve Cropper, on ‘Too Much Stress’ track…

BRIAN MAY: I’ve just had the pleasure of working on a
for Steve Cropper. Do you want to hear the story?

Let’s hear it! [GW]

My old friend [composer/producer Jon Tiven has loads
of Grammys; I mean … my mantelpiece is not decorated
with Grammys, but his is. He’s produced lots of really
nice blues records, and he has a very instinctive, light
touch. He said i needed to make a guest appearance
on the Steve Cropper record. I went, “I’d love to. Steve
Cropper’s a hero of mine, but I’m incredibly busy. I’m not
feeling very energetic, and I’m too stressed. Too much
stress. Apologies, but I don’t think I can do it right now.”

That was my email to Jon. Jon emailed me back and
said, “Okay, f’ve used your email to write the song, and
it’s called ‘Too Much Stress.’ So now, you have to play 011
this.” (just smiled and went, “Okay.”

He wrote all the lyrics from my email, and his singer,
Roger, sang it and very graciously said, “Let’s split the
vocals.” So, I sing it as a duet with him and play some
guitar on it. Billy Gibbons also played some guitar on it,
so we shared the soloing. It’s become an inspiring project
from something that started off as just a whisper. That’s
the kind of stuff I love in my life. [GW]

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The Life of Brian - Guitar World article August 2024