Our Diableries Stereo World article is out !!


OK … I seem to be the last to see it … but I’m very happy it’s getting great reactions. It was worth not sleeping for a month to get it ready !!

Paula Fleming
Paula Fleming
Paula Fleming with Stereo World magazine
Paula Fleming with Stereo World magazine

Stereo World Magazine and OWL Viewer

Stereo World Magziine and OWL viewer

The lady holding the magazine is my co-author Paula Fleming – a very well respected photohistorian … from the USA. My other co-author is the amazing Denis Pelerin – of whom we shall hear much soon. The stereo pics are by kind permission of Claudia.

Thanks John Dennis – editor of Stereo World – for a great job. And if you want to get your copy while stocks last … HERE is the link to Stereo World.



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