Dappy & Bri in 3-D !


I’ve been sitting on these photos since we did the video shoot … because I didn’t want to give the game away … but I think it’s a good time to unleash them. It was one of the more enjoyable videos I’ve ever been involved with – a team who really knew what they were doing. Lots of broken mirrors and loads of smoke – and we cranked it up and had fun. Yes – we was Rock Stars ! ha ha. I’m glad to see the record is off to a great start out there. I have a feeling this collaboration will do a lot of cross-pollinating of music fans from different worlds. All my mates who were convinced they didn’t like Dappy have changed their minds after hearing ROCKSTAAR ! Maybe N-Dubs fans will feel the same about me … who knows …

Anway these pics give an idea of what it’s like to be a Rockstaaaaaar. For a day.

The photo’s are all actually 3-D … so I’ll post the 3-D versions up later when I’ve had time to process them …


Dappy + Bri 01

Dappy + Bri 02
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