The Leicester Councillor Incident


Well, it’s all got blown up into something huge, it seems … mountains out of molehills.

I did an interview with a nice man from the Leicester Mercury paper yesterday (Tuesday) – and spent about 10 minutes explaining that this councillor insult thing was not something I was holding on to … and pointing out that what I wrote was actually pretty tongue-in-cheek, really – I wrote “snivelling little DWEEB”, which is a pretty innocuous epithet – I didn’t call him a liar or a cheat, or corrupt, or whatever. And the guy, David, asked me if I thought the councillor should do anything to make amends for insulting me, and I said, ‘No, I consider the matter dealt with, and we should all move on …” And I put the phone down thinking I’d kinda offered a peaceful closure to the whole silly affair. But I just saw the resulting article, on the Internet – and I see almost none of this got into the paper! I guess editors can just slash away what they want to lose … and maybe peace just doesn’t sell newspapers. Anyways, to set the record straight here (assuming my Weblady doesn’t slash at this – ha ha) – I’m totally over it, ages ago, and ready to resume my normal attempts to find solutions to problems, rather than stirring them up. I wish the guy no ill. Carrying around resentments is something that weakens the soul.

Funny thing is … it’s given me a chance to talk to the Nationals. No – I didn’t plan it! I’m not quite that calculating! When we launched SAVE-ME we hoped for a little bit of notice in the National newspapers … for what I see as a damn good cause … but really there was a round deaf ear applied … it seemed almost as if the Press had all agreed to cosset David Cameron by helping him hush-up the fact that he was peddling a return to legal blood sports. Well, I don’t actually think that was quite the case … I think there was just too much going on. But now that SAVE-ME has become one of the fastest-growing sites on the Net, and people are flocking to add their voices in horror, at the realisation that these hideous ‘sports’ are being pushed on us all over again by a minority (a rich and powerful minority) … well, I am sensing that there is real NEWS happening, whether any of us like it or not. I have been quoted as saying that our wish to banish fox-hunting has nothing to do with Class. I still believe that; fox-hunting is essentially no different from the sadistic ‘sports’ of dog-fighting, and the vile pranks of those yobs who set their dogs on wild animals for fun. But I have learned that, on the other side, the persistence of this plainly unacceptable behaviour IS a lot to do with those old bastions of privilege which still stain our corridors of power. Money, influence, old-boys networks, and all that old bollocks STILL holds a lot of sway in the way our country is run. THAT’S the kind of change we need. We need a new broom to sweep this smelly traditional dross away, and establish a truly clean democracy.

Well, fine words, maybe. But where is the broom?

Dr. Bri

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