Kitty Brucknell


I tend to spend any spare moments at weekends as far away from the TV as possible, but recently, having been dragged by the heels by proxy into the world of Reality TV through the Strictly regime … I was momentarily curious as to what was happening on the ‘other side’, with the musical equivalent … that old X-Factor thing.

I was doing E-mails at the time, but my ears pricked up when a young lad sang a song incredibly passionately, I thought … really like he felt it and believed it. It was Craig Colton. How refreshing. I think he will go far.

Then, just when I wondering in the back of mind why I felt so distant from this show … like I was from another time and place … suddenly, there was this girl singing my song … a song I wrote when I was a lot younger, and the meaning of the song leaked out of the film I wrote it for, into the pieces of my private life … or maybe it was the other way round. So I stopped E-mailing, and watched and listened. And it was beautiful. She interpreted – she voiced her feelings through the song – channelled it into a a riveting performance – and it was really beautiful. She’s called Kitty Brucknell. So I just want to say thank you to you, Kitty, for bringing the song to a whole new audience, and putting your own heart into it in such an individual way. Just to refresh my memory I started paddling (not surfing – it’s too confusing!) my way through the X-Factor site to find you. And eventually, after enduring a whole slew of unwanted ads (my God these TV people are into money – you would have thought the millions of quid from the phone calls would have been enough), I found it. It confirmed my feelings.

And then the post-script … I scrolled down to see what people were saying, and saw the usual pile of destructive crap that people who have nothing better to do type on their phones and laptops. I tend to forget – but this is the norm. Anyone who does something different, and steps bravely into the spotlight, gets this kind of vindictive babbling coming at them. I have only two things to say about it. First, Kitty, try looking at what they said about Freddie when we started out, and then … just remember – Jealousy is a frighteningly powerful emotion … it turns people into beasts. They are all wishing they were you.

Go Kitty !

Right back to the dancing …

Have a good week, everyone.