Rory Gallagher


[Brian was sent a picture of Rory Gallagher’s statue – see LETTERS – coincientally an Blogcritics article posed a question.]

Ah! very nice to see that lovely statue of Rory … great picture.

Having been lucky enough to spend a little time with Rory over the years, I think the answer to the question “Why didn’t he become a superstar?” is simply that he didn’t want to.

Rory was one of that rare breed of pure artists who honestly don’t give a monkey’s for fame or fortune. Rory loved his music, loved his guitar, loved his audience; and progress for him was finding a new lick, writing a new song, or just moving on to the next town to weave is magic on a new bunch of appreciators. So he did not play the fame game … you could regard him as epitomising the very opposite of the X-Factor mentality. To Rory, his ‘star’ status was nothing. His music was everything.

All hail Rory !