Thank you Wrocklaw !


You were beautiful !!

Big thanks to the great people of Wroclaw who packed the stadium last night [Saturday].

It was an amazing moment – reminiscent of 1986 and all that … a feeling to treasure.

Here it is!

Emily May's Wroclaw Panorama
Emily May’s Wroclaw Panorama

This is a panorama I’ve laced together this morning, from 2 photos my daughter Emily took of the stadium during the show – it captures a lot of the atmosphere, I think.

Special thanks to our promoters too, and to the Mayor and his people … I don’t think we were ever made to feel more welcome in a city.

Somehow I felt I glimpsed the indomitable Spirit of Poland, which has been so battered and cruelly bruised over the last hundred years. Proud to be a part of this joyful celebration.

Wroclaw stadium - Jimmy May
Wroclaw stadium – Jimmy May

And here’s a great Wroclaw pic taken by my son Jimmy …. showing those ‘matches’ in the audience … nowadays, of course, they are mobile phones ..

But still nice. Maybe nicer !

Jimmy used the HDR system on his iPhone to get good detail on the stage .. otherwise it would have been blasted out .. overexposed …

I am a convert !

It’s still hard for me to hold on to Polish pronunciation. Unlike the Russian Cerulean system, these letters LOOK like our characters, but really they are not – which somehow makes it harder …

How so we say “Wroclaw” ? … well try “Vrotts-Warff” – and, by my reckoning, you’ll be close ! Well, it’s worth the effort !