Live At Wembley question


[Brian’s reply on a Wembley DVD query….see LETTERS]

Dear Ian.

Thanks for writing, re the upcoming new DVD issue of the Queen 1986 Wembley concerts.

From what I can gather, there might be some confusion, here, between the second night at Wembley, and the later concert at Knebworth Park.

The only footage we have of Knebworth is from a documentary camera. That is the occasion where an opportunity was entirely missed, to record the feeds from the cameras which were being used to put images up on the ‘Idaphores’ – the biggest video screens available in the day.

But on the first night at Wembley, the cameras were rolling, and although there was little in the way of ‘iso’ feed recording (from individual cameras), a live mix was being put down by way of a rehearsal for the following night, which was planned to be the big shoot. Not all the cameras were in operation, but Gavin Taylor was choosing shots live ‘at the coalface’, and it was recorded with all his visual cuts. So although ideally it would be nice to be able to go back and choose some different shots in retrospect, especially from the cameras which were NOT available, we do have a pretty good ‘capture’ of the event, visually …. easily good enough for a ‘bonus’ DVD, which is what we are slipping into the new version of the WEMBLEY DVD. Of course the sound from the night was recorded at very decent quality, on multitrack, just like on the second night, and our chaps have done a great restoration job and mix on the whole soundtrack … so musically the experience is just fine …well, more than fine, really! I have a suspicion that folks out there will enjoy being able to relive both Queen nights at Wembley Stadium 1986 on DVD. (Those of you who really get into this will note, if you compare this issue with the handful of songs from the Friday night that were offered as a bonus on the 2003 DVD, that there is a small amount of ISO footage from Wembley 1. I will leave you guys to have fun figuring out exactly which shots were inserted.)