Rockin’ TheRoundhouse with The Foos


Well, it was a nice surprise for many of us! ha ha!

Our dear old pals the Foos invited us up to do a Tie Your Mother Down one more time …. at the Roundhouse tonight … as part of the iTunes Festival ..

Here it is, if you missed it live at the time.

Tie Your Mother Down – Foo Fighters & Queen iTunes Festival 11 July 2011

Plenty of Adrenaline … of course Taylor Hawkins on vocals, Dave Grohl on guitar … and Rog and me on what we probably do best ..

Thanks to a very warm audience for making that splendid noise!

In attendance were … hmmm … well, a damn good crew including Lars of Metallica, Jimmy Page, 3-string guitar whizz Seasick Steve, the legendary Lemmy, and Nicky Mason of the Floyd.