Stereo photo from Bristol Book Signing


What a nice stereo picture Helen Bovill took, of a working Bri, with a tool of his trade in his hands (a Sharpie). It’s in the middle of a book signing, following a brief talk about Scenes in Our Village, music, astronomy and British Wildlife ! Location: the RWA – the Royal Western Academy, in Bristol, where an exhibition of the stereo cards from our book, A Village Lost and Found, currently resides (open to the public). You can see what I am signing too, on the table … A Village Lost and Found books, and boxes of our first Astro series of stereo cards (available at, not to mention OWLS a-plenty. The sculpture exhibition behind me included some other kinds of owls – magic !

Brian May - Bristol book signing

Brian May - Bristol book signing - stereo
Photo: Helen Bovill – using a normal ‘mono’ Canon DIGITAL IXUS 95 IS camera sequentially.
Her ‘rockin’ technique was very good, and I kept very still !

I had a great time – viewing not only my exhibition, which looked lovely in a small secret room downstairs in this beautiful building, dedicated to the Arts, but also a wonderful display of David Shepherd painting upstairs. Mr. Shepherd recently won the title of “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”. But he also paints Spitfires, Lancasters, ancient trains, and beautiful scenes in the countryside. More stereo pics on

Cheers !