Live Lounge with Dappy


[In response to feedback]

Many thanks – that means a lot.

To me it’s very important to be open to a collaboration like this. Dappy himself is unusually open and fresh in his thinking, and his talent is conspicuous. So my excitement at working on this project is totally genuine. This is what keeps music alive – and really it’s much more important than chart placings – I will treasure those moments today, working live and dangerous with this poet, and a stupendously talented band of musicians – it was a privilege. Check out the big drum fill in the Live Lounge We Will Rock You! These guys are awesome musicians. Here’s our band pic after the session ….

The magnificent Dappy Band

The magnificent Dappy band …

and some guitar player !

Left to right – JAKE (Keys) – a phenomenon at the age of 25, SMOOVE (Bass) – a master indeed – I find myself thinking … where do amazing players like this come from? – the DAPPY MAN (no words needed – the man’s a natural poet and performer) – BRI, and – TONES (Drums) and here words fail me again … my jaw kept dropping in rehearsals … I have seldom if ever encountered such an innovative and immaculate player … way different in his approach from most of the brilliant drummers I know in the rock world … I just could not stop smiling !!

Well, ya better all go out and buy ROCKSTAR tomorrow !!! (or stay in and hit iTunes!)

Because this is the closest battle I’ve ever seen for the number one spot !

Finally thanks to all the Dappy fans outside in the street in Maida Vale – you made me feel very welcome and appreciated !

Love – Dr. Bri
(of Radio 1 fame !!! Ha ha ! )